O2Pur Making Strides with E Cigarettes

In 2003, Hon Lik a pharmacist in China created electronic cigarettes. Since their introduction, electronic cigarettes have become a trend for many people. An electronic cigarette is a handheld electronic device that intimidates tobacco smoking. It is called vaping and works by heating a liquid to create an aerosol that is inhaled. The liquid is made of nicotine, propylene and may be flavored.

Since electronic cigarettes are performing well in the market, the British American Tobacco company has purchased Reynolds American. There is plenty of competition in the industry, and Philip Morris International is planning to profit from the sales of electronic cigarettes. There are a variety of e-cigarette available that include MarkTen, Altria, and O2Pur. These electronic cigarettes provide a heat-not-burn technology. This technology allows real heat tobacco to be delivered to the smoker without the toxic chemicals released when tobacco is burned.

The leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes are British American Tobacco and Phillip Morris. The British American Tobacco company has created the iFuse glo, Neostik, and Kent brand. Their contender Reynolds-American introduced the blue Cig to the market and made over $135 million with this product. They also introduced the Vuse e-cig, Eclipse, and Revo to the market and has become a leader.

In addition, Phillip Morris has produced the IQOS device and HeatSticks to consumers. They have partnered with Marlboro to produce HeatSticks, and consumers like the real tobacco flavor. Their product is closer to promoting a smoke-free environment and is doing well in the United States.

On the other hand, O2Pur an electronic cigarette company in Salt Lake City, UT has become a popular choice. O2Pur provides nicotine salts and e-liquids in a variety of flavors to customers. The offer flavorful juices and are preferred among many customers. Their e-liquids are $14.95 each and they offer a range of pens and accessories for electronic cigarettes.

Furthermore, electronic cigarette companies like O2Pur are a good investment and is an alternative method for smoking. There are many loyal customers purchasing this product. The continuation of sales will be great for manufacturers and cause their profits to grow.

Larkin and Lacey

While many may have seen Donald Trump’s pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio as an act of mercy, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin call it a result of Arpaio’s political prowess. In the Melendres v. Arpaio class action suit, the Sheriff was found guilty of racial profiling and was told to make reforms to his jail.

However, he failed to make the necessary changes and was consequently found in contempt of court, facing at least 6 months of jail time that he inevitably would never serve due to his pardon.

In the case of Arpaio racial profiling was not an isolated incident. In fact, it was only one piece of a very complicated and twisted puzzle. Larkin and Lacey were co-owners of the Pheonix New Times and seemingly never found an end to the corruption taking place in Maricopa County.

The unprecedented amount of suicides and wrongful deaths that took place in the jail was indicative of how desperate things had become. Prisoners were forced to eat rotten food, give birth while shackled to their beds and were deprived of medications. But even still Arpaio seemed proud of the ship that he was running. In fact, when the jail became overcrowded one summer, he set up a tent in the 135-degree weather and dubbed it “Tent City.”

The New Times was one of few sources willing to call the Sheriff out on his abuse of power. And this was no small feat considering the vengeance that he would impose upon those who stood in his way. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

The publication was very bothersome to Arpaio as evidenced by his banning it from all press conferences and threatening its reporters with jail time.

And it’s this annoyance that prompted the Sheriff to take action against the publication when they published his personal address in an article. Arpaio stressed that it was a threat to his safety and was considered a felony.

So he attempted to have the reporter prosecuted. However, on the day of the trial, Larkin and Lacey published an article that detailed the subpoena and expressed the injustice of the matter. Sheriff Arpaio deemed the publication of the subpoena illegal and had the two arrested.

Larkin and Lacey were no strangers to injustice of this kind. They had started their University of Arizona campus paper due to their anger over the Kent State killings. They were used to creating headlines.

However, they may have never suspected that they would end up in the headlines of major publications such as the Washington Post and the New York Times. When the public heard the details of their case, they were outraged. And the Maricopa County attorney was pressured to release them and close the case.

Larkin and Lacey received a $3.75 million dollar settlement which they used to fund organizations in Arizona who work for migrant-rights.

They no longer own the New Times, however, their newest website focuses on things that impede free speech and the First Amendment–they call it the Front Page Confidential.

Todd Lubar: Decision Making and Managing a Company

Todd Lubar is the current president of TDL Global Ventures LLC. As a child, he knew that he would be an entrepreneur someday. When he was still a kid, he remembered that he would be selling lemonades and hot chocolates to people who are out in the winter. He would also try to clean up his neighbor’s pathway as snow accumulated on the street. Todd Lubar has been a business minded person since day one, and because of his willpower to become a successful businessman someday, he decided to take up a degree in college which would let him study the basics about being an entrepreneur.

Fast forward to the present time; Todd Lubar has been managing his own business which provides funding to those who wanted to start their own business. However, he had to go through a lot of challenges before he was able to change his life. He had to work in the mortgage industry, and he shared how he felt afraid every time he closes a deal with a client because the industry has no assurance that there will be more customers knocking on your office tomorrow. After he closed multiple deals, he would find a way on how to get a new customer. Todd Lubar stated that it has always been that way for him, and he is happy with the way he manages to do his job. Check out Medium to see more.

According to Patch, when an opportunity to create his own business came, Todd Lubar started to read and do more research about how he can succeed in his chosen career path. It expanded his knowledge about how he can do business, and he suddenly felt the urge to become the head of the company that he established. He is one of the founders of TDL Global Ventures LLC, and upon seeing how the company has transformed through the years, it makes him think about the future and what he can do to keep his company going. He would also like to work with other business people in the industry to ask them about their insights on the current status of the market. He wanted to make sure that every investment counts.

Reference: https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/todd-lubar-explains-current-real-estate-trends-baltimore