Dick DeVos and His Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is an individual with many titles, accomplishments, as well as initiatives that have been able to inspire countless individuals to make themselves better and to help others across the United States to improve and to continue to expand growth in the economy and to make more opportunities available. Dick DeVos is a dedicated businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, leader, as well as a dedicated family man who has had the main goal of expanding the legacy of the DeVos family and of making sure that the name of DeVos will continued to be remembered for many generations in the future to come.


Dick DeVos has had the goal of following his father’s footsteps and of helping to expand the family business of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has had the honor of watching Amway Corporation grow ever since he was little and has had the fortune of expanding the company to become an international corporation that is involved in over 50 countries in six different continents all over the world. Dick DeVos has always respected his father and has made sure that every decision that he has made in the world of business has been a decision that would make his father proud and would continue to grow the positive legacy of the DeVos family.


Dick DeVos has been dedicated to growing Amway Corporation for the past forty years and has made sure that his employees are also dedicated to the business. With a natural skill of leadership, Dick DeVos has inspired many individuals to truly become a part of Amway Corporation and to make sure to build the company to benefit their co-workers. With many decades of experience working with Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos has been able to work as a vice president to the company as well as the president of the company who was in charge of all national as well as international sales.


The success of Dick DeVos has inspired him to become a philanthropist and to give back to those who have been less fortunate. Dick DeVos has given back to countless individuals by creating an education initiative in order to improve the quality of the education that millions of individuals receive across the country. Dick DeVos believes that an improvement in the education system will lead to economic growth as more and more individuals will have a passion to think more and to conduct critical thinking.


VIP Lifestyle on A Millennial Budget With Magnises

Magnises, founded by Billy Mcfarland in 2014, is the new secret to unlocking a better social life. In an age where everyone is plagued by FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out- having the Magnises card in your pocket is the key to ensuring you never miss out again, and goes a huge step further by granting access to a slew of VIP services.

Older generations of clubs saw their members tied to one location, like country clubs for example, and charged yearly fees only affordable by the wealthy. Magnises takes the idea of exclusive membership and opens its’ members experiences to all types of exclusive, hip locations at an affordable price. With a Magnises card you can get tickets to sold out concerts, private drivers that will go above and beyond by creating a personalized experience, private island trips, VIP access to sporting events, their members only clubhouses, private trainers at the most exclusive gyms in New York City, and dining at the best restaurants the city has to offer. Given the list of perks, the $250 per year fee is more than justifiable and affordable, even on a millennial budget, when you consider the type of billionaire lifestyle almost anyone can feel like they’re leading with Magnises.


But it’s not just about the perks. Magnises is about building a network by bringing people from different industries and backgrounds together and helping them connect in a social setting. The majority of Magnises members are young professionals in their 20s. Their members only social events are a unique opportunity to meet people they most likely wouldn’t have had the chance to interact with otherwise. This aspect is important to the company, which believes millennials are a generation that values experiences and connections over material objects. But you don’t have to be a millennial to experience the Magnises lifestyle. There are no age restrictions on membership. And while it’s currently only available in some east coast cities, Magnises is sure to expand as interest grows.

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Todd Lubar Knows How to Make Real Estate Loans

The real estate industry is a very popular industry for many reasons. One of the main reasons why the real estate industry is popular is the need that people have for real estate property. People need a place to stay. This need makes real estate a necessity in many ways. As a result, there is almost unlimited possibilities for people in the real estate profession.


All aspects of the real estate industry have huge margins and enormous growth potential. There are people who own homes and people who rent. Both sides of the equation need a place to live so from a real estate industry perspective, real estate property is always valuable and there will always be real estate property to buy and sell.


One of the areas of the real estate industry that goes unnoticed but is needed is the real estate loan area. Most real estate transactions are secured through real estate loans. The need for loans in the real estate industry is major for the sale of real estate property. The reason is because most people cannot purchase real estate property without some form of a real estate loan.


A real estate professional who has made a name for himself through real estate loans is Todd Lubar. He started his career in the real estate industry as a loan originator in the mid 1990s. Todd Lubar developed a passion for real estate loans and pushed his career path through real estate loans. He learned as much as he could concerning real estate loans, and he eventually established multiple real estate businesses that he owns and operates.


The type of real estate businesses that Todd Lubar owns and operate primarily help people secure real estate loans. Many of the people that he helps through his real estate businesses have trouble getting real estate loans by conventional means.

The Acquisition of Goettl Technologies

Adam and Gust Goettl are the two people behind the Goettl technologies. They established this firm in the year 1939. Many decades later, Goettl technologies remains one of the best company in the cooling and air conditioning industry. When the firm was established, it was based in Phoenix, Arizona and mainly specialized in offering home cooling services for the locals in the summer. However, the company recently relocated to Tempe to continue offering its services. Since 2003, Goettl has specialized in maintenance services as well as high-quality air conditioner installation in the United States. The firm manages to deliver these services by recruiting the best technicians in the field who offer solutions that go beyond their customer’s expectations. Currently, Goettl specializes in both domestic and commercial air conditioning services.


Some of the services that this firm specializes in include UV germicidal lights, furnaces as well as radiant heating units and central air units. They also deal with air cleaners, heat pumps, and humidifiers and not forgetting the ductless mini splits. To ensure customer satisfaction, they have maintained a 24/7 customer support services. As part of its global and regional expansion, Goettl was recently acquired by another company called ARS/Rescue Rooter that works from its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. This is a firm that is well known in the United States of America as it operates in a total of 20 states and is also present in District of Columbia. When acquiring the company, the two agreed that Goettl would maintain the brand name and its employees would not lose their jobs. Goettl former president will be in charge of all the employees.


American Residential Services LLC has been operating in the Phoenix area for some time and it acknowledges the good work that Goettl has been doing there. The vice president of this company said that the acquisition of Goettl would help them build roots in the area while at the same time use the good reputation of Goettl and that of its workers.


Goettl and its founders have had a rich history. For instance, the founders of this company were from Mansfield, Ohio. On the onset of the Great Depression, these gentlemen sought greener pastures in Phoenix, Arizona. During their entire lifetime, they had over 100 patents in the field of heating and cooling technology. Some of Goettl most recent installations include the Verde Valley- Brookfield communities, Prescott-Quailwood among other projects. With the recent developments in its management, Goettl has promised to continue offering the best services in the market.

The Value Of Protecting Your Online Relationship

Protecting your online reputation can improve your business or brand. A recent online management news from onlinereputationreviews.com reveals that thousands of companies are taking advantage of the right to get rid of negative reviews, bury bad articles, and remove negative comments. High end celebrities are using online management and PR services to maintain their social media presence. Unfortunately, everyone will not have something good to say about your business. Discrepancies do happen and online reputation management helps you maintain your positive outlook with your clients or following. Reviews of an online management professional can determine how they will be able to help your business or brand.

Online Reputation News

A recent PR Newswire article has reported that Status Labs is one of the largest growing reputation management providers in the industry. They currently have offices in New York, Sao Paulo, and Austin. Their strong team of young professionals work hard to optimize your online reputation. The resignation of their former president, John French as made online reputation news. He resigned to protect the integrity of Status Labs. Unfortunately, his comments about a local community did not reflect the opinion of their corporation. Best of all, Status Labs was able to repair and protect their own reputation with their business practices. Members of the corporation said; “It was important for us to use the same techniques that we market to our customers.”

Status Lab Online Management Services

– PR Services

– Professional online management

– 1,500+ clients

– Serving 35+ countries

– Serving Fortune 100 brand and public figures

– Digital marketing

– Public relations

When you have negative information on the internet, they’ll work hard to clear your reputation. They bury bad articles, negative feedback, and rude comments. Thousands of businesses and brands are affected each year by the negativity that comes from others on the internet. When people read news about your brand they can rest assured that they’re dealing with a professional online management company that protects your reputation 100%.

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Maggie Gill: Memorial Health’s Award-Winning CEO

Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree, earned an MBA from Saint Leo University in Florida, then attended the Wharton School where she completed course work in management and strategic thinking. She then went on to have a brilliant career in leadership in a number of medical facilities in Florida and Georgia and has developed a reputation as someone who cares about people and gets things done. She has displayed vision and a deep understanding of the issues that face people living in the Southeast.


Gill was hired in 2004 by Memorial University Medical Center as vice president of managed care and finance. In 2005 she was promoted to chief operating officer. Gill’s work within the organization was so impressive that in 2011, Memorial Health decided to name her president and CEO. The position put her in charge of all the medical facility’s vice presidents and physician leaders. She is also responsible for government relations, physician relations, cooperate communications, perioperative and trauma services, internal audits, financial assistance, the Heart & Vascular Institute, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, Memorial Health University Physicians and facilities management.


Prior to taking a leadership position at Memorial University Medical Center Maggie Gill was Tenet South Florida Health system’s chief financial officer for five years. During that time Gill was voted Tenet Outstanding CFO three times. While employed at Tenet she did work at Coral Gables Hospital located in Coral Gables, Florida, Palmetto General Hospital which is located in Hialeah, Florida as well as Miami’s North Shore Medical Center. The quality of the work Gill did at all these facilities is what led the leadership at Memorial University Medical Center to decide to hire her.


Maggie Gill’s body of work has been truly impressive. She’s not only helped the facilities she is in charge of to provide excellent quality service, she has also worked towards ensuring the communities in which she works has the services, facilities and staff they need. Gill has also shown a commitment to helping more students get the opportunity to get the medical training they need to be able to make a valuable contribution to their community. Her staff and facility also won 7 awards at the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes awards program in 2016.


Maggie Gill was listed among the 2016 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know.


Don Ressler and the History of TechStyle Fashion Group


Don Ressler, a very well known entrepreneur, is the founder of JustFab Inc. The pair later went on to form Fabletics as a subsidiary of JustFab, partnering with actress Kate Hudson. Don serves as the co-CEO of JustFab, with Adam Goldenberg being the other co-CEO, and is the CEO of Fabletics. When Fabletics was first introduced in September and October of 2015 it only featured women’s wear, but thereafter quickly expanded into men’s wear as well.

JustFab was launched as a subscription service in March 2010. For $39.95 a month a female subscriber will receive a boutique that is picked out by her own personal stylist. Fabletics is a non-subscription based online retail provider.

Don and Adam were able to fund the startup of JustFab Inc. by obtaining $33 million from the venture capitalist firm Matrix Partners. Once they were up and running Matrix Partners funded an additional $76 million into the company along with Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty. This funding enabled JustFab to expand out from the United States and into Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

In August of 2016 JustFab rebranded itself as TechStyle Fashion Group. Don and Adam explained this change as being caused by the company being transformed into a brand-building platform that was driven by data and personalization. Over time it had become a fusion of technology and fashion so the pair felt that they should change the name of the company to reflect this change of attitude by adding the word tech into the name of the company. This change in name was also necessitated by the fact that they had an umbrella of different brands under the JustFab name and they wanted the name of the company to communicate this.

These companies are based in El Segundo, California. In the words of Don Ressler they want to be based in a city that is as fun as the styles they strut. Also as a center of the fashion scene the surrounding area provides them with the opportunity of staying on top of new trends and fashions.  With a resume full of top level industry accomplishments, Don Ressler’s new venture will definitely be one to watch.



Lori Senecal Earns a Top Spot in the Global Advertising Arena

Lori Senecal is a graduate of McGill University, a public university based in Montreal, Canada. At the university, she majored in marketing and finance. Lori Senecal is skilled in advertising, digital strategy, digital marketing, social media marketing, and creative strategy. Her skills are attributed to her 13 years of experience in the advertising industry. Over the years, Lori has held various executive positions in several advertising corporations on AdWeek. This experience has groomed her into the top female chief executive officer in the country. Lori is the current CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). She earned this prestigious appointment following the exit of Andrew Keller, the retired CEO.

Lori’s work experience

Lori began her career in 2003 at McCann Erickson. In 2009, she joined Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs+p) as the chief executive officer and president. Lori Senecal is remembered for facilitating the growth of kbs+p from a 250-person to 900-person domestic agency. She also enabled the recognition of the company as one of the best places to work in New York City. At kbs+p, she rose above ranks and became the global executive chairman. In 2015, she became the global chief executive of CP+B, an advertising agency and member of MDC Partners at https://twitter.com/digitalori?lang=en. Since appointment, she has influenced both the corporate and entrepreneurial culture of the company, making it internationally recognized market flair. Under her leadership, CP+B bagged the Creativity Innovators of the Year Award from Advertising Age.

Before becoming the CEO of CP+B, she was the president of MDC Partners Network, a position she holds until now. At MDC Partners, Lori is in charge of developing and implementing strategies, as well as facilitating the company’s growth on salary.com. She is tasked with the duty of developing cross-collaboration throughout the business networks. Over the years, she has secured prominent clients such as Victoria Secrets, BMW, TE Connectivity, PINK, and American Express for MDC Partners. Lori is known to be innovative and is always encouraging employees to focus on developing their talents and careers. Lori Senecal encourages them to be inventive in everything they do. According to Lori, being inventive brings forth healthy competition in business.

Lori’s recognition and awards

In 2014, she featured on the list of “Agency Executives to Watch.” She earned this honor due to her prowess in running activities at MDC Partners and CP+B. Lori also scooped Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. Lori is a loyal member of the Ad Council Board of Directors.

Dr Walden: The Brilliant Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Every time you hear of the best female cosmetic plastic surgeons in the world, the name Dr Jennifer Walden arises. She has developed and nurtured her great reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, through her exceptional work. Dr. Jennifer Walden work has been seen through her many years of experience in the industry. More importantly, she has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.



Having been an exceptional student, Dr Walden graduated Anderson High School with great grades and joined the University of Texas where she took up a degree in Biology. Having done so well, she joined the University of Texas Medical Branch where she specialized in aesthetic and plastic surgery.



After her graduation, Dr Walden went ahead to participate in her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Jennifer  has also been trained and received her fellowship in cosmetic surgery. Career journey was fueled when she started at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and continued advancing her career. She is among the one hundred and eighty plastic surgeons in the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.



She has more than eight years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery. She has worked in the New York’s East Side for more than seven years. She also took part in several clinical trials that led to the restoration of silicone breasts implants after they had been banned and discouraged. With her experience in the field, she started her own practice in Austin Texas called the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She moved to Austin from New York following the birth of her twins.



Some of the procedures she has taken part in include:



  1. Face surgery: some of the procedures here include brow lift, rhinoplasty and chin implants among others
  2. Non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation
  3. Breast surgeries: some of the procedures include endoscopic breast augmentation and breast lifts among others
  4. Laser procedures
  5. Skin care and others


Dr Jennifer Walden is an experienced board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon whose ambition and skills has been seen in her works. Her expertise has been seen in her book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and her commentator work at Fox News.



AIG Continue To Ignore Insurance Claim From Bruce Levenson

The New Hampshire based insurance giant AIG have recently seen papers filed in Fulton County by a legal team acting on behalf of former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson claiming breach of contract by the insurance provider. More importantly for AIG is the fact Levenson is also bringing a claim for insurance bad faith that his legal team feel can be proven with ease.

Bruce Levenson and his fellow Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium members state in legal papers they held a workplace based insurance policy that was breached in the buildup to the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of general manager Danny Ferry. Court papers reveal AIG and Bruce Levenson’s group held talks as early as April 2015 over the comments and actions of Ferry concluding in general agreement that a constructive dismissal claim could be filed following the June 2015 termination of the six year contract signed in 2012; since the insurance claim was made and the franchise sold AIG are reported by ESPN to have failed to have made any contact with Levenson’s consortium.

Over the course of his career, Bruce Levenson has always been seen as an individual who has the ability to make his way through business with ease; Levenson formed the United Communications Group with business partner Ed Peskowitz in a spare room in the 1970s and has built it into a major provider of real time information. Bruce Levenson is not only concerned with creating a business empire, but he is also well known as a philanthropist who has dedicated much of his life to enhancing the communities touched by his personal and business life. The former head of the Atlanta Hawks looks to his faith at many times as he has tried to protect the history of the Jewish people during World War II in his work as a fund raiser for the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

More information regarding Levenson’s philanthropic works posted on PR Newswire‘s website.