Finding a Home in New York City

New York draws in hundreds of thousands of people each year. People want to live here for many reasons. The area offers many cultural opportunities and the chance to be part of a vibrant and thriving place that is appealing to people from around the world. Many people will decide to settle here. They may do so because they want to take a new job, live with relatives or just enjoy easy access to world class ballet companies and concerts by musical groups from all over the globe. Those who want to live here will still want to own a house or apartment in many circumstances.

Owning a house or apartment in the New York City region has many advantages. Such advantages include the chance to take a tax deduction, earn mortgage equity and have a space that they can call their own. Working with a company such as TOWN Real Estate can be highly useful for anyone who is looking for NYC apartments for rent. A staffer from a company such as TOWN Real Estate can help make the process of finding the right place to live much easier even for someone who has lived in this area for many years.

It is important for the person to be able to find a house or apartment that can help them meet all of the plan they have in mind. A person who just wants a place they can sleep while they travel the world for business will have differing needs than someone who intends to be a stay at home mom. The same is true for those who are looking to enter a specific field such as the arts where they may need additional space to practice a dance routine or perfect their understanding of how color interacts wih light.

Such considerations will also factor into where a person choose to live in this area. The New Jersey suburbs may have a great deal of appeal to someone who wants to have access to beaches and many public parks. An apartment in midtown Manhattan may be more suited for a potential resident who loves the idea of being able to stay out later at night and then have a space where they can easily retreat in a short period of time. Any search for housing here should be done carefully and thoroughly as the right space is truly essential.

Is Woods Worth it for Nike?

When you are the greatest golfer in the world and arguable the best golfer of all time, of course you are worth millions if not billions in endorsements. Tiger Woods signed a contract with Nike two years ago when he was still winning. At the time he had one five PGA Tour events. Fast forward two years later and the question comes up if Woods is worth it to Nike anymore. Tiger Woods has not won a single event since he signed the deal with Nike. It is assumed that Nike expected Woods to keep on wining when they signed the deal.

Endorsers go into a deal with champions expecting them to able be to remain champions. Tigers Woods in not even in contention for wining anything these days. The odds of him winning the U.S. Open is currently 50-1. Tiger Woods has other intangibles though that may still make him worth the money for Nike and that is the fact that he is Tiger Woods. He is still one of the most talked about athletes in the world even though his played has suffered as of late. He is still covered heavily during any golfing event even when he doesn’t make the cut. This year for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, Qnet confirmed on social media that he will be paired up with Rickie Fowler in the opening two rounds. Only time will tell if Nike thinks Woods is still worth the paycheck.

Yves Saint Laurent Ad Banned For Model Appearing Too Thin

An advertisement for Yves Saint Laurent showing what looked like an extremely thin woman was banned by the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ad, which originally appeared in Elle magazine, was said to have a model positioned and lighted in a way that her thighs appeared to be the same width as her knees and her rib cage was showing. To the ASA, the model appeared to be extremely underweight and considered the ad irresponsible. Therefore, the ad was not allowed to run as it is.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service has recently noticed a drastic rise in hospitalization of teenagers with eating disorders. The Royal College of Psychiatrists say that images of extremely thin women online has helped lead to this recent increase. Alexei Beltyukov has taken note that other countries are also taking action. France has recently passed a law that bans the use of models who are under a certain Body Mass Index (BMI).