A Review of EOS Crystal, EOS’s Most Popular New Product

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is incredibly popular for its sphere-shaped lip balms that have been a craze since some of the most popular celebrities started pulling them out of their purses or showing themselves using the lip balms in music videos (Allure). The rollout of EOS Crystal was huge deal for EOS fans, which have often been described as cult-like due to their passion for the beautiful little lip balm spheres. EOS is rare to make changes, but it is also known to listen closely to what fans want. Many people were asking for a vegan option and EOS listened. The EOS Crystals are completely friendly to vegans and are also gluten free.

For the first time ever, EOS has rolled out a product that is completely wax free and is also completely crystal clear, hence the name. Also, the EOS Crystal is the first ever EOS lip balm that isn’t completely round. It has a slightly slanted tip that will allow for a bit more precise application to the contour of the lips. As if those changes weren’t enough, the EOS Crystal contains several natural oils, including Shea Oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil. Like all EOS lip balms, the EOS Crystal is free from paraben products and never tested on animals.

The EOS Crystal comes in just two flavors, which is on track with EOS’s dedication to having a sleek, concise line of products. The first EOS Crystal is Hibiscus Peach. This comes in a delicate pink sphere and has all the flavors of a tropical summer day. The second sphere is Vanilla Orchid and the flavor and scent are incredibly delicate and feminine. The EOS Crystal has officially rolled out in lifestyle stores everywhere and is also available on the Evolution of Smooth website.


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