Brown Modelling Agency Treats It’s Talent Better Then Any Other Agency


There is no doubt that there are many full-service talent agencies’ out there but just how much do talent agency’s make off of the models and actors that work for them? It is extremely popular for full service talent agencies to take so much money from their actors and models that they are left with no money at the end of the day. Models and actors enjoy what they do and many times won’t speak up against being ripped out of their money but it is basically as if they are working for free and talent agency’s see them as not worth anything. However, there is one very popular full-service talent agency that was created in the spring of 2010 and that is located in Austin, Texas that does not take an unfair and ridiculous amount of money from their models and actors wages. This full-service talent agency is named Brown Modeling Agency. Brown Modeling is a very successful talent agency that hires models and actors for everything from commercial print to runway modeling. There are some requirements for some of the jobs that Brown Modeling Agency finds for their talent but many of the commercial print jobs are open to a wide range of people. Most people associate modeling with skinny models that have natural colored hair but the truth is there are many models who are plus-size or who have an un-natural hair color. Brown Modeling Agency’s president is Justin Brown who is a very successful man who takes time to work with each and every one of his actors and models to make sure that they are treated not only fairly but get the recognition they deserve in the world of talent careers. Brown Modeling Agency has locations in Dallas, Texas aside from their location in Austin and also have a presence in Los Angeles. Brown Modeling Agency pays its actors and models very well for each job that they do and many are also recognized by the agency on all of their social media platforms for their hard work and accomplishments. If there is one thing that is most important when working in this industry it is that you should be surrounded by positive people such as Justin Brown and his team to boost your confidence throughout your career rather than bringing you down with harsh comments like many other talent agencies’ do. If you are looking to get into the modeling or acting world it is important to make sure that you do it with Brown Modeling Agency because they treat their talent better than any other agency in the world does. Brown Modeling Agency has open calls every Thursday, between 3-4pm. Follow the Brown Modeling Agency on Instagram.


Rocketship Education Gives Students Confidence

Rocketship Schools are charter schools that are public schools which allow children of all types to attend. Rocketship Schools is a non-profit network of charter schools that primarily serve low-income from neighborhoods with limited access to good schools.

Schools that are transformative in the truest sense accomplish much more than to just provide an education. Teachers are empowered, parents have the opportunity to fully engage in the process and entire communities are inspired in the process.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 by Preston Smith and John Danner. The model uses a blended learning approach which uses a traditional classroom model that blends with proprietary software that aids in the learning process.

Rocketship Discovery Prep in California is one among several of the schools that Danner points to as are bridging the achievement gap which is the huge difference in performance academically between children who come from poverty neighborhoods and those children who hail from the upper-middle-class areas.

This gap in achievement has been in existence for decades in spite of heavy capital investment as well as time, energy and heartbreak entering into the picture. The pattern has been that when poorer children enroll in school they are already behind and in time they become discouraged and drop out of school.

Rocketship students, called “Rocketeers” have scored very well on an overwhelming basis on the standardized tests, and in many cases have outscored county and state averages on these tests. This is a student population of poor Latino students and students of color who have performed as well as students from the nearby community of Palo Alto where professors from Stanford send their children to school.

Danner’s goal is to extend his model into 50 cities all over the country by the year 2020 making his company the largest charter school organization in the country. The financial model of the Rocketship schools offer a much-streamlined cost picture as much of the curriculum is handled by computers and innovative software. This cuts as much as 25 percent of the labor costs as contrasted with the public school models.

Drills such as math and other rote schools are handled by the software and then teachers handle the life skills such as critical thinking and character building.

New Vegan-Friendly EOS Lip Balm Review

For all of those that swear by having all of their personal cosmetics cruelty-free, EOS just released a lip balm line that is everything you have hoped for and more in a product. Not only is the new EOS Crystal Lip Balm cruelty-free, it also totes as vegan-friendly and wax-free. EOS lip balms have a distinct style that includes an orb of fragrant lip balm inside a pod-like shaped mini case. The new EOS Crystal line sports the same look as their sister line with only one thing that separates them apart from the others, the lip balm is clear, crystal clear. The formula is all natural and contains zero beeswax; meaning there are no animal byproducts in the mix and that makes for a happy vegan. Some of the organic ingredients it contains are clear shea butter, natural avocado, coconut, castor seed, aloe oil and sunflower. There aren’t even preservatives added to this cool line of balm, it’s also surprisingly free of water. EOS unleashed just two flavors for the Crystal line thus far, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The application glides on so smoothly, no one likes waxy textured lips so this is perfection. It leaves your lips looking juicy once applied over lipstick and also feeling wonderfully hydrated.

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EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. EOS is a leader in beauty and skincare, preferably their iconic lip balms. The brand was established in 2007 and co-founded by Sanjiv Mehra, whom also serves as the managing partner. The products are all tested and proven by dermatologist.

All of EOS beauty products are also gluten-free, hypoallergenic and enriched with vitamins and nourishing skin conditioning oils. You can currently find EOS brand of products at fine pharmacies, many mass drug stores and food retailers at almost every corner of the globe. Buy here at

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The Story Behind Doe Deere And The Success Of Limecrime

Limecrime has been considered an extremely controversial brand of makeup for a long time. The cosmetics the company produces are in incredibly bright, and in vivid shades. Some people believe this breaks all the rules, while many people adore the cosmetics, and have created a large fan base for the business. Doe Deere is responsible for founding the company, and is affectionately referred to as the queen of unicorns. Her followers have been dubbed as the unicorns.

Doe Deere began her life in Russia, and did not leave the country until she had turned 17. Her career was a direct result of her desire to be a musician, and this led her to New York. Although she ended up following a completely different path, the lessons she learned from the music business were valuable, and provided insight in her current business. She learned the skills of marketing, appreciation, and determination.

Doe Deere consented to an interview with Guest of a Guest, and discussed her personal, and business lives. She said ever since she was a child, she has loved business, and she was already involved in her own business of temporary tattoo sales by the time she reached thirteen. This was when she learned by making a product look cool by demonstrating it herself, she could be successful. Learn more:

She spoke of the time she was in a band in New York, and met the man who would become her husband. Their passions were similar, and today he serves his wife’s company as the President. Doe Deere believes the only way to achieve success is to be in touch with who you are, and what you desire. She sees something special, and unique in everyone, and advises people to discover themselves. She feels this will lead to the realization of a skill that will allow people to grow, and flourish.

Limecrime entered the scene in 2008, and was the result of Doe Deere not being able to find the type of cosmetics she wanted. Nothing matched the brightness, and style of her clothing. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and created a line of intensely pigmented products. When she added her new cosmetics to her existing products, her career was born. The way she marketed her company has led to her becoming one of the makeup industries most influential members. Her cosmetics are popular, in demand, and the epitome of success.


David Giertz Broadly Advises On Retirement Planning

According to David Giertz, before retiring, it is important for one to ensure that they have taken all the proper steps necessary for a smooth retirement period. However, the highest percentages of people do not plan for their retirement early enough, leading to great failure. To ensure that you don’t find yourself in a bad financial position, it is highly important to start planning for retirement as early as you can. The following are some of the wonderful tips offered by David Giertz, a great Financial Advisor.

Early retirement planning is never simple as one is not aware of the amount of money they will require to get them through the period. You could decide to store a large part of your income to your retirement account. However, you may realize that this money will not be enough to take you through your retirement period. Therefore, you should begin considering other income generating strategies which will ensure that you retire with enough capital in your bank.

Investment is a great idea, but it solely depends on how, where and what to invest. Mr. Giertz states that there are a couple of things that need to be considered to make great investment choices. Once you identify the needs you will have during your retirement period; it will make it much easier to determine how much you will need to save up.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry of progressive financial services, David Giertz recently served at the Nationwide Financials Sales and Distribution Company as President. Under his leadership, he was able to grow the division’s profitable revenue from $11billion to $17.8billion. Mr. Giertz is an approved Business Coach with the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC). He also achieved an associate engagement score in the world-class Gallup.

He began his career as a Financial Services Advisor at Citigroup, where he was later promoted to Area Director, and later served as the Executive Vice President of Sales. This was a result of his remarkable records where he continually surpassed the expectations of the industry. With time, he moved to work with Nationwide. David studied at the University of Miami where he completed an MBA. He also enrolled at Millikin University and completed with a BS.

Clay Siegall makes huge contributions to field of targeted cancer therapy

In the middle part of the 20th century, huge strides were made in the treatment of cancer. Many types of cancer that had previously been virtual death sentences became diseases with which people could live for long periods or even become cured of entirely. Things like breast cancer, cervical cancer and melanoma became little more than chronic nuisances to millions of people who otherwise almost certainly would have died in an earlier era.

But despite all of these tremendous gains, over the next 30 years, cancer therapies failed to deliver on the promise of continual increases in survivability across all types of the disease. This was largely due to stagnation occurring as a result of the fact that almost all of the major gains had already been made. The true low-hanging fruit of cancer survivability was the ability of the medical community to create the triad of radiation, chemotherapy and surgical intervention as a means to effectively treat many different types of the disease.

But throughout the early 1990s, many cancer researchers began working on a new kind of cancer therapy. This promised to blow the lid off the glass ceiling that had been imposed on the survivability of many cancer types since the late 1950s. The new type of cancer therapy was known as targeted cancer therapies, a set of techniques, drugs and surgical interventions that promised to enable oncologists to directly go after the site of the tumor, sparing the body of all the collateral damage and horrific side effects that occurred through the use of traditional cancer treatment.

No one was more important in the development of this new field than a man by the name of Clay Siegall. As a senior researcher at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall led a team of researchers to develop a highly innovative form of targeted cancer therapy known as antibody drug conjugates. These are a class of drugs that use synthetic human antibodies as a delivery mechanism to bring highly lethal cytotoxins directly to the site of malignant issues, thereby dramatically reducing the amount of the lethal agent released into the bloodstream.


Clay Siegall

Mighty Fortress Church and Lives Transformed

Every Sunday at 11:00am, believers come together to worship God at Mighty Fortress Church in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Mighty Fortress Church has been established to preach the Gospel and exalt the Kingdom of God in everything that we do. The mission of the church is to become a global voice for spiritual awareness, hope, encouragement and to inspire a working knowledge of the Word of God.

The inspired teaching, preaching and the allowance for Spirit-filled worship brings the power of God into the service to prepare the people for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The desire is to preach to the lost and teach God’s life-saving Word so that people can learn how to appropriate the Word of God into their own lives.

People can rely upon Mighty Fortress Church to be a safe place to examine the claims about Christianity and finally discover who Jesus Christ really is. It is a place where people can build meaningful and lasting relationships with people like themselves.

When you arrive at the worship service at Mighty Fortress Church you will not encounter a stiff, formal service with pre-designed rituals. You will be welcomed into a friendly, easy to get to know your group of loving people who are there to worship the Lord. The worship service and the message are designed to be relevant to today’s needs that we all encounter, and to bring answers to today’s pressing spiritual issues.

There are ministries for everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in. There is a dynamic Children’s Ministry for preschool to 12 years. Within that ministry is included Christian Education, social gatherings, field trips, and much more.

Other ministries include Evangelical Outreach, Married Couple’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Music Ministry, Worship Arts, Single’s Ministry, and Youth Ministry.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor of the Church. Bishop Williams has been in active ministry for over 30 years. His ministry ranges from the prophetic to teaching and preaching the Word of God to apply the treasures and wisdom of the Word of God to the hearts of the people.

For more information follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

The Crystal Ball of EOS

The Evolution of Smooth or better known as EOS has done it again with their incredible line of egg shaped lip balms. The line of lip products burst onto the scene and started popping into purses and backpacks everywhere. The newest product in their line is the Crystal Lip Balm with a see through top. The balm is 100% vegan and when once opened the lip balm inside is crystal clear, hence the name. This fun and new lip balm is selling out online but will be available at stores like Walmart. Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are the delicious flavors offered in the Crystal collection.

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EOS has been offering customers a fun new way to keep their lips well taken care of for the last 8 years. Coming out of nowhere the little egg shape designed glosses really hit a nerve with the public. Their packaging along with the quality product it held has taken the lip balm industry by storm. The product line is organic which appeals to customers and now with the removal of beeswax in it’s Crystal Lip Balm there is now a vegan choice. Evolution of Smooth continues to be an innovator in the industry, jump over this site.

EOS has used their ingenous packaging idea and their lines of delicious flavors and sparkles and colors to create a social media sensation, refer also to The marketing behind the product on social media has helped to make this product what it is today. Year after year EOS has had their products in fashion and beauty magazines best of sections or great gifts to buy. Even celebrities have jumped into the action showing pictures on instagram of they themselves using these great products.


Jose Auriemo Neto and His Leadership for JHSF As Its Chief Executive Officer

Malls answer the problem of a country’s economic woes because they can churn out the economic growth of the nation. In Brazil, the malls are not only concerned with improving the economies of the country, but it also brings out the best in the country. There are many leaders in the economic progress in Brazil, but none seem to be able to compare to what the real estate sector has done for the country.

One of the leaders in the real estate dynamics of Brazil is JHSF, which is a network that handles several operations of various commercial markets and residential units all across the country. With JHSF’s acquisition of many of the country’s relevant stocks both in a commercial and residential division, it’s little wonder why it’s the leader in mall developments and upscale hotels management.

JHSF also handles an international executive airport in Brazil, and that contribution has given tangible economic change for the country.

JHSF’s Leadership Under José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is the man behind the dynamic economic growth of JHSF. He is right now the man who was able to undertake the full responsibilities of running the kind of commercial malls that propel growth in Brazil. Jose is also one of the founders who gave rise to the JHSF enterprise in the city of Sao Paulo around the year 1972 along with his brother Fabio.

The leadership of the two brothers has established the construction and incorporated networking needed for the company to grow in the delivery of their services.

Jose is also able to form the significant emerging decision that brought rise to the different improvements for the enterprise. The merger then got signed and contributed to raising the number of employees currently working in the industry. Right now the number of people who believe in the company as employees have now reached 500, and will continue to rise as Jose expands to various markets.

With the different decisions that Jose contributed to the enterprise, it’s little wonder why the JHSF will find itself growing to greater heights in real estate development for both residential and large-scale commercial buildings, as well as in shopping malls and restaurants.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offer New Treatment Plan

When someone is faced with cancer, they want to make sure that they are receiving the best care possible from the doctors that they turn to and trust. No two patients are completely alike, and the treatment plan for one patient needs to be different from the plan that is made for the next. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are implementing a new way of caring for their patients. They are working on something that will allow them to treat each patient in a customized way. The new plan that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working on is something that is going to help them help patients compare the various treatment plans. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is going to make it easier for individuals to know what they will be paying with each plan option and how each option is going to work out for them and their future.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals that treat patients dealing with various types of cancer in the best way possible. This group is something that was put together to help all cancer patients. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses various therapies to help the patients that turn to them deal with all kinds of side effects of cancer and its treatments, including nausea and anxiety.

Richard J. Stephenson founded Cancer Treatment Centers of America after losing his mother to cancer. He was not happy with the options that his mother had available to her, and he wanted to help other individuals have the kind of care that they needed as they fought their battle. He wanted to be there for other people like his mother, to help them through their cancer and the treatment that they chose for themselves.