3 Facts About the Oxford Club and its Membership

Learning about how to make investments in stock and other financial instruments can be a very daunting undertaking. Since the rules of these investment games are not always finite but every changing, people who make investments are often taking risks that they may or may not be able to afford. Hence, when these individuals begin to dabble in the stock market or in other various kinds of trading activities, it is important that they know as much as they can find out about private financial investment organizations like the Oxford. So, to provide you with some information about the Oxford that you may want to know, here are 3 facts that can help you to understand what they do and how successful they are in the services that they offer.


Fact #1 – The Oxford Club was Founded in 1989


This privately owned investment group was founded in 1989 and has been growing ever since. Today, this investment group has approximately 157,000 members, and they are located in over 130 countries across the globe. Presently led by and joined by some of the some of the top investment professionals across the globe, including Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist, this group has a monumental amount of success in helping to create extraordinary wealth for those who enjoy the independence of a rich lifestyle since this is the Oxford Group mission.


Fact #2 – The Oxford Group Provides Online Training


The Oxford Group provides their members with online training that they can take advantage of through Investment U. Investment U is a University that is presently known as an essential branch of this financial club. To educate members, investors can take a wide variety of different training opportunities by accessing their training videos, attending their conferences and much more.


Fact # 3 – Sign up Online for Memberships


The Oxford Club offers memberships that investors can sign up for online. In fact, there are presently 3 levels of membership options that have provided online and they include the following:


Premier Membership

Director’s Circle

Chairman’s Circle


Each of which is available with their specialized features and requirements.

JustFab and the Man behind its Amazing Rise Don Ressler

One of the recently founded fashion retailers causing a buzz in the industry is JustFab. According to the company overview, JustFab came up with a whole new concept of online shopping that combines the advantage of convenience and personalization with affordable fashion. Through its monthly subscription service, the company avails hundreds of items that are carefully chosen and placed on customized boutiques to meet the needs of every shopper. JustFab stylists are tasked with the important job of handpicking styles that its clients would find appealing.

The fashion retailer offers a wide selection of trendy denim wear as well as shoes, jewelry and handbags. The selection of functional bags and accessories include designer brands such as Hello Kitty, Abbey Dawn and Elle & Blair Fowler. For its shoe collection, shoes enthusiast will be enthralled by a rich collection that includes fancy tall boots, gladiator sandals, ballet flats and booties. Majority of the items on offer trade at $39.95 and come with free shipping according to Don Ressler. New members enjoy a 50% price off on the first purchases. Earlier in January 2013, JustFab announced in that its membership had shot up to over 10 million.

JustFab’s business model is built on the concept that recognized parents as the primary clients. According to Entrepreneur.wiki, this realization led to the acquisition of FabKids, a children’s fashion subscription service and The Fab Shoes in 2013. The company of Don Ressler with Adam Goldenberg also launched the popular Fabletics brand in 2013 in what was a groundbreaking year for the company. The 3 year old Activewear brand has grown considerably; it now accounts for up to 30% of all JustFab sales. In its much publicized Fortune article on America’s 20 largest, powerful and most celebrated startups that was published on March 2015, JustFab made the cut at number 13.

The company Co-Founder and CEO Adam Goldenberg told Fortune magazine that his company had invested a lot of money to grow its business. He credited his fellow Co-Founder and CEO Don Ressler alongside a team of men and women for the success in its latest rankings, the magazine also listed the El Segundo, CA based fashion retailer’s valuation at $1 billion. Besides JustFab, Don Ressler has been the brain behind a chain of several successful startups and subsidiaries. According to Bloomberg page, the list includes FitnessHeaven.com, Intelligent Beauty, Brand Ideas and Alena Media among other successful startups, where Don Ressler serves as Co-Founder and CEO.

A World Wide Organization Gives Back

In a world that often seems riddled with violence, there is a reason for the population to know about CSR organizations that live the reality of Corporate Social Responsibility, and give back to society. QNet, known as one of Asia’s top direct selling role models, continues its human interest efforts in partnership with Lion’s Club International. Their joint efforts allow QNet to deliver clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to over 800 school aged children.

As a humble member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network, and joined with Lion’s Club, QNet echoes the mantra, “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, RYTHM. The largest organization in the corporate sustainability initiative world is UNGC, and its goal for this massive project aims to provide a set of properly maintained water supply, sanitation education and installations, and hygienic facilities in Third World and impoverished countries.

QNET-WE CARE is also in India where it is on of the CSR initiatives of QNET that supports the underprivileged in such areas as the health of destitute adults and victims of natural disasters. In conjunction with Lions Dist. 317 F Service Foundation, QNET-WE CARE supplied relief to families caught in the floods and presented them with the badly needed kits of staples and household goods.

To assist special needs children at the Vijayaratnam Foundationa’s Taarana School, the staff at QNet’s Hong Kong office held their first CSR event. This unique event raised money by cooking and selling and an incredible variety of treats and delicious drinks. The staff prepared the desserts and refreshments while the Directors and other officers of the company personally delivered the mouth-watering cuisine. From the top on down, QNet is dedicated to returning to the community and helping those who need a hand up.

QNet offers a range of products that include Swiss Timepieces and Jewelry, personal care products, health and wellness, online technology, and vacation packages to exotic places. They also sponsor sports across the world, including football and badminton, as part of their commitment to health and that teamwork drives success. They recently signed a contract with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), as its official direct selling partner for what is now three years.

If the world were a perfect place, Corporate Social Responsibility could trust all businesses to do their part in providing for the well-being of unfortunate individuals. In the meantime, companies such as QNet not only offer a means of building a financial status, but also provides hope for the future of the world. For more information about QNet, please visit their website.

Lime Crime’s Rise to Fame

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of cosmetics company Lime Crime, is living proof that dreams really do come true. Born in Russia and a New York City resident for most of her life, Deere started her cosmetics empire with only a few hundred dollars in her pocket. In 2008, Lime Crime was launched with only a few products to choose from. In 2009, she launched her “Unicorn Lipsticks”—vibrant, vivid hues not commonly found on the makeup market of that time. It was a humble start, but with focus and dedication, Doe Deere’s company grew to become something of a makeup empire.

Today, Doe Deere is considered to be a force to be reckoned with in the beauty and fashion community. She has a following that exceeds over 400k on social media, which says quite a bit about her influence.

The entire line on UrbanOutfitters shows how Lime Crime encourages individual expression through makeup, regardless of gender. With their products, Lime Crime lovers can use their bodies as a blank canvas to create vibrant makeup looks. To cater to their vibrant-makeup-loving fans, Lime Crime offers hundreds of products. From vibrant liquid-to-matte lip colors and loose glitters to deeply pigmented eye shadows and eyeliners. Nail art lovers also benefit from Lime Crime, thanks to their collection of nail polish.

Doe Deere also understands that some makeup lovers look for alternatives to meet their individual lifestyles. Lime Crime meets those needs by offering cosmetics that are cruelty-free, as stated on the website, and totally free of any animal-derived ingredients. All of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are made in the United States. Using premium cosmetic ingredients sourced from all over the world, Lime Crime creates safe, quality makeup for beauty lovers to revel in.

Years after the launch of Lime Crime, the company is now something of a cult phenomenon, with Pinterest pins rising exponentially. With Doe Deere’s unique look at cosmetics and her love of creativity and individual expression, she created a line of makeup that knows no boundaries in terms of color and vibrancy. Lime Crime’s ever-growing fan base is proof of their revolutionary cosmetics.  Check out their growing line of Velvetines on the LimeCrime.com website.

George Soros Suggestion of Germany Troubles Could Increase Gold Purchases

Billionaire George Soros has taken his warning of impending European Union (EU) economic collapse to Germany. Wise investors are preparing now by purchasing well-recognized, government-minted United States gold bullion coins. The clock may be ticking on the EU.

“German Iron Wall of Security”

When Greece needs more money, they call Berlin. The primary beneficiary of the euro creation has been Germany, because it makes its exports more affordable. Thus, George Soros’ comments about impending dangers to Germany must have been somewhat disconcerting.

Heretofore, Soros had spoken from afar at Davos, Switzerland. During an interview with German magazine Wirtschafts Woche, Gregor Peter Schmitz and George Soros explored the numerous crises facing Germany and the EU in 2016. Greece, Ukraine and even England (which was holding a vote on whether to remain in the EU) were all serious problems.

Unfortunately, troubles seem to be multiplying like rabbits and Soros doubts the EU can survive. Germans are already fed up with the continual requests for capital from Greece.

“When Danger Looms, Buy Gold”

George Soros is one of the most popular speakers on lecture tours because he delivers the cold, blunt truth. At Davos, Soros warned that the beginning of 2016 resembled the scary days of 2008. So what are investors doing to prepare for worsening economic conditions?

While stock exchanges fell at the beginning of 2016, gold prices increased. Central banks are preparing for the worst. “Since 2010, central banks have been net buyers of gold, and their demand has expanded rapidly, growing from less than two per cent of total world demand in 2010 to 14 per cent in 2014.”

“Gold Coins Weather Turmoil”

During the US Money Reserve Podcast, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discussed how gold coins could be used to protect your wealth. The United States Dollar is a paper bill that can lose its value dramatically, just like during Wiemar Republic hyperinflation. With government-issued gold bullion coins, you have something of intrinsic value.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl stated that the weight and purity of each American government-issued coin is guaranteed. Gold is nearly indestructible. In a pinch, you can sell the gold to a jeweler.

Geopolitical problems don’t magically solve themselves. Soros and Diehl have warned of dangerous economic troubles looming on the horizon. Wise investors are purchasing gold bullion coins to protect their wealth from any disaster – man-made or natural.


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