Igor Cornelsen’s Advice on Investing in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is a champion when it comes to investing. He knows all that needs to be known in the investing world with regards to any company, or product. Igor Cornelsen has invaluable experience working in the banking field that saw him rated as one of the country’s top bankers.

Igor has worked and held many top ranking positions in leading banks in Brazil. Currently, Igor works as the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc. He also dabbles as a consultant for the banking industry and gives investing advice to both individuals and companies.

Top 3 Tips for Investing in Brazil


Brazil is one of the largest economies in the world, with attractive investment options potential investors. The country is ready to continue its economic development; it’s an exciting time to invest in Brazil. And who better to give investing advice than the guru himself. Here are the top 3 tips for investors looking in invest in Brazil by Igor Cornelsen:


1) Connect with the local people. Since businesses depend on networking, Igor advises investors to link with natives who can give advice based on their own business experiences.


2)  Prepare for red tape. According to Cornelsen, potential investors should be ready to face many regulations in the Brazilian market including high taxes, labor market strictness and more. Investors who make strategic decisions based on this will see the big payoffs.


3) Understand foreign currency restrictions. Since there are restricted foreign-currency transactions, investors should ensure they find local banks approved to hold local currency and deal in foreign exchange.


Investing offers tremendous benefits. Well, for investors eyeing the Brazilian market, you now have the investing advice from the Investment champion himself. The original press release on these investment tips was reported on cbs8.com. You can read the comprehensive report on the tips Igor shared by clicking here.