John Goullet is the Principal of a Company with a Purpose

John Goullet humbly started his career as a computer consultant, but soon rose up the corporate ladder and was able to form his own company, Info Technologies, an IT staffing company. His business focus included understanding the wishes of his individual clients while having an appreciation for the corporate structure and being fully committed to honest business principles. Goullet has worked and studied the complicated IT industry and knows every aspect of its complex workings. Early in his business life, he saw the benefit of forming partnerships with other executives and businesses and soon merged with Diversant LLC. Goullet became the principal of Diversant, LLC., and sits as the chairman of the board at Diversant.

Diversant proudly represents a company that is primarily African-American owned and operated. Goullet has instilled a sense of professional respect and ethics to the members of his staff. His dedication to teamwork has enabled Diversant to rise above other similar firms in the industry. He expects his employees to maintain a sense of creativity and problem solving that is needed in the modern business world. Goullet has required a dedication to a high sense of ethics and respect for all those in the management chain and company customers. What is most important is the necessary outside the box problem-solving ability from all the members of the Diversant workforce.

Owing to the ethical, stimulating and inspiring work ethic of John Goullet, Diversant has become the largest African-American owned and operated firm in the United States of America.

It is refreshing to see a man so committed to building up and supporting an entire race, a people, that has been historically held down by vicious racism and in some cases by the “old boy” network of American business. His ethical sense of business practices and operational techniques should be a model for everyone in business, today.


Keith Mann: Ready For All Challenges

Keith Mann has always prided himself on being prepared in life. He believes that is a big reason why he has had the success he has had in his life and with Dynamics Search Partners. Keith Mann knows that nothing comes easy in life, however that is the way he likes it and prefers it. If things were easy, they would not mean as much to him. He believes in the value of hard work, dedication, and committing yourself to your craft. That is how you get results and that is how things get done. He is not big on being caught off guard or surprised by anything. It takes a lot to surprise him or catch him off guard.


That is why he was very careful when planning and putting together a fundraiser for the kids in the Uncommon School Districts. Mann  wanted to make sure the event would raise as much money as possible. This is not the kind of event that someone can just throw together and hope for the best. After all, this is for the children and their future. When it comes to something like that, people know that Keith Mann is going to go all out and leave nothing to chance.


The Uncommon School Districts is something that is very, very important to Keith Mann and it holds a special place in his heart. He knows that all these kids want is a chance and they want some doors to be opened for them. Once they are opened for them, not only are they going to go to college, but they are going to get that four year degree and graduate. They are going to give it full commitment and really go all out in making their dreams come true. Keith Mann sees a lot of himself in these kids, and he sees kids that want to make a difference and kids that have their head on straight.


Because they have been through so much, they have learned a lot at a young age. They are ready for the challenge and they will not shy away from it.

EOS Revolutionized Lip Balm

EOS, an acronym for the Evolution of Smooth, revolutionized the lip balm world just seven years ago when they released their own lip balm brand to compete with the large companies already dominating the space. Of course, lip balm is about the last industry that you would ever expect to be revolutionized, so their story is a compelling one to say the least.

How EOS lip balm came to change the market is a tale of learning about their customers including those who were not all that enthralled with the lip balms that they were using. For the most part, the lip balm that people consumed in the year 2000 was pretty much the same that was sold in 1900. Flavored were bland and medicinal, the products were made from petroleum jelly, that oil byproduct, and lip balm was sold in these androgynous applicator tube that was sanitary, but easily lost in the handbag of women, who were the primary buyer of lip balm.

The most interesting part of the lip balm market was that the female consumer who primarily bought lip balm was not all that excited about using it and had no loyalty to the brands that they bought. EOS set to change that by making a product that excited these female consumers on Target.

They started with organic and all natural ingredients including higher quality oils which last longer and provide added moisture protection. New and unique flavored were added which contain fruit and subtle flavors which were appealing to women. Finally a new applicator orb ( was introduced which was not only sanitary but also unique and stood out.

According to Fast Company, this market strategy proved to be a success and consumers bought EOS lip balms in droves to the forefront of the market to the point where competitors started to emulate EOS.


White Shark Media And The Strengthening Of Marketing

Business requires marketing in order to sell and be successful. However, a lot of people who try marketing find out that it is important to come up with a marketing campaign that is going to be really strong. Not everyone knows how to bring forth the campaign with the power needed to attract the users. While some people may believe that all they need to do is bring traffic to their site, there are people that understand that the marketing campaign has a large influence on not only the amount of people that visit their site, but also the conversion rate of those visits.


Fortunately, business owners don’t have to do all of the marketing by themselves. They can also send the project over to someone who knows how to market for companies. They marketing professionals will take the time to come up with a marketing campaign that will get people interested in the product that is being sold. The most important thing to do is to convince people that they want and need the product or the service that is being marketed to them. Once they manage that, then the customer will decide to buy the product. However, it is important to find a marketing company.


White Shark Media is one of the companies that are really good at marketing. One of the reasons that they are effective at marketing is that they look at the company and the client. Therefore, they are able to come up with something that catches the customer. It also has to be a good representation of the company that is being marketed so that they customer will associate the products and the services with it. This will cause the customer to not only buy from the company, but to also come back for more services.


White Shark Media has a lot of experience when it comes to marketing campaigns. They know how to reach the target audience. One of the best ways to market is by using AdWords. This makes it a lot easier for the user in that Google has already figured out the way to get the target audience with the use of keywords.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

Chris Burch’s Idea On The Future Of Fashion And Technology

Fashion and technology are two areas of great interest. Over the years, the two industries have grown together. Fashion and technology seem to take the lead role interchangeably. With time, technology becomes fashionable and fashion turns out to be technological. To understand how the future of fashion and technology will be, one needs to examine the past and current trends.

A glimpse of the 70s highlights the excitement that accompanied the introduction of the boom box. This is because it allowed users to listen to their favorite stations. In addition, with two cassette decks, people could record music from one side as the other side played music. Carrying the boom box became popular after its inclusion in movies. In the 90s, the Walkman became popular. People purchased it to get a personal music experience. In the 2000s, the iPod was introduced to the world. Because of its portability, many people purchased the device. This scenario shows that technology advances with the popularity of what people consider fashionable.

Presently, the two industries complement each other. Advancement of technology has seen fashion designers use different gadgets, especially on the runway with the view to popularizing a given innovation. Anouk Wipprecht is one of the top designers that have succeeded in marrying fashion with technology.

Additionally, innovators have been using technology to make items that help in protecting people during accidents. For instance, Anna Haupt has created a fashionable bike protection system for cyclists. During an accident, the airbag inflates and protects the head of a cyclist. Haupt’s creation is part of the trend where fashion designers are using technological advancements in to enhance their fashion. Other trendsetters are recycling material to develop exceptional fashions. Recently, SegraSegra created jackets and T-shirts from recyclable bicycle inner tubes. For this reason, the future of the two industries lies in working together.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is Burch Creative Capital’s founder. He is also the company’s chief executive officer. Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that has created innovative solutions to address various challenges faced by clients in the market. The entrepreneurial values, philosophy and vision of Chris Burch have guided the firm to success. They include applying imagination, incubation, and creativity. The company believes in having a vision for the emerging markets as well as a positive, direct, and long lasting impact on consumers.

For over four decades, Burch has made successful investments. He has played an integral role in the growth of over 50 companies. Burch has invested in a number of industries, including hospitality, retail, and apparel. His brand portfolio includes Nihiwatu, TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, Poppin, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.

Cleanse with WEN

If you’ve ever tried co-washing, then what I say may be off little surprise…. If you don’t know what co-washing is, I’ll explain: it’s when you use a simple cleansing conditioner instead of using two bottles of hair stuff, and it’s simple and easy (and good for your wallet!).

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. It means less time in the shower. You’ll love how cleansing your hair only takes 5 minutes. You can get a head start on your day this way.
  1. It’s cheaper. You only need to buy one bottle of cleanser (which also conditions!).

So, if you need a place to look for where to start, try WEN hair care products. WEN hair care is an excellent brand that makes many fine hair care products, and you can easily afford their products. If you need something to follow up their cleansing conditioner, look for their anti-frizz hair gel! They have been working on perfecting their products for many years, and you will love how everything you find fits into your lifestyle.

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If you need help finding them, just look online, or ask your local retailer where you can find WEN products. It’s as easy as that, and you’ll love the results you get.

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Securus Technologies And Visitation Videos Are A Hit

At Securus Technologies it is all the talk about their commercials for the video visitations that are coming out in the net month. These commercials will allow the public to see how important thee video visitations are to the correction facilities and to the prisoners. It is evident, that even incarcerated people need to be able to have a part of the holidays too. The video visitations allow them to do this, and they can see and hear their loved ones. They can watch them open presents, and take part in the meal. It is very important to the prisoners, and it gives them a better sense of peace. This allows the atmosphere in facility to remain cam and everyone is a lot safer.


Using the video visitations so far has been a huge success for everyone involved. The facility saves money, as well as the visitor to the prisoner. It is a winning situation for everyone involved. Securus Technologies hopes the commercials will allow the public to see jut how important the video visitations are.


Securus Technologies is a company that is the leader in the public safety industry. It is their mission to make the world a better, and safer place for everyone. They deal with over one million prisoners every years, and they know that the video visitations are working for the bet of everyone. In the future, they will be developing even more technologies that can be used in the facilities. This will give them even more of a leadership in their field. They are sought after by the government, as well as many other companies whom want them to help them at their facilities too. They are a huge success that will find even more of it in the future.



Adam Goldenberg’s Thoughts on JustFab’s Dominance in E-commerce and Fashion

In 2014, BuiltInLA recognized Adam Goldenberg as one of the influential Los Angeles-based CEO. In an interview with the website, Goldenberg said that he has bigger plans for JustFab. He started his professional career by instituting Gamer’s Alliance, which was later acquired by Intermix Media. Goldenberg also founded Intelligent Beauty back in 2006 and co-founded JustFab in 2011. JustFab proceeded to amass $55 million and to acquire ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery start-up. Currently, the online subscription retailer is on the verge of launching several products under Fabletics, the athletic brand. It consists of a celebrity stylist membership with clients in five other countries apart from the U.S.

According to Goldenberg, adaptability to businesses, personal discipline, and commitment to customer services are virtues that have helped him succeed as a fashion entrepreneur. He argues that success in founding a business lies on whether a founder is good with numbers. He also mentioned that JustFab attributes its success to its professional team. The team values customer feedback because this factor helps them in improving the quality of services they deliver.

JustFab’s Hiring Practices

Goldenberg also told BuiltInLA that his company succeeds due to its hiring practices. He pointed out that his firm looks for skilled and passionate candidates when hiring. Adam Goldenberg said that he pays attention to top performers in his company because this factor keeps his firm’s professional team focused and engaged.

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JustFab’s Dominance in E-commerce and Fashion

According to Goldenberg, most brands usually stress on how to make sales and not the product they are selling. In addition to a beautifully designed e-commerce website, catchy commercials, and active social media presence, JustFab designs and manufactures its products. This factor helps the company to maintain its customers who prefer quality to fancy advertisements.

JustFab’s Funding and Name Change

In 2014, JustFab managed to secure a funding worth $85 million facilitated by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Other companies that participated in the funding include Technology Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Shining Capital.
JustFab also changed its name to Techstyle Fashion Group in 2016 as one of its initiatives of revolutionizing its customer service delivery. As an online-based athletic brand, Fabletics is Tecstyle’s most successful brand. Since Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler founded it in 2013, Fabletics has experienced tremendous growth. It plans to set up more than 75 new stores in the next five years to supplement its existing six brick and mortar stores.

Read More On: Writes About Wen By Chaz is an online magazine that had a write up about the Wen by Chaz hair care product. The author decided to try it out to see if it actually does what it says it does. She used the Wen by Chaz hair care product according to the directions, and she saw results almost right away. She was happy with the way her hair looked and felt after she used the Wen by Chaz hair care product.

What Is The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product?

The Wen by Chaz hair care product was made for women to use with any type of hair. Whether she has oily or dry hair, the Wen by Chaz hair care product will work for her. All ages of women can use this product, and it comes with instructions for easy use.

Does The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product Produce Good Results?

Yes, the Wen by Chaz hair care product produces fantastic results. Women are saying that their hair looks and feels much better after they start using the Wen by Chaz hair care product. They even buy extra bottles of it, in order to give it away as gifts to other women they know during the year. When a women is purchasing the Wen by Chaz hair care product, she should remember to take advantage of any of the sales and promotions that might be offered from time to time on the website.

Women all over the place are trying Wen by Chaz, and having a lot of success with it. They are recommending it to their friends, family, coworkers and neighbors that are women so that they too can benefit from this hair care product. They love how their hair looks and feels, and how easy it is to manage and style it.