The New EOS Crytal Lip Balm Is A Perfect Gift For Vegans

The EOS brand has launched a new line of lip balm and it is simply irresistible. Their new line of lip balms called “Crystal” are made with natural oils and is completely wax-free, making it very acceptable to those that are committed to veganism. The five essential oils this crystal clear lip balm contains are avocado, coconut and shea. Unlike the original lip balm containers, EOS Crystal lip balms are more triangular in shape instead of spherical and the balm itself is clear, giving it an awesome jewel effect. The texture when applying is not at all greasy and leaves your lips hydrated to perfection. This smooth formula is wax-free and made with no animal byproducts, making this a perfect gift for your everyday vegan friends. There are currently two exotically delicious flavors to choose from in this line, the Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, available here on You can purchase these new EOS Crystal Lip Balms online or at your nearby pharmacy everywhere.

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Evolution of Smooth, or commonly referred to as EOS, is one of the top leaders in beauty and skincare. Their iconic lip balms have taken over the beauty world by a storm since their beginnings in 2007. The brand was co-founded by Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. Sanjiv Mehra also serves as the company’s managing partner. When they started selling their EOS brand in Europe, just within 18 month after their start, their products sold so fast it completely surprised the founders.

All of EOS beauty products are fully tested and proven by top dermatologists, head over here. They are also gluten-free, enriched with nourishing vitamins, hypoallergenic and encased with very skin conditioning essential oils. The company is cruelty-free and all products are made with natural ingredients. The new EOS Crystal lip balm line is wax-free and not made with any animal byproducts.


Protect your IT infrastructure with Onelogin

From an informational technology (IT) perspective, things have changed dramatically over the last decade, 5 years and even 1 year when it comes to security options available to protect a corporate network. Companies have deployed the most fierce firewalls, email monitoring and SPAM deflection systems that some of the corporate networks seem more secure than fort knox. But there is always a weakness in a network. What most companies don’t realize, is how obvious that weakness often is.

Imagine an organization terminating someone for poor performance. Or perhaps they were terminated for inappropriate behavior at the workplace. Whatever the scenario, it is fair assumption that a terminated employee may not have the best taste in their mouth after being escorted out of the building they may have poured years of work into. While most of these employees will move onto to their next careers without looking back, there may be a handful that are out for revenge. Would you believe that after an employee leaves an organization, they still have access to the corporate network close to 60% of the time? An ex-employee could login and access any of the information they had visibility to while they were an active employee. They could download and steal an organization’s precious data while breezing past the firewalls and security administrators. Sounds too easy right? Well, it happens more often than companies would like to admit. It’s not just the small companies that are vulnerable or unprepared for such events. Companies like Marriot Hotels and OFCOM have been the targets of disgruntled ex-employees.

It is time companies took a preventative approach to protecting their networks and invaluable data from an ex-employee with motive to do harm. One industry leading organization to help companies protect themselves from unauthorized access to a corporate network is Onelogin. Onelogin offers a myriad of solutions to protect your organization’s network and has the experience and expertise to deliver the results you seek. Waiting until it is too late is a far more expensive proposition that partnering with a solutions provider like Onelogin to maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

The Creation of a Personalized Approach to Therapy

The introduction of Talkspace has revolutionized our approach to therapy. For one hundred and twenty-eight dollars a month you can get a mobile therapy app that matches you with a licensed therapist. What’s more, you can initiate communication with them via voice or video calls and texting. It’s also an excellent alternative for those who prefer typing as opposed to a face to face conversation.

Anyone who has used the app can attest to the fact that they have had great success when it comes to opening up on tougher subjects. Talkspace comes in handy since it helps you find your way while at the same time respecting your boundaries. It’s also convenient in the sense that there is no limit to what you can share. You can write several paragraphs or just a few sentences, and you’ll be guaranteed of a response.

As a first time user, you will meet a representative who will ask you question to try and get into the bottom of your mental health as well as some of the things you are looking for in a therapist. Borderline personality disorder impacts relationships in a major way with those closest to the sufferers finding it difficult to remain patient and compassionate in the wake of volatile behavior. However, if the sufferers and loved ones learn about the condition and watch out for the common relationship hurdles, it shouldn’t be difficult to build healthier bonds.

Individuals with borderline personality disorder will find it hard to respect and understand other people’s boundaries. According to psychologist Daniel S, some of the common traits of people with the disorder include not respecting boundaries around sleep, taking cash from wallets of family members, asking about intimate details that aren’t appropriate and borrowing clothing from family members without permission.

Trading Guidelines Leading to Success with Greg Secker

Trading is known to create an important transformation in the world because it enables the economic market sector to develop to reach greater heights. But unfortunately a lot of traders choose to practice trading in order for to make a lot of money, its great but one must know the significant methods in order to be successful. Hence one of the professional expertizes who help traders to succeed in the trading sector is Greg Secker. Some of the methods that a trader needs to follow to accomplish their objectives include.

Through having sufficient understanding of the main things that trading entails these enables things to be easier and not entering the trading sector to make more money. Furthermore, Forex Market mechanism is one of the important things in the trading sector. It is a term that is mainly used in trading practice therefore it’s the main core.

Finding an expert who has well experienced in trading sector and also a successful trader it’s another technique these enables a trader to learn more about how the trading process goes. A lot of prosperous traders began from nothing they also learned from other outstanding traders, they will guide you on the right path of being a prosperous trader too.

Through realizing an effective trading method and following through it will enable a trader to have more reliability, stability and competence hence the outcome will be good. It also helps a trader by not being confused, having an accurate mind and makes the daily trading activity easier.

Through recognizing goals in the trading sector is another method because it helps a trader to be more vigilant and also a trader will be able to know the challenges that he faces hence solutions are easily found. Another thing is through preparing budgets that will enable guide a trader hence it reduces losses and more profit will be gained.

Greg Secker is a renowned businessman that started Knowledge to Action Group in 2003. The organization deals with providing trading software and technology. He background education he went to the University of Nottingham and attained bachelors in Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Crsytal: EOS’s New Lip Balm Product

People of all ages have been patiently waiting for the release of EOS’s new lip balm. The current best-selling brand has been teasing the general public for quite some time and consumers have been “eating it up,” literally. EOS has unveiled its new Crystal lip balm to the public, and it’s creating a lot of commotion. Crystal is a bit different from its predecessors because of its new packaging, its new finish, and its new flavors. There is nothing else like it on the market today thanks to its features, available here at Crystal lip balms provide ultimate moisture via beneficial ingredients. The ingredients are vast, and they are tried and true. This includes:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Avocado
  • And more

The name Crystal is a reflection of its main feature. This new lip balm has a transparent or a translucent appearance, check this out! Yes, you can definitely see right through to the other side. The ingenuity that’s coming from this brand is one of the reasons to why it has become the best-selling lip balm brand of today. EOS simply owns the competition in each and every way. It comes in the two wonderful flavors of Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The smell of Crystal is simply amazing.

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The history of EOS is rather simple. It has only been around for about nine years, but you would think that it has been around for decades. As of today, EOS is at an estimated worth of $250 million. To better state it, EOS sells around one million units per week. The bar has been relocated and set. The status quo has surely been changed. All in all, EOS and the new Crystal lip balms are charging straight to the top of the chart.

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Reliable Financial Services Offered by Nexbank

Nexbank is a financial institution which is based in Dallas. It announced the completion of a $54 million private placement of fixed to floating rate notes to investors of high net worth. The company intends to use the money for corporate purposes. For five years, the notes are non-callable and are to mature on 30th September 2027. They have a fixed interest of 6.375% for five years after which it will be based on a floating rate spread above the three month LIBOR of 458.5 basic points.

Nexbank serves its customers through mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking. It primarily provides customized banking and financial services to corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients. The mission of Nexbank is to deliver value that is uncommon to the customers. Nexbank provides its customers with access to sophisticated solutions that are delivered to the clients by professionals. The company has clients all over the United States.

Nexbank works with institutions to understand their objectives and provide for them customized solutions that work for their strategic objectives. It offers a variety of property management services to institutional clients while focusing on the enhancement of property value through minimization of operating costs and improved tenant experience.

Nexbank is keen on establishing long-term relationships with its partners. The professionals at Nexbank provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of customers as they arise in order to empower their business. The funding is reliable, and they are delivered quickly and the solutions offered are flexible. The representatives of Nexbank are always ready to help those who are joining their services for the first time with the application process.

Nexbank also has the option of online banking which is convenient and flexible, allowing the clients to manage their finances at any time. Through the online banking services, clients can transfer money between accounts, pay bills online thus saving time, and check their transaction history. Nexbank provides two types of loans for the clients; commercial loans and SBA loans. It partners with developers in the real estate industry to create specialized financing for development, acquisition, and construction. It also has credit services that give community banks the opportunity to diversify their portfolio.

Talos Energy Aids Mexican Coastal Rig

In Mexico, the oil and gas industry has been nationalized for quite some time. They started this trend way back in 1938, almost 80 years ago. Since then no outside investor could touch the oil in the ground or off their waters. Pemex, a national company with a monopoly, was the only company allowed to do it. Mexico always planned to keep it that way, but unexpected events in the economy of late have made them reconsider. They have now opened up their industry to outside investment for the first time in a long time.

The move has prompted interest from a number of investors. They are willing to look hard into the numbers to predict that only 100 to 500 million barrels of oil between three companies is a lot to bargain with. And the companies won the 2015 round of bidding. The three firms are Premier Oil, Sierra, and Talos. Except for Sierra, the other two companies are foreign. If Tabasco and its coast offer up success to the drillers, it could spell a new age for Mexico.

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company out of Houston, Texas. They were founded in 2012 when two investors realized they could put their heads together. They offered innovative solutions for other clients, so they wanted to add something to portfolio in the energy business. Using millions of dollars of equity funding, and their holding company partner Phoenix Holdings, they had Talos up and running. But the company hasn’t always been this successful.

The company only had about 12 employees when it first started out, a number that would shock most people finding out that it had 100 employees today. Much of the rapid growth of the last few years has led to them having $500 million in yearly revenue. One of the most impressive parts of the company is that they share the proceeds from profits to each worker, no matter their position. This allows the company, which competes by investing in exploration and drilling for oil offshore, to remain at the top. They currently do about 16,000 barrels of oil a day in their regions of operation.

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Tony Petrello Journey Battle Against Leukomalacia

Tony Petrello is the administrator and CEO of Nabor Industries one of the largest drilling contractor oil company. Tony was born in Newark, New Jersey. Tony has two degrees in mathematics from Yale University and a law degree from Harvard University. After school he joined Baker and McKenzie law firm, focusing on corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. He became managing partner in 1986 and later moved to Nabors industry in 1991. After joining he was elected to be Nabor board of directors and executive committee board. In 2003 he became the deputy chairman. He has also been serving as the moderator of the executive committee of the board since 2012.

He is also an essential member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees as he is committed to the fundraising cause. When his daughter Carena was born, she was only 24 weeks and 20 pounds, she was diagnosed with Leukomalacia. The disease occurs when there isn’t sufficient blood flow to the brain which results in little oxygen in the brain .this condition causes the victim to develop cerebral palsy and experience developmental delays. With the state of their daughter, the Petrello had to put an effort to find a solution. They moved from the research facility to the other and finally came to the conclusion that kids suffering from the problem require research on at a high scale.

Texas children hospital provided the kind of attention Tony required for their daughter. Tony hopes that the research center will provide the necessary solutions over the years. In the efforts of a solution tony and his wife donated $50 million to the creation of the Jan Duncan neurological research facility in 2010. Inspired by daughters course and the development Tony has also contributed to other charities. He donates $15000 for his friend Professor Lang memorial service. Lang was a professor at the Yale University and an excellent one.

Tony’s course in Neurological Research Institute aims to find a cure for the disorder. The couple has been supportive to the doctors for giving their time to finding a cure; Tony is always optimistic about the treatment. Tony and his wife have been in a few conferences joined with other parents who have been touched by the disorders, talking about it and the challenges faced. Tony and his wife have volunteered at charity events and when they get a chance they also write about it. Tony shares his experience with humility. Tony has endured a lot of perseverance, and the only way to remain hopeful is by networking with more doctors. People should view this commitment as a source of inspiration to not give up but keep the faith.

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David McDonald Outlines Measures that Aim at Improving the Productivity of OSI Group

David McDonald is the chief operating officer at OSI Group International Foods and the former Chief Executive Officer at North American Meat Institute. He went to Iowa State University where he graduated with degree in Animal Science.

In the OSI Group that he runs both locally and internationally, the focus supplying on food products that they have added protein supplements majorly as the basis of their production. The firm has its headquarters located in Aurora and the products that they deal in include kebabs, pizza, sausage links, beef patties just to mention a few. These products are therefore supplied to other food companies that deal in line with such value-added protein products and hence sell them to other small scale entrepreneurs and final consumers.

Any food producing company is expected to have a set of rules governing the hygiene and pollution management of the industry and OSI Group is not an exemption. David has organized his employees well so as to maximize on productivity by producing high quality food products that satisfy the needs of their consumers. By having this in control, the company is assured of getting a wider market for its products thereby maximizing on profits to the company. The company and its employees are dedicated toward environmental conservation and management thereby earning an ISO14001 certification. As the company’s president, he has chiefly participated in blending the company’s goals and thereby ensuring that active measures are put forward to help in controlling and completely eradicating pollution within the company. This was the major steering wheel towards achieving and upholding maximum sustainability.

Conserving the immediate surrounding environment of the employees is the company’s major concern. This is by employing ways of ensuring the safety and health of the employees is at its maximum. Recycling of wastes and use of sources of energy that minimize air pollution is another initiative that they have invested in. The company has wishes to achieve its zero waste management vision by latest 2020.

McDonald has also considered merging with other companies such as Baho Food which is based in Europe. He believes that this kind of partnership would help with widening their markets in Europe hence earning the company more profits. In addition, he said that this merging would help his company with great ideas on how to improve in their production processes therefore helping in increasing their output. With quality products and large market, the company is assured of better business operations in the future.


EOS Organic Lip Balm Review

I recently have purchased the new EOS crystal lip balm in the plus flavor. I was extremely surprised to find that this new EOS crystal lip balm is in a liquid form and is beeswax free and vegan as stated in I only use vegan cosmetics so to know that EOS now has a lip balm that is vegan and so affordable makes me happy. I found out about EOS through my daughter who uses their organic lip balm line. I am excited to try crystal lip balm in the other two flavors vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach.

EOS Stands for Evolution of Smooth which makes perfect sense because all their products make your lips and skin smooth to the touch. EOS aside from lip balm also sells shave cream and lotions. EOS shave cream comes in four different scents tropical fruit, pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bliss, and lavender jasmine. EOS Shave cream is made with aloe and oat extract which allows users of this shave cream to use It on both dry and wet skin, more interesting articles here. Many other shaving creams on the market have to be used on only wet skin otherwise customers are left with little red bumps on their skin where they shaved but not with EOS. Know the review here on

EOS has both hand and body lotion. There are currently 4 different scents of hand lotion and 3 different scents of body lotion. The 4 scents of EOS hand lotion are cucumber, berry blossom, vanilla orchid, and fresh flowers. The 3 scents of EOS body lotion that are on the market are berry blossom, delicate petals, and extra dry vanilla orchid. Extra dry vanilla orchid EOS body lotion Is perfect for EOS customers who have dry skin that is hard to combat. Whereas berry blossom and delicate petals can be used on any skin type.

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