Top Beneful Dog Food Selections

Dog owner’s like to make sure that their pets receive the proper amount of nutrition. Therefore, they search for a pet food that is packed with plenty of nutritional value. Beneful dog foods are filled with the proper amount of nutrients to keep the pet looking and feeling great. In fact, the food is very nutritious and taste great. This is a winning combination for the pet and the owner. The even better news is that the food is available in several varieties.
Popular Beneful Dog Food Varieties

The type of dog food selected depends on the dog and their specific nutritional requirements. Certainly, a young puppy’s nutritional requirements are different from an older dog. A physically fit dog’s nutritional requirements are vastly different than a dog that is overweight.
• Beneful Original Adult Dog Food/Beef – Supplies beef that provides your adult dog with real protein. The food also tastes great and the pet will like every bite.
• Beneful Original Adult Dog Food/Chicken – Another nutritious formula from Petco for an adult dog. Supplies properly formulated nutrition and good taste.
• Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight – This is low calorie dog food. However, it is formulated to help your dog maintain a healthy weight. This is vital for some breeds of dogs or those that are getting older and exercising less.
• Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy – Starts your puppy with all the healthy nutrients that it will need to grow strong and thrive.