Finding Your Way to a Better Online Reputation

We are currently living in the unbridled age of the internet. Information is the currency by which all company’s find their way to success and this is predicated by having a great online reputation. This burgeoning industry has been buoyed by companies that focus solely on crafting and maintaining a great online reputation and as such you’ll need to really focus on who you entrust with the task. Choosing a reputation management firm to represent you isn’t an easy choice to make, but it is a necessary one. That’s why we will talk about some important tips as well as why Better Reputation, an online rep firm, can be the solution you need to your problems.

Before you can select an online reputation management service you really need to understand just what it is that they are doing. Companies like Better Reputation have a plethora of talents that all work together to give you exactly what you need to succeed in the digital age. First off these companies will have an intrinsic focus on search engine optimization, or SEO marketing. SEO Marketing focuses on putting quality content at the front of the major search engines, such as Google or Bing. Search engine optimization isn’t an easy task and requires rock solid writers to make the work successful.

After SEO marketing comes the production of quality content. Companies like Better Reputation put a focus on filling the internet with work or resources that paint you or your company in a positive light. Anytime people want to know about you they are going to head to the internet to search your name. You want these searches to end in potential customers coming face to face with your best look, right? This is why it is so important to put a focus on developing content that you WANT to be seen.

Finally you will see reputation management companies focus on your social media presence. Social media is the easiest way to connect with potential customers to develop a quality rapport. Having people who know how to work social media in your favor will lead to great dividends.

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JustFab and the Man behind its Amazing Rise Don Ressler

One of the recently founded fashion retailers causing a buzz in the industry is JustFab. According to the company overview on Crunchbase, JustFab came up with a whole new concept of online shopping that combines the advantage of convenience and personalization with affordable fashion at,%20Inc.. Through its monthly subscription service, the company avails hundreds of items that are carefully chosen and placed on customized boutiques to meet the needs of every shopper. JustFab stylists are tasked with the important job of handpicking styles that its clients would find appealing.

The fashion retailer offers a wide selection of trendy denim wear as well as shoes, jewelry and handbags. The selection of functional bags and accessories include designer brands such as Hello Kitty, Abbey Dawn and Elle & Blair Fowler. For its shoe collection, shoes enthusiast will be enthralled by a rich collection that includes fancy tall boots, gladiator sandals, ballet flats and booties. Majority of the items on offer trade at $39.95 and come with free shipping according to Don Ressler. New members enjoy a 50% price off on the first purchases. Earlier in January 2013, JustFab announced in that its membership had shot up to over 10 million.

JustFab’s business model is built on the concept that recognized parents as the primary clients. According to, this realization led to the acquisition of FabKids, a children’s fashion subscription service and The Fab Shoes in 2013. The company of Don Ressler with Adam Goldenberg also launched the popular Fabletics brand in 2013 in what was a groundbreaking year for the company. The 3 year old Activewear brand has grown considerably; it now accounts for up to 30% of all JustFab sales. In its much publicized Fortune article on America’s 20 largest, powerful and most celebrated startups that was published on March 2015, JustFab made the cut at number 13.

The company Co-Founder and CEO Adam Goldenberg told Fortune magazine that his company had invested a lot of money to grow its business. He credited his fellow Co-Founder and CEO Don Ressler alongside a team of men and women for the success in its latest rankings, the magazine also listed the El Segundo, CA based fashion retailer’s valuation at $1 billion. Besides JustFab, Don Ressler has been the brain behind a chain of several successful startups and subsidiaries. According to Bloomberg page, the list includes, Intelligent Beauty, Brand Ideas and Alena Media among other successful startups, where Don Ressler serves as Co-Founder and CEO.

Wen by Chaz: Confidence is Everything!

Today, we could all use a little confidence booster. We never know where it might come from or how we are going to get it, but with a hair product, it can really change the outlook on how you look at yourself in the mirror and how others look at you. Of course, it is most important to be happy with yourself. That is first and foremost, but if you can get some positive feedback and praise from others, that is a bonus! Recently, a great blogger by the name of Emily McClure did a blog which talked about using WEN Hair by Chaz for seven days and the affect it had on her hair. She also provided some in depth photos and comments on it as well. She is a fashion and beauty expert, so she isn’t some fly-by-night blogger.

She knows her stuff and is highly respected in the community. The article can be read here: I highly recommend you take the time to read her article on it, as it talks about this sephora endorsed brand, which is an all-in-one product that acts as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. The one she picked up talked about giving your hair moisture, bounce, and shine.

Everyone loves to have their hair bounce and shine, as it really stands out, in a good way, from the crowd. It doesn’t just blend in and look ordinary. She detailed the Wen hair results and by day seven, she was amazed at what it had done to her hair. She backed it up with the photos, as I mentioned, and also the praise and attention it gave her. People noticed a change. How many times do you change products and no one notices it? With this product, it is literally impossible to ignore what it does and how it can positively change your hair. Try it today, order one from Amazon.

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Getting and Giving: Investing in Everyone

British millionaire Sanjay Shah, founder of Solo Capital, is the epitome of the final transformation of Dickens’ famous Ebenezer Scrooge. While Mr. Shah may never have been referred to as miserly it is his giving nature that would have Dickens proclaiming him as a “blessing.” As a young lad growing up in London Sanjay had many opportunities and decided to study medicine at prestigious King’s College. After determining that the medical field was not his calling Mr. Shah planted himself in the financial world. It was during his time as an accountant for such successful companies as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley that Mr. Shah came to the realization that there had to be more to life than the simple work-week schedule. Not wanting to waste any of his personal time he decided to start his own brokerage firm. He invested his own money in a small rental property and hired a small workforce, thus starting Solo Capital. Today, Solo Capital retains thousands of employees and is arguably one of the premiere international boutique financial services companies in the world. Solo Capital is well known for their work in proprietary trading, professional sports investments, and financial consulting.
While he has enjoyed extreme success with Solo Capital, Mr. Sanjay Shah also owns more than three dozen other businesses across London, Dubai, and other parts of the world. His success has not hindered his desire to help others. Mr. Shah is noted for his philanthropic endeavors. He has supported Plan International for over ten years and is highly involved in helping those less fortunate than himself. Perhaps it is the fact that he has faced personal adversity that strengthened his desire to help others.
His youngest son was two years old when Mr. Shah and his wife received the news that he suffered from autism. This lead Mr. Shah to the decision that, based on his position, he needed to become more involved in the research and understanding of autism. He created the organization, Autism Rocks, which partners with musicians in order to bring public awareness to the disorder. In June of 2015 he invested $100,000 of his own money to purchase the domain Autism.Rocks. Both he and his wife continue to support this and other charitable organizations around the globe.


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Helping Dental Patients Around The World

Avi Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe campaign to support Operation Smile. He has set a goal of $2,000 to give to the organization. The desire of the organization is to provide surgical procedures for children at no cost. The hope is to also offer services to young adults who have issues with the mouth, such as cleft lips or cleft palate.

Recently, Avi took part in an interview where he shared his thoughts about the program. He believes that each child should be able to have access to the dental care that is needed. Children should have hope regardless of whether the family can pay for the surgery needed or not. Avi has a passion for helping children, which is why he started the campaign for Operation Smile. The program works hand in hand with hospitals and doctors to determine the best plan of attack when it comes to surgery. The organization wants to find as many children as possible and offer the help that they need. Mission work is done around the world. At times, medical equipment might need to be purchased or transported to another country so that a doctor can use it for patients. The money raised will go to this endeavor.

Avi Weisfogel has a background in sleep treatment and sleep disorders. His dental practice is called Old Bridge Dental CAre. The New Jersey community has recognized him as “Best Dentist” for several years.

Along with his dental work, Avi conducts lectures about sleep disorders. Dental Sleep Masters was founded in 2014 as a way for dentists to help those who have sleeping disorders by placing dental appliances in the mouth. He believes in helping all patients get the sleep that is needed so that they can have a functional life while also helping with their dental needs.


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JustFab Got Me Excited For The Summer

Every woman who is shopping for the summer like me is going to want to find a place to shop that makes sense for them. I got really excited when I found JustFab because they had all the things that I needed in the styles and colors I wanted. I usually hate shopping for the summer because it is so hard, but now I have been able to shop for the summer without even thinking about it. That means that I do not have to keep buying clothes for the summer because I can buy them all in one place at one time. This is a lot easier way of making sure that I have good clothes for the summer, and it even lets me shop with my friends for the things that we need for a long trip.

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JustFab Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Booties…

JustFab Summer Shop

The trips that we take are times when we will be able to match, and it feels really nice for us to be able to get the same clothes even though we are different sizes. My best friend and I can wear the same clothes every day, and then we can pick the shoes we want to wear the most. It is a lot of fun to be able to shop on JustFab, and now they are making it even easier on us because the plus sized line has all the same clothes that the regular line does. I do not have to wonder how I will get the same clothes that my friend has, and I can order them online all in one package.

I am planning outfits in advance, and I am making sure that I am ready to get out on the town or on the beach for out next trip. The trips that we take are a lot of fun, and they are so much fun that I want to have the best clothes for every second of the trip. JustFab saves me money, and they are saving me time. You will definitely see them recommended on my blog soon enough, and then you will see me in those clothes on vacation.

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Securus Brings Global Tel Link Unethical Behavior to Light

Securus Technologies is taking action to bring to light the wrongdoings of inmate communications provider Global Tel Link in an effort to shame the company into action with integrity in the future. According to PR, Securus plans to release a series of articles that will highlight many of Global Tel Links lack of integrity and wrongdoings.
Securus recently released the first of these articles which included a 17 page report by the Louisiana Public Service Commission that detailed some of wrongdoings It found during an investigation of Global Tel Link when the company provided outbound call service for the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The investigation found the the company was involved in several unethical behaviors.

Global Tel Link was found to programming the clocks of the phones used by inmates in correctional institutions to add either 15 or 36 seconds to each call made. The company was also found to be double billing, which is the practice of billing each call more the once and using so called add-on programs to inflate the amount of charged for calls after they were rated. Many of these illegal actions were designed to intentionally overcharge customers. The Public Utility Commission report concluded that Global Tel Link overcharged Louisiana taxpayers by $1,243,000.

This report by Louisiana’s Public Utilities Commission report is dated January of 1998 which indicates that Global Tel Link may have been involved in this pattern of highly unethical behavior.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus America Technologies Richard Smith feels the actions of Global Tel Link were offensive to him personally and the industry as a whole. Mr. Smith believes Global well below the level of integrity most other carriers operate with. He said “Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart, in the right way.”

Visit, learn more about Securus.

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A Man Deserving of Recognition: George Soros

It would seem as if, even as big as George Soros Ukraine is, few of the younger generation recognize this legend of a name. This needs to promptly change as we need to give credit where it is due. Not only is he the founder and current chairman of “Open Society”, he has made waves in the world of authors by writing numerous books, including but not limited to, “The Alchemy of Finance” and “The Tragedy of the European Union”. The title of this last book points to some of his recent article posts about the travesty that Ukraine is suffering after the revolutionary upheaval of regimes in that country following a Russian invasion into the Crimean Peninsula. Unmarked soldiers were found to be flooding into the area. It was not until some time after the initial invasion which started in March of 2014, that these soldiers were found to be Russian.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

George Soros – Forbes

Although, fast forwarding to 2015/2016, Mr.Soros is exposing the state of Ukraine before the upheaval began by pointing to the bureaucratic non-sense that worked with a tyrant business minded oligarchy which did not have its citizen’s best interests at heart. Mr. George Soros is a philanthropist and by the meaning of this word, he is a perfect match. I’m sure in some dictionaries you can find his picture next to the definition. If this is not true, it should be. This man is trying his best through actions and words to create an area that would allow for positive change in that of bettering the welfare of his fellow humans and exposing the delinquency of people who claim to have a monopoly on the truth. In his articles on Ukraine, Mr. Soros walks the line and gives both sides. He is a talented writer with a very direct style. When reading him and his thoughts on the Russia/Ukraine action that has been going on the past couple years, he points out the fact that Russia has been a threat to the world and to itself and this is no way for the world to work together in order to provide for its citizens. The progressiveness of Mr. Soros is something that i believe all humans should strive for. Not that progress for the sake of progress is necessarily a good thing, Mr.Soros is definitely a man that deserves a round of applause from the world. He recognizes that we are imperfect but he also recognizes that we can achieve great things and that together, it is possible to make for a better tomorrow.

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Doe Deere at the Helm of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the figurehead and founder of a cosmetics company, Lime Crime. Deere is a media darling, her youthful pixie looks, and confection-colored hair present a person who is a living embodiment of a fantasy world. Deere, herself, has a strong connection with mythical figures; she is inspired by unicorns, and her product line is filled with fanciful fantasy names which promise make-up or lipstick that is out of this world. Deere is the sole embodiment of her make-up line. She is the brand, Lime Crime. It is hard to imagine a brand with a stronger figurehead. The Marlboro Man comes to mind as a representation of a cigarette brand and the famous 20th Century artist, Salvador Dali, who shamelessly promoted himself as an embodiment of his surreal fine art. Deere has very successfully merged herself with her product line and remains inseparable from her make-up and lipstick products.
In a YouTube video filmed at a cosmetics convention, she appears at ease before her “selfie” wall that served as a backdrop to her product line and as an imaginary background for a grand opening of a movie or Broadway play. She encouraged convention goers to use the wall as backdrops for photos with Deere. It is all part of her connection with fantasy worlds and with those young women, her market, who purchase her products and want to be a small part of a similar fantasy.
As consumers, we buy things for a myriad of reasons. Packaging plays a part, price, and reputation all align to offer themselves for our perusal and eventual purchase.


Deere has created the sizzle, which certainly is something that tantalizes and intrigues her customers, making them want to purchase her products, which are make-up items and lipsticks and certainly not steaks.
There is little doubt that this charming, diminutive transplant from Europe will continue her creative ways and will ably serve her product line as its figurehead. She is gifted with a revolutionary sense of fashion and style, and she appears ready and able to shepherd her company, Lime Crime, down the path of success.

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Tapping Into the Magic of JustFab for Summer Styles

The women that are looking for the perfect blouse or shorts for the summer will have no problem finding exactly what they need with JustFab. This is the online store that has totally transformed the way that people shop. Women have so many options, and getting the subscription services on gives women that chance to get something new every month.

The possibilities are endless when one considers all of the flats and sandals that go so perfectly with the cute sun dresses. JustFab has managed to give shoppers that are new to the website a bevy of options. People get the opportunity go the website and click on the top sellers. This way they can see what everyone else is buying. The JustFab top sellers highlight the summer trends that are now in style.

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For the summer there are a lot of women that are taking Tulina styled flats for jeans or any type of summer denim outfits. Women that are interested in a dressy style for a summer outfit may consider what is available with the wedges. There are some sexy wedges like the Alda sneakers that are quite popular. The crisscross straps of the Aleta shoes are also quite popular for the summer collection of shoes on

JustFab has managed to become the perfect online summer store because it allows women to quickly check out an assortment of different dresses, tops, bottoms and denim all within a couple of minutes. Any woman that shops on the site will be able to find something that will suit their style. This is the beauty of checking out this site. There are no limitations on the styles that are available.

If you have a desire to look sexy for this summer, JustFab has some garments that cater to this. Women that want to be conservative will also have the option to get something that is suitable to this lifestyle as well. JustFab caters to the workplace look and the after hours style of women that want to paint the town red.

JustFab is the type of website that has some cool high low shirt dresses that are flirty and sexy without overdoing the sexy look. There are also some shorts and classic looking denim jeans on the website that are quite fetching as well. The JustFab site has a ton of different looks covered for the summer, and the subscription services are helping people find their summer style with ease.

The subscription service has given many people access to a wide range of options, and the site is getting more attention as a result of the connection with Fabletics. This allows people to find athletic wear along with their dresses, jeans and tops.