Sandy Chin Promoter Of Education

Sandy Chin is a very successful business woman who has a lot of experience in the business sector and pharmaceutical stocks. She is currently the Chief Investment Officer of Tidal Bore Capital. She is a portfolio manager for this company as well. Sandy Chin has held high-profile positions and other companies like Visium Asset Management where she was a portfolio manager. Sandy Chin also worked for companies like Bank of America and Donaldson Lufkin as an analyst.


Ms. Chin is now involved in a summer reading program in New York, reveals Inspirery. Sandy Chin is truly a philanthropist and she saw a school that had a need on the west side of New York City called William T. Harris School or PS11. The school has students that is majority made up of kids from two housing projects near by. The kids from this area are most likely from low income families. The kids were in need of reading material during the summer and that’s when Ms. Chin took action. This was so important to Sandy Chin because she has a son of her own. She is aware of the importance of summer reading because kids can forget what they learned doing the prior school year just from doing other activities outside of reading for three months. Ms. Chin is aware that public libraries are available to children over the summer but some parents do not have access to get to the public libraries. This is why Ms. Chin made it a goal to provide the children with his or her own book so they can hold, touch, and reread.


Sandy Chin knows all about the importance of reading because reading helped her to become the person that she is today. Sandy made it a mission to collect used books for these kindergarten students at the school. So she got with other volunteers and held the book drive. The goal is that all the kindergarteners in the school would have a book to take home over the summer and read. The outcome was so great that they got enough books for the kindergarteners and the other students as well. Sandy Chin is really for the community and for the people. This is a clear example of what true philanthropy is all about.



Chamonix Owned Genucel At Boosting Self-Worth

Low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-propagated violence are characteristic of post-abuse periods. Self-propagated violence not only includes physical vehemence but also harmful thoughts among other possibilities of self-harm. Engaging in self-care activities that amplify one’s self-value is perhaps the surest way of handling post abuse indicators. Self-assertion, including constant reminders of self-worth, love, and beauty are some of the self-care practices suggested by survivors and mental health practitioners.

Expressing creativity and physical exercises have been proven to have improving impacts on self-value. Redefining one-self through wellness as well as body positivity allows abuse victims to create a new being of themselves, free from the abuser’s imposed perspective. Community support is perhaps crucial in the walk towards self-affirmation and esteem. The Chamonix derived brand, Genucel, partnered with Women Aware, availing beauty bags with toiletries as well as Genucel products.

According to, the violence-prone New Jersey has the highest number of domestic violence cases across the US. Women Aware, a nonprofit entity based in the province provides post-abuse support to the victims of such cases. Domestic violence cases in the state occur in a span of 7 minutes. Women experience violence to a higher degree compared to their male counterparts. The ratio for male abuse victims stands at 1/7, against the critically high ¼ ratio for women. This phenomenon necessitates a support system for women.

Established in 1981, Women Aware offers support for women and their families in New Jersey. The organization provides accommodation, food, and recovery for post-abuse victims. A hotline and emergency services go a great length in reducing distress for victims of spousal violence.

Organizing a charity walk as a therapeutic as well as financial move never goes wrong. The Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk set off its tracks in 2018. The initiative expressed support for former abuse victims and raised funds Women Aware’s services. Walking the cause is the most widespread self-care routine, is the most recommended by both survivors and specialists. The exercise relieves both depression and anxiety.

Nature certainly has a way to the heart and mind. Plants and terrains suppress the symptoms of major mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Abuse survivors unite in nature walks. The victims together isolate native plants and coexist with nature learning about the ecosystem in an approach referred to as eco-therapy. Such adventures expose the survivors to their surrounding making them environment conscious. The exposure has a massive relieving effect on the mind. Learn more about Genucel on


Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights

A Daily Struggle For Freedom

There probably isn’t any activist as a famous Thor Halvorssen. As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation he has attracted more spotlight than any other activist fighting for human rights. Despite his long legacy of standing up for the rights of those oppressed he continues to approach the problem as humble as ever. He understands this isn’t something he can solve alone and he doesn’t make any effort to pretend anything else is the truth about this matter.

A Long Line For Fighters

He isn’t the first person in his family to stand up and fight for the rights of others. His mother and his father were also freedom fights even to the point of suffering serious consequences for it. Going back further down the bloodline you can find even more examples of people fighting for the rights of others such as general Simon Bolivar or the first president of Venezuela Cristal Mendoza. His birth country Venezuela has long struggled with dictatorships so he naturally has an interest in trying to change things around the world in order to make a better place for his own family.

Keeping Up The Good Fight

With decades of experience fighting for freedom Halvorssen continues to make him a known voice for people living in closed societies and a staunch advocate of open societies. He keeps up the fight today by trying to connect activists and find ways for activists to work together in order to bring about the change they want to see. It isn’t always an easy thing to do but someone needs to put an effort forward in order to create a better world for everyone. Halvorssen wants to step up first, but he isn’t going to let anyone discourage him.