North Korean Defector And Human Right Activist Yeon-mi Park Releases Excellent Book

Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea in 1993. But life there was tough and she and her family were often forced to go hungry. After her father was tortured and imprisoned for black market trading, Parks family were branded criminals and cruelly marginalized. When Yeon-mi Park was 13, suffering from a badly done appendectomy and weighing only 60 pounds, she and her mother escaped to China. While in transit, the human traffickers helping them began pressuring the 13 year old Yeonmi Park for sex. Once in China, Chinese and Korean missionaries helped them move to Mongolia. South Korean diplomats later helped them to move Seoul, South Korea.

It was not until 2007 when Yeonmi Park arrived in South Korea that she finally felt she was free. Park and her mother had difficulty settling life in South Korea. Eventually they found jobs and Park began attending Seoul’s Dongguk University. She also became a human rights activist and began to speak out about human rights abuses in North Korea. Today she regularly gives talks about her experiences at venues all over the world and is an advocate for victims of human trafficking. In 2014 Yeon-mi Park spoke on The Reason and at the One Young World 2014 Summit which was held in Dublin, Ireland. That speech has been viewed on YouTube over 2 million times.

In her new Amazon released book ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’ released in 2015, Yeon-mi Park goes into great detail about her harrowing life in North Korea. She speaks candidly and with chilling accuracy about the oppression she endured in North Korea and the price she had to pay to get her freedom. Park talks about fearing she would die in an inhuman prison labor camp, from starvation, or from disease. She talks about risking her life for a bowl of rice, enduring sexual slavery, and why her journey to China was about more than just survival. The book bravely and defiantly gives readers insights into the painful, horrifying realities of sexual slavery, deprivation, oppression, and what life is like under a cruel dictatorship in North Korea.


Fabletics Gets Recognized by Elle Magazine

Fabletics is a hot new workout clothing line that is getting a lot of buzz in the industry today. This is a clothing brand that has come along and caught a lot of consumers off guard. Many critics did not expect the brand to do as well as it has, but much of the success for this company has come from the sheer dedication of one of the co-founders.

Kate Hudson has done a great job in becoming the face of the Fabletics brand. She has taken it upon herself to market this company in a way that she believes will be beneficial to other young and middle-aged women that are interested in athletic clothing.

It helps to have lots of friends in the industry entertainment that are praising this brand. It also is good to have a consumer base it expands outside of the United States. So far Fabletics has expanded beyond the Internet with brick and mortar stores.

Elle magazine as highlighted some of the clothing that Kate is interested in. It has also given readers an inside look at what helped start the company. These various elements that have played a very important part in the growth of this organization over the years. Many people have become interested in what Kate is doing with the brand because it is new and exciting. Tons of women just have never seen the type of stylish workout gear that Kate has presented to consumers. She has a filled what has been a long time for years in the clothing industry.

People that come to the Fabletics website can see that she is very much a hands-on business leader that believes in modeling many of the garments herself. It shows that she believes in the brand, and that she is actually one of her own best customers.

The website is really helping this brand catch the attention of people that are considering working out for the first time. The new stores that are coming are going to also play a big part in helping those that want to try on the clothing before they buy.

The revenue streams for this company are very impressive, and a lot of this revenue is a result of the subscription service that a lot of customers are signing up for. It allows people to get special picks on various garments that are offered by Fabletics.
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Fabletics Is Giving More Customers the Chance to Shop


What Fabletics has managed to do in the last two years has been awesome. The people that are checking out the Fabletics website will be pleased to see how the company is transitioning, but many fans of the site have been surprised to find that 100 stores are opening for this brand according to a Racked article.

People that check out the website get the chance to see FL2, Fab Kids and Fabletics. The FL2 brand is linked to Kate’s brother, Oliver, but Kate is the one that is leading people to the Fabletics brand. This is the fashionable brand that has become incredibly popular because it has managed to secure a lot of people that want to look good while they are working out. There are a lot of gyms that are being built. There are a lot of people that are impressed with the Fabletics, and the opening of more stores just seems inevitable. What most people would not realize is that the brand would grow so quickly.

More than a million orders have been shipped through the website, and it is still growing. The brand caters to a lot of different people, but the Internet is only going to help the brand get so far. The real potential growth is going to be seen when it comes to the level of physical stores that this company can maintain. More people are going to see how the company is able to thrive as the brand expands and builds a greater presence. There are stores that have athletic gear, but fashion has never really been the center of athletic clothing. It has always been more about comfort and durability.

It could be stated that this company is on the verge of something that great by presenting workout gear in a whole new way. Many people just started researching the brand online, and it looks like this will give customers a brand new way to shop for workout gear. The stores are going to be the good alternative for those that do not shop online. Kate Hudson has also been in business long enough to realize that some places are just going to get more attention if people can see and try on some of the merchandise.

The plans are already in place for more stores. This business is very hot right now, and that is going to be the best way to connect with a different generation of customers. It is very important to for Hudson to see that there are customers that do not shop online. Other customers that want to exercise may never look for a website. They may, however, do some shopping in physical stores and Hudson is preparing for this. Follow Fabletics on Twitter!

Parisian Style Inspirations

Casual chicness to the dream. How do French women pull it off? Their street style comes from well-edited wardrobes that are put together casually yet how so smartly. The first tip to take to heart – don’t give in to trends. Aim for style. Who What Wear picks their favorite inspirationistas below.

Okay, it’s not a word yet. But trust us, inspirationistas will catch on. Clémence Poésy is a French model and actress, and our personal fashion icon. Poésy’s Chloe advertisement is our style dream: flowing blonde locks in a bohemian dress while running in a field.

Once you nail down the perfect French day old washed hair, you can build her look by pairing opposites. For instance, wear a Coco Chanel inspired boucle jacket with feminine touches with refined menswear footwear. The key to pull-off this look is keep everything tailored and sharp looking. Footwear should be clean and narrow and worn with stocking like short socks so your ankle shows. Use a J. Crew ankle cuff and roll up your pants just a touch. Tailored black trousers should sit low enough to be discernable from menswear and cut to showcase your hips, not hide them. Pleats are not acceptable in slacks. Flatter your silhouette.

The first runner-up as our fashion icon is Geraldine Saglio, stylist and fashion editor for Vogue Paris. The epitome of casual cool, Saglio is a go-to source for how to refine your jeans outfit with styling. Cuff your skinny jeans a half inch with one flip and pair with simple black kitten heels. The look becomes refined by using a thin black leather belt to cinch a wool trench coat. Also, cuff your trench the same as your jeans. If your belt is long, loop it through its own waistband.

If you are looking for full time help for styling tips, become a VIP Member at JustFab. The monthly subscription service picks out stylish pieces for you each month for your very own online boutique. The boutique has handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry, and JustFab ships them straight to you.

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Billionaire George Soros is back to funding political activities gain. Soros together with other liberal billionaires has bankrolled $15 million donations which are set to help the Democratic Party in its 2016 election campaign according to NY Times. The money is meant to mobilize the Latinos and other immigrants living in the United States into voting the party come November this year. George Soros have been funding Democratic political activities for a long time now. In the year 2004, he led a $200 million advertisement project which opted to remove George Bush from power. The project however failed and Democratic Party’s John Kerry LOST TO George Bush. George is an immigrant from Hungary who came to the United States after failing to stand the Nazi activities. He has therefore been spearheading and funding many Latino and immigrant organizations and education programs.
The fifteen million US dollars that George Soros and other liberal sponsors have donated will be used to mobilize Latinos. This will be done by targeting the states that have big Latino and immigrant numbers. These are Nevada, Florida, and Colorado. The project is meant to take advantage of Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the immigrants. The Republicans have vowed to make things hard for all the immigrants living in the country. The donation is, therefore, going to aid the Democrats in seeking a large voter turnout, not only from the already Democratic supporting Latinos but to garner new support and raise the party’s total tally. This campaign aims at getting more than 400,000 new Democrat supporters t take their support to the ballot in November.
This year, Soros has made donations and political funding that is almost $13 million in total. This is by putting on the record all the political findings which encompass senatorial and gubernatorial funding. Soros and the liberal donors are making the move to mobilize the Latinos amid issues by the immigrants and other Latinos who think that the Democratic leadership under Obama did not grant the immigrants the rights that had been promised during the campaigning. There is also a big tug between the interparty politics whereby supporters of Clinton and Sanders fail to understand the need to unite under the party.
Bernie Sanders is among the donors who have aided the Democratic campaigns. He is part of the Super PACs funding and apart from his candidature in the party, he has been able to work on getting more donations to help in the party’s activities. Trump and his Republican counterparts are still more confirmations that would not do anything to tolerate immigrants in the US. Soros is further struck by Trump’s remarks that he would ban Muslim refugees seeking asylum in the country. This and another rhetoric is what has prompted George Soros into making the funding.

China To Impose Value-Added Tax On Financial Sector

For the first time ever, a six percent value-added tax will supplant a five percent business tax in China, in an effort to lower the tax burden. In a report to the current parliament, Premier Li Keqiang remarked, “Business tax will be replaced with value-added tax in all sectors.”

China will unleash an aggressive value-added tax which will embrace the financial sector. The deductions for the value-added tax will be for stationary property which will guarantee all tax burden is reduced nationwide.

The value-added tax will be May 1, 2016, Lachlan Wolfers, KPMG China director of indirect taxes commented, “This is a significant and positive development as China will have one of the most progressive VAT systems in the world.”

Interest from consumer and business loans will be subjected to the value-added tax, as China becomes the one of the first countries initiating widespread taxation on the financial sector. The Chinese government believes their initiative will succeed, despite the fact there is no precedence. Years of theory and research by the European Union was unable to show a workable model for financial sector value-added taxes.

“To the best of our knowledge, there are only one or two relatively small economies in the world that have even tried this,” according to Lachlan Wolfers. Lancers believes after witnessing the success China will have with its financial sector value-added tax, the world will hail China and follow suit.

China admits there will be issues for businesses during the value-added tax transition. It assures its citizens and businesses that the value-added tax will offer a more streamlined, contemporary system. Tax collections will improve and will make tax evasion more difficult. China has already implemented value-added taxes on other sectors towards overhauling the taxation system.

A value-added tax system taxes the difference between the sale price charged to a customer, minus the cost of materials and other taxable inputs, and is collected at the point of sale, making it theoretically easier to collect than individual and corporate taxes in places where tax avoidance is commonplace, as in China.

Madison Street Capital, LLC of Chicago, Illinois is a worldwide banking and financial institution. Specializing in acquisitions and mergers, Madison Street Capital offers clients financial consultation, opinion, and advisories. A professional staff is knowledgeable in hedge and private equity funds, corporate funding, and assets administration.

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George Soros Predicts Crisis in Present International Markets Similar to 2008 Financial Crisis

The international markets in mid-January 2016 received a hard blow when stocks plunged in the top two World’s largest economies, United States and China. Nine days before the economic downturn, Bloomberg Business reported news that George Soros predicts the global markets are headed towards a crisis. He warned investors in Sri Lanka at an economic forum to be careful in such unstable markets. Soros makes his economic forecasts based on three important factors: China’s decreased value of currency; China inability to develop an effective new growth model; and challenged positive interest rates. George Soros has analyzed the trends of the economy globally and managed investments for nearly 50 years.

The decreased value of yuan in China has an influence on international currency over the world, as well as stock and the commodity market. Soros believes there are challenges with positive interest rates internationally because the present economic situation is similar to 2008. He questions the stability of the economy in China, for the country is focusing on consumption and services, rather than investment and manufacturing. In January of this year, the value of global equities decreased by approximately $2.5 trillion. Equities have suffered in Asia as equity trading stopped in China.

George Soros said when he observes the current financial markets, there is a severe challenge similar to the 2008 crisis. Is it possible that China may face similar financial crisis as the United States in 2008? The U.S. financial crisis resulted in a 31.8 percent decrease in housing prices and an increase in the unemployment rate two years after the crisis. According to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report issued by the U.S. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission on January 2011, one of the main reasons for the 2008 financial crisis is negligence on behalf of the Finance Captains & Public Stewards of U.S. Financial System to inquire, recognize, and manage the risks within the system. Other reasons included the lack of mortgage lending standards; failure of financial institutions to examine mortgage securities; corporate governance failures; and extreme borrowing.

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Soros raised strong points about the international market concerning the economy in China. The second largest economy today is still weak due to the cut in interest rates, losses in equities, and sluggish manufacturing industry. George Soros is the Founder and Chairman of hedge fund firm, Soros Fund Management, LLC. The firm was founded in 1970 and has a net worth of over $27 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. In 1979, George founded the Open Society Foundations. He provided scholarships to black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and revolutionists of Eastern Europe.

Lime Crime’s Rise to Fame

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of cosmetics company Lime Crime, is living proof that dreams really do come true. Born in Russia and a New York City resident for most of her life, Deere started her cosmetics empire with only a few hundred dollars in her pocket. In 2008, Lime Crime was launched with only a few products to choose from. In 2009, she launched her “Unicorn Lipsticks”—vibrant, vivid hues not commonly found on the makeup market of that time. It was a humble start, but with focus and dedication, Doe Deere’s company grew to become something of a makeup empire.

Today, Doe Deere is considered to be a force to be reckoned with in the beauty and fashion community. She has a following that exceeds over 400k on social media, which says quite a bit about her influence.

The entire line on UrbanOutfitters shows how Lime Crime encourages individual expression through makeup, regardless of gender. With their products, Lime Crime lovers can use their bodies as a blank canvas to create vibrant makeup looks. To cater to their vibrant-makeup-loving fans, Lime Crime offers hundreds of products. From vibrant liquid-to-matte lip colors and loose glitters to deeply pigmented eye shadows and eyeliners. Nail art lovers also benefit from Lime Crime, thanks to their collection of nail polish.

Doe Deere also understands that some makeup lovers look for alternatives to meet their individual lifestyles. Lime Crime meets those needs by offering cosmetics that are cruelty-free, as stated on the website, and totally free of any animal-derived ingredients. All of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are made in the United States. Using premium cosmetic ingredients sourced from all over the world, Lime Crime creates safe, quality makeup for beauty lovers to revel in.

Years after the launch of Lime Crime, the company is now something of a cult phenomenon, with Pinterest pins rising exponentially. With Doe Deere’s unique look at cosmetics and her love of creativity and individual expression, she created a line of makeup that knows no boundaries in terms of color and vibrancy. Lime Crime’s ever-growing fan base is proof of their revolutionary cosmetics.  Check out their growing line of Velvetines on the website.

It’s Time for the Latest Spring Fashion Trends


Spring is just around the corner, and fashionistas are eagerly checking the popular fashion magazine’s to see what’s on the runway and in the stores for the season. In Style magazine recently published their predictions for what will be popular and upcoming this spring. According to the recent article, everything from Bomber jackets to delicate white blouses are an option for fashion shoppers this year. I also spotted a few blasts from the past in the wrap skirts and block heeled shoes.

Shopping for the latest fashions is easier than ever with the availability of places like Just Fab. Just Fab offers all of the newest spring looks, including a few hard to find items, all in one spot. Not all of us enjoy shopping, but it’s made easy at Just Fab because they find items for you according to what you like. The prices are discounted nicely as well.

As fashions change from year to year it’s hard to keep up with the latest styles, but adding one or two pieces each season to add to what you already have is one way to go. JustFab can help you find the pieces you want, or help you put together an entire wardrobe, all at the click of a button.