Lime Crime’s Beguiling Mistress

It’s hard not to rave about Lime Crime cosmetics. The eye-popping colors of the products almost always provoke an immediate gut reaction. Sensual and sense-stunning at the same time, Lime Crime is a high-quality line of beauty products that begs the user to be much more than ordinary.

Lime Crime’s creator, Doe Deere, is nothing short of amazing herself. Of Russian heritage, this natural beauty’s fashion sense can be described as flamboyant and playful, yet quite tantalizing. Starting with her lovely, lavender (sometimes red or blue) hair, really fantastic clothes, and ending with her gorgeous footwear, Doe Deere is truly beautiful from head to toe. Letting her individuality shine just seems to be second nature with Doe. She is brave, even fearless in expressing her inner self, a true fashion diva.

Doe’s first step on her artistic journey to fame was music. Originally a rock musician that described her band’s sound as “Fairy Rock,” Doe and her partner founded the band, Sky Salt in 2002 and stayed busy writing and recording songs. During this time Doe began marketing unique clothing on eBay, eventually using the name Lime Crime.

Then came the day when Doe realized she needed a more dramatic look to give her facial features more emphasis under harsh stage lighting. She turned to her creative side and experimented with makeup for over a year. Finally satisfied with her results, she published makeup tutorials on the Internet, showcasing the look she had developed. Those early tutorials received many enthusiastic responses from her audience and requests for more tutorials. The public was obviously ready for Lime Crime style.

Eventually, Sky Salt disbanded, and although depressed at first, Doe eventually turned her amazing powers of creativity to other pursuits. Meanwhile, the emails from ardent fans of her makeup tutorials just kept on coming and coming. Doe began to pay more attention to her fans requests and comments. She realized a market was waiting, hungry for the color-rich products she could offer. She began to concentrate her attention on developing a cosmetic line with as much dramatic flair as her own personality.

Lime Crime soon became famous for its luscious lipsticks, in bright, not-so-usual colors. Doe went one step further and designed clever packaging for her products. She used a bright pink background with the emblem of a sparkly unicorn surrounded by stars. In a free-spirited manner, Doe claimed her makeup is “for unicorns,” and proclaimed herself the “Queen of the Unicorns.” Her fans loved it.

Today Doe Deere and Lime Crime are equally famous worldwide for innovative style and bold dramatic use of color. Doe also guarantees her cosmetics are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals.

Find the Perfect Lip Color for You!

When it comes to makeup from Lime Crime, your lips are extremely important. The makeup that you put on your lips should have several things that make it perfect for you. First, you should have the perfect color for your skin tone, your outfit and the rest of your makeup. Next, you have to know that some days call for lipstick or lip stain while other days or nights call for some lipgloss.

Finding the Right Lip Color for You

First, let’s talk about lip color. Lip colors run the gamut from bright oranges and corals to deep reds and dark purples. When it comes to color on your lips, you want to make sure that you pick something that matches your skin tone. For example, darker lip colors like purple, deep red and some colors with blue tones will look better on those who have olive tones in their skin.

On the other hand, those who have pink undertones in their skin tend to look better with lip colors that have a coral or orangey base. Of course, you can always mix and match the colors depending on what you are wearing as well. Sometimes, you will want to match your lip color exactly with what you’re wearing while other times, you may be more interested in creating a shock factor where you want to actually clash with what you’re wearing.

Finding the Right Lip Color Consistency

Let’s talk about lip color consistency now. When we say consistency, we are talking about what form your lip color is going to come in. For example, most people wear lipsticks. These are tubes of lip color that have a creamy consistency once they are touched to your lips.

But there are other types of lip color as well. For example, there are lip stains. Lip stains are actually liquid pigments that go onto your lips like a marker would. These have a long life on your lips, and even if you drink at a party or go to a meal, you will still retain the lip stain on your lips very well.

Next we have lip glosses. You can find lip glosses in clear or with pigment added to them. Clear lipgloss looks great over top of lipstick or lip stain, but you can wear the glosses with pigment already added to them alone on your lips.

The Best Makeup With Lime Crime

When you want the absolute best makeup for your face always go to Lime Crime. this company is based in Los Angeles, California, and they only work with cruelty free cosmetics. Their line of amazing products includes many amazing lip colors in various forms. Altogether, their makeup line is the best on the market.

Express Yourself With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Cosmetics not only cover up blemishes, but they’re also a great way to express yourself. Finding the right cosmetics is just the first step in letting your personality shine. Before you can accent your eyes with the perfect eye shadow, you have to find the perfect shade. Choosing the right makeup can make or break your look. The wrong cosmetic color can leave you looking washed out, while another color may be too over the top. Shopping for makeup in your favorite store may seem like a daunting task. There are hundreds of products and color choices to choose from.

Walking down the cosmetic aisle gives you more choices than you’ll ever need. You may know you want a lip gloss instead of a lip stain, but choosing the right color is yet another choice you’ll have to make. Shopping for cosmetics online can really help you narrow down your choices for the perfect products. Shopping online is so easy that you may never turn down the makeup aisle ever again. The time and money you may save is another added bonus. The online makeup shopping experience, coupled with a company like Lime Crime, is a recipe for cosmetic success.

Lime Crime is an online makeup company that makes it easy to shop for that perfect shade of eye shadow or lipstick. The cruelty-free and vegan products are true to color, so there’s never any guesswork when it comes to your cosmetics. Lime Crime makes it easy to choose from their selection of cosmetic products. Expressing your personality is simple with the variety of makeup and colors. If you’re looking to add a little glitter or want a more subdued hue, Lime Crime has it all.

The first peek at the Lime Crime website lets you know that shopping online for makeup is going to be a fun experience. Surfing the website is nearly as fun as shopping for the products. The product selection is straightforward and easy to navigate, which makes shopping at Lime Crime an excellent experience. Choose your favorite lipstick shade or the glitter eye shadow, and you’re ready to let everyone know a little bit more about yourself.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Are Taking Make-up In A new Direction

Using make-up is an important part of many people’s daily routine. They put on powders, lipstick, and eye-shadow to bring out their inner beauty. This has been going on for over 6,000 years. The ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Indians have been using make-up since the dawn of civilization. It has long since become an accepted part of everyday life for men and women worldwide. In ancient times people simply crushed plants and other organic matter to create to cosmetics they wanted to highlight their features and improve their skin. Today the process of creating make-up has changed, but people still use them for the same reasons.

There are a number of very popular brands of make-up that are used by people all over the planet. L’Oreal is the world’s most popular and largest brand of make-up. They have been making cosmetics since 1909. They employ 20,000 chemists to make their products. Avon is America’s most popular brand of make-up. It is easy to use, effective, and affordable. It is also sold in over 140 countries worldwide. Revlon is the world’s oldest cosmetic brand. The American brand’s first product was nail polish. Its nail polish and other cosmetic products are known for their quality and affordability.

Whether you use one of the brands mentioned above or one of the lesser known brands, you have access to make-up that can help to bring out your beauty. It’s what people have sought for thousands of years. What makes make-up so popular is that it’s easy to use and affordable on almost any budget. The days when make-up was reserved for royalty or the rich and famous are long gone. Today anyone can get the make-up they need to highlight their best features and hide their flaws. It’s the role make-up has played for thousands of years.

Today there’s a new brand of make-up that’s attracting a growing following. It’s called Lime Crime and it was created by Russian-born entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere. Unlike many other brands of make-up, Lime Crime cosmetics are not designed to blend in. Its incredibly brightly colored lipsticks, eye-shadows, rouges, and nail polishes makes the users stand out. With colors like neon green, sky blue, brilliant orange, deep purple, super-hot pink, and reds that’re so loud it can make a rainbow blush, users are sure to stand out day or night.

Lime Crime make-up isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for people who want to make a statement. Wearing Lime Crime is a form of self-expression. It will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. If you truly want to make a bold fashion statement people can’t ignore, wear Lime Crime make-up.

Brighter Eyes, Brighter Lips, Brighter Men

Bright and bold color trends in makeup seem to be on the rise and sticking around. It has become in some ways the norm for women to wear brighter eye shadows around their eyes or brighter lip color that may look less natural but brings out fuller features in a good way.

In the past these brighter color looks have been more associated with the rock n roll culture, but with 2015 just half over, spring and summer makeup trends prove more women are interested in bright blue and green eye shadow and eye liner. Many beauty magazines like Cosmopolitan, have featured runway models showing just a bit of bright pastel blue eyeliner or eye shadow while walking down the runways. This makeup trend seem to feature just one part of their face to bring out their unique features.

One makeup supplier known for it bright beautiful makeup, Lime Crime Cosmetics is in on the trend. Lime Crime Cosmetics was created in 2004 by model and musician Doe Deere. After years of trying to get her brand of makeup out to customers, Deere penned the slogan “So bright it’s illegal,” and launched her website in 2008.

Lime Crime seemed to fill a void for women who wanted to wear bright colors on their lips and around their eyes. Other cosmetic companies didn’t offer as many colors for these women making it easy for Lime Crime to move to the top.

Lime Crime Cosmetics quickly became known for their unicorn lipstick, which featured unique colors housed in a purple tube sporting a unicorn. Lime Crime makeup can be bought on many websites including Most Lime Crime cosmetics are featured on this website like its eye glitter which is popular among young women and teenage girls.

Lime Crime has also tapped into the up and coming makeup market for men. The company’s unique makeup is just great for men who want to use makeup to bring out their features, or who just want to cover up that blemish on their face. As more and more men choose to wear makeup, this market will only get larger for cosmetic companies like Lime Crime.

Everyone Will Have Success Like Doe Deere When They Follow Their Dream

From her humble beginnings, as a young girl in Russia selling temporary tattoos to her friends at school, to being a successful entrepreneur, Doe Deere is an inspiration to everyone who meets her. Reading on, it is easy to see that she has chosen to do things with her life that most people would be afraid of doing. She is a bold person, who is no more afraid of striking out with a brand new company than she is of dying her hair bright pink.

Doe Deere did not always know that the makeup world was where her dreams were going to take her. When she first arrived in New York City, at the age of 17, her dream was to be a musician. She formed a band and started playing shows. That is where she learned to appreciate her audience. She liked that people were willing to come and see her and her band play. And, her band is also where she met her husband.

Eventually Doe Deere decided that music was not what she wanted to be doing with the rest of her life, and she followed her heart, which led her to makeup. She loves working with makeup and creating bright and bold colors for all to wear. She didn’t have much money when she formed her brand, Lime Crime, but she had faith in it and what she was doing with it. And, thanks to her dream and her faith in the company, she has been able to do well with it.

Doe Deere’s love of being an entrepreneur started when she was that young girl, trying to sell temporary tattoos to all of her classmates. And, although she took the time to play in a band instead of going right to being an entrepreneur when she was older, she has always had that love with her.

Doe Deere is all about following one’s heart to get them to a good place in life, and that is what she suggests that young entrepreneurs do. She believes that if they follow their dreams, then they will have success. And, they will be happy with the success that they have, like she is happy with all of her successes.

S’well: The New Eco-Friendly Water Bottle


According to an article on CNN, in 2009 at a business school reunion attended by Sarah Kauss, a professor did a presentation on the global water crisis. During his presentation, he addressed the impact that waste plastic bottles have on the environment. At that moment, Sarah Kauss knew that her idea of launching a line of reusable, insulted, stainless steel bottles was excellent.


Prior to the reunion, Kauss would take metal water bottles around, but she was not too happy about their appearance. “It was ideal for the gym, or pulling out of your backpack when you’re camping, but not for an executive to be carrying around,” said Kauss.


Soon afterwards, Kauss went to work to make her idea into a reality. According to her, “I made the business plan quickly, but it took longer than I expected to find the manufacturer and perfect the design.” She invested $30,000 to launch S’well in 2010.


S’well is a line of stainless steel bottles that are insulated, reusable, and designed to keep liquid hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. S’well bottles are available in 90 colors and three different sizes. They are very stylish, BPA-free and help reduce the number of plastic water bottles that ended up in landfills. These fabulous bottles cost between $25 and $45 and are sold at majority of the leading stores nationwide such as Starbucks, Nordstrom, and J. Crew.


Since the launch of S’well, the New York based firm sold approximately 4 million bottles and had a “revenue surge 400% between 2013 and 2014 — hitting $10 million last year,” according to the article on CNN.


In 2010, S’well was featured in the Oprah Magazine in it’s ‘O list’ of popular summer products. “It was the stamp of credibility we needed,” said Kauss.


The firm recently introduced bottles that look like wood and plants a tree in the forest for each bottle sold.


Paul Evans Creates Luxury Shoes At A Fraction Of The Price

Your shoes speak volumes. By looking at a person’s shoes, you might gain some insight as to where they’ve been and where they’re going. The ground they’ve covered clings to the sole of the shoe. When you’re wearing a stellar pair of shoes it can give you the extra confidence to fuel your journey forward. Paul Evans shoes was created because the owners wanted to make luxury shoes more accessible to the customer by forgoing the typical retail experience. By selling the shoes directly to the consumer, Paul Evans offers luxury shoes at a fraction of the price. The italian shoes are designed in New York and handicrafted in Italy by artisans that know how to create stunning leather shoes. The brand launched in 2013 and has garnered much success. The shoe has been hailed favorably by Esquire and Details magazine.

The creators of Paul Evans believed that luxury shoes could exist and thrive outside of the brick and mortar storefront. The reach of a brick and mortar store is limited and the mark up is a reflection of high overhead costs. Paul Evans shoes recognized that a strong online presence could bring luxury shoes to clients in all corners of the world.

Classically beautiful shoes do not have to cost over a thousand dollars. The advent of technology means that the labels do not have to corner the market on luxury any longer. The vision of Paul Evans was to produce quality luxury shoes by removing the middleman. Leather shoes that are of stunning quality can be designed in New York, handcrafted in Naples, Italy by skilled artisans and sold directly to you.

Quality leather makes the shoe. Paul Evans uses the same calfskin that is used by the
finest luxury labels in the world. The playing field is level when you start with the same quality leather that is coveted by those that seek shoes that are crafted to be sophisticated and luxuriously timeless.

This same Italian leather is made to create the line of Paul Evans belts and bags. When you accessorize with classic pieces, your style is classic and polished from head to toe.

When you invest in a quality shoe, you are allowing yourself to exude power, confidence and elegance. There are so many times we overlook opportunities for self expression. When you select a stylish piece, you are communicating the self that you wish to convey to the world. A shoe that is luxurious and timeless can carry you wherever life takes you.

You do not have to follow the path of frequenting brick and mortar stores to find classic Italian leather shoes. If you desire a beautiful shoe without the thousand dollar price tag, look no further than Paul Evans.

The Art of the Collector

Who wouldn’t want an original Degas or Michelangelo gracing a wall in his or her home? Now, think about how cool it would be to be able to purchase both and then another fantastic art piece, and another, and another. What if you could both access and own tons of fabulous artistic renderings, masterpieces that you procure? Then you might be an art collector.

Adam Sender obtained the money for his many art purchases from earnings from his success with hedge funds began his collecting of contemporary pieces in the 1990s. Over the course of the past year, a portion of his collection has been unveiled at Sothebys. His original purchases have greatly increased in value. He has stated that he likes to collect “emerging artists” because he is confident that he can spot great pieces which will yield both aesthetic enjoyment and monetary value as time goes on.

He and his wife, Lenore, have enjoyed the collecting, and it has been said that they would love to keep putting collections of art together to have “pop-up” exhibits. The joy appears to be in both the sensing what will become valuable but is already artistically pleasing, plus what will increase in value, and what will make a good collection for the enjoyment of not only Sender but those who can then view what he has compiled and exhibits. Sender has said that he finds the whole thing to be “fun.”

Adam Sender is a well known art collector.

The Sotheby sales of Sender’s collection which is in their hands for liquidation have been estimated to glean $70 million. This collection of works involves 400 pieces by 139 artists, and the variety yet cohesive nature of the works is astounding.

The liquidation helps Sender, and the art gets to be disseminated to other collectors and appreciators of the works. Plus, Sender has already more than made up for what he paid for the works originally, and the $70 is artistic gravy so to speak.

What makes a collection exciting? That, like most art interpretation, is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, it is the thrill of the find; the rarer or more unique a piece the better. Sometimes it is the way that the composition or colors or subject matter speak to the collector. At other points, it is merely a business venture with an eye toward what will bring in financial gain in the long term. It can also be about a tone or feel that someone is trying to create through an artistic compilation of coordinating and in some way connected or associated pieces. Sender appears to have an eye for the art itself, the financial benefit, and how pieces will work together in a collection.

Adam Sender’s Keen Eye Has Given Him a Wonderful Art Collection

Many art collectors become wonderfully obsessive with their work, and Adam Sender is one of them. With over 400 pieces collected, this former hedge fund manager isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.
Adam and his wife Leni Sender have been notorious in the art world for years, collecting many valuable contemporary art pieces like Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled #93”, a very provacative piece of art that has been the subject of controversy. Adam Sender loves provactive work that is also visually appealing. Also in his collection is a Thomas Ruff photograph, which portrays a woman in lingerie leading a kneeling man on his leash. He also has “Let’s Be Realistic” by Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari’s “Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue” in his art collection. His entire collection is worth over 70 million. Just last year he auctioned off over 400 pieces of his collection to make up for the closing of his hedge fund.
Unlike other art collectors who like to hide their treasures away for their own viewing, Sender is very generous in sharing his art with the world, doing pop-up exhibits and lending pieces of his collection out to galleries. In fact, he even has a website where potential lendees can go and state their case on why he should lend them his art. His pop-up exhibits are also works of art in their own right, starting with his exhibit, “Home Alone”, which tells the fictional story of art collectors so obsessive with art, that it started to take over their home.
Sender loves looking for new artwork all the time, especially from emerging artists. “That’s where the excitement is,” he said in an interview with Interview Magazine.. He prefers intellectually stimulating work that is also visually appealing. With all the white noise in the contemporary art community, it is difficult to find pieces to fit Sender’s tastes, but he has amassed a large collection all the same. He is known for his ability to find the two best pieces in a gallery within minutes because of his good eye and laser sharp focus. Even with his hedge fund closed, Sender still plans on continuing his hobby of finding and buying new pieces from emerging artists.