Cotemar Mexico is Revolutionizing the Oil Industry

The oil industry is changing, and Cotemar Mexico is at the centre of the game. Cotemar has established itself as a leader in oil and gas through the different services that they offer. Cotemar Mexico is driven. Not by power or money but by their mission and values. The goal of the company is to be a sustainable Company in oil and gas by providing excellent services.



The company was launched 38 years ago, and it has been successful in the industry. When it was founded in 1979, Cotemar only provided services through two specific lines in accommodation and catering. They also offered specialised vessels. In 1981, the Company was providing transportation services for both the materials and personnel.



Cotemar continued to establish its presence in the market by providing different services. By 1996, the Company had increased the number of services, and they had started offering construction and maintenance services.



Today, they offer different types services in three distinct channels;



v Accommodation and catering



Food and lodging services are provided on all the vessels that are operated by the company. There are different services that they offer including food preparation, bedding services, washing of clothes and ironing. They have cabins that can be used by two to four people. The team has included different recreational areas like gym, television rooms, cinemas and basketball courts. All the services that they provide adhere to the set standards.



v Construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering



They provide services that support maintenance and the installation of platforms. The operations are done using modern technology that will enhance the capture of information in the field. The team seeks to install materials promptly within the budget. They carry out all their operations in compliance with the regulations set.



v Specialised and Marine boats



The company has specialised boats that offer transport services to the personnel and also the materials. Different types of boats that are used by the Company. They have the supplier boats that are used to transport the food. They also have the Tugboats for carrying the large structures.



As mentioned above, it is their core values that govern the company, and they include;



ü Integrity: Carry out all the operations in an honest manner



ü Humility: The capacity to learn from each other



ü Reliability: The team is accountable for all their services



ü Innovation: They like to challenge their thinking so as to develop new ideas