Getting Bold and Beautiful with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

Unicorns are making a comeback this season, and it’s not just in your favorite frappuccino. Whimsical beauty brand Lime Crime has just debuted Unicorn Hair—a semi-permanent dye with the power to transform your hair into something truly enchanting, or at least beautifully and brightly colored.


Let’s be real though: veterans of neon-hued hair know that it can be tough in not only achieving, but maintaining vividly colored tresses. How many have dyed their hair a lush mermaid teal, only to find themselves sporting a dull shade of “fish tank green” just a few washes later? Not to mention the worry of staining the sinks when you’re done. For as cool as it looks, there are challenges to having colorful hair.


Despite the dye-drama, Lime Crime Unicorn hair color stacks up pretty well. Surprisingly, the company claims its shades are formulated to “fade out gracefully”; and while it’s always best to make friends with dry shampoo and sulfate free hair care products to keep any multicolored hue looking vibrant, it’s great to have some extra leeway with the up-keep. Beach days in the sun and surf, or washing your hair more often for a new pastel look, without the possibility of being stuck with a washed out “do” until the next dye-job sounds heavenly.


Even more heavenly though are the names. With colors called “Bunny”, “Jello”, “Neon Peach”, and “Pony”, it’s tempting to want to try a shade out just to snag some of that bold attitude for yourself. The dye is made with only vegan products, also, so no harsh chemicals and you won’t wind up staining anything save for your strands, of course. Lime Crime also applauds its “unicorns” (as they affectionately refer to their clients) who mix different colors to create their own signature hue. The company’s website has even posted some fun recommendations as to which shades you might want to try mixing. Unique colors, ripe for creative combinations, with minimal upkeep? Now that’s magical.

USHEALTH Group – One of the Top Insurance Providers in the United States

One of the most notable insurance companies in the United State’s health insurance market is USHEALTH Group. The company has been in the business for close to five decades and offers a broad range of insurance products that are aimed at individuals, enterprises, and families. With the insurance market undergoing a major transformation in the past few years, the company continues to evolve with modern times to offer highly targeted and efficient insurance products that are affordable, useful and provides better coverage than its counterparts. USHEALTH Group, earlier known as Ascent Assurance, has since its inception till now has sold insurance to more than 15 million customers in the United States, and the count keeps on increasing.


National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company are the subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group with a network across the country through the agents and branch offices. These are the distribution agencies that help in promoting the insurance products of the USHEALTH Group across the length and breadth of the country. One of the reasons why USHEALTH Group has been able to come out at the top in the insurance industry is because the company firmly believes in giving customers choices. USHEALTH Group doesn’t have one size fits all ideology, and it doesn’t impose the same to its clients. At USHEALTH Group, the management understands that different people have different requirements when it comes to healthcare insurance. It is for this very reason why the insurance products of the USHEALTH Group can be personalized by the customers as per their requirements so that they do not end up overspending while getting the coverage options they never wanted in the first place.


USHEALTH Group ensures that the customers only get the coverage options they need without having to worry about the deductibles all the time to get the benefits. For employers looking to provide healthcare insurance to its employees, USHEALTH Group has various packages to choose from depending upon how comprehensive they want the healthcare insurance to be. Moreover, as mentioned before, the end product can be customized as per the preference, requirements, and the insurance budget of the client. The agents of the company are very helpful and would work with you to get you what you are looking for.


Some of the plans offered by USHEALTH Group are income protector, accident protector, PremierVision, MedGuard, PremierChoice, Life Protector, SecureDental, SecureAdvantage, general health insurance, critical illness insurance, disability income, vision plans, accident insurance, group insurance, family insurance, and more. The company won Gold for Business and Professional Excellence at the One Planet Awards in 2016. It also won the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer and sales service at the 11th Gold Stevie Awards Ceremony. The company continues to innovate the insurance market with its affordable and productive portfolio of insurance products.

How EOS Became the Lip Balm of Choice

EOS lip balm all started when three people decided to think outside of the box. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky,came up with a way of creating a lip balm that was innovative and not the same and boring 100-year-old cylinder chap stick. For over a century, chap stick was found in drug stores with the same packaging, same shape, and the basic same flavors. The founders of EOS decided that there was an opportunity for creating a new and exciting lip balm that would be different than those of the past. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, Fast Company, the founders of EOS talk about how they have created a 250 million dollar company and the product that has become the second best selling lip balm in the country.  Hop over now to, to read additional articles.

EOS, which stands for, “Evolution of Smooth” has been seen all over the beauty and fashion magazines and is now sold in most drug stores. This lip balm has single handedly driven growth in the oral care category. Although chap stick has been viewed as a unisex commodity, the founders of EOS realized that the product was being used primarily by women. Therefore, they decided to create a lip balm made for women’s every day experiences. Users on sensory panels explained that they liked the idea of lip balm being in the shape of a pot, but did not want to apply the product with their fingers. The founders decided that products that women depend on should bring moments of delight.

Mehra, Teller, and Dubitsky did not want to create a product that would just be a fad. Instead, they wanted to create something that could be useful, effective, and pleasurable to use for a very long time. They used their own capital and funds and hired a clay artist who modeled different shapes that would be different from the same cylindrical chap stick tube. It was important to them to create a product that would engage all of the five senses, such as,the way the smooth packaging would feel,the way the flavors would taste good, the smells, the color of the packaging, and the way it made a clicking sound when the pot would close.

Although the founders knew they had come up with a great product, they explain that it was difficult to get EOS into stores. At first, buyers at drug stores didn’t know what to make of this new product. Many thought that customers were creatures of habit and would stay loyal to the old chap stick that they knew best. However, after landing their first successful account with Walgreens, Target and Walmart soon began to put EOS on their shelves. Another useful site here at

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In order to get the buzz out on this new product, the founders contacted beauty bloggers who reviewed EOS and posted about it on social media. Soon, EOS became the largest advertiser in their category. All of the advertising and work paid off as EOS is now a household product after just seven short years. Today, the company sells over a million lip balms a week.

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Perfect Lip Balm for On the Go Moms

Looking for a new type of lip balm that fits with your life as a busy mom? Check out the tremendous selection of lip balms created by Evolution of Smooth also known as EOS. Here are a few quick reasons why EOS lip balms are the perfect choice for moms that are on the go!

Select a Flavor That Suits Your Personal Taste

EOS offers you a variety of flavors to suit your style, personality or even your mood for the day! Appealing flavors such as Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Passion Fruit live up to their names by providing you with delicious flavor every time you smooth them onto your lips. This is a quick and easy choice for moms with little time to spare! So, hop over now to

Wear It with Confidence

It’s clear that EOS lip balms make your lips look their best. But, they are healthful products as well. This balm mixture includes both the antioxidant vitamin E and Shea Butter adding nutrients to the sensitive skin on your lips. Unlike other products, these lip balms are almost completely organic and contain no petrolatum, phthalates or gluten. You can enjoy peace of mind when you choose EOS lip balm.

Apply It Where You Want It

Whether you are standing in front of a mirror applying lip balm during your morning routine or putting on a fresh coat as you dash to pick up a child from soccer practice, you want it to look perfect. You never want to apply too much or too little to your lips. The even consistency of EOS lip balm allows you to apply it with precision every time. Plus, the simple twist-off cap keeps your lip balm fresh and ready to use throughout the day.

Get Protection from the Elements

Sometimes we forget how vulnerable our lips are to the extreme temperatures brought on with the change of seasons. Lips can crack and bleed in the cold weather and may suffer damage from the sun during the summer months. This makes maintaining the health of our lips an important issue. EOS lip balm provides your lips with a layer of protection that keeps them looking and feeling healthy.

Slip It into Your Purse or Pocket

Each flavor of EOS lip balm comes in a colorful, small container that you can pop into your purse or even slip into a pants pocket. In fact, the color of the container matches the flavor of the lip balm inside it. You never have to struggle to find space in your purse for this little container. It’s an item that’s easy to take along to work, a meeting at the school, a coffee date with friends or anywhere you want to look your best. Your friends and coworkers are sure to wonder where you got your cute container of lip balm. Check for this.

Try EOS lip balms to discover just how lovely and delicious wearing lip balm can be!

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Try All the Great EOS Lip Balm Flavors

It isn’t easy to choose just one EOS lip balm flavor. There is a total of eight exciting, fruity flavors offered in the brands line. each has its own unique characteristics that make it a taste sensation for the lips. We’ve all used flavored products before, but the EOS lip balm is something different, something dramatic and exciting, and fulfilling. Your lips will love the flavor, the softness, and the

The Flavor Debater

But, which flavor is the best of the eight? It really depends on what you favor the most because they’re all awesome to someone. The Strawberry Sorbet is popular for anyone that loves strawberry. The smell is intriguing, and the taste left on the lips is just perfect. The Summer Fruit is original, and you will likely spend a lot of time trying to pick out which flavor you taste at that moment. It is a wonderful flavor that most users enjoy. Sweet Mint is a flavor that has a nice hint of mint, with a little something extra thrown in the mix. There are many other lip balm flavors, but these are the most popular!  Follow EOS on

You Only Live Once

Why not go ahead and use all the EOS flavors at least once? YOLO, as they say. Live life to the fullest, and live on the edge now and again. Only then can you determine which lip balm is your favorite. It is easy to take someone else’s advice, but there is nothing better than experiencing them firsthand.  Additional article here.

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Arthur Becker: A Versatile Businessman and Tech Industrialist

Arthur Becker is a renowned businessman and is the CEO and Chairman of Zinnio LLC. Arthur is a big name in real estate sector in the U.S. Before involving himself with real estate business, Arthur had been a successful broker and buyer of technology companies during the initial years of the 21st century. After his transition to the world of real estate, initially, he remained behind the scenes investing as a partner with a couple of known realtors. But recently, he has got three townhouses on Sullivan Street on account of his shares. Arthur, who is single after his divorce with his wife, is thought to live in one of these three townhouses and sell the remaining two. Arthur’s business scope includes various areas including finance, technology, arts, and above all the real estate. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Arthur’s business includes the collection of millennia-old coins from Africa which he reforms and reshapes into sculptures. In this connection, he has planned to construct two large commercial houses in Boston. Besides investing in arts, Arthur also invests in confectionary, especially the cookies with nuts. For this, he has invested more than $4 million in growing nuts by setting up over a dozen orchards. He got a lot of profits out of this when he sold nuts from these orchards for $10 million. Another area of Arthur’s business is the production of Magic 8 Balls. With his unique art, he has produced elegant shaped Magic 8 Balls. Moreover, other major products his investments produce are paperweights, Brick Samples, and NaviSite notepads. You can also visit Bloomberg to know more.

Arthur Becker is an accomplished businessman with a number of areas under the scope of his investments. Before his current position, Arthur has remained the Chairman and CEO of NaviSite, Inc., from 2003 to 2010. He is one of the co-founders of the Atlantic, Inc. Before starting his investment in the tech industry in the early 2000s, he had been a senior advisor for 7 years to the Vera Wang fashion company. During his long and impressive career, Arthur also served the ClearBlue Technologies, Inc., as its Director and Vice Chairman. Besides, he has served as one of the Managing members of the Madison Technologies LLC.

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Pomegranate Raspberry: My Favorite Lip Balm Flavor

I discovered EOS several months ago. Their lip balms are absolutely amazing, and I cannot get enough. The lip balm moisturizes my lips, so chapped lips are never a concern. And, the orb is fun to carry. But, it is the EOS lip balm flavors that really make me smile.

EOS has a few different flavors to choose from that keep your lips happy. I’ve tried four of them so far, and while it is pretty difficult to choose just one, I must say that I favor Pomegranate Raspberry most. I like this flavor because it is so unique; you won’t find anything like it offered from another brand. It has an interesting, unique flavor that leaves you satisfied, yet still intrigued. It is a real treat for the lips, and I probably use it more often than I actually need an application.

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EOS is the second-leading lip balm brand in the country, falling behind Burt’s Bees, and toppling Chapstick. The company sells more than one-million orbs of lip balm each week. The lip balm is popular because it is made with all-natural ingredients that benefit the lips, and because of the awesome flavor selection. If you’ve yet to try EOS, what are you waiting for?  Click on for details It is a product that I simply cannot live without, and I think you will agree.  For more of EOS, hop over to their page.

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Achievements of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer has been among the successful women in the field of medicine by offering qualified services to her clients. In this way, she has gained the trust of many people who are willing to improve their looks and feel confident about themselves. She was recently ranked among the twenty four best cosmetics surgeons in United States by Harpers’ Bazaar magazine. After training with one of the best surgeons in New York, she was able to establish her own successful practice in Manhattan before she went back to Austin; her hometown.

She is a mother of two handsome boys who are her motivation. She wishes to give them a healthy and much better life by being their role model. Her supportive family has been with her throughout her journey and she wishes her kids would have the same support. After moving back to Austin, she continued with her practice and her business has been thriving over the past three years especially due to the loving support of her mother. As a strong, warm, caring and assertive woman, Dr. Jennifer is always ready to offer her patients the best services all the time.

Her Motivation

As a mother, Dr. Jennifer has been working hard to provide for her two sons and give them a better life. She was brought up in a family where her father as a doctor and her mother was a surgical nurse. In this way, education was highly valued and this motivated her to become the successful woman she is today. She believes that the key to being successful is believing in yourself and being determined in everything you do.


She has a very deep connection with her family as well as her hometown. In this way, Jennifer decided to over her practice to Austin so she could be much closer to her family and give her sons a chance to be surrounded by them. She believes in doing things and making thing happen which is an internal drive she wishes to pass on to her kids. She is a great inspiration to other young women who wishes to pursue a course in medicine. She is grateful to have a supportive family surrounding her and her sons all the time.

Vinny Parascandola Excels As A Senior Vice President

When it comes to insurance, there are many questions that people have related to the purpose and use of insurance. While there are a variety of questions that people have regarding insurance, there are a few questions that are asked on a regular basis. One of the most common questions typically involves automobile insurance. The question that is asked very often is the type of coverage that people should have concerning an automobile.


This is a question that is asked a lot because it affects the cost of automobile insurance significantly. For automobile insurance, the general question about what type of automobile coverage to purchase involves the choice of full coverage or just liability coverage. Full automobile coverage provides much more coverage related to an automobile while liability coverage only involves coverage related to any liability associated with an accident.


For people trying to figure out what coverage to choose between full and liability coverage, they should consider the value of the automobile and the amount of insurance premium they are willing to pay. People should seriously look at getting full coverage for an automobile that cost more than a few thousand dollars. Automobiles that cost a few thousands dollars can be driven but in the case of an accident the value of the automobile is low. Therefore, having full coverage on an automobile that cost a few thousand dollars will probably cost more in insurance premiums than the automobile merits related to the cost.


An insurance company that takes the time to help its customers make decisions such as whether to purchase full or liability coverage is AXA Advisors. The company is a multi national company with offices located in areas around the world. AXA Advisors provides a variety of insurance coverage for people.


One of the executives at AXA Advisors who knows a great deal about all types of insurance is Vinny Parascandola. A former insurance agent who made a name for himself in the insurance industry by producing great numbers as an insurance agent, Vinny Parascandola understands the choices that people have to make regarding insurance. As a result, he helps the employees at AXA Advisors to understand the concerns that people have about insurance.

UKV PLC: A Producer Of Finest Wine

If you are planning to talk about French wine, you should be very careful while talk as this isn’t a piece of cake. People who are an expert of wines usually prefer not to talk about such wines because they don’t know which topic to cover and which to choose. However, if you are a lover of French wine then you already heard of UKV PLC as one of the finest winemakers in the whole town.

As per UKV PLC, beginners must know what an appellation system is how it works as it is the very basic step and for those of you who don’t know about this, it would be hard to understand how French wine has made. People who love wines are already aware of seeing the diversity of grape that is on the product’s label.

UKV PLC specializes in the sale and also the acquisition of the most pleasurable and illustriously exciting Luxury Fine Champagne and Wine of the world. Though, wines labeled according to their origin. So, if you understand the picture of grapes, you will ultimately know the origin of that wine.

But the name of the controlled place would be identified as part of a government system which defines winemaking practices for appellation system that used by UKV PLC. And that’s why you must know what appellation system is and how it works. Use of appellation system means the product is of the utmost quality. And that’s the sole reason why UKV PLC is using appellation system.

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