Protect your IT infrastructure with Onelogin

From an informational technology (IT) perspective, things have changed dramatically over the last decade, 5 years and even 1 year when it comes to security options available to protect a corporate network. Companies have deployed the most fierce firewalls, email monitoring and SPAM deflection systems that some of the corporate networks seem more secure than fort knox. But there is always a weakness in a network. What most companies don’t realize, is how obvious that weakness often is.

Imagine an organization terminating someone for poor performance. Or perhaps they were terminated for inappropriate behavior at the workplace. Whatever the scenario, it is fair assumption that a terminated employee may not have the best taste in their mouth after being escorted out of the building they may have poured years of work into. While most of these employees will move onto to their next careers without looking back, there may be a handful that are out for revenge. Would you believe that after an employee leaves an organization, they still have access to the corporate network close to 60% of the time? An ex-employee could login and access any of the information they had visibility to while they were an active employee. They could download and steal an organization’s precious data while breezing past the firewalls and security administrators. Sounds too easy right? Well, it happens more often than companies would like to admit. It’s not just the small companies that are vulnerable or unprepared for such events. Companies like Marriot Hotels and OFCOM have been the targets of disgruntled ex-employees.

It is time companies took a preventative approach to protecting their networks and invaluable data from an ex-employee with motive to do harm. One industry leading organization to help companies protect themselves from unauthorized access to a corporate network is Onelogin. Onelogin offers a myriad of solutions to protect your organization’s network and has the experience and expertise to deliver the results you seek. Waiting until it is too late is a far more expensive proposition that partnering with a solutions provider like Onelogin to maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure.