Gino Pozzo’s Management of Watford FC

Watford Football Club (FC), also known as The Golden Boys, The Hornets, The ‘Oms, and the Yellow Army, nicknamed as the WFC. Watford FC is a professional football club that is based in Watford, England. WFC plays in the Premier League – the highest tier football league system in England. Watford FC was founded more than a century ago, 121 years exactly back in 1898.

Gino Pozzo, one of Italy’s most renowned businessmen, is the son of another Italian giant entrepreneur, Giampaolo Pozzo. The duo runs the prominent Italian family ran business. The Pozzos own and manage Watford Football Club, but it is now mostly managed by Gino Pozzo. They acquired Watford FC from Laurence Bassini, the previous owner.

Gino Pozzo has been heavily invested in managing Watford FC and has been a very active owner and managing director. Gino Pozzo handles all the player trades, like the major trades he did between Granada FC and Udinece Calcio. In 2016, Giampaolos sold Granada FC to a chinese businessman, Jiang Lizhang.

Watford FC won their last four out of five games. Here are their statistics:

  1. Watford FC v Everton, 1-0, Saturday, February 9 2019
  2. Watford FC V Queens Park Rangers, 1- 0 , Friday, February 15 2019
  3. Watford FC v Cardiff City, 1 – 5, Friday, February 22 2019
  4. Watford FC v Leicester City, 2-1, Sunday, March 3 2019

The only match they lost is against Liverpool scoring 5 goals against none last February 27th. They currently have 5 matches scheduled for the upcoming month.

  1. Watford FC v Manchester City, March 9 2019
  2. Watford FC v Crystal Palace, March 16 2019
  3. Watford FC v Southhampon, March 16 2019
  4. Watford FC v Manchester United, March 30 2019
  5. Watford FC v Fulham, April 4 2019

Watford FC is currently ranked as the 8th team in this current season’s Premier League Table. They are 2 ranks lower than Chelsea and is trailing right behind Wolverhampton.

Watford FC is generally doing great in this season’s Premier League – they are set to rank higher in the tables if and when they play their following games as great as they played their four winning games.

Edwin Miranda Leveraged Passion And Strong Desire To Start And Grow A Marketing Agency

Edwin Miranda is an accomplished professional in the world of marketing. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of company KOI IXS, a leading full-service and performance-driven marketing agency. Mr. Miranda recognizes the power of performance marketing. He is dedicated to help leading brands create meaningful customer engagement, acquire new customers and gain a large market share. KOI/IXS helps brands move faster going into the future.

The successful entrepreneur’s team is made up of passionate and talented group of thinkers, designers, creators, as well as strategist who are dedicated to produce impressive results. He leverages the extensive experience he possesses and passion for marketing technology to give his clients the edge to succeed in the marketplace.

Edwin Miranda starts his day very early in the morning by checking curated news feeds and messages from clients as well as projects. He takes breakfast with family, goes for a short run or ride and off to work he goes. He came up with the idea for KOI when he was 21 years old. Edwin Miranda leverages passion and desire to bring ideas to life. He considers passion a very essential ingredient of every successful venture.

The accomplished entrepreneur has always been a fun of positive results and delivering bottom line results to his clients. It is a good time for him because Attribution and Predictive Marketing is helping in his verge to deliver the results to clients. According to Miranda, predictive analytics have the capability to make personalized marketing a reality.

He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to be passionate, bold and make mistakes. He believes that everyone must go through life-changing experiences for healthy growth to occur. You will get to the other side through wins and defeats. Edwin Miranda compiles a to-do list every morning, something that helps him to be very productive at work. At the end of the day, he checks his accomplishments against the list.

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James Dondero: An Example Of A Cheerful Giver

People who give from the heart really do enjoy life and are happy when they help out. There is nothing wrong with that. Most of the time people who are cheerful givers profit more because of their values and set the bar high when it comes to helping others. James Dondero is one such person and he gives without hesitation. That speaks volumes when you look at who he contributes to. This is a good thing when someone shows how much they actually care about other people and not focus on themselves too much. Dondero sets that example for all to see. Visit to know more about him.

When he donated to the Dallas Zoo for the new hippos and their enclosure, this helped to gain the zoo more profit. He knew that his help would pay off for them because of the people wanting to see more animals and better improvements. Giving is what helps to make things such as this possible. Without people helping each other, the world would be in bad shape. Dondero is not taking that lightly and that is why when he made the donation the officials decided to build a lodge across from the enclosure in his company’s honor. The zoo would not have made without his help and wanted to recognize him in the best way possible. Also, the mothers benefitted from this as well because, on Mother’s Day, they got to be a part of a day out that honored them. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

James Dondero is just a kind-hearted person that believes in doing his part to help the surroundings he lives in look better. He really loves Dallas and puts any effort he can into making it the beautiful city it is. This is a wonderful thing, and he can be proud of knowing he had contributed to its success.