Chamonix Owned Genucel At Boosting Self-Worth

Low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-propagated violence are characteristic of post-abuse periods. Self-propagated violence not only includes physical vehemence but also harmful thoughts among other possibilities of self-harm. Engaging in self-care activities that amplify one’s self-value is perhaps the surest way of handling post abuse indicators. Self-assertion, including constant reminders of self-worth, love, and beauty are some of the self-care practices suggested by survivors and mental health practitioners.

Expressing creativity and physical exercises have been proven to have improving impacts on self-value. Redefining one-self through wellness as well as body positivity allows abuse victims to create a new being of themselves, free from the abuser’s imposed perspective. Community support is perhaps crucial in the walk towards self-affirmation and esteem. The Chamonix derived brand, Genucel, partnered with Women Aware, availing beauty bags with toiletries as well as Genucel products.

According to, the violence-prone New Jersey has the highest number of domestic violence cases across the US. Women Aware, a nonprofit entity based in the province provides post-abuse support to the victims of such cases. Domestic violence cases in the state occur in a span of 7 minutes. Women experience violence to a higher degree compared to their male counterparts. The ratio for male abuse victims stands at 1/7, against the critically high ¼ ratio for women. This phenomenon necessitates a support system for women.

Established in 1981, Women Aware offers support for women and their families in New Jersey. The organization provides accommodation, food, and recovery for post-abuse victims. A hotline and emergency services go a great length in reducing distress for victims of spousal violence.

Organizing a charity walk as a therapeutic as well as financial move never goes wrong. The Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk set off its tracks in 2018. The initiative expressed support for former abuse victims and raised funds Women Aware’s services. Walking the cause is the most widespread self-care routine, is the most recommended by both survivors and specialists. The exercise relieves both depression and anxiety.

Nature certainly has a way to the heart and mind. Plants and terrains suppress the symptoms of major mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Abuse survivors unite in nature walks. The victims together isolate native plants and coexist with nature learning about the ecosystem in an approach referred to as eco-therapy. Such adventures expose the survivors to their surrounding making them environment conscious. The exposure has a massive relieving effect on the mind. Learn more about Genucel on


Tim Ioannides, And His Patient First Philosophy

Going to the doctor for many can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether he or she is seeing a doctor for cosmetic reasons, or for a broken bone, there is at times a bit of a disconnect between doctor and patient. Dr. Ioannides recognized this unfortunate trend early on and has made it a part of his mission as a doctor to always remember to keep the patient in mind. Dr. Tim Ioannides, board-certified dermatologist, and entrepreneur, currently owns five very successful dermatology locations. Implementing a more “humanistic” approach within his practice can very well be the reason why his business has grown so rapidly.

With over 15 years serving patients in the Treasure Coast area, Dr. Tim Ioannides is adored by all he has cared for. Soon after earning his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Ioannides quickly began his internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center. After completing his residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Ioannides began working in the private sector for another physician. See This Article to learn more.

It was during this time that Dr. Ioannides found his calling. Once he recognized his purpose and passion, Dr. Ioannides ventured out on his own and opened his first brick and mortar practice, Treasure Coast Dermatology. The mission of Treasure Coast Dermatology was to provide medically based dermatological procedures, treatments and diagnoses.

Dr. Ioannides has had much success since venturing out on his own and opening his first practice. The entire concept and driving force behind his practice came from his time working for a plastic surgeon. Dr. Ioannides felt that too often the cosmetic aspect of dermatology is put before the medical aspect. Thus, Dr. Ioannides made it his goal to no longer perform any cosmetic procedures, and to only focus on the medical side of skin care.


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JD Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu is one of the top entrepreneurs in China. He is the founder and chief executive officer of a top retail company known as As the top executive and founder of one of the most reputable retail companies in China, Richard Liu has been interviewed a number of times. In his most recent interview in 2018, he talked about his business and how he manages it.

One of topics he discussed was how the company was started up. During this interview, Liu talked about how the company was founded after looking for a way to reach customers through ecommerce. Since his company is in the ecommerce retail industry, Richard Liu Qiangdong has talked about his company’s shipping policies. He said that in major cities such as New York and London, his products can be shipped within a few business days. However other cities such as Washington DC will require up to two weeks to be shipped to a customer.

In 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong founded and looked to build it into one of the most successful retail and ecommerce businesses in China. The company sells a variety of common products that are practical and useful for most customers. Over the last few years, Richard Liu has looked to expand the company and build it into a leading international company. As well as expansion, Richard Liu Qiangdong has also looked to improve the company operations. Liu has emphasized technological development to create a more efficient shipping process. Today, the company uses drones to ship products to customers throughout China.

Prior to starting up, Richard Liu Qiangdong started up another business. The company was called Jingdong which specialized in selling a number of optics products. While the company was successful at first, it was eventually shut down due to an outbreak of SARS. Since customers were no longer able to leave their homes, his business suffered. See Related Link for additional information.

This prompted Richard to start the ecommerce business Richard Liu Qiangdong worked as a director or computers and business as well as being a freelance computer programmer before becoming an entrepreneur.

Today, stands at about $60 billion whereas his personal net worth is about 12.7 billion. And in 2017, Richard Liu became a “Variety500 Honoree” as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work. During his free time, the billionaire loves to either spend time with his family or volunteering at Red Cross.