Dick DeVos and His Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is an individual with many titles, accomplishments, as well as initiatives that have been able to inspire countless individuals to make themselves better and to help others across the United States to improve and to continue to expand growth in the economy and to make more opportunities available. Dick DeVos is a dedicated businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, leader, as well as a dedicated family man who has had the main goal of expanding the legacy of the DeVos family and of making sure that the name of DeVos will continued to be remembered for many generations in the future to come.


Dick DeVos has had the goal of following his father’s footsteps and of helping to expand the family business of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has had the honor of watching Amway Corporation grow ever since he was little and has had the fortune of expanding the company to become an international corporation that is involved in over 50 countries in six different continents all over the world. Dick DeVos has always respected his father and has made sure that every decision that he has made in the world of business has been a decision that would make his father proud and would continue to grow the positive legacy of the DeVos family.


Dick DeVos has been dedicated to growing Amway Corporation for the past forty years and has made sure that his employees are also dedicated to the business. With a natural skill of leadership, Dick DeVos has inspired many individuals to truly become a part of Amway Corporation and to make sure to build the company to benefit their co-workers. With many decades of experience working with Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos has been able to work as a vice president to the company as well as the president of the company who was in charge of all national as well as international sales.


The success of Dick DeVos has inspired him to become a philanthropist and to give back to those who have been less fortunate. Dick DeVos has given back to countless individuals by creating an education initiative in order to improve the quality of the education that millions of individuals receive across the country. Dick DeVos believes that an improvement in the education system will lead to economic growth as more and more individuals will have a passion to think more and to conduct critical thinking.


VIP Lifestyle on A Millennial Budget With Magnises

Magnises, founded by Billy Mcfarland in 2014, is the new secret to unlocking a better social life. In an age where everyone is plagued by FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out- having the Magnises card in your pocket is the key to ensuring you never miss out again, and goes a huge step further by granting access to a slew of VIP services.

Older generations of clubs saw their members tied to one location, like country clubs for example, and charged yearly fees only affordable by the wealthy. Magnises takes the idea of exclusive membership and opens its’ members experiences to all types of exclusive, hip locations at an affordable price. With a Magnises card you can get tickets to sold out concerts, private drivers that will go above and beyond by creating a personalized experience, private island trips, VIP access to sporting events, their members only clubhouses, private trainers at the most exclusive gyms in New York City, and dining at the best restaurants the city has to offer. Given the list of perks, the $250 per year fee is more than justifiable and affordable, even on a millennial budget, when you consider the type of billionaire lifestyle almost anyone can feel like they’re leading with Magnises.


But it’s not just about the perks. Magnises is about building a network by bringing people from different industries and backgrounds together and helping them connect in a social setting. The majority of Magnises members are young professionals in their 20s. Their members only social events are a unique opportunity to meet people they most likely wouldn’t have had the chance to interact with otherwise. This aspect is important to the company, which believes millennials are a generation that values experiences and connections over material objects. But you don’t have to be a millennial to experience the Magnises lifestyle. There are no age restrictions on membership. And while it’s currently only available in some east coast cities, Magnises is sure to expand as interest grows.

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Todd Lubar Knows How to Make Real Estate Loans

The real estate industry is a very popular industry for many reasons. One of the main reasons why the real estate industry is popular is the need that people have for real estate property. People need a place to stay. This need makes real estate a necessity in many ways. As a result, there is almost unlimited possibilities for people in the real estate profession.


All aspects of the real estate industry have huge margins and enormous growth potential. There are people who own homes and people who rent. Both sides of the equation need a place to live so from a real estate industry perspective, real estate property is always valuable and there will always be real estate property to buy and sell.


One of the areas of the real estate industry that goes unnoticed but is needed is the real estate loan area. Most real estate transactions are secured through real estate loans. The need for loans in the real estate industry is major for the sale of real estate property. The reason is because most people cannot purchase real estate property without some form of a real estate loan.


A real estate professional who has made a name for himself through real estate loans is Todd Lubar. He started his career in the real estate industry as a loan originator in the mid 1990s. Todd Lubar developed a passion for real estate loans and pushed his career path through real estate loans. He learned as much as he could concerning real estate loans, and he eventually established multiple real estate businesses that he owns and operates.


The type of real estate businesses that Todd Lubar owns and operate primarily help people secure real estate loans. Many of the people that he helps through his real estate businesses have trouble getting real estate loans by conventional means.