End Citizens United Continues Its Long Game In Mid Term Rush

The mid-term elections garner a lot of interest, and none are more invested in the outcome than End Citizens United. The grassroots PAC is an offensive advocate for campaign reform. Their end goal to overturn the controversial 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC ruling by the Supreme Court. This ruling established corporations as individuals, granting them freedom of speech, and changing the election game. Now big business appreciates unrestricted finance contribution to election campaigns. Many advocate against this, and ECU advocates for them. It’s goal is to endorse pro-reform candidates, who mostly lie on the left. It they win then legislation restricting big business PACs has more opportunity to pass. So far, 2018’s mid-terms are looking good for the left, and that in turn is good for End Citizens United. Find out more about End Citizens United at indeed.com

Thirty-four seats have already been surrendered by Republicans, some of whom held those seats for awhile. At present some of End Citizens United’s endorsed candidates have a legitimate shot at election. Senatorial hopeful Beto O’Rourke is gaining ground on Ted Cruz. A recent poll by End Citizens United shows Cruz’s lead diminishing among negative attention. O’Rourke has used this opportunity to close in on Cruz, narrowing the margin of his lead. Paul Ryan’s decision to not run for re-election has given Wisconsin senate hopeful Randy Bryce a leg up. Bryce is another pro-reform candidate gaining support without SuperPAC aid. Both Bryce and O’Rourke represent the type of candidate that ECU supports, the kind that believe in the election system and the negative impact money has on it.

End Citizens United is dedicated to the long game. Getting its pieces in place, in an ever changing chess game of political wave-riding. In order to revoke the Supreme Court decision they have to use legislation. Strong legislation that takes many votes, and a lot of hard work to pass. This is why they support pro-reform candidates, endeavor to keep the subject of reform in the national spectrum, and seek pro-reform legislation. It takes a lot of hard work, but if enough reform candidates gain seats, legitimate legislation can be passed to restrict big money PACs.

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Chris Burch on Success

Bringing nearly four decades of experience to his endeavors, Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that uses Chris Burch’s passion and expertise to help people with ideas get funding to bring those ideas to life in the business world. Chris Burch has been behind dozens of successful ventures, including the Nihiwatu resort on Sumba, which he acquired in 2012 and renovated, turning it into World Travel & Leisure Magazine’s #1 resort in the world by 2016. One of Chris Burch’s recent and high-profile clients is Ellen DeGeneres. Chris Burch is working with DeGeneres on her lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Chris Burch admires DeGeneres’ ability to connect with people and leave an impression on them long after she is gone.

In an interview with Ideamensch Chris Burch answers questions about life and gives his advice for others who want to know how he achieved his success. He offers insight into his processes and offers life advice.

Asked about his business failures and what he has learned from them, Chris Burch states that he has thousands of business failures to his name but that he doesn’t regret them, source (Chronicleweek.com). He mourns the loss, moves on and learns from the experience. With this understanding he moves on, saying he has no regrets about his business career. His one piece of advice for his younger self would be to live more confidently and pursue his dreams.

If Chris Burch could give one piece of advice for success, it would be to always listen. He doesn’t just make his decisions based on a cost/risk analysis, but also seeks investments with people who are creative and passionate. Burch admires the creative process and believes that new, innovative ideas are a benefit to the world, read more details on entrepreneur.com.

The Achievements of Ara Chackerian

With Ara’s Chackerian numerous years of experience in business, he has shown a lot of commitments towards helping people in his community. He is a well-known benevolent. Ara has spent the larger part of his career in a field that he is enthusiastic about; healthcare. His interest in bridging the gap between technology and health care services has not gone unnoticed. The resident of San Francisco, California has had the privilege of sitting on several boards in Bay. Besides, Mr. Chackerian has a profound in matters related to environment and youth development.

In the quest of diversifying their understanding about building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers, Ara Chackerian alongside his business partner spent at least ten years building several centers in Northern California. It was their partner who encouraged them to consider out-patient psychiatry space. He categorically advised them to consider transcranial magnetic stimulation, a device that is known to aid in the treatment of depression. You can visit norluyce.com



Mental Health Month it is an essential month of the year for acknowledging individuals who have the mental illness. This special recognition was first started back in the year 1949 by Mental Health America Organization. According to Ara Chackerian’s article, during this month of the year, numerous events and activities are sponsored by various groups to create the awareness as well as helping people who are involved in the mental health community. Many people are directly or indirectly involved in this field of mental health. There are five things that one can do during this month among them include getting engaged with mental health issues that are affecting society. You can visit interview.net to know more.



Ara Chackerian has worked at Research and Development of Health Diagnostic LLC where he served as an executive vice president. Ara is also recognized for founding Embion/ProviderLinks. He served in many senior leadership positions at PSS/World Medical. AraChackerian is an alumnus of Florida State University where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree.



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Sameer Jejurikar Wants To Upgrade Your Butt And Your Safety

Doctor Sameer Jejurikar has been performing cosmetic plastic surgery in the Dallas area for more than 21 years. He has watched as the entire discipline has advanced through technology and approach. But he fears that there are major safety issues when it comes to his signature surgery. The doctor is proficient at the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

There are some significant risks when it comes to the Brazilian butt lift. Fat is taken from other parts of the body and then grafted under the skin of the buttocks. This gives the backside a much fuller appearance. The procedure sounds simple but it comes with significant risks. The grafted fat can put pressure on blood vessels which can cause blood clots. Mistakes during the procedure can even be fatal.

That’s why Sameer Jejurikar founded the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This group of dedicated doctors travels the world to teach others how to perform the gluteal grafting procedure. His group also performs studies to discover the best practices for initial incisions as well as the angle of fat insertion.

Doctors become much better at the procedure with more practice. That’s why Sameer Jejurikar and his group of safety-first doctors puts on demonstrations. These demonstrations are so in-depth that doctors attending the convention gain experience by proxy which increases patient safety.

The Gluteal Grafting Task Force is extremely focused on prevention. After all, it is much easier to stop a health problem before it starts. It’s difficult and costly to correct a mistake that has already been made. This is especially true when it comes to the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Through education, the task force endeavors to educate cosmetic plastic surgery surgeons on the best practices for preventing mistakes. It saves money, increases patient safety and saves lives.


Robert Ivy Receives The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

In April 2018, Robert Ivy was selected the winner of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, an award given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Ivy was given this award because of his exemplary performance as a leader in the field of architecture. He currently serves as the Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

The Noel POLK award is given to artists from Mississippi who have shown extraordinary efforts to promote the arts culture in the United States. It is the first time that an architect has won this award, a clear indication of the great contributions that Robert Ivy has made as an architect. The award which was started in 2001 has recognized some great personalities with roots in Mississippi such as Morgan Freeman and Walter Anderson. Robert now joins this list of distinguished personalities who have made extraordinary contributions.

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Robert Ivy has been acknowledged for his great contribution in making architecture accessible to all Americans. He has created materials and commentated about the importance of this industry. He has shown that many fields need the application of architects and not just construction and building. The award also came as a personal achievement as a native of Mississippi. He has made his native area proud in the national arena, and that is why they have offered him an opportunity to join the list of distinguished personalities from the region.

Robert Ivy has worked with various bodies in the architectural field. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Record, the most prominent architectural journal in the country. He left this position in2011 as he joined AIA as the CEO. Under his leadership, Architectural Record has won various global awards such as the National Magazine Ward fir general Excellence. He was also responsible for the growth of the McGraw Hill operations in China.

Robert Ivy biography entitled Fay Jones: Architect was launched in 2011 and is still being released under various editions. Currently, it is doing its third edition. It details a lot of information about architecture. Other organizations have honored Ivy. The architects’ fraternity known as Alpha Rho Chi has recognized his efforts by naming her the Master Architect.

Search more about Robert Ivy: http://www.zdnet.com/article/qa-robert-ivy-ceo-the-american-institute-of-architects/

Ryan Seacrest Taps Into Fashion And Skincare For Men

Entertainer and businessman Ryan Seacrest has used his American Idol celebrity as a springboard into other ventures that are making him mega-wealthy. The popular pitchman is now earning millions of dollars selling menswear.

Seacrest is a ball of energy. He bounces effortlessly between gigs as American Idol host and co-host of ABC’s Live With Kelly and Ryan. If that isn’t already enough, he hosts a weekday syndicated radio program and executive produces a number of programs, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

As per gq.com, Seacrest has now turned his eye towards fashion, launching a line of distinctive menswear that is on track to pull in over $50 million in retail sales. Seacrest begin taking a serious stab at fashion in 2002 when he became host of American Idol.

After paying closer attention to Burberry’s top designer, Christopher Bailey, who also designed his red carpet suits, he understood what types of clothing gives him comfort and suits his style.

Seacrest’s close-fitting style suits made him look great in front of the camera. But he also knew that regular Joe’s likely couldn’t afford his fashions. So the idea came about to make affordable men’s fashions without scrimping on style and quality.

Under Bailey’s Tutelage, Seacrest, a producer and TV host, started Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He is currently partnered with Macy’s and Peerless Clothing International, the company that manufactures DKNY, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors, among others.

For accessories, he went to the most popular men’s accessory manufacturer in the world — Randa. They also work with Geoffrey Beene and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few.

Although Seacrest’s (@RyanSeacrest) tapered, slim look took off like a rocket, he realized he was alienating another demographic of men. He expanded the sizes and created looks that went beyond the age of 25.

The affordable line of suits, ties, shoes, sportswear and beyond, hit Macy’s in the spring of 2017. He is also working on a skincare line that should be ready by 2018.  Ryan also makes sure to give back thru his charity called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Find out the latest about Ryan’s latest radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Reference: mensjournal.com/health-fitness/the-face-of-hollywood-ryan-seacrests-weight-loss-struggle/

Mike Bagguley promoted to key investment banking unit role at Barclays

Mike Bagguley is the new chief operating officer of the investment banking unit at Barclays. The step to appoint Bagguley to this position came as part of the plan by the bank to beef up its investment banking operations. Barclays was once booming with investment businesses but lost its way leading to a significant decline in investment banking operations. With the new appointment, Barclays is hoping to get operations back to normalcy; like it was during the past glory days. Before the promotion, Mike Bagguley was working as the head of macro markets division at the bank. He will be working under Tom King, the chief executive of the investment unit.

Mr. Bagguley was promoted after recording impressive results in his former position. He helped the bank reshape macro business in areas of interest rates, commodities products, and foreign exchange. These changes were necessary since the bank had to move with speed to implement measures that would get the bank back to profitability after suffering from tough regulations in the banking sector and a decline in trading revenue. From the statement released by the bank, Mike Baggley will be responsible for the coordination of projects in the investment unit.

The appointment of Mr. Bagguley came after a streak of changes in senior management of the bank. Earlier, Sir Gerry Grimstone was appointed as the deputy chairman. Grimstone is an experienced financial expert who has previously worked with financial group Schroders as the global vice-chairman of in-charge of investment activities. Other appointments have been made in the investment banking unit as Barclays shows commitment to re-position itself as a leading investment bank in the world.

Barclays’ senior management has full confidence in Mike Bagguley to accelerate delivery of the goals they have set to accomplish. Bagguley experience as a senior banker will help him put together key infrastructure to achieve growth within a short time.

Mike Bagguley has been at Barclays since 2001. His roles have mainly been around fixed income operations. He has previously been assigned duties in Johannesburg, Tokyo, London and New York. He finally joins the investment banking unit as the COO to replace Justin Bull who left in April.


Clayton Hutson Gives Artists a Chance to See Positive Results

Since Clayton Hutson is a music engineer, he knows what to do to help other people. He also knows that artists need someone they can count on to do things that will continue helping them. Clayton Hutson felt it was his job to keep showing people what they could get from different situations and what they needed while they were helping other people. For Clayton Hutson, the point of doing this was something that made it easier for him to continue giving back in different situations. Even when Clayton Hutson started working, people saw him as someone who could bring a lot of change to the industry.


For Clayton Hutson, the point of doing these things was making sure he could help others through the most difficult parts of their career. Many artists feel it’s important to keep giving others a chance at a positive experience. Clayton Hutson feels like he can do more to help other people. When artists go on tour, they don’t usually have all the help they have in the studio. Clayton Hutson wants to change that. He wants to make it easier for artists to have a producer who can help them while they’re on tour. He is the producer who can engineer sound on the road.


As long as Clayton Hutson knows what he’s doing and knows how to help people with all these issues, he can give them a chance at a better future. He can also make it easier for them to realize they’re doing things the right way. Clayton Hutson likes giving people a chance at helping others and that’s what he tries doing every time he works with people who are in different situations. Clayton Hutson always knew how to help others and also knew it was an important part of his life.


Clayton Hutson feels good about giving back to people who are in different areas. He likes the artists he works with to get the help they need no matter what they’re doing or where they’re going with their career. Clayton Hutson feels good about providing them with things that will continue helping. He also feels there is a chance he can do more to help. With the experience he has, artists enjoy using him to help produce their sound while they’re on the road. He is one of the only ones to do it successfully and they enjoy the hard work he puts into the music.

Learn more : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleed_Like_Me_World_Tour

The Achievement of Heather Russell

At the beginning of this year, Heather Russell got appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the TransUnion. Initially, when she worked at a law firm known as the Buckley Saddler, LLP, Russell gained much respect from her employees for her commitment and consistency in leadership. The individual worked in supervision practices, the technology, and financial institutions regulations of Saddler since the year 2016. Russell works as the financial advisory for banks and other financial institutions. The CEO has a good relationship with her workers since she understands the challenges they go through. Russell works herself up through posts to the current position. Now, she deals with matters regarding merger and acquisition, implementing required regulatory changes, and safeguarding the regulatory approval processes.

On her Crunchbase profile, Heather Russell possesses a Bachelor’s of Art in Biology and English. Also, she studied at the American University’s Washington School of Law graduating with a Juris Doctor. As a hardworking student, she got honored with the Most Outstanding Graduate Award for general excellence. Moreover, she teaches on matters regarding the future of the banks and FinTech at the Boston University School of Law as an adjunct professor. Being in the management team of the TransUnion is an achievement to the company since she would bring forward additional administrative opinions to govern in the leading international consumer credit reporting authority.

According to Wikipedia, Heather Russell brings expertise with herself from various other institutions like working as the Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary of the Fifth Third Bank. Also, she founded the International Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs of the bank of the New York Mellon working as the Global Chief Regulatory Council. The department would manage the relationship of the bank with its regulators in the 100 countries across the globe. As a Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Russell offered council services regarding the global risks and advisory to the Bank of America. View Heather Russell’s job history here.

My source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/19351665-heather-russell

Hotelier Shiraz Boghani, Goes Above And Beyond

Shiraz Boghani is a prominent member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. This means that he is a certified accountant fellow, a FCA, in both England and Wales.

Aside from his professional roles as Chairman, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP. Shiraz is also the Managing Partner and Director of the Splendid Hospitality Group and he’s a Partner of Sussex Health Care Limited. Although, he fulfills multiple positions within the healthcare and hotel and hospitality industries, Shiraz Boghani performs at a high level in all arenas. Proof of this came in 2016, when he was recognized as the Hotelier of the Year. Selected for the honor by the Asian Business Awards.

As Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz Boghani maintains a passionate interest in providing world class accommodations for guests. A venture that began with the purchase of a single hotel has now evolved into ownership of 25 different “limited service” hotels. The company acquires hotel properties and manages and develops them. Splendid Hospitality Group is the result of three men forming a partnership to create a line of esteemed hotels throughout the UK. They originally obtained capital funding from hospitality investors and due to the success of the hotels, have since acquired many flagship hotels, including the first rate New Ellington in Leeds and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

People in his same profession refer to Shiraz Boghani as a “forward thinker.” He has embraced his numerous roles with equal passion, something that is quite remarkable considering the fact his career is three decades long. In 1969, he became involved in the accounting field, traveling from Kenya, Africa to the United Kingdom in search of more education. Shiraz continued working and learning, moving from a smaller firm to a larger one to keep his sights on advanced studies. Then in the 90s, he eventually became actively involved in developing hotels. While Shiraz is a hotelier, he continues in his role with Sussex Health Care Limited. The company operates multiple nursing home locations to care for elderly residents affected with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Find more about Shiraz Boghani: http://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/1-101716401