Hashtag Stupid: George Soros Did Not Fund #BlackLivesMatter



In a recent article by Ben Collins of the Daily Beast, the giving of George Soros is discussed. Many people do not realize just how much of a giver that George Soros is. The latest big political movement in the United States is known as Black Lives Matter. This is a somewhat controversial campaign because it is said to target police officers who are in the field. Recently, it was said that George Soros donated a huge sum of money to the campaign. However, in the article this claim was refuted. Here are several reasons why this is important.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement was started several years ago after a white police officer killed a young black man in an altercation near St. Louis. Many people thought that the white police officer deserved to be reprimanded for his actions. However, he was let off free without any action against him. This spawned a huge movement trying to get equal rights for black people in the United States. There are many people that support this movement in public, especially in the Democratic party. However, there are few financial backers of this movement, and many people believe this is what is keeping the movement from growing any stronger. In addition, there have been many actions by people within the movement that have caused others to turn away.

George Soros

George Soros is a wealthy individual who has spent his life building a fortune and using it to influence policy around the world. Although he was not born in England, he spent the majority of his life there in business. Over a period of many years, he has been able to effectively influence people in power in the name of human rights. There are many different political issues that he feels strongly about. In addition, he usually is more liberal in his policy leanings. This means that it would have been a huge boost to the Black Lives Matter movement to have the financial support of George Soros. However, it appears that this information was not correct that got out about him support the movement.

Final Thoughts

George Soros has been able to garner a huge fortune during his time in business. Not only is he a great business person, but he has also been able to affect other people in many different ways. Over the long run, there are many people’s lives that are better off today because of the charitable giving of George Soros. However, he did not contribute over thirty million dollars to the Black Lives Matter movement as many people are saying and believing.

Purina Beneful Is The Best Pet Food Brand For Dogs

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When Facebook Harms Business Reputations And What To Do About It

Facebook is a great way to communicate to others. The trouble with Facebook is the social network can get people in a lot of trouble. Frequently, the trouble is of the person’s own making. Certain Facebook activities can – and do – get people into trouble. In particular, people get into quite a bit of trouble at work due to Facebook.

The obvious reason why people get into trouble is they constantly log onto Facebook to see what is going on. Facebook exists so people can be informed. Doing so on one’s own time is okay. Constantly checking out Facebook while at work and on company time, well, that is another matter. People have been fired for such things. Even just “a little” Facebook surfing during company time can get people into a world of trouble.

And then there are those ways in which Facebook creates problems people do not think about. Usually, this involves how they conduct themselves on Facebook. In some instances, the help of the reputation management firm Status Labs may be required to set things straight. Through completely recreating the online reputation of someone whose reputation has been harmed, Status Labs can effectively address a host of problems.

What could get a person into trouble on Facebook?

When people post negative comments, blowback is possible. Making controversial statements, being argumentative, jumping into the minefield of political criticism, and otherwise drawing unnecessary negative attention, personal and professional reputations suffer.

Employers get very nervous when an employee is posting potentially embarrassing content. Employees who say negative things about employers, they could end up losing their jobs. It is hard to blame employers who opt to fire employees who are causing trouble on the internet. Sadly, even after being fired, an employee may end up finding him or herself in a perpetual state of trouble.

Content published on Facebook (and elsewhere online) gets indexed by the search engines. This means damaging content could continue to cause problems for years and years unless definitive steps are taken to fix things. This is where a reputation management firm proves invaluable.

Status Labs is based out of Austin, TX and has offices in New York and San Paulo. The company has helped 1,500+ clients from all walks of life address reputation disasters. Through a series of effective steps, Status Labs could reverse major problems caused by Facebook errors.

Yeonmi Park’s New Book Shines a Light on Everyday Life in North Korea

Ever since the Korean peninsula was separated following World War II the northern part of Korea has been under Communist control. In the time since North Korea has distanced itself from the world more and more and what goes on in its borders are often only reported by those that manage to escape the tyrannical rule of the Kim family.

One such report is Yeonmi Park recent book titled In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom in which Park recounts her life in North Korea and her eventual escape. The book documents her life leading up to her escape and how Yeonmi Park family was branded “Outlaws” and shunned by society because her Father was caught dealing with the Black Market to provide food and clothing for his family. Yeon-Mi describes North Korea as an “unimaginable country”.

Yeonmi Park in nytlive.nytimes.com is 23 years old having defected from North Korea when she was 15. She and her family traveled first to China and then to Mongolia. Since Yeonmi Park at theguardian.com defection she has become a human rights activist and has been very active on YouTube calling attention to the atrocities of the North Korean Government.

While the Government has published articles and internet videos branding Park a liar and a propagandist she has a huge following and family to fully corroborate her story. Park has written articles in the Washington Post and has been interviewed about her story by The Guardian newspaper. Park has spoken at the One Young World Summit in Dublin Ireland about her escape and what life was like in the Dictatorship.

Her book is currently on sale on Amazon and major bookstores.

Skout Has Something For Everyone

Nowadays, it sure seems like everything we do revolves around our phones. We use our phones to play games, to keep in touch, to do important work, and much more. So, why not use our phones for dating? That only seemed right given everything else we rely on our cell phones for. Sure enough, online dating apps started popping up.

Online dating apps are great for those who are busy and might not have time to date otherwise. They allow a person to meet others all over their city, state, and possibly country. They discuss common interests and see if there is a spark. No longer is a person wasting time and money on physical dates. This is a perfect way for two people to decide if there is a connection before they go and meet one another.

There is a large variety of online dating apps out there. It can be hard for a person to decide which one is right for them. This is especially true because a lot of these apps are specialized. For example, there are ones for different ethnicities and for different religions. The best app I have found is Skout. That is because Skout encompasses a little bit of everything.

Skout is a great app because it’s more than just dating. The creators of Skout have turned it into a community. It feels that everyone on is connecting and forming friendships with one another. Skout has all of the typical features like chat and browsing profiles. Skout goes a step further, however. With Skout, users can connect with other users across the country and across the globe! There is a cool feature where a user shakes their phone and is randomly connected with a new person. This is a great way to strike up a conversation with someone without being too nervous to make the first move. Skout also has a cool feature called buzz. Buzz allows users to see what everyone else is up too. Users utilize buzz to share what they’re doing, thinking, and how they are feeling.

Skout is great because it really has pushed the limits of online dating. It has gone further than other apps have gone. Skout allows users to choose the locations in which they want to talk to people. No longer do online daters have to be confined to choosing people within a certain radius. Skout allows users to branch out. This feature is especially great for those who are planning on moving! They can make friends at the new location before they even arrive. That helps to make everything a little less nerve-wracking.

Overall, Skout is great for all ages of people. It’s easy to sign up and easy to use. Users can upload a picture and say a few words about themselves so that others can learn what they are all about. Skout is perfect for those who are looking for friends, looking to fall in love, or just looking to have a good time.

Madison Street Capital, Global Marketplace Visionaries

Starting or growing your business in our modern society can be a daunting task. In a segment on Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw, he discusses the fact that business loans are harder to obtain because even well-rooted businesses have a hard time establishing credibility. Bradshaw explains that you can no longer just walk into a bank and walk out with an instant business loan or capital funds to keep your business healthy. In order to be competitive in the global marketplace, Bradshaw suggests that businesses turn to a third-party company to help stay ahead of the game. That company is Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital, also known as MSC, is a company that specializes in financial advisory services including mergers and acquisitions. They help their clients by educating them on what drives the value of their businesses. They are willing to discuss with clients why their business fails or even fails to start. Most business men are reluctant to discuss success, much less failure these days. With that said, the type of transparency, tough love, and honesty that MSC offers to their clients is a rare commodity in today’s market place. Hearing what needs to be heard may be hard initially, but initiating proven solutions could be the saving grace for many businesses.

Have you ever had an outstanding idea for a business venture, but really don’t have all of the business know how to make that idea take off and be successful? Hiring a company like MSC would be beneficial because they are at the forefront of change and know what key services are available that you may not be aware of. They work with each client individually. They first learn about your particular business model and then become your strategic partner. This level of personalization leaves each client with the best possible solutions to their respective business issues.

Helping an individual or a CEO with business solutions is beneficial to the business, the individual or CEO, all the employees of that company, and their families. The effects of smart business solutions are wide-spread and long-term. So, it is a wise investment to work with professionals who have middle-market focus.

Makeup Executives Like Doe Deere Are Rare

It is nice to see someone like Doe Deere in the presidential role within a company. She’s young and she has remembered not to take herself too seriously. This can often be the danger that unravels a lot of business professions. Doe Deere has realized that you can run a company and still have fun while you are doing it.

It amazes me to see the fullness of this Lime Crime company come to light. It is like watching a beautiful flower bloom. I remember when I was seeing this brand for the first time. Someone on Facebook told me about it. I saw some products when I went to the website, and I searched for the person behind this brand. I discovered Doe Deere early on, and I wondered if she would come into the mainstream. Doe Deere didn’t waste a lot of time with (what appears to be worthless) print media advertising in physical magazines. To the contrary, she put her pocketbook aside and focused on making the time to connect with her audience through social media. The dividends for this investment have been tremendous. Her fan base is growing, and I believe that it is all based on her ability to really stay true to herself. Her makeup may not be for everyone, but she certainly knows how to pull her target crowd into her midst. She tweets on Twitters, posts on Facebook and continues to upload videos on YouTube.

There are teenage girls that are really embracing this makeup because Doe Deere is speaking to the new generation. She isn’t someone that is simply seating behind a desk with no knowledge of what her fan base is doing. There is not a long chain of ranking executives that are getting input from lower level workers. Doe Deere has her ear to the street, and she knows what is happening.

Yeonmi Park; No Resting Until Humanity is Respected in North Korea

Yeonmi Park gained global recognition after giving a moving speech during the One Young World 2014 Summit held in Dublin, Ireland. She recounted her experiences of defecting from North Korea. Her video went viral and within a short period, it had attracted over 2milion views. She has appeared on popular television shows to tell her story including Women in the World Summit. The challenge she has endured at only 21-years has strengthened rather than breaking her. She has turned into a vocal activist ready to condemn any oppression leveled against her people. According to the UN report released in 2014, the North Korean government was leading in regard of disrespect of human rights. Over 300 refugees and defectors recounted inhuman torture they had to go through under the brutal and tyrannical Kim Jong-II regime. According to Park, Kim Jong has turned against his people, and he is out of control. She called on North Koreans who were supporting him to open their eyes and demand quality leadership. Yeomni Park interest in activism was enhanced after watching a pirated copy of the 1997 Titanic movie. She learned the importance of love and humanity, which was lacking in North Korea. She has acted as a role model to many by publicly speaking and writing about her life in the Washington Post and The Guardian respectively. She is a volunteer for Freedom Factory Corporation, a community organization in South Korea dedicated to creating a population of open-minded people. Yeomni Park is a member of NYtimes and Liberty in North Korea, a non -profit organization that resettles refugees hiding in China to either the United States or South Korea. During 2014, Link’s summit held at Pepperdine University, Park and other activists hailing from North Korea such as Seongmin Lee and Joo-yang spent their time enlightening participants on the harsh conditions in North Korea. In addition, they educated them on various means through which LiNK was supporting refugees. Various propaganda such as tourists bowing to the Statues of previous and current Korean leaders slows the liberation agenda of the country. Some have been designed to silence her, but she always rises to the occasion. She discusses topics and life of the refugees on the popular talk show known as, ‘North Korea Today.’ She volunteered in this program to publicize the struggles and oppressions encountered by refugees and residents of North Korea. She was born on October 4, 1993, in Hyesan North Korea. After successfully defecting from North Korea, the South Korean diplomats assisted her family to settle in Seoul. She joined Dongguk University in Seoul, where she is currently majoring in Criminal Justice. She is positive that North Korea will stop oppressing her citizens once leadership changes. She trusts that Korea is one united country, and there are neither southerners nor northerners. She encourages fellow activist, refugees and forward thinking citizens to continue spearheading the human rights campaign and North Korea will be liberated from cruel and unjust leaders. Despite much propaganda to portray the suffering of the citizens as a mere exaggeration, the UN report provides evidence that justify the allegation.

Sergio Cortes, Keeping The Legacy Of Michael Jackson Alive

Celebrities and media personalities always end up attracting attention. People idolize famous people given that they are admired and seen as role models. The celebrities are a source of inspiration and for others. Most celebrities leave legacies through their works of art, music or contribution to the society. Over the years, impersonators have been impersonating Michael Jackson. A number of people impersonate the celebrities they adore. To impersonate is to imitate someone in terms of their looks, character or personal style.
Michael Jackson started his career as a band member with his brothers. The band was called the Jackson five and they created hit after hit. Later, Michael left the band to pursue a solo career. He went on to have a successful career and released many albums. His music journey was documented since he was young. In his career, Michael received much recognition and awards for his outstanding performances. He was crowned as the king of pop. His death was a global blow to his fans and everyone that knew him through his music. Impersonators continue to enhance his legacy by performing and dressing up like him.
Sergio Cortes is a successful Michael Jackson impersonator that hails from Brazil. He was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. Cortes closely works with the Destiny Projects, a firm that manages artistic developments. He is passionate about music and has recreated a number of Michael Jackson hits. Aside from performing like Michael, Sergio has an uncanny resemblance to the legend. He could pass as Michael’s brother. The physical resemblance is one factor that they share in common with Michael. Sergio also has a vocal resemblance to the late king of pop.
Sergio started impersonating while still a teenager and this situation saw him receive invitations to perform in different functions and events. Currently, he runs a project in Italy dubbed as the Human Nature Live Show where he has a two-hour performance. Sergio did a Michael Jackson tribute show in 2012 by recreating the songs and choreography. He has uploaded his videos on YouTube. These videos capture his singing prowess and his live performances. Through the YouTube videos, his reputation has grown immensely. Sergio is planning to start touring the United States and other continents of the world.
South American fans have had the opportunity to enjoy his live show performances. He has traveled to all major cities in South America to showcase his talents. Sergio’s concerts are usually filled to capacity. His breathtaking performance is known to bring out emotions. The road to Sergio’s success is not hitting a stop sign anytime soon.

Crafting Wikipedia Pages Made Easy

Struggling to fix a Wikipedia page is not something the creators of Wikipedia want to see any contributor experience. This is why the Wikipedia platform has been crafted to be very easy to navigate. Once someone becomes a member and accesses the MediaWiki platform, there is not a lot of work that has to be done. The writing can be cut and pasted in the specified area. The work can be edited inside the MediaWiki platform and the material may be saved. If links need to be added to the text, they can be weaved in through MediaWiki without much work. Simply hitting “save” ensures all new content and edited content is preserved.

When the time comes to make an edit to a page due to mistakes or inaccuracies, Wikipedia publishers has made sure this step is not a tough one either. Again, simply making the necessary changes and saving them is all that is required. Be sure to add comments when making edits so someone can review the changes and see why they were done.

For those who have a vested interest in making sure a Wikipedia page is written professional and contains totally accurate information, the simplicity of the platform is a huge help. Still, there are those who are going to struggle. They are not professional writers and editors. They do know the current state of a page has to be fixed. What is currently written is just not up to par.

Hiring a writer or an editor to get a page into proper shape is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with handing the writing/editing tasks over to someone else. Get Your Wiki is one such third-party company that is capable of handling all manner of different duties for people who wish to construct and maintain a viable Wikipedia page. A current page can be revised and edited to embody a host of improvements. A completely new page could be created totally from scratch. Whatever the client requires, the service is probably able to do.

Get Your Wiki also handles jobs related to monitoring a Wikipedia page. What this entails is checking to make sure anyone who contributes to or edits the page is not dragging down its quality.

Creating a great Wikipedia page is not difficult from a technical standpoint. Not everyone has the experience to handle the work. Thankfully, there are options available to those persons.