Tony Petrello’s Success As A Business Executive And Philanthropist

In America, oil executives are perceived as greedy individuals who do not care about the well being of other people. Through his hard work and achievements, Tony Petrello has proved that this perception is just a misconception. Tony is the president and CEO of Nabors Industries, the largest drilling contractor worldwide. The oil executive has demonstrated his kindness by supporting various charitable activities in the society. Recently, Tony and his wife Cynthia committed $7 million towards an initiative that seeks to help children suffering from neurological disorders at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The couple’s child, who was diagnosed with neurological disorder, inspired them to support other children with the similar disease.

Tony Petrello’s eight-year-old daughter Carena was born at 5 months and diagnosed with periventricular leukemia, a neurological disease common in premature infants. To this end, Carena developed cerebral palsy, which is accompanied by delayed development. The condition is caused by insufficient oxygen to the brain. Over the years, the Tony and Cynthia have visited different hospitals to search for cure for their beloved daughter. Carena is now learning different activities like talking, walking, and eating. Tony’s search for cure from various pediatric research institutions made him realize the need for a large scale research to find cure for this condition in children. With the launch of the Neurological Research Institute (NRI) at Texas Children’s Hospital, Tony believes that Carena and other children across the world will find cure. Presently, Tony advocates for research and clinical programs at NRI.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 to render his services on the board of directors and the executive committee. Over the years, he has worked in several positions at the company, including being the chief operating officer, deputy chairman, and chairman of the board and the executive committee. In his current role, Tony Petrello works to ensure that Nabors Industries thrives in the highly competitive environment. He offers guidance on strategic planning. Before joining Nabors, Tony worked for a renowned a law firm, Baker & McKenzie, where he practiced international arbitration, general corporate law and taxation. In addition, he rendered his services for the firm’s New York office as the managing partner. Petrello is an alumnus of Harvard Law School where he earned a J.D. degree. Moreover, he earned his M.S. and graduated with a B.S. degree in mathematics from Yale University. Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company were impressed by his success. This way, Tony serves as a director of each of these corporations.

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7 Popular Materials For Crown Moulding Decorations

When it comes to challenges, there’s really nothing like designing your own home. In between deciding what furniture to purchase to what type of flooring would be suitable, we do have a tendency to neglect our walls and ceilings. Then again, if you didn’t know it already, you can always cross walls and ceilings off your list with crown mouldings. There are many materials and designs that are readily available in the market for you to choose from and it suits any kind of interior design concept you like. Let’s just take a look at the materials you can use for your own crown mouldings.


Polystyrene Material

 IMG 1


Crown mouldings made from polystyrene are more fragile and are definitely not made to last in the long run. The pro of this material is that it’s easy to work on with just a knife and a pair of scissors. If you need a fast room design, this will be your go to material. If you want to install it on your own, all you’ll need is construction adhesive. It’s incredibly lightweight, so about the only thing you’ll need to worry about is its fragility.


MDF Material

 IMG 2


MDF crown molding designs can easily be installed by your local professionals. It’s a relatively stable material to work with that you can even install on your own. If you’re worried about the cost of solid wood crown mouldings, this is option can be your next in line. You can produce a wood-like texture with veneer or easily paint it in a colour of your choice. This material is known to be on the fragile side so you’ll have to handle it with more care to prevent nicks and dents.


Polyurethane Material


If you’re looking for a cost-saving option from plaster and solid wood, polyurethane crown mouldings are the way to go. It’s a lot easier to carve and create details on compared to plaster and solid wood. Because this material is less dense compared to solid wood, you’ll need to handle it with more care. For long-lasting effect, you would need protect it by applying an outer layer (e.g. paint or varnish) to help tighten the material.


PVC Material

 IMG 3


Can’t decide on the crown moulding material for your bathroom? If you’re considering an option that’s suitable for moisture-present environments (e.g. kitchen and exterior), PVC is the path you want to take. Because PVC polymers are immune to warping and rotting, this is one of the easiest materials to maintain. Just do keep in mind that if you’re going for a more elaborate design, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This material is suitable for clean and simple lines. It also comes with its own shiny surface, so you’ll need to do a paint over to reduce it.


Plaster Material

 IMG 4


Looking for something long-lasting and solid? There’s really nothing that beats the elegance and sturdiness of plaster crown mouldings. Usually found in 19th century homes and establishments, it is still in demand nowadays due to its versatility. This material is suitable for more elaborate designs and sits comfortably in a grand room or large space. For now, the main drawbacks to this winner is that it is usually expensive and has to be made to order.


Solid Wood Material


There are several techniques you can use to produce a passable wood pattern, but on closer scrutiny, you’ll realise that nothing actually comes close to the natural grain of solid wood. It instantly brings warmth to any space with its various shades of brown. This is also one material that is suitable if you’re considering elaborate crown mouldings. Like any piece of furniture or fixture made from solid wood, you’ll have to remember to protect it from warping and cracks due to changes in weather and humidity levels.


Flex Material

 IMG 5


Those curved spaces can really be a pain in the neck. Not only are you having trouble with finding suitable furniture for the space, now your walls and ceiling are ganging up on you. With flex crown moulding, you’ll get to have a smooth and consistent design on your curved walls without the need for relief cuts. Although it has to be custom-made and it is more expensive, it really does the job. Its rubber-like qualities make it an excellent material for a smooth and polished finish.




Highland Capital Management a Global Leading Investment Advisory Firm

Highlands Capital Management was founded in 1993 by two partners James Dondero and Mark Okada and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in New York, Brazil, Singapore and South Korea. Highland Capital is a SEC registered company that is in the business of providing advisories on investments. The company together with its affiliates companies is estimated to manage property worth 13.4 billion dollars. Over the years Highland Capital Management has grown to be the leading managers of global alternative credit. The firm focuses mostly on credit strategies which include credit hedge funds, private equities and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) among others. In addition, Highland Capital Management offers alternative investment service in emerging markets areas, natural resources and long or short equities. Being the largest global alternative credit providers, Highland has attracted a wide client base which includes renowned financial institutions, governments, corporations, pension plans, high net worth individuals and foundations among others.
Highlands Capital Management South Korean branch recently entered into a groundbreaking deal with the National Pension Service of South Korea. The deal is a healthcare private equity fund that has a total capital commitment of 147 million dollars. Investors participating in this historic deal have specific objectives on the investment which include investment returns and access to opportunities for co-investment in Korea, China and the United States of America.
The deal is historic because this is the first time that Highland Capital Management Healthcare –oriented private equity fund has been experienced in Asia. Previously there were investment ventures made but purely on a direct basis and at times via multi-purpose funds. According to Carl Moore Highland managing director and co-head of private equity group, the fund strategy between NPS and Highland is aligned with highlands core capabilities and draws on the firms vast experience in the healthcare sector. Healthcare is at the core of the company, and as a matter of fact in the 15 years the company has been operational investments in private equity has been largely in the healthcare industry.
Besides being a giant in the financial markets, Highland is also involved in community matters as part of their corporate social responsibility. The company together with its partners since 2005 has committed more than 10 million dollars to charitable organization globally.

Drew Madden – IT Entrepreneur In The Healthcare Sector

Mr. Drew Madden has over ten years of experiencing in managing, advising, implementing, and optimizing EMR projects. He is also an IT entrepreneur in the healthcare sector who has passion in building attractive and unique company cultures. Drew Madden believes in a team that consists of professionals of high caliber. These are the people who can help entrepreneurs with the formation of a trusted partnership with clients. Drew’s ability to combine consulting operations and technical skills in project management has helped IT leaders in the healthcare formed Epic implementation teams, which are currently considered to be successful.

Mr. Madden joined NCP (Nordic Consulting Partners) in 2010. He worked as the President of the Company for five years that was from 2011 to 2016. NCP is one of the largest Epic consulting companies that have shown a high level of consulting excellence since 2012 to 2014. Under the management of Mr. Drew Madden, the number of employees at Nordic Consulting Partners increased from 10 to 75. He increased the number of client partners from 3 to 150. Also, during the leadership of Mr. Drew Madden, the annual revenue collection of Nordic Consulting Partners rose from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000. While working as the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Mr. Madden was responsible for recruiting staffs, business development, and establishing client relationship. He has created a good relationship with epic clients all over the world both at local and international level.

Before he joined Nordic Consulting Partners as the President, Mr. Drew Madden worked with Ingenix, one of the subsidiary firms of the United Healthcare. However, Ingenix is currently known as OptumInsight. Madden joined the firm as one of the Epic Consultants. Drew Madden started his career life with Cerner Corporation, from where he spent most of his time in building and implementing inpatient medical solutions. In 2005, he joined Healthia Consulting, which was later merged with IC (Ingenix Consulting) in 2007. At Healthia Consulting, Mr. Drew Madden also spent most of his time in the implementation roles before he was promoted to the Business Development position. Regarding educational background, Drew Madden attended Iowa University, from where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering.

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Edward Honig One of the Few Cardiologists in New York City with Over Sixty Years of Experience

The field of medicine has many branches, and one of the busiest departments today is cardiology. It is because the lifestyle and the food habits of the people these days are causing millions of deaths each year due to cardiovascular disease. More or less, everyone knows or has heard of someone in their circle who have had a heart attack or has high blood pressure, and so on. A cardiologist would help in understanding what kind of lifestyle the patient leads and what are the cardiovascular problems that the patient may face in the future. If the patient is already suffering from symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath, the cardiologist would suggest taking screening tests that would make the picture clear as to what is causing the symptoms and how intense is the cardiovascular problem.

Consulting a cardiologist is important these days to lead an active, fit, and healthy lifestyle. Even if you do not feel the presence of any symptoms, it is essential to consult cardiologists at regular intervals. It will help in finding out if everything is okay with your heart or if there is something that you need to worry about. Cardiologists can also perform coronary bypass surgery and can even perform angiogram and angiography.

There are many cardiologists in the New York City, but one of the top cardiologists that are trusted by hundreds and thousands of NYC residents is Edward Honig. Over the past seven decades of his practice, Edward Honig has saved hundreds of lives and helped many people lead a healthy and fit life while keeping cardiovascular diseases away. The field of medicine in New York is competitive as there are many cardiologists in the city, but not many cardiologists can boast of having close to seven decades of experience. It is where Edward Honig has an upper-hand over most of the cardiologists in the city. The best part is that even when he is ninety years old, Edward Honig continues to stay updated with the latest research and innovation in the field of medicine and uses the latest medications, research-based data, and medical updates, to treat his patients.

Edward Honig has done doctorate from the School of Medicine – Duke University and practices at the modern hospital in New York, Glen Cove Hospital. The best part about the treatment offered by Edward Honig is that he never gets aggressive with treatment and does a careful research of the present symptoms, family history, medical records, and more, to pinpoint the treatment that would get the desired outcome. Edward Honig is licensed to practice cardiology in New York and received his doctor license in the year 1952, which is a clear example of how highly experienced Edward Honig is. He uses the latest technology and research data to treat his patients and listens to them carefully to understand their lifestyle intimately and know from where the cardiovascular problems have come or would come in the future. It helps in taking preventive as well as corrective measures at the right time.

Michel Terpins Achieves in the Sertões Rally

Michel Terpins is very passionate in his work. With his teammate in the Bull Sertões Rally called Maykel Justo, they managed to finish one of the most important sections of Sertões Rally. The Sertões Rally of the 25th edition is divided into different stages. Any stage you finish is a great achievement. For instance, Michel and Maykel were the leaders of the Prototypes T1. They are rated the best in the Best 5 and 4th in the entire rally. Their total racing time is 11:45m23s which are said to be the best in two of the three stages they race goes.

During their fourth day in the race, their car developed some problems. This called for tactics in how to solve it. Michel and his partner decided to finish the stage in style. With their long experience in the race, they knew that they were the best in that. The number of participants that Michel had been in the contest gave him that knowledge of knowing what to do at a particular stage. For instance, Michel Terpins has been a champion in the motorcycle Rally dos Sertões. From there, he joined the rally industry. In this category, he has achieved much and scored highly in the Brazilian Cross Rally Championship Country.

Out of 280 participants and more 160 cars, Michel Terpins and his co-driver happed to take the lead in this race which was held in Midwest. The race was expected to cover 3,300.06km and pass through Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso. This was one of the biggest and highly attended races which involved even abroad participants.

Michel Terpins developed his passion in when he visited his brother. They joined hands to form Bull Sertões Rally Team which also included Rodrigo Terpins. These two people are experienced drivers who have participated in the race for many years. They are recognized for their participation in the Sertões Rally and the most famous Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. The good thing with this team is that it has several sponsors who fund them in all form. Some of the sponsors include 100% Eventos and Bull Sertões.

Lime Crime Releases Toy Inspired Makeup Palettes

Many things were popular in the 90’s, and LimeCrime is nodding to one of the toys that were a favorite of many with their new line of eyeshadow palettes. The new eyeshadow palettes that Lime Crime is putting out have a colorful design, and they are small in size. They look similar to a toy that many enjoyed playing with and collecting, and Lime Crime hopes that they will be something that grownups will enjoy playing with and collecting, as well. Each eyeshadow palette that Lime Crime is putting out contains five different shades of eyeshadow. Some of the shades of eyeshadows that included in the palettes are shimmery, and some of the shades of eyeshadow are basic mattes. The eyeshadow palettes are made in a way that allows a person to get a full eye look from just one palette.

Lime Crime has worked hard on the formula that they use to create their eyeshadows, and the eyeshadows that are part of the Pocket Candy Palettes are buttery and smooth. Each eyeshadow is something that can shine all on its own, and the eyeshadows work well together in creating a flawless look. All kinds of people can put the eyeshadows to use and create eye looks that are unique to them. The palettes that Lime Crime has created based off of an old toy have a look to them that is fun and unique, and they make great gifts for those who were fans of Polly Pockets in the 90’s.

Beyond Nabors-Tony Petrello’s Good Deeds

Tony’s Rise in Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a person to reckon with in the business sector. He serves as the CEO of Nabors industries. This is the leading and largest oil and gas drilling contractor in the world. Through hard work and resilience, Tony has risen through the leadership ranks, thus emerging among the most capable leaders in the business sector in America.

At Nabors, he has served in different capacities for over two decades, due to his meticulous business acumen. These positions include; Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chairman, the President, and the CEO. Under his leadership, the company has steered the right direction, as seen through its extensive growth. For instance, the Nabors Industries has become the largest fleet drilling company, in the United States, with top-notch services.

Tony’s Background

It is right to say that Tony has a Midas touch. This is seen through the tremendous achievements of the Nabors industries, in terms of profit gains. Consequently, he was placed among the top paid CEOs in the United States. Besides his success in Nabors industries, Tony Petrello boasts of an extensive knowledge and experience in corporate taxation, from Baker & McKenzie law firm. This firm was the starting point of his career. Through his instilled culture of hard work and work ethic, he rose through the leadership ladder handling various responsibilities and positions. Moreover, he boasts a strong educational background with a master’s degree from Yale University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard University. This has played a role in propelling him on the success path.

The Good Deeds

Besides his success in the business sector, Tony is a re-known philanthropist within Texas. Having grown in a humble background, and within a community that embraces honor, and strong work ethics, he feels it’s his duty to give back. One of his contributions is towards an annual prize of $150,000 million at the Alma Mater Yale University. This was in commemoration of his friend Serge Land. Moreover, he has donated over $7 million, to the Texas Children Hospital. This is with the hope that children undergoing neurological disorders, like his daughter, will have better lives. Furthermore, he hopes that the Neurological Research Institute, under Texas Children Hospital finds the cure for neurological disorders.

Tony’s success is an indication that overwhelming situations should not deter one’s focus from success. After this success, there is a need to grow together with the society by giving back, which is a sign of appreciation.

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EOS Lip Balm – Fastest Growing Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) offers many different products that are essential to your skin care needs. They create some of the best, most flavorable lip balms on the market. One in particular that gets the attention of many is the passion fruit flavor. They offer their organic blend of the passion fruit in their unique ball of quality lip balm based on The popular flavor boasts a delightful tropical flavor that is blended with all natural ingredients. The ingredients used are organic, gluten free and contain sustainably sourced ingredients. Each sphere weighs about .25 oz and is very easy to find in your purse because of its shape and color. Each lip balm is tested by a team of dermatologists and is hypoallergenic. In addition to all of the qualities EOS lip balm offers, it’s also paraben and petrochemical-free. The EOS passion fruit lip balm is the perfect choice for your lips, making them smooth and irresistible.

EOS lip balm is one of the most popular brands for lip care on the market. They currently sell over 1 million units per week and are looking to drive the market to $2 billion by 2020. Founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky have spent over a decade producing one of the most in-depth brands available today, see also They teamed up together to create a product that would specifically cater to women’s everyday experiences. They entered into a market that is full of products and offered a one of a kind lip balm that is carefully designed for female users. With many years of success behind them, they hope to continue to push forward in the market and continue to offer the best, most innovative solutions for women’s skin care needs. They are continually offering new products with even more enhancements and welcoming new flavors, check more products here.

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Michel Terpin: Passionate About Rally Driving

In rally driving, one quality is the most revered – speed. Consequently, it is quite uncommon for individuals for to dominate the sporty for prolonged periods of time as there are always newer, faster drivers coming into the sport. One individual, however, Michel Terpin, defies this trend. The Brazilian rally driver has won close to every race he has taken part in and even at the age of 40 does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Michel Terpin was born to a sports-loving family in Sao Paulo in 1979. From a young age, and spurred on by his older brother Rodrigo, he developed a strong passion for speed. Under the patient care of their father, Jack Terpin who was himself a successful basket player, Michel, and his brother transitioned into professional rally drivers in their adulthood.

While he is an accomplished car rally driver today, Michel Terpin’s start was actually in the motorcycle category. During the 2002 edition of the prestigious Sertoes Rally, he debuted among the motorcycle riders. While he did not feature on the podium, his performance told of a long and prosperous career ahead. Soon after, however, he decided to make the change to car rallies as a navigator for his brother, Rodrigo. Together, the two are part of the Bull Sertoes rally team and have for the last few years been driving a T-Rex developed by MEM motorsport.

Together with his brother, Michel Terpin has come across great success in the recent editions of the annually-held Sertoes rally. The two finished in the fifth overall position during the 24th edition and in fact came in first for the second stage. In the eyes of many, they among the favorites to win the 25th edition of the rally, which this year covers approximately 3,300 km of off-road terrain.