Olympic Valley Incorporation Of Ski Resorts Did Not Happen

Article From Reno-Gazette Journal:

There have been a number of challenges for Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts lately. Olympic Valley has been facing many years that lacked substantial snowfall. In addition, there was a fierce debate taking place about incorporation of the area’s resorts. If this incorporation occurred, it would have major impacts on the economy of the area. There even would have been impacts on the finances of the area’s public sector.

However, the incorporation never occurred. Additionally, the weather of the area was more conducive to skiing in recent times. This means that the economy of the area is likely to improve, if the better weather conditions continues.

There was talk of incorporate Olympic valley. This would unite the management of the resorts. However, the ski resorts being united under one management would drastically alter the area’s economy. It would take away from the amount of tax dollars that the region had. This would cause the budgets of the area’s highway maintenance to drop.

As a result, there would likely be more snow and ice on the area’s roads during the winter. This could potentially create dangerous driving conditions more frequently, and it would be very bad for the area’s business. Also, the local businesses in the area would suffer. It would have negative impacts on the area’s hotels, bars, and other business establishments.

However, there was no incorporation. Many people fought against this effort. One of the most prominent individuals against the incorporation of the area’s ski resorts was Andy Wirth. He had a very vested interest in making sure the incorporation never occurred, because he is the CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort.

He was also very active in standing against the incorporation plans. He made some major contributions to the effort to prevent the incorporation from happening. In fact, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cause of preventing the incorporation from happening.

Additionally, the poor weather of the area for skiers may be making a turnaround. While recent years have tended to have lower snowfall amounts, this past season was an excellent one. It was a very snowy year for skiers, and this was good for the business of the area’s resorts. Hopefully, the climate of the area is soon to change in a good way. The past year may be evidence of a positive trend.

Andy Wirth has been a very successful CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort in Lake Tahoe. However, Andy Wirth also has been heavily involved in various outdoor sporting activities himself. Additionally, he contributes greatly to causes that benefit the environment and community of the Lake Tahoe area.

Thanks To The People That Helped Stop Incorporation at Tahoe

On Lake Tahoe, you and your family can experience many ice and snow related activities. The backcountry tours and fresh powder skiing are a couple of the favorite reasons for coming to Tahoe during the winter. Tahoe has a fantastic variety of night time activities and activities to thrill any child. Families can find something that will thrill the whole family. During the winter, Lake Tahoe ski resorts depend on a very powdery season. They expect lots of snow and cold weather for their visit. The past few years have been slack in the snow department. It has been a drier few years so the Mountain has suffered. All of the businesses are happy to see the cold weather and frequent snows that have powdered the mountain white.

During the other seasons, Tahoe area offers activities on the lake as well as mountain activities. People love to hike and camp in the wilderness of the mountain. While, on the mountain, families are able to partake of many different cuisine fit for a king. They can partake in pizza and burgers or seafood and fine dining. No matter what you crave, you will find the perfect venue providing these foods for you.

A recent article in the Reno-Gazette Journal, a local man was telling everyone how good it was that the petition for incorporation was withdrawn. Businesses and investors came together to put money into the battle so that Olympic Valley did not have to be part of the incorporation. The potential incorporation came on the heels of a poor past few years of weather that was affecting the finances of the area.

Andy Wirth was overheard saying that he felt the incorporation would have been very bad for the area. Squaw Valley was said to have spent many dollars on the idea of keeping the incorporation away. If the effort had happened, area businesses may have had to worry about the roads and transportation. Ski holdings were asked why they put up so much money to keep the incorporation from happening. They were quick to answer that they were concerned about land decisions and the suburbs suffering.

People that love the area and all that it offers will be happy to know that hospitality is on the rise. Andy Wirth took a job as Chairman at the Reno-sparks airport. He promises to do his best to bring in more people to the Tahoe area as well as to the gaming areas. We all say thanks and good luck.