Vegan EOS lip balm

EOS or Evolution of Smooth, is a company that has reinvented the way people use lip care products. The company decided balm no longer needed to be as boring as it was. The founders of the company found that the traditional stick or tube style lip balm was just plain and very depersonalized. With that in mind, they created the EOS lip balm. The product has taken over the lip care market, ending up in the purses of some very popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The balm itself is encased within a colorful pod. The pod is smooth and spherical. The top of the pod unscrews to reveal the pleasant balm. The balm has a taste and smell like no other balm on the market. The company has had a dramatic spike in sales over the years. They have become extremely successful ( The pods can be found at many major retailers such as Target or Walmart. They go for around four bucks a pop.

EOS recently released an upgraded version to their lip balm. This version is called the Crystal EOS lip balm. Hence the name, the balm has a crystal clear look. It is totally transparent. The balm has also been modified as it is now totally vegan. It is available in two blissful flavors including Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The balm is enriched with a handful of oils that add hydration to your lips. The balm is clear due to the removal of beeswax. This wax is the cause of the heavy feeling associated with traditional balms. Don’t worry though, the new lip balm still packs some serious hydration power. The new product goes for around $5. It has driven sales off the charts. The new balm is a real deal lip product, check


All About Southridge Capital the Financial Service Firm

Financial services firms exist to advise, audit and invest in other companies. This is where Southridge Capital comes in. Southridge Capital an equity firm was founded in 1996 and has put an effort to invest more than $1.8 billion in over two decades. The company was founded by Stephen Hicks who is also the executive office. He leads a five-member team with people that serve different responsibilities. There is a controller, director of research, operating officer and counsel and portfolio manager. All these roles are played by experts in marketplace situation and financial plan development. One would want massive returns, wouldn’t you? Southridge Capital focuses more on investment.

The vast capital investment has directly affected more than 250 companies. This is attributed to the competent team. The benefits from Southridge Capital`s services fall into 2- advisory and structured finance. In the advisory, there is financial analysis service where company financial statements are made inclusive of balance sheet optimization. There is also merger and acquisition where business models are aligned and restructured. Lastly, there is bankruptcy advice and Legal settlement services for companies to negotiations to address debt and litigation settlements. In structured finance, securitization, credit-enhancing, and financing solutions are offered. This is to achieve monetization of company assets, collaboration with creditors to increase creditworthiness and to raise capital through equity purchase agreement. For a firm, these services are indispensable. You can checkout for more details.


Southridge Capital has partnered with Elite Data Services, a company that implements software to market. It has also engaged Elayaway, a payment platform in an equity purchase agreement worth $10 million. Emerging trends are the big thing that Southridge seeks to invest in and expand to international markets.

Would you want to benefit from Southridge Capital indirectly? There is giving back to society. Southridge excises philanthropy by promoting volunteer work and community leadership in non-profit organizations and charities by committing monetary resources and time. This has a positive impact on society. In has engaged other institutions like Ridgefield Fountain landmark, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, and Walnut Community Hill Church just but to mention a few in its corporate social responsibility. Checkout their facebook page to see more.





Is Glen Wakeman The Guardian Angel to Entrepreneurs Around the World?

Anyone who has heard of Glen Wakeman will know that he is no stranger to building a business and pushing it to thrive. Receiving his education at The University of Chicago, Wakeman then went on to have a 20-year career at GE Capital. During this 20-year period, he was able to live in six different countries while working in 32. During these years he was responsible for leading tens of thousands of employees along with working on many start-ups.

After years of working with multiple start-ups, Glen co-founded and is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings
(Ceocfointerviews). This new business venture has allowed him to use his vast knowledge to become a mentor to those who are less experienced. Working with new start-ups along with many c-level executives, LaunchPad Holdings helps to form a solid business plan out of a loose idea. These services are crucial as they provide new entrepreneurs with a much higher chance of success than if they were to venture out on their own. The service of LaunchPad Holdings cost $100 and typically last about 30 minutes.

Writing is also a large part of Glens life and is also another way for him to share his knowledge with the world. His years working around the globe have made him knowledgeable in several markets, which he uses when writing his blog posts. Many times you can find him writing on topics such as emerging markets and international fiscal matters. These blog posts have also allowed him to give away somewhat of a free mentorship as he often posts his three-step-tips on how to grow and run a successful business. He also has a Youtube channel where he continues to share his knowledge.

Glen attributes a big part of his success to the relationships he has developed with people over time, and he encourages entrepreneurs to stay in touch with these people. He believes that social media can be a powerful tool for keeping in touch, as busy days and full schedules can overwhelm us. When it comes down to it, Glen Wakeman believes these people in our lives can be the difference between success and failure.


Five Must-Have Back To Work Items For 2016

Okay, so we’ll admit that “back to work” isn’t officially a thing. Sure, most of us in the working world didn’t get a summer break like our student counterparts. However, just because we never left the office doesn’t mean that we don’t get excited about the crop of new cosmetics and decor items that come out during back to school time. To help you get excited about “back to work,” here are five items that are worth coveting in the fall of 2016

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Earth mamas have been obsessed with these gorgeous lamps for years and now they’re finally finding mainstream popularity. These lamps are said to release negative ions that combat fatigue and feelings of malcontent. Even if you don’t buy the hippie buzz, they still omit an utterly gorgeous, serene glow.

Farmhouse-Inspired Floor Cushions

This season is all about getting back to rustic, shabby chic and simple country decorating schemes. These cushions are perfect for giving your house a cozy, inviting and comfortable feel.

Simple Handbags That Go With Everything

We’ve had our fun with unique and out-there handbag designs, but the new trends are skewing more old fashioned. Handbags that go with everything, like this gorgeous handmade gray handbag, is the perfect accessory for the fall of 2016.

Sphere Lip Balms

Tube lip balms are so passe. The trendiest choice in hydration for your kisser is definitely lip balms that come in a sphere container, like this one from Eos. The design of the balm is adorable and you get more product than you would with a tube.  More on

The DIY Organizational Technique

Forget about buying boring old organizational tools and containers to keep your office in check. This season is all about taking cues from Pinterest and articles like this one and creating your own organizational tools out of items such as mason jars. The finished effect is very rustic and shabby chic.

Follow any of these tips to have your trendiest and most glam “back to work” season possible.

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Jason Hope Back-ups SENS in its Quest for a Better Life

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of the SENS Research Foundation, restated again that the total objective of the foundation and the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference was to establish the industry of rejuvenation biotechnology that aspires the hastening of drug development via the wide range association of damage-repair specialization.

The cited conferences will offer a program for specialists and essential players to take part in group discussions that involve subject matters on building a rejuvenation biotechnology industry and deliberate combinatorial, preventive strategies, molecular and cellular impairment as the cause of the disease of aging, and evolving reformative therapies in Parkinson’s disease and cancer. The preceding topics embody the key objectives of the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS Foundation). The SENS Foundation is a non-profit entity that was established on the backing or sponsorships given by scientists, researchers, private individuals as well as philanthropists. And one of those who made a hefty contribution lately to SENS was Jason Hope, a well-known businessman and native of Arizona. He is recognized for actively funding the research endeavors of the foundation.

Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation that assisted the organization in the construction and furnishing of the SENS Laboratory in Cambridge. The money is likewise intended for making a new program on research that hopes to analyze the end products of advanced glycation within the human tissue. Jason discloses that he is a fervent supporter of SENS and its objectives because he states that organizations such as SENS are trying to find diverse means towards anti-aging issues. He adds that SENS is concentrated in searching for treatments against illnesses that breaks the body down, rendering people to age faster. And while the conventional way of medical treatment lies on making remedies after they occur, whereas SENS is looking for a way to treat the diseases linked to aging before they actually transpire and manifest.

Jason Hope earned his Finance Degree from the Arizona State University, and completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School. At present, He is regarded as a successful investor, futurist, and entrepreneur. At present he is a successful investor, futurist, and entrepreneur.

Jason Hope does his philanthropic activities in Phoenix, and in the whole of Arizona where he manages some of his many businesses. He regularly backs-up scientific researches that are engage in innovation to assist others in having a better standard of living.

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Lime Crime Releases New Product That Makes Social Media Go Wild

If you’re looking for makeup that sets you apart from the crowd then look no further than Lime Crime. They are a company that has been creating products for those who have a passion for makeup. Lime Crime was created by Doe Deere who realized that there was a need for bright and unique colors. Lime Crime does their best to cater to their fans and give them the products that they need.

Lime Crime has also been keeping up with the latest and greatest trends. They pay attention to what is trendy on social media and they listen to what their fans ask for. That’s why Lime Crime has been releasing lots of new products recently. They’re doing everything they can to make their fans happy. They recently released another product and it has the internet buzzing.

Lime Crime has just released their newest venus pallette. The pallette can be used to create a dreamy or fierce eye look. The newest pallette features lilac, rose gold, mauve, and shades of brown. The different colors are matte and shimmery. Altogether, you can use the different colors to create a look that is entirely your own. The shades glide on smoothly and they help to create a magical look. This isn’t the first venus pallette and it certainly won’t be the last. Lots of Lime Crime fans crave these pallettes because it’s a way that they can have some fun and play with their makeup by creating a unique look that isn’t like everyone else. The pallettes have also been praised for being super pigmented, long lasting, and buttery smooth. Thse pallettes also feature an array of different colors meaning that there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Overall, Lime Crime puts a lot of passion and hard work into whatever product that they’re developing. They will never give their fans something that they wouldn’t wear themselves. Lime Crime is passionate about makeup and they’re passionate about using high quality ingredients. All of Lime Crime’s products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free meaning that anyone who wants to enjoy this makeup line is able to.

Upwork: How to Use a To-Do List Effectively

Upwork has recently posted an article that summarizes several key techniques and skills regarding the efficient use of to-do lists. Most people have used, or at least heard of, a to-do list. They are one of the most commonly recommended tools for individuals to make better use of their time.

Upwork describes a common scenario of individuals creating to-do lists and then very few of the items actually being completed. This is most commonly due to a lack of knowledge regarding techniques that will allow you to use this powerful tool better. They recommend that you should create a better system of organization for your task lists. There are several techniques that you can utilize in order to improve the organization of your lists.

First, you must begin by creating a list. Upwork believes that it is important for you to get every idea in your head on paper when you are creating a list of tasks you must complete. A common distraction that people encounter during the working day is wondering ideas that enter their head. If you get every single idea on paper, this can significantly reduce the occurrence of these distractions. It is important that all of these ideas go into one central location as well. This will eliminate the time that you spend going between one list of tasks and another.

Once you have all of your tasks listed, you can then go about organizing them. Upwork recommends that on each task you should set specific timelines to go with them. This will give you an idea of when to start each task as well as how long each task will take to complete. They also recommend giving your self a little bit of room to breathe with each task as occasionally we overestimate or underestimate the time required for a particular task. Afterward, you can then go about organizing them in order of importance. Since you have a general idea of how long each task will take you can then decide how to use your time most efficiently. In this way, you will get far better results than haphazardly working your way through a task list.


Jason Hope Invests in Anti-aging

Everyone in the world desires to live a long and a very happy life. No one wants to die. The simple thought of dying makes people get shivers down their spine. The modern consumer will purchase anything so that they can live for many years without having to deal with any dangerous medical condition. There are so many medical problems that have threated human life in the modern times. Professionals in the medical world are working hard to find a cure for some of these complex medical challenges. However, these people still have a long way to go. Cancer, a very dangerous medical condition has managed to claim so many lives because the scientist cannot get an effective treatment. When cancer has reached many parts of the human body, curing it becomes very hard.

The modern consumer will do anything and go to any lengths so that he could prolong his life. This has been evident because of the amount of money people are spending on anti-aging products. Although most of these products are sold at very expensive rates, people still purchase them, but they do not get the results they have been promised. Some of the wealthiest and important personalities in the world cannot do anything to reverse aging or deal with the problems that are brought by the condition.

There are so many companies in the world that specialize in anti-aging products. These biotechnology firms have been founded by renowned scientists who want to make an impact in the society and ensure that people can live a longer life. One of the most successful companies in this industry is known as the SENS Foundation. The organization was established by professionals who have enough expertise in the market, and it is working towards getting an anti-aging remedy.

When Jason Hope, a renowned philanthropist living in Arizona realized that SENS Foundation was in the right path to success, he decided to use his funds to sponsor the activities that are carried out by the scientists in the company. Jason Hope announced through his website that he was donating a huge sum of money so that the company conducts more research and gives consumers the best remedy to stop and also slow the process that is brought by aging. The SENS Foundation says that the donation it has received from Jason Hope will be very helpful in the operations the company will be conducting in the future.

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Success Story of Nick Vertucci in Real Estate Market

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV Real Estate. His story is that of rising from the grounds to the top having hailed from a very humble background. This situation did not last over time but took a different line when Vertucci turned 18 years old. At this age, he began owning a business that was directed into selling computer accessories. Due to a crash in economic times, the business did not do well but he was quick to rise up from the financial challenge that was facing him. Nick Vertucci enrolled in a training at a real estate academy that later inspired him into real estate business. This set him free from the financial deficits he was facing by then. Through the involvement in real estate over time, Nick Vertucci became a guru in real estate investing and later he launched the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy that is known as the NVREA.

Asking how the idea of the NV Real Estate academy was birthed, Nick Vertucci replied through an interview with ideamensch that all started after he attended the training at a real estate academy in 2004. Due to the financial constraints that were knocking on all corners, Nick started investing into single-family rentals and other real estate platforms. He would do rehabbing, rental management, buying foreclosures, and all other strategies that would make him rise. His sales increased when he began hosting a radio show called “The Real Estate Investing Hour” that harbored him many listeners and investors. In 2014, Nick launched the NVREA with a pure intention of creating perfect training on real estate to assist more investors.

Getting into some inspirations from Nick, he brings ideas to life through four major tips. First, Nick says that one needs to see what they want or rather envision the goal or business that they desperately want. This is the point of having a vision. Secondly, once the vision is clear, it requires faith that you may believe in the vision. The truth is that many people fear their goals and dreams and that leads to lack of confidence. Thirdly, it gets to map the vision or rather having the systems and plans to make it work and finally executing the vision by actualizing it.

Dr. Dov Rand: Helping Create Productive People

Good health is one of the most important things we as people need to have. If we want to be productive and make an impact on the world our health needs to be in order. Health is constantly something that we must look after and at any time it can go from good to bad depending on the condition and way we take care of ourselves. However, some issues arrive from uncontrollable factors like the aging process. Up until recently there was little we could do about his but as time, information, and technology progresses we are becoming better at fighting these type of health risks. One of the main players and people who are doing something about age related health issues Dr. Johanan Rand.

Dr. Dr. Johanan Rand is a bioidentical hormone specialist who practices out of New Jersey. His hard work and dedication to helping fight aging has lead him down an incredible road. He as an expert believes that the aging process and a lot of the hang-ups that come from it are the results of hormonal shifts, and imbalances. According to him as we get older a lot of the hormones abundant at younger ages starts to wane and this causes a lot of our issues. Her is too be believes because of his resume of work and education. Dr. Rand attended multiple universities including the Howard University college of Medicine and the Albert Einstein college of medicine. He also attended the St. Barnabas Medical Center as received training there. He has a lot of education and it all has culminated in a doctor who knows just what to do to cure aging.

Dr. Johanan Rand employs hormones to patients to lacking them to get them back into good health standing. For instance, in men with erectile dysfunction he applies testosterone that they are missing. Dr. Rand however isn’t loose with these types if resources as he is known to be very careful and safe with his treatments. He will not perform or recommend anything that is not known to work or be carefully reviewed by him and other experts. Furthermore, he tries his best to influence patients into living a healthier lifestyle and leads by example with exercise and healthy foods. Dr. Johanan Rand is a man that knows about aging. With his help many people will be able to live longer healthier lives and that will lead top more productive people across the board.