Hashtag Stupid: George Soros Did Not Fund #BlackLivesMatter



In a recent article by Ben Collins of the Daily Beast, the giving of George Soros is discussed. Many people do not realize just how much of a giver that George Soros is. The latest big political movement in the United States is known as Black Lives Matter. This is a somewhat controversial campaign because it is said to target police officers who are in the field. Recently, it was said that George Soros donated a huge sum of money to the campaign. However, in the article this claim was refuted. Here are several reasons why this is important.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement was started several years ago after a white police officer killed a young black man in an altercation near St. Louis. Many people thought that the white police officer deserved to be reprimanded for his actions. However, he was let off free without any action against him. This spawned a huge movement trying to get equal rights for black people in the United States. There are many people that support this movement in public, especially in the Democratic party. However, there are few financial backers of this movement, and many people believe this is what is keeping the movement from growing any stronger. In addition, there have been many actions by people within the movement that have caused others to turn away.

George Soros

George Soros is a wealthy individual who has spent his life building a fortune and using it to influence policy around the world. Although he was not born in England, he spent the majority of his life there in business. Over a period of many years, he has been able to effectively influence people in power in the name of human rights. There are many different political issues that he feels strongly about. In addition, he usually is more liberal in his policy leanings. This means that it would have been a huge boost to the Black Lives Matter movement to have the financial support of George Soros. However, it appears that this information was not correct that got out about him support the movement.

Final Thoughts

George Soros has been able to garner a huge fortune during his time in business. Not only is he a great business person, but he has also been able to affect other people in many different ways. Over the long run, there are many people’s lives that are better off today because of the charitable giving of George Soros. However, he did not contribute over thirty million dollars to the Black Lives Matter movement as many people are saying and believing.

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When Facebook Harms Business Reputations And What To Do About It

Facebook is a great way to communicate to others. The trouble with Facebook is the social network can get people in a lot of trouble. Frequently, the trouble is of the person’s own making. Certain Facebook activities can – and do – get people into trouble. In particular, people get into quite a bit of trouble at work due to Facebook.

The obvious reason why people get into trouble is they constantly log onto Facebook to see what is going on. Facebook exists so people can be informed. Doing so on one’s own time is okay. Constantly checking out Facebook while at work and on company time, well, that is another matter. People have been fired for such things. Even just “a little” Facebook surfing during company time can get people into a world of trouble.

And then there are those ways in which Facebook creates problems people do not think about. Usually, this involves how they conduct themselves on Facebook. In some instances, the help of the reputation management firm Status Labs may be required to set things straight. Through completely recreating the online reputation of someone whose reputation has been harmed, Status Labs can effectively address a host of problems.

What could get a person into trouble on Facebook?

When people post negative comments, blowback is possible. Making controversial statements, being argumentative, jumping into the minefield of political criticism, and otherwise drawing unnecessary negative attention, personal and professional reputations suffer.

Employers get very nervous when an employee is posting potentially embarrassing content. Employees who say negative things about employers, they could end up losing their jobs. It is hard to blame employers who opt to fire employees who are causing trouble on the internet. Sadly, even after being fired, an employee may end up finding him or herself in a perpetual state of trouble.

Content published on Facebook (and elsewhere online) gets indexed by the search engines. This means damaging content could continue to cause problems for years and years unless definitive steps are taken to fix things. This is where a reputation management firm proves invaluable.

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