Mike Bagguley promoted to key investment banking unit role at Barclays

Mike Bagguley is the new chief operating officer of the investment banking unit at Barclays. The step to appoint Bagguley to this position came as part of the plan by the bank to beef up its investment banking operations. Barclays was once booming with investment businesses but lost its way leading to a significant decline in investment banking operations. With the new appointment, Barclays is hoping to get operations back to normalcy; like it was during the past glory days. Before the promotion, Mike Bagguley was working as the head of macro markets division at the bank. He will be working under Tom King, the chief executive of the investment unit.

Mr. Bagguley was promoted after recording impressive results in his former position. He helped the bank reshape macro business in areas of interest rates, commodities products, and foreign exchange. These changes were necessary since the bank had to move with speed to implement measures that would get the bank back to profitability after suffering from tough regulations in the banking sector and a decline in trading revenue. From the statement released by the bank, Mike Baggley will be responsible for the coordination of projects in the investment unit.

The appointment of Mr. Bagguley came after a streak of changes in senior management of the bank. Earlier, Sir Gerry Grimstone was appointed as the deputy chairman. Grimstone is an experienced financial expert who has previously worked with financial group Schroders as the global vice-chairman of in-charge of investment activities. Other appointments have been made in the investment banking unit as Barclays shows commitment to re-position itself as a leading investment bank in the world.

Barclays’ senior management has full confidence in Mike Bagguley to accelerate delivery of the goals they have set to accomplish. Bagguley experience as a senior banker will help him put together key infrastructure to achieve growth within a short time.

Mike Bagguley has been at Barclays since 2001. His roles have mainly been around fixed income operations. He has previously been assigned duties in Johannesburg, Tokyo, London and New York. He finally joins the investment banking unit as the COO to replace Justin Bull who left in April.


Beneficiaries of Equity First Holding’s Lending Facilities

Are you in need of urgent financing for your business or to cover non-purpose capital needs? Do you need a personal loan to help you deal with urgent expenses? If so then you are probably among the people that stand to benefit significantly by working with Equity First Holdings.

When it comes to obtaining non-conventional lending services in most parts of the world, Equity First is usually at the top of most lists and there is good reason behind this trend. For starters, getting a regular loan involves a lot of red tape and bottlenecks. Not only is it difficult to get around these but the time it takes may also prove to be too long. Not to mention the fact that same day loans will probably cost you an arm and a leg.

Equity First Holdings specializes in helping clients who need to borrow money quickly and inexpensively. The main clients targeted by the company are usually either business entities or individuals with high net capital. And so comes the question- why do they only prefer high net worth individuals?

Assuming you need a loan but you do not have any significant or acceptable physical assets that you can put up as collateral, most lenders will not even touch you with a long stick. And they still won’t if you have intangible assets like shares in another company. But not Equity first. When you borrow from Equity First, you can directly transfer your shares to the company and they will hold that as collateral against the loan that they are going to give you. The returns on the shares will be paid back eventually along with the loan. The entire process is fast and efficient which makes it ideal both for short term and for long term borrowers. This unique lending approach adopted by the company has enabled it to expand into most of the largest cities in the world.

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Highland Capital Rings Nasdaq Closing Bell in Celebration of Senior Loan Listing

Highland Capital Management had the honors of ringing the Nasdaq closing bell to celebrate the listing of its iBoxx Senior Loan ETF, in October 2016. The event was held at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square. Mark Okada, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of the investment banking firm was present to ring the bell. Senior Loan ETF is managed by the firm’s affiliate, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors. It’s one of their funds that provide results and opportunities based on index and measurements.

 As of March 27th, 2017, the market price of iBoxx Senior Loan ETF (SNLN) is $18.52 per share and Fund AUM’s total net assets is estimated $474 million. Highland Capital offers their investors fund results that parallel to the price and yield performance of the Liquid Leverage Loan Index. The opportunities in senior bank loans are rules based on index; the most liquid leveraged loans; and active market participants and face dollar amount measures. Other opportunities include eligible loans for underlying index measured by its credit rating, liquidity, size, type, maturity, and spread. Highland also manages other types of funds, including alternative, exchange trade, equity, asset allocations, and fixed income.

 Highland Capital Management is registered with Securities Exchange Commission and manages more than $15 billion in assets. The firm is one of the top investment firms in the nation specializing in credit hedge funds, distressed private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. Highland was founded as Protective Life Insurance by investment managers and partners, Mark Okada and James Dondero, in 1990. The firm was the first to launch non-bank collaterized loan obligations (CLOs), six years after the firm was established. During the time, Highland structured and monitored more than 39 CLOs valued at $32 billion in assets.

 James Dondero serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Highland Capital Management. Mark Okada is co-portfolio manager of the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Funds which received the 2016 Lipper Fund Awards. The Thomson Reuters Awards Program named the fund the best 5-year loan participation fund.