Chris Burch Keeps Transforming Every Trend He Touches

Chris Burch has lead the company which bears his name to great success so far, and Burch Creative Capital has certainly positioned itself well in the markets. So, he took some time to acquire a piece of the Indonesian island of Sumba for his children and convert a dwindling hostel into what is now considered by many to be one of the greatest hotels in the world. His recent interview with Ideamensch gave a lot of insight into where he has come from and where he is going.

The idea of Burch Creative Capital was the inspiration that had a lot to do with his stock trading expertise and experience which has been in play for over forty years.  Check for more reading.   Chris understands what it takes to get a business going from the ground up and decided to use that to help others who were setting out on a similar trajectory. Like many accelerators and similar programs, the idea is to bring to fruition some of the great ideas that just need a little boost to begin reaching their full potential.

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When asked about his preference towards a lot of the latest trends he suggests that people are quite often turning to living experiences rather than the chance to live with things. Such is the inspiration of the tiny house movement and Cocoon9 which is an upscale version of the prefabricated house agenda. There definitely seems to be a lot of growth potential still left in that arena, and when someone with the instinct and vision like Burch is looking at it optimistically, then there is a reason to take notice. Cocoon9 is of those high design and smart technology companies that he started to follow the trend.

The one strategy that he credits for helping him most with success in business is the ability to take risks when necessary. Read more about Burch on Groundbreaking moments practically require risks according to him, and it is something like in a chess game when the initiative can be pushed without completely being able to perfectly see every move to the finish. It is something of an instinct which has to be developed and then trusted when the time comes. There are likely to be failures along the way when there are so many chances being taken, but those have been handled well in Chris Burch’s case. There is still a lot to look forward to from him and his capital management firm.  Check this must-read interview of Burch on

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Benefits of Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a company aimed at screening for any vascular and vascular related diseases. With over 8 million people in the database, the company is focused on ensuring that each person will receive the best services. Dr. Manganaro, the brains behind Life Line Screening, supervises the panel of certified physicians through all ultrasounds, more so, he deals with quality assurance, thus ensuring that patients attain precise results.

Through screening, there is much information which is attained; the physicians will be able to determine the sustainability of the patient to screening, thus offering the services to asymptomatic individuals and also those who are in the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Doctors too refer their patients to Life Line Screening for accurate tests and results, thus being able to embrace preventive screening and ensure that the patient is properly taken care of.

More so, through robust marketing campaigns, the company has been able to gain awareness all over, thus informing people on the benefits of screening. The marketing campaigns have been able to ascertain that clients understand all that it entails, meaning that, they offer more information on the non-invasive ultrasounds which get to screen the carotid arteries and the abdominal aorta. By investing in technology, they have been able to accumulate data which has made screening much easier, such that results are attained in no time and prevention of catastrophic diseases.

About Life Line Screening

Dr. Manganaro is a cardiovascular surgeon, came up with the company due to the catastrophic cases which he came about. Most of these were due to abdominal aortic aneurysms ruptures or even carotid embolic strokes, all of which would have been prevented. He has been able to ensure that the company can prevent such occurrences by offering affordable screening services to over 8 million people.

To ensure that everything can go on as planned, Dr. Manganaro has brought together a team of professionals who will go through the tests and conduct quality assurance thus ascertaining that all tests are accurate. Nonetheless, he is focused on ascertaining that the company can create awareness to more people thus emphasizing the importance of screening.


Investment Strategy with Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is one of the few financial professionals brave enough to voice criticisms of Warren Buffett’s legendary strategy for building wealth. Although Armour acknowledges that Buffett has played the market remarkably well over the decades, he notes that even his game plan has some weaknesses.

One major difference between the men’s philosophies involves actively managed funds. Whereas Warren Buffett is skeptical of their value, preferring indexed funds, Armour notes that many of the best actively managed funds have had great returns. Armour thinks this is extremely important because these days, most Americans are responsible for their own retirement savings.

Although 401ks are great instruments, there is some concern that many people don’t know how to optimize them. This is significant not only for the Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, but also for their children. Financial education is arguably more important now in American culture than ever before. Timothy Armour has seen cases of people who went from being philanthropists to needing handouts. He knows how important it is to be well prepared for upheaval.

Timothy Armour is the chairman and principal executive officer of the Capital Group Companies, Inc. Armour has built his career entirely at the Capital Group, joining the firm in 1983. Loyalty and attention to detail are watchwords with him. He takes great pride in the fact that Capital Group gets high ratings for stewardship and corporate culture. Integrity is a core value for the company under Tim.

With his unique mixture of compassion and hard-nosed business savvy, Armour continues to lead the Capital Group toward increasing success. His career was made as an analyst of telecommunications and US Service funds. With great communication skills and a keen knowledge of how to interpret research, he is one of the best performing executives in the industry. A graduate of Middlebury College, Timothy Armour resides in Los Angeles.

About Tim Armour :

Tony Petrello – Particular

Anthony – or Tony – G. Petrello and Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony G. Petrello, also known as Anthony, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. – a top global provider of offshore and onsite drilling solutions. He could not do it alone: Under him stand a highly-skilled workforce, a top Board of Directors and a solid executive leadership team that always works in unison to keep the company afloat. Being a major global provider with one of the largest drilling rig fleets in the world, after all, is no easy task. Nonetheless, Nabors continues to lead the way in both innovation and inspiration.

Petrello is a well-prepared man for his current tasks: Having graduated from Yale and Harvard, he has been more than educated in all relevant aspects of the trade and notes that he is still learning new things on a daily basis as knowledge is a regular process of life, even for top executive leaders. Petrello’s information and statistics have also been released to the public and made available through Bloomberg. Such information includes his annual compensation, stock options and total calculated compensation.

Salary Information and More

Petrello’s current salary counts at $1,575,000 with a total annual compensation of the same amount. His restricted stock awards have recently risen to $10,808,769, and all other compensation sits at approximately $1,325,938 with exercisable options of $2,450,153 and a total value of options at $11,120,728. Additionally, Petrello holds board memberships through the Texas Children’s Hospital, Blue Sky, Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and more.

Nabors Industries is also proudly blessed to host its own leadership team that is both well-diversified and strictly placed under Petrello’s direction. It consists of a CFO, a corporate secretary, a vice president of human resources, a president of global operations and engineering sectors, a president of NDS or Nabors Drilling Solutions, a COO of drilling, a vice president of corporate development and investor relations, a vice president and CIO or Chief Information Officer, a vice president of HSE and risk management, and a vice president of general counsel. Follow him on twitter :

Chris Burch an Iconic Figure behind Creative Capital

Chris Burch is the creative genius behind Creative Capital. His success story is one that has hard work as its backbone with his business starting out small and slowly gaining momentum becoming a multimillion dollar company.

Having been raised in a family that can be classified in the popular category, Chris quickly learned the value of working hard to attain. His father had a distribution business that dealt mainly mining equipment and supplies, and it was due observing his father that Chris’s interest in business was born and motivated him to start his own.

Years later when Chris Burch was pursuing further education at Ithaca College, he and his brother came up with an idea to begin a business of selling sweaters on campus to their fellow students. With a starting capital of just $ 2000, they started Eagle’s Eye, a company that dealt in sweaters. Their business plan dictated that they buy sweaters at $ 10 and later sell them at $ 15. This would leave the two brothers with a profit margin of $ 5 for each of the sweater they managed to sell.

As time would dictate, the sweaters grew in popularity and soon begun getting orders from other campuses and even other colleges. Therefore, their business started to grow, and with increased orders, Chris went on to approach a factory that could manufacture brand new sweaters to a grand scale enable him to meet the growing demand he was facing. After a decade of operating the business, the company grew to become worth more than $ 140 million in sales.

With the company now making huge profits, Chris Burch decided to venture out into other firms as an entrepreneur. He went on to found and co-founded many companies that mostly dealt with cloths. For updates of Burch timeline activities, hit Some of these companies went on to become very successful retail brands with shops in many places across the worlds. Related articles to read on

An example of this internally known retail brands is the C. Wonder and Tory Burch fashion label. The latter being a fashion label that he had helped his wife launch. The fashion label went on to become a very successful business grossing millions of dollars annually. Check on for additional article.

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In addition to his success, Chris Burch later ventured into the hospitality industry has seen the immense opportunities that laid untapped in the industry. This made him partner up with another business mogul by the name James McBride and together bought a beach hostel in the Indonesian Island of Sumba. They then went on to renovate it and later opened it as a five-star hotel attracting many visitors annually. More to read on

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Win Over Your Adopted Pet With Beneful

Beneful provides a perfect blend of wet and dry dog food conveniently in the pet care of aisle of select Walmart retailers. That’s right, treating your pet companion to a heart healthy meal is as simple as a trip to BenefulWalmart. Beneful is known for their all natural ingredients that tend to cost a bit more, but the benefits to your Beneful dog food will always outweigh the cost. Pets enjoy real ingredients like chicken, green beans, carrots, wild rice, and more. Give your pet a meal that will help him or her leave an active lifestyle everyday along with a great taste to learn more chick here

Get the benefits of a wet dog  food that comes in a wet or dry formula. You can find just the right size for your small or large pet at Walmart. A trip to the store for some ice cream can be an opportunity to treat your pet to a popular Beneful brand. In fact, Walmart’s reduced prices will help you save on their dry dog  food brand versus purchasing Beneful from competitor retailers. Your pet will tell you which brand they like most with the spontaneous wagging of the tail and wet doggy kisses when it’s mealtime in your home.

Greg Secker’s Victory in Foreign Exchange

If Greg Secker, the founder of Knowledge to Action Group is given another chance, he would go through life taking his time to appreciate it and not just rush through it. In a recent interview, he said to be successful in business, it is important to think through ideas, test them and then implement. It is not possible to think and work at the same time. The best thing is to give yourself time to reflect about how you can accomplish a job. That way, the work is done satisfactorily.

According to Mr. Secker, it is also important to fall in love with an idea. He says to be able to make people see your point of view, they must see the passion you have for the idea. Greg Sucker loves reading books and would recommend it to everyone; he says learning about other people and how they perceive life makes you find out more about life.

Every entrepreneur at some point has encountered failure in their business. Greg’s was when they had seen a potential market in India. They learned that they ought to have done more research before trying to launch, an event that caused them half million dollars. India had imposed state exchange rate controls which mean Indians were not allowed to trade foreign exchange. From that experience, Greg Secker and his team realize they need to learn different market trading regulations.

Greg’s career

Greg Secker is an expert in foreign exchange and an international educator of financial trading. He has also written several books on success and forex trading. Mr. Secker worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist and later, became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. After Mellon, Greg opened a trading floor at home and after three months he launches Learn to Trade. Till now, he has founded several companies including Capital Index and FX Capital.

The Greg Secker Foundation

Improving people’s quality of life is Greg Secker’s passion. It leads him to open The Greg Secker Foundation. The foundation focus is on youth leadership initiatives, life skills, and education. The different programs including supporting The Ubuntu Foundation, are changing lives around the world.

Bruce Bent II: A skilled entrepreneur and Patent Expert

Bruce Bent II stands out as a business executive who wears several hats and skillfully undertakes management roles. He is the vice chairman of Double Rock, a cash management and financial technology company based in New York. The company is a proud innovator of several cash-related technology solutions and has six subsidiaries. Bent serves as a senior executive to each of the subsidiaries of Double Rock.

Bent is accredited with the success of The Reserve Primary Fund, a money-market fund founded by his father in the early 1970s and the leader in the money-fund market. He oversaw the growth of several products offered by The Reserve, where cash assets grew from$4 billion to over $130 billion in his 17-years’ tenure. Mr. Bent’s success is well grounded in his wide experience and knowledge of financial markets, technologies and intellectual property.

Bent is a holder of over 60 privately held patents, most of which have greatly impacted the FDIC-Insured cash roll out. His outlook has given much-needed leadership in the dynamic yet conservative financial market. He was at one time a columnist for the World Journal and China Press. His visionary view of management and the general contributions to the business world have led him to be featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. Also, The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice has also quoted Mr. Bent as a lead expert on matters patent.

When the Lehman Brothers went down in 2008, Bent undertook the delicate process of winding down The Reserve money market mutual funds products.

As a successful entrepreneur, Bruce Bent II is a member of several organizations that encourages entrepreneurship and advances the business platforms including Young Presidents’ Organization and the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association where is a board member. He is also a former member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan.

For more information on Bruce Bent II on Twitter @bbentii

ClassDojo to Sell Educational Content

Dianne Rhodes is a teacher at one of the schools in the United States. She has been using the famous ClassDojo for three years now, and she says that it is one of the best things that ever happened to her. The little app in her phone has completely changed how classes are taught and how she communicates with the parents.


Rhodes says most parents like it when she posts pictures of what happened in class during lessons, especially the art projects. The parents say that they enjoy watching their children participate in the classroom activities.


ClassDojo was established in June 2011, and since then, it has diffused rapidly in most of the classroom in the United States and other parts of the globe. The application is considered to be among the best technologies that are used in the K-8 classrooms. The app is currently being used by two-thirds of all the schools in the United States. The application was founded by Sam Chaudhry and his close partner.


After successfully connecting parents, teachers, and student for the last five years, ClassDojo is planning to start focusing on its next step of the journey. The founders are now monetizing the excellent service. The organization has made it clear that it is not planning to sell advertising. However, the founders are focusing on selling some valuable educational content. Because it has excellent access to students, teachers, and parents, the company is leveraging its distribution capabilities by spreading educational videos to educators and students. The startup will do this at a level that has never been experienced in the past.


Liam Don, the co-founder of the startup says that they had realized that most of the schools in the country were paying thousands of dollars just to get the curriculum and software that are delivered in individual boxes. With the kind of technology used by the organization, every classroom will be empowered at a greater scale and lower cost.


ClassDojo founders came up with this idea several months ago, and this year in January, they decided to test it. The team partnered with Stanford University in order to release and also produce several videos that revolved the educational foundation of the growth mindset. After the videos had been released to an audience of fifteen million students, reports indicated that the videos were of great help. Since the idea was received well by the educators and students, the company is planning to introduce it to the rest of the world formally.



Dr. Greg Finch Provides Quality Patient Care Through Non-Invasive Procedures

Orthopedic surgery involves anything associated with the bones including the connective tissues that bind them to each other. This type of surgery is performed when either damage is incurred or complications arise. Joint replacement is a common type of surgery used to increase an individual’s range of motion by removing the affected bone and replacing it with a synthetic replica. Depending on the joint and severity of the damage, the replacement could be made of either plastic or titanium. Spinal surgery is also a common procedure that involves the various discs of the vertebra. Spinal fusion is generally performed when the discs begin to deteriorate, in order to provide more stability and protection for the spinal cord.

Dr. Greg Finch is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons who specializes in spinal surgery. He prefers to utilize minimally invasive methods in the correction of cervical surgery in adults. His skills within this field allow him to make corrections or repairs to the spinal discs that have become damaged due to disorders such as degeneration or scoliosis. Dr. Greg Finch can also perform reconstructive surgeries on the spine as well as tend to damage incurred through disc herniation or spinal tumors. He also specializes in treating patients experiencing pediatric trauma.

As a believer in using non-invasive procedures whenever possible, Dr. Greg Finch currently works with the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery to help educate others in his field about the many benefits involved in this practice. Dr. Greg Finch obtained his degrees in medicine from the University of Auckland and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons from which he obtained a fellowship. In addition to the work he does at the Sunshine Coast Hospital in Queensland, he also devotes his time to supporting others in his field through organizations such as the North American Spine Society.