Troy McQuagge Wins Coveted Gold Prize in One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

Troy McQuagge has done quite a bit in the last few years. When he joined USHEALTH group, Inc, the company was floundering. As a health insurance company, it was losing ground amongst more efficient competitors, but because of Troy McQuagge, they turned around fast. He joined USHEALTH in 2010, rebuilding its captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. By 2014, he was asked to become CEO of the company, where he contributed to its comeback as an individual health insurance company that could compete amongst some of the best.

This wasn’t lost on the One Planet and Business Professional Awards, who saw his immense success as a great story for those looking to improve a business or company that was in the gutter. This is why they awarded Quagge the CEO of the year award this year. It is quite an honor, considering businesses all over the world submit their CEOs for consideration.USHEALTH Group, Inc, is based in Fort Worth, Texas and is an insurance holding company. They focus on providing innovative health care for those individuals seeking health insurance and small business owners. They seek to provide competitive products along with excellent customer service.

The One Planet Awards recognize companies who are doing excellent work in business and professionally. There are several categories in which businesses are awarded, including executives, teams, new products and services, PR, Marketing, and Corporate Communications.McQuagge is a 30 year veteran of the health insurance industry, building the two largest health insurance agencies in America, with over 5,000 dedicated agents. Since becoming CEO of USHEALTH Group, their sales have magnified by over 5 times. He increased sales at UICI, his job prior to USHEALTH Group, from $250 billion to over $1 billion within a 5 year span. He has always been dedicated to excellence as well as innovation, which are the keys to his success as an executive that can turn companies around. Innovation is extremely important, because it takes thinking out of the box and doing things differently for things to change.


How to achieve the best in life and business by Josh Verne

Josh Verne is a famous American entrepreneur and businessman. He ones served as a co-president of Home Line Furniture. In 2012, Verne and his friend Jon Dorfman founded an online marketplace called and acted as the company CEO. This was until 2014 when he sold the company to Global Analytics Holding. Josh Verne later founded, a peer-to-peer content exchange for college students. Verne highlights following tips as a source of success.

Don’t be a commander in life.

When it comes to business, you can either be a boss or a leader. When you are the boss, you dictate to your juniors to gain respect and achieve their objectives. A leader treats his or her juniors with respect so that they also respect him or her. When the juniors comply with the boss, it becomes easier to achieve the goals they set together. For success in business, you must be a good leader. It becomes simpler to learn a business and achieve business goals if you work together.

Be ready to bargain.

Always ensure that your business is beneficial to you, the client and the society. Never be willing to let the customer go.

Always be willing to listen.

Speak less to give your words more power when time comes for you to speak. People will take their time to listen to you when you shall have something to say.

Ensure you always balance your life.

Do not put all your energies into business alone, have time for other life aspects. You should progress not only in business but also in a family relationship, health, and friendships.

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Kim Dao Takes Viewers To Den Den Town And Eats The Best Taiyaki In Osaka

If you ask YouTube beauty sensation Kim Dao where the best Taiyaki is in Japan, she has one answer for you: Osaka. In particular, the best Taiyaki is at her host family’s store. In one of Kim Dao’s more recent videos, entitled “BEST Taiyaki in JAPAN! | Den Den Town in Osaka,” she travels with her friends Sophie and Luke to surprise her host family and try their delicious Taiyaki.

After Kim Dao finishes a few chores for her host family, she takes viewers on a trip from Mikuni Station to the Taiyaki store. You should be able to find this shop by taking down Kim Dao’s directions in the video.

When she reaches the store, Kim Dao orders a custard Taiyaki. Luke and Sophie, on the other hand, order red bean Taiyakis. All three of the friends absolutely love their orders. Kim Dao says if you’re ever in Osaka you must visit this tiny store at least once.

After Dao and her friends finish their Taiyaki, they decide to travel to Den Den Town in Osaka. Dao says that Den Den Town is much like Tokyo’s Akihabara district, only Den Den Town is much smaller.

Kim Dao shows viewers all around the numerous anime and game stores in Den Den Town. She spends a great deal of time looking at the “Silent Moon” section of one of the stores she visits. Later she takes a long look at one Pokémon section of one store.

Later, Kim Dao does some more anime, cos play, and retro video game shopping throughout Den Dent Town. She also takes a look at interesting Japanese flavored ice creams and orders a rice dog.

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