Wen By Chaz Conditioner: A First-Time User Experience!

Wen By Chaz is a hair cleansing conditioner by LA based stylist Chaz Dean. The Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood is popular for advocating for the use of chemical free shampoos and other hair products.

Wen By Chaz hair cleansing conditioner is no different. It is a 5-in-1 formula that leaves your hair strong, moisturized and easy to style: this is according to the hairline. The conditioner does not rid your hair of its natural oils. Wen By Chaz can function as your detangler, conditioner, and shampoo, all at the same time. The hairline also claims that the cleansing moisturizer restores your scalp’s resilience and comes with associated hair calming and soothing properties.

User Experience

An article that first appeared on Bustle tells about the first-time WEN hair by Chaz user experience. The user was trying to see if the negative rumours about the product were right. According to the article, it was a good experience. There was no single strand of hair falling off in the shower with Wen. It is, therefore, safe to say that the Wen By Chaz prevents hair breakage.

The hair looks shiny and bouncy after the first use. However, the recommended amount of the cleansing conditioner per wash is what most people will disagree on. Chaz recommends a minimum of 10, 16, and 24 pumps for short, medium, and long hair respectively. To avoid greasy hair from the leftover product (the hairline is going a little overboard with the recommended usage per wash, as stated earlier), make sure that you completely wash out the conditioner.

Use the product on a daily basis for the best result. Overall, if you have time to shower before you embark on your day-to-day activities, Wen By Chaz will not disappoint. One thing you will notice is that your curls will fall faster but besides that, every day is going to be a good hair day.



Doe Deere: An Animal Loving Entrepreneur

Lime Crime, a company created and founded by Doe Deere, has a mission to revolutionize the makeup industry. This not only includes what makeup looks like but also how it makes the customer feel and the process they go through in which to purchase makeup. This company is an online company and has set a trend on the internet by being the first digitally-native beauty brand. This has led this company to gain a large group of followers, whom Doe Deere refers to as her “unicorns”.

Founder, CEO and owner, Doe Deere has always considered herself to be a rebel at heart. She constantly changes her style and is proud to show her more eccentric side through her makeup and wardrobe. Her unique view of beauty and her undying love for color have inspired millions of fans around the world. Her personal values towards kindness to animals is one of the things that is the center of her brand.

Doe launched her company in 2008, after a brief stint in the music industry. While she could only find various shades of beige while looking for makeup, she thought her brand would bring something new to the market. One of her first products was called Unicorn Lipsticks, which were a drastic range of lip colors from what was currently being sold in stores, with a eccentric unicorn packaging. Deere also delved into the market of liquid lipstick, with her addition of Velvetines in 2012.

Doe currently oversees all product development. She is a well respected entrepreneur in the beauty industry for continuing along with her dream, despite others having doubts of her vision. For this reason, she encourages other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams as well.

Deere has set new standards for the performance and quality of its products. Their products are made to express a customer’s mood, and can be altered depending on how one feels.

Lime Crime cosmetics are certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. This is a large part of the company’s mission, as Doe Deere insists that animals are treated fairly and have nothing to do with her products.

Handy Expects Even More Growth

It has only been two years since Handy first started out, but in that time they have seen growth that normally would take a business many years to be able to establish while they are online. The site is excellent at customer service and they know that they are providing something that most other places are not able to give to their clients. This is something that is much different than any other site online and gives people the chance to truly see what convenience can mean for them when they are having their home being taken care of by someone else.

The Handy site has been an excellent addition. It started out as only a small startup company and did not have a huge revenue when it first began. It grew to a high level of people who had joined the site and continues to grow with more and more house cleaners adding their listings to the site. They continue to be successful with the people who they have worked with in the past and they hope to continue to be as successful as they have been in the future with the house cleaners that they are going to work with.

People who are looking for house cleaning services are able to search the listings that Handy has of house cleaners. They are able to see who can offer them the best services at the best price according to what they need done and what they are able to pay. It is something that has been a major convenience for both house cleaners and for people who own homes and are looking for house cleaners in the area that they are located in. It has been an excellent website.

The Handy site continues to grow to new levels. While they are mainly focusing on house cleaning and the people who need it, according to bigcitylittleblog, they plan to branch their business out to different levels. They want to make sure that their clients get all of their house needs done while they are on the Handy website. This means that they can get exactly what they want from them. There are many times when people can choose the services that they have on Handy. Handy plans to make sure that they can give their clients handyman services, cleaning and even plumbing services right there while they are paying a visit to the Handy site.