The Benefits of Healthy Living

Healthy living is necessary to live a happy life, though it may be challenging at times with the effects happening gradually. Healthy living can be frustrating at time especially when there are slow changes and you are working so hard at the gym and sticking to your diet.

“With making healthy choices, your body will respond” says James Dondero. Making healthy choices can also diminish the risk of getting heart disease, being obese, and have diabetes. Overall, you will feel much better having a healthy life style with regular exercise and a good balanced diet.

One of the best ways to prevent risk is to eat less carbohydrates, unless participating in sports that require endurance. Eating less carbohydrates can cause blood sugar to rise.

Having a stable amount of blood sugar can increase energy levels and make you want to be more active. Eating healthier can also improve your process of thinking. There will be more mental clarity with eating healthier. Another piece of great advice is to avoid caffeine. Caffeine can increase levels of stress which can lead to damage to the immune system of each individual. Another good way to increase healthy living is to develop a continuous habit of exercising. Exercise can lower heart rates as well as the blood pressure. Diet and regular exercise is the key to live a happy and healthy life.

Free Mobile Carrier FreedomPop Receives $10 Million In Funding From Investors, And Will Potentially Gain Millions Of Subscribers

Startup mobile phone service FreedomPop has recently formed a partnership with the Malayasian mobile phone carrier Axiata, as well as an anonymous American tech investor. The two investors have raised a grand total of $10 million for the company. FreedomPop differentiates itself from other mobile carriers in that it offers a free data plan to all subscribers. The partnership with Axiata will allow FreedomPop to greatly expand its consumer base. Axiata has over 230 million subscribers throughout Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

The other American investor plans to announce its partnership with FreedomPop within the next month. At the present moment, all that is known is that the company is a major tech firm that plans to compete with Qualcomm and Google Fi at a chip level. FreedomPop is secretive about other matters regarding this hardware partnership.

The Asian service is estimated to launch in six to twelve months. FreedomPop will run under a separate brand under Axiata, using its own name or another “disruptive brand”.

FreedomPop’s business model earned it 1 million subscribers when it first launched in 2012. It provides subscribers with a data plan consisting of 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500mb of data per month. The company makes money by giving subscribers the option to buy more data if they exceed their limit, and also by selling customers services such as long distance calls, international numbers, phone insurance, and various security features.

Founder Stephen Stokols has said that FreedomPop was engineered to be a global service. The service’s full potential is limited by remaining solely in the USA. The service has the advantages of providing impoverished populations access to phone service and additionally helping those who rarely use their phones save money. After it debuts in Asia, FreedomPop plans to launch in Europe.

Doe Deere The Unicorn Queen of Beauty

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime one of the most sought outlines of beauty products on the market today. She has labeled herself as the Unicorn Queen as she believes that makeup should be used to open up and express one’s individuality. She doesn’t design her products to hide merely imperfections but to free up women.

Ms. Deere was born in Russia but grew up in New York City. She has stated that her makeup is inspired by fairy tales. As a young child, she often heard and read fairy tales from the Eastern European culture. These had a significant effect on her that lasted to this day. Even the name Lime Crime is an example of this influence. It was chosen because lime was her favorite color and crime rhymed with it. She admits to being a fan of puns.

Not everything about Ms. Deere is fantasy related. She’s known as a strong leader and survivor. Lime Crime began as an indie company that with hard work become an illustrious company. The most difficult part of the beginning she has said is finding the right laboratory, one that could understand and share her vision as makeup being empowering and more about individuality than anything else. On a personal level, the hardest part was hearing the comments made online by people who couldn’t share her vision.

Ms. Deere is a strong supporter of women owned businesses. She often gives talks encouraging women to step forward and listen to their hearts. Her heart told her that makeup should be fun, and her products are. Consisting of bright rainbow colors her makeup allows women a chance to shine on the outside and to share their vision of beauty with the world.

The Unicorn Mascot of Lime Crime was chosen not just for her love of the mythical creature but also because she felt it represented beauty, individuality, and kindness to animals. Ms. Deere does not test her products on animals. However, before they hit the market, she does try them on herself to ensure that they are fun.

Her approach is new and women worldwide are flocking to her offerings. Many no longer want the typical makeup experience where everyone applies makeup the same way in the same shades of color. Today individuality is something that women of all ages are reaching for. Lime Crime helps fill that need in the most beautiful of ways.