Omar Yunes Given First Place Title

Sushi Itto is a very successful Japanese style restaurant food chain. They have been operating in Mexico for quite some time now and have seen many improvements over the years. Much of this success can be contributed to Sushi Itto’s Franchisee, Omar Yunes. Yunes first bought the franchise when he was 21 years old and has since opened up an additional 13 units. He has roughly 400 employees which he manages and keeps track of very well. In light of all his accomplishments, Omar Yunes was named Best Franchisee of The World in the 2015 international competition that took place in Florence, Italy. This event takes place every year and representatives from all across the world come together to recognize great leaders. There were people from places like Hungary, Portugal, Spain, France, and even Mexico.

Franchisees are judged based on multiple factors. They want to see someone who is able to encourage and motivate employees, someone who creates an immense amount of savings, and a leader who puts new policies and procedures in place that benefit the company. Omar Yunes successfully did all of these things. One of the judges, Diego Elizarrarras, spoke about the relationship Omar Yunes created with Sushi Itto. They could tell that the relationship was not like the traditional one normally seen, but that it was unique and very personable. Another notable contribution Omar Yunes made was that he implemented new control measures to help the brand stay successful.

Omar Yunes is one of the first people from Mexico to represent the country at the Best Farnchisee of the World competition. Another man who was competing against Omar Yunes, also from Mexico, was Iván Tamer. He is Franchisee of Prendamex. Prendamex is a series of Pawnshops located in and throughout Mexico. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the tools he created which helped implement a new marketing system. Many people are already trying to simulate this system because of the success he has had with it thus far. Together, these two men are getting Mexico the recognition they deserve.

Omar Yunes Helps Sushi Itto Gain Recognition

Being called Best Franchisee of the World is a very distinguishable an honorable title to receive. In 2015, Omar Yunes recieved such an award. He walked away taking the number one slot as best franchisee in the whole entire world. The competition took place in Florence, Italy and included people from countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, and even Omar Yunes’ home country, Mexico. Before being sent to compete in the world final, Omar Yunes competed against people from his own country in a regional version of the event. Two franchisees were sent as representatives of Mexico to compete in Florence.

The main goal of The best franchisee in the world competition is to award and recognize leaders who’s talents stand out from the rest. A judge will look at aspects such as improvements leaders make to the network, what kind of saving programs they implement, the creative style and personality they add to the brand, and what knowledge they pour into the company. A successful franchise will exhibit all these characteristics and then even some that judges don’t expect. Omar Yunes was one of these leaders.

Omar Yunes is franchisee of Sushi Itto and has shown more success within his network than many businesses see in their lifetime. He originally purchased the franchise at age 21 and has expanded into 13 units since. Omar Yunes employes around 400 workers and is decicated to keeping his employees and customers satisfied. The reason he was able to walk away with the first place prize so easily is due to the fact but he added his own unique spin to the typical franchise and franchisee relationship. While maintaining a proffesional attitude, Omar Yunes personally interacted with the people of Sushi Itto. He was easily relatable and easy to talk to. His unique style of leadership is what ultimately led to better customer service relationships.

The second representative that Mexico sent to compete in the world final was Iván Tamer. He was rewarded for the new marketing system he put in place within his series of franchises called Prendamex.

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