Doe Deere: An Animal Loving Entrepreneur

Lime Crime, a company created and founded by Doe Deere, has a mission to revolutionize the makeup industry. This not only includes what makeup looks like but also how it makes the customer feel and the process they go through in which to purchase makeup. This company is an online company and has set a trend on the internet by being the first digitally-native beauty brand. This has led this company to gain a large group of followers, whom Doe Deere refers to as her “unicorns”.

Founder, CEO and owner, Doe Deere has always considered herself to be a rebel at heart. She constantly changes her style and is proud to show her more eccentric side through her makeup and wardrobe. Her unique view of beauty and her undying love for color have inspired millions of fans around the world. Her personal values towards kindness to animals is one of the things that is the center of her brand.

Doe launched her company in 2008, after a brief stint in the music industry. While she could only find various shades of beige while looking for makeup, she thought her brand would bring something new to the market. One of her first products was called Unicorn Lipsticks, which were a drastic range of lip colors from what was currently being sold in stores, with a eccentric unicorn packaging. Deere also delved into the market of liquid lipstick, with her addition of Velvetines in 2012.

Doe currently oversees all product development. She is a well respected entrepreneur in the beauty industry for continuing along with her dream, despite others having doubts of her vision. For this reason, she encourages other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams as well.

Deere has set new standards for the performance and quality of its products. Their products are made to express a customer’s mood, and can be altered depending on how one feels.

Lime Crime cosmetics are certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. This is a large part of the company’s mission, as Doe Deere insists that animals are treated fairly and have nothing to do with her products.

Wen by Chaz Dean the Ultimate Hair Care Product

The story of Chaz Dean from his very humble beginnings as an adopted child in Vermont to his finding success and acclaim in Hollywood as a hairstylist to the glitterati is inspiring. Dean truly believes in what he does, and one tenant he has promoted was that women clean their hair with toxic chemicals and cleaners and while looking good at first, find that the health of their hair pays the price in the long run.

Dean’s Wen hair care products reflect his practiced understanding about hair and how to successfully maintain it, keeping it healthy and beautiful.

His latest hair care product, aimed at the enormous women’s hair care market, is a multi-purpose product that claims to clean, condition, and repair healthy or damaged hair. The product is sold through hair salons throughout the United States of America and Canada.

Wen by Chaz Dean is available at Dean’s website. Dean’s hair care products are also available on the QVC Shopping Network, Sephora both online and in store, as well at

Dean is a thorough professional dedicated to his work. His studies and experience with the Wen hair care product line have launched him to great heights of success.

If you are interested in the product, there is an in-depth review in Bustle by Emily McClure. She decided to test the product for a full week and accompanied her progress with photos (selfies) to prove the results.

Read the entire article here:

As an independent provider in a marketplace filled with giant corporations, the sales of his product line have not been slowed. Chaz Dean has created a formidable persona and a popular hair care product in Wen hair care.

Lucky Lips: Evolution of Smooth and Lip Balm Products

Dry, cold air and are especially hard on the lips. This is because the lips have fewer layers of skin than the rest of the face and have no sweat glands to keep them hydrated and protected. Humans have been trying to soothe chapped lips for millennia, often with the application of different kinds of wax, including ear wax. Of course, some people just slather on the Vaseline.
Evolution of Smooth is pleased to offer lip balms that are not only hydrating but fun and even tasty to wear. Their lip balms come in sticks and colorful, 0.25 ounce spheres just the right size to tuck into a clutch purse or pocketbook. The balms are made of shea butter and jojoba oil to keep lips moist, and the antioxidant vitamin E to give them protection against damaging free radicals. They lack gluten, paraben, petrolatum and phthalate. These lip balms are clear and can be glided on with precision so not to interfere with lipstick.

EOS’ lip balms come in several delicious flavors []. The organic lip balm spheres are passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, lemon drop and medicated tangerine. The lemon drop flavor comes with sunscreen to protect the lips against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Evolution of Smooth’s Visibly Soft lip balms are contained in playfully striped spheres and come in vanilla mint, coconut milk and blackberry nectar, while EOS’ organic smooth sticks come in vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry and sweet mint flavors. They can also be bought in packs of four different flavor lip balms. Visit their website Visit their product gallery on Facebook.


Wen by Chaz: Confidence is Everything!

Today, we could all use a little confidence booster. We never know where it might come from or how we are going to get it, but with a hair product, it can really change the outlook on how you look at yourself in the mirror and how others look at you. Of course, it is most important to be happy with yourself. That is first and foremost, but if you can get some positive feedback and praise from others, that is a bonus! Recently, a great blogger by the name of Emily McClure did a blog which talked about using WEN Hair by Chaz for seven days and the affect it had on her hair. She also provided some in depth photos and comments on it as well. She is a fashion and beauty expert, so she isn’t some fly-by-night blogger.

She knows her stuff and is highly respected in the community. The article can be read here: I highly recommend you take the time to read her article on it, as it talks about this sephora endorsed brand, which is an all-in-one product that acts as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. The one she picked up talked about giving your hair moisture, bounce, and shine.

Everyone loves to have their hair bounce and shine, as it really stands out, in a good way, from the crowd. It doesn’t just blend in and look ordinary. She detailed the Wen hair results and by day seven, she was amazed at what it had done to her hair. She backed it up with the photos, as I mentioned, and also the praise and attention it gave her. People noticed a change. How many times do you change products and no one notices it? With this product, it is literally impossible to ignore what it does and how it can positively change your hair. Try it today, order one from Amazon. WEN Hair Care products are also available at

FAQ page:


Doe Deere at the Helm of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the figurehead and founder of a cosmetics company, Lime Crime. Deere is a media darling, her youthful pixie looks, and confection-colored hair present a person who is a living embodiment of a fantasy world. Deere, herself, has a strong connection with mythical figures; she is inspired by unicorns, and her product line is filled with fanciful fantasy names which promise make-up or lipstick that is out of this world. Deere is the sole embodiment of her make-up line. She is the brand, Lime Crime. It is hard to imagine a brand with a stronger figurehead. The Marlboro Man comes to mind as a representation of a cigarette brand and the famous 20th Century artist, Salvador Dali, who shamelessly promoted himself as an embodiment of his surreal fine art. Deere has very successfully merged herself with her product line and remains inseparable from her make-up and lipstick products.
In a YouTube video filmed at a cosmetics convention, she appears at ease before her “selfie” wall that served as a backdrop to her product line and as an imaginary background for a grand opening of a movie or Broadway play. She encouraged convention goers to use the wall as backdrops for photos with Deere. It is all part of her connection with fantasy worlds and with those young women, her market, who purchase her products and want to be a small part of a similar fantasy.
As consumers, we buy things for a myriad of reasons. Packaging plays a part, price, and reputation all align to offer themselves for our perusal and eventual purchase.


Deere has created the sizzle, which certainly is something that tantalizes and intrigues her customers, making them want to purchase her products, which are make-up items and lipsticks and certainly not steaks.
There is little doubt that this charming, diminutive transplant from Europe will continue her creative ways and will ably serve her product line as its figurehead. She is gifted with a revolutionary sense of fashion and style, and she appears ready and able to shepherd her company, Lime Crime, down the path of success.

Watch the video at


The Top Three Benefits of Shea Butter

Skin is the human body’s largest organ, and needs to be healthy to serve its intended purposes. Countless products are in existence that promise to stimulate healthy skin, but few companies keep their word. Shea butter, however, is a skin product that greatly contributes to flawless, beautiful skin. Topping the industry for centuries, this natural product offers a multitude of benefits that are both empirical and luxurious.


If you want skin that is soft to the touch, shea butter is for you. The fatty acids and vitamins found in this formula effortlessly promote healthy and soft skin. Moisturized skin is undoubtedly healthy skin, and that is essential to ensure your body’s overall safety.


Believe it or not, this cream has been a proven anti-inflammatory. The lupeol cinnamate found in shea butter combats unsightly inflammation and the discomfort associated with it. With shea butter, you can literally be comfortable in your own skin.

Goodbye, Bumps and Cellulite

The collagen-stimulating properties found in the mixture smooth skin naturally. The firming serum plumps up skin to make it look even more beautiful. Flaws are a thing of the past, and firming moisture is here to stay.

Of course, with the immense popularity of shea butter, certain products on the market are seemingly fraudulent, and do not deliver the expected benefits of the cream. EuGenia Shea, however, promises the benefits and surely delivers them.

The company prides its name in being ancient in origin. Eu-Genia actually means the origin of the goddess, and their products undoubtedly embody that concept. In fact, the founder’s mother, Eugenia, inspired the products that have set the company apart from their competition. The product of a Ghanaian midwife used the secret formula to create the butter the company prides itself on today.

Since the year 2000 and with the help of experienced farmers, the formula extended to new heights of success. Basing themselves on high standards, EuGenia undoubtedly produces raw and natural shea butter of superb quality. High in natural vitamins, this shea butter has testimonials boasting of its quality, and the company’s flawless execution of the formula.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Break The Internet With Social Media Success


Lime Crime Cosmetics, the bright, colorful and fun Make-Up brand, created by CEO and beauty blogger Doe Deere, just exceeded two million followers on Instagram. According to Doe Deere, the pioneer of “on-lip” lipstick swatch; Instagram to her is not just a platform to promote the brand, but also to connect on a more personal level with customers. She encourages her fans and customers all over the world, and Instagram to be fearless and unique when it come to hair, Make-Up and personal style.

The native Russian moved to New York City with only seventeen, to pursue fashion design, at the Fashion Institute Of Technology. But Doe Deere didn’t just had an eye for fashion, but also an ear for music, Doe Deere (born; Xenia Vorotova) wanted to actually pursue a career in music.

For reason unknown, the music project was “put on ice”, and instead Doe Deere created a DIY fashion line called “lime crime”, that she sold, as an independent fashion designer, on eBay back in 2004.

Since Doe Deere had to model her DIY fashion herself and do her own Make-Up, but was dissatisfied what the Make-Up world could supply, she put fate in her own hands to create a Make-Up line full of electric colors, it should be illegal. Four years later, in 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was born. Cruelty-free Make-Up for eyes and lips with all colors the rainbow could offer. Vibrant, bold and high pigmented, exactly what Doe Deere always imagined. The unicorn queen doesn’t see Make-Up just to camouflage imperfections, but rather to embrace the freedom of being unique and yourself.

Making ecommerce a huge success for other indie brands, by believing in her brand and products, but also herself, she wanted to show critiques that women would buy lipstick online, if they see the product on actual lips, instead of being crushed or swiped on a piece of blank paper. Hence she introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch.

When Instagram became the hit and market tool on social media, Lime Crime’s profile, as well as Doe Deere’s gained a lot of followers instantaneous and worldwide. Doe Deere even promotes customer photos, who wear her brand on the Lime Crime website, so other consumers can see how the product looks on, but also to show diversity and creativity with each customer.

Find out more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime at


Youtube Millionaires – The Multi-Talented Wendy Huang

Although it’s just passing into the double digits of age, it is no doubt that Youtube is one of the most successful enterprises of the information era. This is due in no small part to its ability to attract diverse talent in an exponential fashion. Youtube millionaires like Pewdiepie have been attracting not undeserved media attention as of recently, but for all the early success stories out there, there’s 10 more stars with just as much, if not more, talent, waiting to explode.

An excellent case study of this is the multi-faceted Wendy Huang, the six-figure earning management accountant turned marketing consultant turned multi-cultural internet beauty guru and entrepreneur. Wengie started her youtube career with The Wonderful World of Wengie, where she puts out two extraordinarily useful videos a week, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With her success, she has leveraged her drive and her abilities to become the co-founder of UniMi cosmetics, a company with a focus on optimizing the beauty process, become CEO of StyleAlley, a marketplace for secondhand designer clothing, and collaborate with up-and-coming beauty brands like Shu Uemura.

In addition to her fantastic business exploits, Wengie has also made a conscious effort to reach out and give back to her community. She runs a separate blog where she plays the role of the wise big sister to her younger viewers, and gives sage advice for difficult situations. She makes videos that have extremely healthy messages, such as her video about Beauty Guru Camera Secrets, where she exposes the tricks in production that make models look so good on camera, and her diet videos which, although they may look like clickbait, advocate for healthy long-term lifestyle changes. But Wengie knows it’s the little things that count. To show this, she does regular give-aways and signs off every video with “I love you guys so so so so much.”

Without a doubt, Wengie is a shining example of progressive Youtubing. If youtube continues to attract talent that can compete with this driven beauty guru, it will have a fantastic impact for generations to come.


Fabletics Gets Recognized by Elle Magazine

Fabletics is a hot new workout clothing line that is getting a lot of buzz in the industry today. This is a clothing brand that has come along and caught a lot of consumers off guard. Many critics did not expect the brand to do as well as it has, but much of the success for this company has come from the sheer dedication of one of the co-founders.

Kate Hudson has done a great job in becoming the face of the Fabletics brand. She has taken it upon herself to market this company in a way that she believes will be beneficial to other young and middle-aged women that are interested in athletic clothing.

It helps to have lots of friends in the industry entertainment that are praising this brand. It also is good to have a consumer base it expands outside of the United States. So far Fabletics has expanded beyond the Internet with brick and mortar stores.

Elle magazine as highlighted some of the clothing that Kate is interested in. It has also given readers an inside look at what helped start the company. These various elements that have played a very important part in the growth of this organization over the years. Many people have become interested in what Kate is doing with the brand because it is new and exciting. Tons of women just have never seen the type of stylish workout gear that Kate has presented to consumers. She has a filled what has been a long time for years in the clothing industry.

People that come to the Fabletics website can see that she is very much a hands-on business leader that believes in modeling many of the garments herself. It shows that she believes in the brand, and that she is actually one of her own best customers.

The website is really helping this brand catch the attention of people that are considering working out for the first time. The new stores that are coming are going to also play a big part in helping those that want to try on the clothing before they buy.

The revenue streams for this company are very impressive, and a lot of this revenue is a result of the subscription service that a lot of customers are signing up for. It allows people to get special picks on various garments that are offered by Fabletics.
You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Parisian Style Inspirations

Casual chicness to the dream. How do French women pull it off? Their street style comes from well-edited wardrobes that are put together casually yet how so smartly. The first tip to take to heart – don’t give in to trends. Aim for style. Who What Wear picks their favorite inspirationistas below.

Okay, it’s not a word yet. But trust us, inspirationistas will catch on. Clémence Poésy is a French model and actress, and our personal fashion icon. Poésy’s Chloe advertisement is our style dream: flowing blonde locks in a bohemian dress while running in a field.

Once you nail down the perfect French day old washed hair, you can build her look by pairing opposites. For instance, wear a Coco Chanel inspired boucle jacket with feminine touches with refined menswear footwear. The key to pull-off this look is keep everything tailored and sharp looking. Footwear should be clean and narrow and worn with stocking like short socks so your ankle shows. Use a J. Crew ankle cuff and roll up your pants just a touch. Tailored black trousers should sit low enough to be discernable from menswear and cut to showcase your hips, not hide them. Pleats are not acceptable in slacks. Flatter your silhouette.

The first runner-up as our fashion icon is Geraldine Saglio, stylist and fashion editor for Vogue Paris. The epitome of casual cool, Saglio is a go-to source for how to refine your jeans outfit with styling. Cuff your skinny jeans a half inch with one flip and pair with simple black kitten heels. The look becomes refined by using a thin black leather belt to cinch a wool trench coat. Also, cuff your trench the same as your jeans. If your belt is long, loop it through its own waistband.

If you are looking for full time help for styling tips, become a VIP Member at JustFab. The monthly subscription service picks out stylish pieces for you each month for your very own online boutique. The boutique has handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry, and JustFab ships them straight to you.

View their videos on youtube.