Jeffry Schneider Believes In Healing The Inside Before The Outside

Jeffry Schneider is a one of a kind entrepreneur. He believes in healing the inside before healing the outside. Most entrepreneurs focus entirely on bank accounts and their appeal to the public. However, Jeffry Schneider focuses on the mind and the heart before any business transaction. Jeffry believes business goes smoother when the mind is clear, and the heart is soft.

Jeffry Schneider is the originator of the workplace wellness plan. This program is designed to help coworkers be at peace with one another and with themselves. The exercises that Jeffry put together give people a reason to come to work. In fact, businesses that have adopted Jeffry’s wellness program have seen a fantastic decrease in absences among employees. Jeffry Schnieder travels throughout the United States giving lectures on his wellness plan and how business can benefit from it.

There are many positive reasons to have a workplace wellness program. This first positive reason is productivity. A workplace wellness program is designed to keep employees energized and enthusiastic the entire day. This causes employees to produce better work and at a faster rate.

The next positive reason to have a workplace wellness program is to make work fun. Specific activities can turn into fun and games. This causes employees to laugh with each other and enjoy their time together. Laughter places employees in a position to treat customers with respect, provide excellent service, and make the workplace a better environment for everyone. Additionally, turning a wellness program into fun and games also helps employees to turn away from their daily habits like cigarettes. Studies show that when people have fun at work, they are less likely to smoke cigarettes while on the job.

An additional reason for a workplace wellness program is to help managers lower healthcare costs. When people have a wellness program at work, aside from the common cold, they are less likely to get sick. Moreover, employees engaging in a workplace wellness program are also less likely to become victims of depression and anxiety. This allows employers to pay less to healthcare providers. Consequently, this also allows employees not to have to pay co-pays. In the end, employers and employees both win, and there are not many instances when both employers and employees come out on top in the same scenario.


Jeffry Schneider works in the field of investments and small business building. On any given day, Jeffry deals with millions of dollars and thousands of clients. When asked how he keeps a calm attitude all day long, Jeffry Schnieder credits his workplace wellness program. Instead of a burden, to Jeffry Schnieder, his wellness program is his relief from all distress. Jeffrey also loves the fact that the wellness program does not interfere with lunch, so employees have no reason not to attend the wellness program.

Jeffry Schnieder believes all employees should establish a wellness program, regardless of the industry. From experience, Jeffry is confident that a workplace wellness program will bring the employer and employees together. Employees love to see their boss work hard on a daily basis and relationship starters blog has really helped in making sure that they get everything that they may have ever wanted and it makes complete sense . A workplace wellness program allows employers and employees to meet on common ground. They will be doing the same exercises together. This can do nothing else but help employers and employees to have more respect for each other.

Jeffrey Schnieder is planning on refining his version of the workplace wellness program. This new and improved workplace wellness program is going to be put in writing and distributed as free weekly blog posts. Jeffry Schnieder makes this information open to the public because he wants all employees to at least give the wellness program a chance.

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Gino Pozzo’s Management of Watford FC

Watford Football Club (FC), also known as The Golden Boys, The Hornets, The ‘Oms, and the Yellow Army, nicknamed as the WFC. Watford FC is a professional football club that is based in Watford, England. WFC plays in the Premier League – the highest tier football league system in England. Watford FC was founded more than a century ago, 121 years exactly back in 1898.

Gino Pozzo, one of Italy’s most renowned businessmen, is the son of another Italian giant entrepreneur, Giampaolo Pozzo. The duo runs the prominent Italian family ran business. The Pozzos own and manage Watford Football Club, but it is now mostly managed by Gino Pozzo. They acquired Watford FC from Laurence Bassini, the previous owner.

Gino Pozzo has been heavily invested in managing Watford FC and has been a very active owner and managing director. Gino Pozzo handles all the player trades, like the major trades he did between Granada FC and Udinece Calcio. In 2016, Giampaolos sold Granada FC to a chinese businessman, Jiang Lizhang.

Watford FC won their last four out of five games. Here are their statistics:

  1. Watford FC v Everton, 1-0, Saturday, February 9 2019
  2. Watford FC V Queens Park Rangers, 1- 0 , Friday, February 15 2019
  3. Watford FC v Cardiff City, 1 – 5, Friday, February 22 2019
  4. Watford FC v Leicester City, 2-1, Sunday, March 3 2019

The only match they lost is against Liverpool scoring 5 goals against none last February 27th. They currently have 5 matches scheduled for the upcoming month.

  1. Watford FC v Manchester City, March 9 2019
  2. Watford FC v Crystal Palace, March 16 2019
  3. Watford FC v Southhampon, March 16 2019
  4. Watford FC v Manchester United, March 30 2019
  5. Watford FC v Fulham, April 4 2019

Watford FC is currently ranked as the 8th team in this current season’s Premier League Table. They are 2 ranks lower than Chelsea and is trailing right behind Wolverhampton.

Watford FC is generally doing great in this season’s Premier League – they are set to rank higher in the tables if and when they play their following games as great as they played their four winning games.

Edwin Miranda Leveraged Passion And Strong Desire To Start And Grow A Marketing Agency

Edwin Miranda is an accomplished professional in the world of marketing. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of company KOI IXS, a leading full-service and performance-driven marketing agency. Mr. Miranda recognizes the power of performance marketing. He is dedicated to help leading brands create meaningful customer engagement, acquire new customers and gain a large market share. KOI/IXS helps brands move faster going into the future.

The successful entrepreneur’s team is made up of passionate and talented group of thinkers, designers, creators, as well as strategist who are dedicated to produce impressive results. He leverages the extensive experience he possesses and passion for marketing technology to give his clients the edge to succeed in the marketplace.

Edwin Miranda starts his day very early in the morning by checking curated news feeds and messages from clients as well as projects. He takes breakfast with family, goes for a short run or ride and off to work he goes. He came up with the idea for KOI when he was 21 years old. Edwin Miranda leverages passion and desire to bring ideas to life. He considers passion a very essential ingredient of every successful venture.

The accomplished entrepreneur has always been a fun of positive results and delivering bottom line results to his clients. It is a good time for him because Attribution and Predictive Marketing is helping in his verge to deliver the results to clients. According to Miranda, predictive analytics have the capability to make personalized marketing a reality.

He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to be passionate, bold and make mistakes. He believes that everyone must go through life-changing experiences for healthy growth to occur. You will get to the other side through wins and defeats. Edwin Miranda compiles a to-do list every morning, something that helps him to be very productive at work. At the end of the day, he checks his accomplishments against the list.

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ClassDojo Raises $35M for Series C funding

ClassDojo, a new mobile app to help connect parents and teachers for student conferences via a technological solution raised $35 million in funding. This funding round comes as the company behind the mobile app enjoys growth from the interest in mobile communication technology which has exploded in popularity over the last decade. The investment came from prominent investment funds GSV who also invested in Spotify, Lyft, Dropbox and SignalFire which has invested into Grammarly, Zume, Lime, and also included General Catalyst and Uncork Capital.

One of the core mission statement of ClassDojo states their desire to bridge the gap of communication between parents and teachers. The team behind the app continues to focus on the biggest challenges facing this communication avenue and deploy technological solutions to fix them. Since being founded in 2011, with the aim to complete their core mission, ClassDojo has deployed multiple solutions empowered with technology. Currently, ClassDojo offers a dual prong service offering starting with a free version to connect teachers and parents directly. The app also offers an optional premium service tailored at tutoring services with a service branded as Beyond School. The Beyond School premium service helps further student’s education while they are away from the classroom with access to video tutoring around topics less likely to be covered in schools such as improving study habits, mindfulness, and well-being.

The company has received a total of $65 million in funding to date which started within the famous Y-incubator program. The app enjoys a great track record with the team successfully implementing it within 95% of elementary schools across America. The app is also offering the service to over 180 other countries and does so while only having to employ 40 individuals. Furthermore, the lean business development model has allowed the team to enjoy this success with relatively little funding despite their impressive adoption rate and ability to penetrate the market. All and all, ClassDojo seems poised for an expansive future and should help the world of education, which is a $10 trillion market, receive better communication technology.