Jeffry Schneider Believes In Healing The Inside Before The Outside

Jeffry Schneider is a one of a kind entrepreneur. He believes in healing the inside before healing the outside. Most entrepreneurs focus entirely on bank accounts and their appeal to the public. However, Jeffry Schneider focuses on the mind and the heart before any business transaction. Jeffry believes business goes smoother when the mind is clear, and the heart is soft.

Jeffry Schneider is the originator of the workplace wellness plan. This program is designed to help coworkers be at peace with one another and with themselves. The exercises that Jeffry put together give people a reason to come to work. In fact, businesses that have adopted Jeffry’s wellness program have seen a fantastic decrease in absences among employees. Jeffry Schnieder travels throughout the United States giving lectures on his wellness plan and how business can benefit from it.

There are many positive reasons to have a workplace wellness program. This first positive reason is productivity. A workplace wellness program is designed to keep employees energized and enthusiastic the entire day. This causes employees to produce better work and at a faster rate.

The next positive reason to have a workplace wellness program is to make work fun. Specific activities can turn into fun and games. This causes employees to laugh with each other and enjoy their time together. Laughter places employees in a position to treat customers with respect, provide excellent service, and make the workplace a better environment for everyone. Additionally, turning a wellness program into fun and games also helps employees to turn away from their daily habits like cigarettes. Studies show that when people have fun at work, they are less likely to smoke cigarettes while on the job.

An additional reason for a workplace wellness program is to help managers lower healthcare costs. When people have a wellness program at work, aside from the common cold, they are less likely to get sick. Moreover, employees engaging in a workplace wellness program are also less likely to become victims of depression and anxiety. This allows employers to pay less to healthcare providers. Consequently, this also allows employees not to have to pay co-pays. In the end, employers and employees both win, and there are not many instances when both employers and employees come out on top in the same scenario.


Jeffry Schneider works in the field of investments and small business building. On any given day, Jeffry deals with millions of dollars and thousands of clients. When asked how he keeps a calm attitude all day long, Jeffry Schnieder credits his workplace wellness program. Instead of a burden, to Jeffry Schnieder, his wellness program is his relief from all distress. Jeffrey also loves the fact that the wellness program does not interfere with lunch, so employees have no reason not to attend the wellness program.

Jeffry Schnieder believes all employees should establish a wellness program, regardless of the industry. From experience, Jeffry is confident that a workplace wellness program will bring the employer and employees together. Employees love to see their boss work hard on a daily basis and relationship starters blog has really helped in making sure that they get everything that they may have ever wanted and it makes complete sense . A workplace wellness program allows employers and employees to meet on common ground. They will be doing the same exercises together. This can do nothing else but help employers and employees to have more respect for each other.

Jeffrey Schnieder is planning on refining his version of the workplace wellness program. This new and improved workplace wellness program is going to be put in writing and distributed as free weekly blog posts. Jeffry Schnieder makes this information open to the public because he wants all employees to at least give the wellness program a chance.

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Serge Belamant the Co-Founder of Zilch Technologies

Serge Belamant was born in the city of Tulle in France in the year 1953.His father who was a tiler by trade, moved the family to South Africa when he was only 14 years old. He attended Highlands North High School a boy’s school in Johannesburg, during which he participated in various activities including Rugby and Chess. Serge did very well in class and in the year 1971 he was awarded Victor Luodorum. Later on, in the year 1972 he was appointed as the Head Prefect and also in the same year he went to represent the South Transvaal in Chess where he finished in sixth place.

After graduating with an exemption pass for University, Serge went to the Witwatersrand University to study Engineering. He studied engineering in his first year and in his second year he decided to change his course to Computer Science and applied mathematics. He later transferred from Witwatersrand University to the University of South Africa (UNISA) to study on information systems.

Serge Belamant, thereafter decided to enter workforce at an early age of 22 years, where he was lucky to get employed at that young age. Serge got a job at Matrix which was a famous civil engineering company where he worked at the BKSH division. Serge Belamant worked with finite element analysis software on IBM computers and thereafter on Cyber computers where he developed various applications to analyze water levels in dams across the RSA.

Serge Belamant had various skills and he therefore got several promotions in different companies including the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning project. He received various awards during his work period. He also worked for SASWITCH where he developed the largest ATM switch in the world but left in 1989 to start the Net1 Technologies.

The Net1 Technologies thrived so much but unfortunately Serge Belamant was forced to resign as chairman in May 2017.After that incident, he founded Zilch Technology Limited. The company mainly deals with his various inventions as a developer in the banking sector.

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Rebel Wilson Teams Up For Valentine’s Day

There’s seemingly always been a place in the entertainment universe for a female comedian who will go all out and do just about anything for a laugh. These types of entertainers are especially lovable, as they go to greater lengths for a laugh that most of us might be able to, but lack the nerve to ever really do in “real life.”

In this way, these stars give us a huge release in the form of major belly laughs that keep us smiling for days. There’s no doubt that Aussie actress extraordinaire Rebel Wilson is one of those performers, which is why news of any new movie from her is absolutely welcome.

Getting Set For a Fun Valentine’s Night

With her energetic personality and pretty blonde looks, you’d think Rebel Wilson would have numerous hot dates lined up for Valentine’s Day. The truth, however, is that, as she told her friend Miley Cyrus, she never has had a date on Valentines.

Learning that, the newly married Cyrus suggested that Rebel join her and her new husband Liam Hemsworth (who is co-starring with Wilson in the upcoming rom-com, “Isn’t It Romantic?” for a “throuple” date. Wilson and Hemsworth’s new film will open just after Valentine’s Day, so the timing seems perfect for a three-star night out.

A Comedienne Scene-Stealer

Rebel Wilson is one of those engaging personalities that always seems to take the spotlight, no matter how big of a star she is performing with. She starred with Kristen Wiig in “Bridesmaids” and Cameron Diaz in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and Anna McKendrick in “Pitch Perfect,” and ended up getting a big share of the laughs in every film. Now that’s star quality, Rebel Wilson style!

From Australia to the US

The fact is that Wilson waited until she was thirty to actually pick up and move to Hollywood. She didn’t hit town as a newcomer, however, as she had established some great comedy credits back home in Australia before she headed to Los Angeles. She hit a home run early on by starring in “Bridesmaids,” and she’s been a much-sought after screen presence ever since.

Her new film with Hemsworth is a fun take on the whole idea of Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) films, and there’s no doubt that Wilson will bring her signature “rebellious” style to the romantic matchup. She’ll likely get some practice in the art of comedy and romance by teaming up on Valentines’ Day with Cyrus and Hemsworth, so let the comedy games begin!

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Steve Lesnard’s Tips For Product Marketing In The Digital World

Steve Lesnard has been rapidly rising through the ranks of the integrated consumer and marketing industry for the past several years. During that time, he’s managed to successfully market countless products across a variety of digital media platforms. With that kind of experience under his belt, it’s no wonder that Steve Lesnard has highlighted a few key principles when it comes to successfully marketing a product online.

Throughout his career, he’s stuck to these principles, and they haven’t gone wrong so far. But what exactly are the principles that are the secret to Mr. Lesnard’s success? As it turns out, they’re not so secret after all. The first of these fundamental principles is to keep your marketing as simple as possible. Many potential buyers – especially online – don’t want to waste their time looking through an awful lot of content describing a product. Because of that, going the detailed product description route will more than likely result in a lower sales than you were expecting. Keeping it simple and focusing mainly on the most innovative and attractive benefits of your product is the best way to ensure that your marketing is as effective as possible.

With that in mind, companies should address the main reason why people would want to buy that particular product. With this benefit in hand, you’ll be able to craft your marketing’s core message effectively. Once your potential customers know what need or want that the product will address, they’ll be more likely to follow through and buy it.

The second of Steve Lesnard’s core principles is the use of images and videos throughout your digital marketing campaign. This helps to bring your product to life in a consumers eyes and will show off your product in-depth while not taking up too much of their time. It’s one thing to tell people what your product can do; it’s something else to actually show them. The appropriate blend of images, text, and video will prove to be a lot more useful than just text. It’s also worth noting that the use of images and video will cut down on the amount of effort that consumers will need to read through pages of text.