Do You Know How Your New Favorite Lip Balm Made Its Way Into Your Purse?

By now, you’ve probably heard of EOS lip balm, or at least you’ve seen women whipping colorful, egg-shaped containers out of their purses and applying the product to their lips. Maybe you’ve even picked up some of the balm yourself at drugstores like Walgreens or Target. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, has taken over the lip balm industry, quickly outcompeting well-established brands like Chapstick and Blistex in its seven years in the business.

How did this company become so ubiquitous so quickly? As Fast Company reports, EOS owes its success to completely rethinking the lip balm product and the way they marketed it, see for more info. The company’s founders noticed that most lip balm products were lacking in innovation – they all tended to come in the same tube shape, feature the same basic flavors, and be marketed towards both men and women for medicinal use. The EOS team designed new packaging that would better engage all the senses and be less likely to be lost in the bottom of a large purse. Furthermore, they decided to market their product towards Millennial women after realizing that women were commonly using it in beauty routines and were buying more balm than men. EOS focused on creating lip balm with organic components rather than active ingredients, and was able to sell their product at competitive prices, hop over to

EOS then began marketing more aggressively than any other lip balm company: not only did they place ads in traditional media outlets like magazines and television, but they also set up multiple celebrity endorsements and placed their product in music videos. The company has also collaborated with other famous companies and designers, and has been wildly successful on social media. By rethinking lip balm from the ground up, EOS has managed to become omnipresent in purses everywhere.

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EOS Brings Out The Best Chapstick

When it comes to lips, it is important to have something that can take care of chapped lips. Among the products that people use are lip balm. However, the traditional way of shopping for lip treatment was going to stores and looking for chap stick. Fortunately, stores have handled the placement of these products in a way that makes it easier for people to buy the products. However, not all lip balm products are equal. There are some people who have persistent problems with chapped lips and the effects that come with it. People have had options as to how they want to experience the active ingredients of chap sticks. While they had the tasteless original, there were also other options for different flavors.

Even with a lot of the benefits of chap stick, there was something missing from the product. Fortunately, Evolution of Smooth has began to fill the shelves of Walgreens with their own lip balm products. These products were very unique from the typical lip balm products. They have also come with a lot of new ingredients that add to the benefits of the lip balm products. They eventually started expanding to Walmart. They have then gone to other online stores like that will accept these products.

One thing that makes EOS lip balm stand out from all of the other brands of lip balm is the flavors that are product. They have a ton of different flavors available for the customer. This gives them a lot of different ways to have fun while enjoying smoother and more moist lips. Also, certain celebrities like Christina Aguilera have been seen with EOS. EOS lip balm goes way beyond flavors. These products are actually very effective in keeping the lips from becoming chapped. EOS has experienced a lot of growth for its own company while bringing in a growth for the oral care industry. Check out the EOS Linked In page for more information.