Ken Goodrich Makes Amazing Changes At Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning Repairmen is on the march towards generating a tremendous amount of revenue thanks to owner Ken Goodrich. Goettl had been in business for decades, but was not really experiencing much growth until Goodrich bought the company in the final month of 2012. Goodrich made a host of business decisions designed to get Goettl back on the right track. If the current revenues figures are any indication of success, this is a massively successful business.

Revenue figures for 2014 reveal the company generated $20 million. That is a $9 million increase over the $11 million earned in 2012.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

None of the company’s turnaround of good fortune was accidental. There were a number of critical steps Goodrich took to ensure the company would get on the right fiscal track once again.

Ken Goodrich has discussed the extremely negative effect competitors and their criticism had on the company before he took charge of it. The specifics of the criticism are not the main issue here. The most serious issue of concern is the massive impact the criticism had on the company. Goettl was knocked off course as the company was not able to function effectively when competitors put on the pressure. Goodrich suggested all criticism should be taken seriously, but no one in business should ever be paralyzed by criticism. Under Goodrich’s leadership, the company was able to deal with drama instigated by competitors and address things in a better way.

Goodrich also made major changes in the personnel. Numerous terminations were made and new people who shared Goodrich’s vision were brought on to manage the new direction of the company. Goettl’s staff has expanded to 84 employees and there are almost 60 vehicles comprising the current fleet.

The sheer volume of changes performed when new management took over may surprise many. The alterations were vast and extensive. The information technology (IT) changes alone were incredible in scope.

The new name of the company help rebrand the enterprise in the marketplace. The first inception of Goettl was launched in 1939 and was a a family business. Over the years, there have been many changes to the company and the air conditioning industry. The current incarnation handles residential and commercial companies and repairs HVAC, heating, and air conditioning systems. Other services are offered including a special maintenance program.

Look for even more changes for the better from the new Ken Goodrich version of Goettl.

Nutrimost files suit against rival Healthy Living

Healthy Living was served with a lawsuit in federal court by Nutrimost. The lawsuit state Healthy Living stole a promotional video Nutrimost was using on their website. The video appeared on the Healthy Living website can’, with only a slight change.

The video on Healthy Living’s website contained customer testimonials by the Nutrimost System, and also one by the author of the diet, Dr. Ray Wisniewski. References to Nutrimost were removed, and replaced with “Can’t Lose Diet”.

Both videos make identical claims about the program. One is that you can lose 25 to 45 pounds of weight in 40 days without the use of exercise, and you will never feel hungry. In addition, you will never need to use harmful drugs, hormones, or undergo any type of surgery.

A cease and desist order was received by the rival company, but the video was still being shown, although the length of the video was shortened down from the original version. The website has not shown the video since.

Nutrimost wants the courts to bar Healthy Living from ever showing the video again, and in addition they want over $300,000 in damages to the company. The damages are for loss of “reputation and goodwill”.

Nutrimost delivers the most advanced weight loss system in the industry to their customers. A person can lose between 25 to 40 pounds of body fat in as little as 40 days. There are no drugs that need to be prescribed, and no hormones either.

With this weight loss system, a person will never have to exercise, or ever feel hungry. This system, provided by Nutrimost, is safe and is monitored by a doctor while a person is using it.

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Finding Your Way to a Better Online Reputation

We are currently living in the unbridled age of the internet. Information is the currency by which all company’s find their way to success and this is predicated by having a great online reputation. This burgeoning industry has been buoyed by companies that focus solely on crafting and maintaining a great online reputation and as such you’ll need to really focus on who you entrust with the task. Choosing a reputation management firm to represent you isn’t an easy choice to make, but it is a necessary one. That’s why we will talk about some important tips as well as why Better Reputation, an online rep firm, can be the solution you need to your problems.

Before you can select an online reputation management service you really need to understand just what it is that they are doing. Companies like Better Reputation have a plethora of talents that all work together to give you exactly what you need to succeed in the digital age. First off these companies will have an intrinsic focus on search engine optimization, or SEO marketing. SEO Marketing focuses on putting quality content at the front of the major search engines, such as Google or Bing. Search engine optimization isn’t an easy task and requires rock solid writers to make the work successful.

After SEO marketing comes the production of quality content. Companies like Better Reputation put a focus on filling the internet with work or resources that paint you or your company in a positive light. Anytime people want to know about you they are going to head to the internet to search your name. You want these searches to end in potential customers coming face to face with your best look, right? This is why it is so important to put a focus on developing content that you WANT to be seen.

Finally you will see reputation management companies focus on your social media presence. Social media is the easiest way to connect with potential customers to develop a quality rapport. Having people who know how to work social media in your favor will lead to great dividends.

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