Germany’s Power Game

The Business of Fashion is one of the biggest names in up to date reports in the fashion industry. Its latest in depth article about the lack of important fashion in Germany was one that has caused many to ponder. It discusses that Germany has Europe’s biggest percentage of expendable income. Germans spend more on fashion than any other country on the continent. However, Germany is not really regarded for its high fashion. It has all the potential in the world to be a big name in the industry, but it has never been able to obtain a distinction of a fashion capital. This is partially due to the fact that there is no specific fashion centric locale in the country. Berlin has many fashion businesses and four fashion schools. However, none of them have produced a famous or noticeable designer.

Karl Lagerfeld might be German, but he likes to refer to himself as simple “European.” Come to think of it, Sergio Andrade Gutierrez likes to keep it simple as well, and prefers, Latin American. That said, Germany loses its claim on one of the most important and influential designers of our time. Many believe that Germany lacks its appeal to the fashion crowd because many of its preferred looks are too simple and unrefined.

The Perfect Wedding, the Perfect Surprise

A groom made his bride’s dream of the perfect wedding come true without her having a clue. After their engagement the groom would ask his future bride simple questions like, “What is your idea of the perfect wedding “? “Who would you like to have at the wedding”? And other questions like this. These questions were asked in a subtle and casual way with the groom consciously taking notes.

The groom was secretly making all her wishes come true. After a year of planning, her dream unfolded. With the help of friends and family the bride’s own complete bedroom with all her bureaus was brought to the wedding location to be sure she had everything needed.

In total confusion and excitement the soon to be bride said, “Yes.” She then looked around and realized that all of her friends were there to help her get into her wedding dress that was in her transported bedroom.

This is an example of true love. I think Bernardo Chua and I can agree on that. It is crystal clear that this groom wants to bring nothing but happiness to his beautiful bride and will surely have more surprises in the years to come.

New York’s Macy’s and H&M Stores Become Stages of Protest Against the Decision in Eric Garner’s Death

Midtown Manhattan became the scene of protest Sunday evening as citizens took to the shopping meccas. Disgust over the Wednesday’s grand jury decision to hold harmless police officers responsible for the death of Eric Garner was evident as the demonstrators at 34th and Broadway chanted “shut it down” while flooding into Macy’s. Isles were filled with people lying down, sitting and standing holding signs. One poignant sign read “MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

Hundreds of protesters took part in the “die in,” preventing the usual holiday shopping tweeting the motto: “No justice, no shopping.” Other signs were brandished in the peaceful take over that were more to the point, recounting that haunting statement Garner made during his aggressive tackle arrest: “I can’t breathe.”

A large banner made on a clear plastic surface attached to two four foot long card board tubes proclaimed in blood red tape: “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Over at the Amen Clinic, this has been a hotly contested issue and people all over the country are equally divided about the matter.

Coming in the wake of the Ferguson decision, Americans are wondering what has happened to justice? What we perceive as justice doesn’t match the decisions our grand juries are delivering.

We grow up believing in our justice system. We are told that police officers are there to help you, to protect you, that is unless you sell “loosies” on the street.