EOS’ Crystal Lip Balm is in your future!

A lot of us tend to have the same problems with our lip balm on the day-to-day. Either it dries out, we start to hate the taste, or just want something new in general. Eos’ crystal lip balm is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection, with two flavors: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Both are available for just $5, and seem to last quite awhile in comparison to other products on average.

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One thing that people seem to really be enjoying is the fact that they can really see through the product almost entirely. It really holds up to its name, giving people a fun & more or less unnoticeable result. It’s also worth mentioning that the flavors are fantastic — definitely worth the money hands down.

Eos’ Crystal Lip Balm is widely available in stores, and can also be purchased online in quite a few major retailers. Most people have been looking for bulk deals on both flavors, as well as looking into the other lines of lip balm that they have. Beyond their two crystal lip balms, they also produce a variety of other different types. It’s really all part of the ‘beauty’ in organic beauty.

Eos is widely known for its focus on making natural products, and the crystal line is no exception to the formula. The lip balm is vegan, and uses a natural blend of ingredients that are guaranteed to leave your lips feeling soft, view here. If you have ever had problems with dry or extremely ‘chapped’ lips; Eos products will probably help you much more than most lip balms have.

Let your natural beauty shine, with Eos’ $5 Crystal Clear Lip balm located in a retailer near you, hop on amazon.com.

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I See ESO Crystal Clear Lip Balm In Your Future

Your favorite drugstore lip balm, ESO, has done it again. Bringing more creativity and fun to the ESO line. If you are a fan or collector of the ESO lip balm flavors you won’t want to miss out on the newest addition to the lip balm line. Based on usmagazine.com, it’s new scent with an all new look is a game changer. Evolution of Smooth is now delivering a new age crystal clear lip balm with a totally new look and scents to compliment it.

This totally organic and vegan version of the ESO lip balm looks like a drop of precious crystal clear spring water suspended in an exotic new shape. This clear thirst quenching lip balm is just waiting to be soaked in. It screams hydration at first sight! Made with all organic hydrating ingredients like shea butter, avocado, sunflower and coconut oils the promise of hydration is delivered big time minus the waxy feel. Pressing this lip balm into your lips delivers a surge of moisture and is sure to hydrate your lips through this winter season.

ESO’s packaging has evolved. Passing on the round egg shape container, the newest addition to the ESO line now comes in the more sleek pyramid shape. This fun swap of the container seems fitting for the new crystal clear orb it holds.

Two new scents are embodied in the crystal clear lip quencher. You will be adding the scents of Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid to your all time favorite list, buy here! These tropical scents make you dream of island weather even if it’s cold and snowing outside.

Try and get your lips on the newest evolution in ESO lip balms, get it here at amazon.com! Get perfectly moisturized lips with a heavenly scent. This unique, trend setting, vegan and organic lip balm with be a permanent addition to your beauty bag.

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How Agora Financial Can Help You Invest For Retirement

Investing can be a confusing area for many people. Take, for example, a dentist. He knows all there is about fixing and cleaning teeth but when it comes to investing for retirement he really has no idea how to start or manage his money. He doesn’t know how to spot a bubble in the markets and he doesn’t know when to put money into investments and when to take it out.

Agora Financial, LLC is a company that helps all sorts of people, not just dentists, save for retirement. It is a company that is made up of industry professionals who offer their advice about investing based on market trends and other data. They offer their advice in a number of ways. They publish newsletters, 20 of them at the present time, and also offer their advice on their website. They also publish e-books so that people can learn about investing in a way that will create true wealth. Additionally, they create documentaries and host international conferences about investing.

Many people in financial industry are in it to take investors money by charging huge commissions and large ongoing fees to manage their investments. Agora Financial is different because they don’t do this to their customers. Instead they inform their readers about subjects such as finding companies who are on the cusp of large growth as well as ways of generating income that very few people know about. Additionally, they have wealth protection strategies so that their readers can take advantage of stock market when it is increasing while protecting themselves during the inevitable declines in the markets.

The people who work for Agora Financial don’t just sit in an office all day. Instead, they actually go to places where they want to research opportunities. This can include everywhere from oil fields in North Dakota to gold mines in South Africa.

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Learn How EOS Lip Balm Products Can Work For You

How I Helped My Sensitive Skin For Under $10

I was tired of using products that didn’t stand up to their advertisements and they seemed to cost a fortune. I soon decided I was going to find an organic skin care product with clinically tested proven results. I had heard about the benefits of products with tested proven results and soon ran across the EOS lip balm brand, browse product here. They have superior coverage with super-moist jojoba and shea. I no longer had dry chaff skin or had to worry about a product that would give me unsightly rashes or acne.

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A Popular EOS Brand

I instantly fell in love with the benefits of Evolution of Smooth. They provided me with an unusual aromatherapy for your skin and they were reasonably priced. Their hypoallergenic formula was great for my lips in an easy to store container. I was a fan because they also provide variety packs and I was never without a spare. I currently use the new Crystal brand that carries a cute crystal container I can find easily at the bottom of my cluttered purse. You’re invited to visit their website and choose from their collection of lip balm products and other organic skin care products.

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New Pumpkin Spice EOS lip balm

EOS lip balm just released a brand new flavor of balm called Pumpkin Spiced Lip Balm. The balm is a limited edition flavor for the holiday season. EOS has produced many amazing flavors in the past and has once again created a tasteful balm. The Pumpkin Spiced flavor from EOS can only be purchased in a bundle. The bundle is called the Holiday Lip Balm Duo. The package comes with two EOS lip balm pods, one of which is the Pumpkin Spiced flavor. The other pod in the bundle is an organic vanilla bean balm. The bundle itself is selling out quick, so be sure to act fast if you are interested. The package is going for $6 each!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short, they are the company behind the EOS lip balm. EOS has created a new way to use lip care products based on usmagazine.com. Makers of the product decided it was no longer necessary to use boring old lip care products. They wanted to make a product that was fun to use and appealing to consumers. Through this, came the EOS lip balm pod. The pod is a spherical, colorful ball that encases the lip balm. The look of the pod is very sleek and appealing. The top unscrews and reveals the balm itself. The balm is a spherical shape, and has an amazing taste and smell. Since the release of the product, EOS has had an enormous amount of sales. The pod has become the new, better way to use lip care products. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have even been spotted carrying one of these fashionable pods around. The traditional pod went for around $5 and could be found in most major retailers like Walmart or Target, check this out!

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The New EOS Crystal Lip Balms

Over the last few years, the Evolution of Smooth lip balm company has been growing in popularity in the beauty industry. Beauty users have begun to call the EOS a necessary staple to their beauty routines. The evolutionofsmooth.com are made from ingredients that 100# natural and organic. The new additions this year to the EOS company are their vegan and cruelty free Crystal lip balms.

The EOS Crystal lip balms are perfect for those want vegan lip balm and the ultimate lip hydration experience. The EOS crystal lip balms are available in hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid, available here at amazon.de. The EOS crystal lip balms have five different natural oils inside of them that help to hydrate the lips through even the driest of seasons or times. The crystal EOS lip balms are clear in appearance and contain absolutely no beeswax. The removal of beeswax from the formula makes EOS a 100% vegan product.

The EOS crystal lip balm’s list of ingredients includes: shea butter, sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, and avocado oil. These ingredients pack a massive hydration punch to safeguard the lips from dryness or roughness. The crystal lip balms further the innovativeness of the EOS company with their push to make vegan friendly lip balms in addition to their organic and natural oil infused previous lip balm products. The EOS crystal lip balms are now available in most beauty supply stores or major retailers for you to try out for weightless, wax-free hydration.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Fights Prostate Cancer

With big name former NFL players and the reputation of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America combining for the Prostate Prep Talk campaign, expect big things to happen. These organizations along with the help of Labcorp are joining together to provide free prostate screening. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America predicts that one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and they predict that over 100,00’s men will be newly diagnosed in 2017. These collaboration with the NFLA and Labcorp, is to try and catch men with the cancer early and start treatment. Using former NFL players to draw men to the centers around the country and to raise awareness about the deadly cancer. Men can go to the events that will be in cities like Atlanta and Chicago or go to any of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to get their free prostate screenings. Screenings are free until each center or event reaches 2,000 men and after that the cost is $25.00 which is still a discounted price.

Richard J Stephenson was not pleased with the treatment that was provide for his mother who was diagnosed with cancer. So, this inspired him to create treatments centers that specialized in the treatment of cancer patients and also has been involved with the screening process. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was created by Stephenson in 1988 and now has grown to five regional locations throughout the United States. They have recently opened a office in Mexico City and frequently take in international patients from around the world including places like the Middle East. Cancer patients can receive treatment from their five treatment centers in Illinois , Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Arizona. The Cancer Treatment Centers use advanced treatments to assist and save their patients as well.

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EOS Crystal Collection is Already Receiving Rave Reviews

Vegans everywhere are jumping for joy at the launch of the EOS Crystal Lip Balm Collection. These two lip balms will be the first to not contain beeswax, a no-no ingredient for vegans. EOS really upped its game with the Crystal line by adding some wonderful natural oils. Among these oils are Vitamin E, Aloe, Avacado Oil and Coconut Oil.

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The EOS Crystal gets its name from the fact that they are the very first lip balms to be completely clear (crystal clear). There are completely transparent. The addition of the essential oils gives them a slight shine and they are incredibly nourishing for your lips. EOS has also very slightly changed the shape of the balm inside the sphere. It now contains the slighted of angles. The angle is designed to give fans a more precise application process. The idea is that as you use the angle it will shift, allowing for continued precision over the lifetime of your EOS.

The Crystals only come in two flavors: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. I have tried both flavors and they are both incredible, although very different. The Hibiscus Peach has a bit of a tropical feel, while the Vanilla Orchid reminds me of a spring breeze in a meadow. Both are seen here on imabeautygeek.com.

EOS started as a disruptor in the lip balm industry. Before EOS came about lip balm was incredibly boring and tasted the way I always imagined antibiotic ointment to taste. What few flavors were available were often so overpowering you could smell it as soon as someone walked in a room, check this out!

Fans of EOS will also be happy to hear that the company’s Holilday Collection is once again available online. Each year EOS delights fans with wonderful holiday flavors. These little gems have become my stocking gift of choice and are always raved about by the recipient!

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James Dondero keeping Dallas strong

James Dondero has become one of Texas’ greatest philanthropists and businessmen. Dondero has amassed more than 30 years of experience within both the credit and equity markets. He is currently the president of Highland Capital Management, which he also helped co-found. James Dondero began his career in 1984 after graduating from the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce. James Dondero has earned certifications as a certified management accountant and as a chartered financial analyst. Prior to launching Highland Capital Management, he worked with Protective Life and its GIV subsidiary as its chief investment officer. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero serves on the board of several groups including NexPoint, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical, along with MM Studios. James Dondero supports several charitable organizations such as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Education is Freedom, Snowball Express, Uplift Education and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program. Within the Dallas community, James Dondero is best known for his work at bringing back the hippos to the Dallas Zoo. James Dondero donated $1 million to the zoo to rebuild the habitat and completely upgrade it. Now in part to Dondero’s donation, visitors at the zoo can see the hippos within their large dwelling. James Dondero and Highland Capital Management are happy to help organizations that help Dallas grow in a positive direction.

Visit: http://www.jamesdonderodallas.com/james-dondero/

James Dondero even launched Highland Dallas Foundation, which aids in James Dondero choosing which charities to help. James Dondero has helped a variety of needs including veterans, education, health care issues and other important organizations. James Dondero hired former Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation CEO Linda Owen, who helped Highland Capital Management and James Dondero reach out to The Family Place, which is a shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence.

James Dondero has extensive portfolio management experience that includes high-yield bonds, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives and stocks. For four years he was responsible for at least $1 billion in fixed income funds for American Express. James Dondero has been featured in several articles focusing on his business acumen and his philanthropy. He continues to make the Dallas community stronger. Follow James on Linkedin.

Why Is OSI Industries Able To Keep Growing Even After 100 Years

Many companies in the highly competitive meat industry have their periods of success, but then end up seeing their finances come down and end up swallowed up by competitors. But OSI Industries has been in business over 100 years and even to this day keeps growing and finding new markets. What is their secret to success? Their products have certainly been well-known for quality in taste and variety as OSI sells everything from breakfast meats to prepared sandwiches and pizzas. OSI Group has been the main meat provider to McDonalds and other fast food chains since their inception, but it’s not just their business partnerships.

OSI Industries began in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago and started a butcher shop in Chicago. His sons took part in building the butcher shop into a local meat distributor that stayed in business all through the Great Depression, and in 1957 formed an agreement with McDonalds to become their chief supplier and partner. But they needed some financial guidance to keep the pace with McDonalds’s growth, and that’s when Sheldon Lavin came in and started making the company even more profitable and cut expenses. Lavin later became CEO and then changed the company name to OSI Industries.

Even though the company changed hands from the Kolschowsky family, Lavin and company President David McDonald have tried to structure the company as a family-based company. They value employee input and look at ways they can improve how their company is run, and over the years OSI has become known as a company with little overturn. OSI Group has acquired several companies in its effort to grow its overseas operations, yet they’ve made it important that companies they do acquire keep their name, and they also offer employees a chance to keep their jobs.

OSI Industries has managed to keep their workplaces safe over the years, despite working in a cutthroat industry that often compromises safety and sharp tools in order to produce fast. But in keeping their workplaces safe, they’ve also used practices that keep the surrounding environment clean and green. In recognition of their initiatives, the British Safety Council gave OSI the Globe of Honour in 2016. Lavin and McDonald have also gotten OSI Group involved in their communities and they’re the sponsor company of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and have also given to the Inner City Foundation of Chicago.

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