Healthy From The Inside With Wengie

Keep the hair healthy by eating the right foods, such as green fruits and vegetables. You also want to take a vitamin each day. Drink as much water as possible to keep the hair moisturized. Fruits and vegetables that are brighter in color have more nutrients, which will then make the hair shinier and stronger. It’s important to work from the inside out if you want to keep your locks from breaking off while brushing or putting your hair in a ponytail.

If You’re Lazy Wengie Has Some Life Hacks For You!

Wengie the YouTube sensation decided to share some hacks that can really help people that are a little bit lazy. She has come up with some great ideas. These life hacks will definitely make your life quite a bit easier.


Everyone has come to a point where they are super hungry but don’t feel like cooking. Wengie has a meal in a cup that only takes 1 minute. Place 3-4 tablespoons of canned beans in the bottom of a cup. Then add some of your favorite vegetables such as tomatoes, green pepper, mushrooms etc. Then add 1 tablespoon of Marinara sauce and top with cheese. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute and you’re ready to eat!


Chips are always way down in the bag and if you put them in the bowl then you have to wash it. You can make a bowl of chips right out the bag. Just open the bag and grab the bottom on both sides. Then simply scrunch upwards using your fingers until the chips reach the top. The bottom is now flat and can sit nicely on the table.


How many times have you put on your clothes and see that you have wrinkles on your collar? It can be pretty inconvenient to have to take the shirt off and heat up and iron. Wengie suggests using your straightener. You are probably already using it for your hair so simply run it over the wrinkles and you’re finished.


Television remotes are probably one of the main items lost in everyone’s house. It also can be located somewhere totally far away. You can use your phone! There are apps on your phone you can download that will instantly turn your phone into a universal remote!


Everyone likes to watch things on their phone or IPad at night in bed but it can be a little difficult. It’s hard to lean it against something or holding it, you’re hand can get very tired. Put your phone or IPad on the side of your nightstand and trace around it. Then get some wall hooks and place them on the nightstand. Your phone or IPad will sit in the hooks.

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Wengie Video Recap: BFF Expectations vs. Reality

YouTube blogger Wengie shows the “expectations vs. reality” of hanging out with your best friend.

The first scene is greeting your BFF at the door. The expectation is a big hug, the reality is she goes past you to pet your dog instead. Next is listening to your favorite song. The expectation is doing subtly sexy dancing, the reality is jumping on the bed while singing and dancing badly.

The next scene is telling your BFF about your breakup. The expectation is her comforting you and treating you to lots of junk food. The reality is your friend telling you she did not like your boyfriend and giving you a pillow to hug.

The next situation is when your ex is dating someone new. The expectation is your best friend telling you how much prettier you are than the other girl and how your ex lost out by leaving you. The reality is admitting the new girl is very pretty.

Then they show a scene about sharing food with your BFF. The expectation is giving your friend some of your snack. The reality is eating all of your snack before she asks if she can have some. The next scene is about spotting a hot guy when you’re together. The expectation is agreeing how hot he is, while the reality is your friend questioning your taste. The shower time expectation is coming out of the bathroom fully dressed, while the reality is coming out naked or in just a towel.

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