Troy McQuagge Wins Coveted Gold Prize in One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

Troy McQuagge has done quite a bit in the last few years. When he joined USHEALTH group, Inc, the company was floundering. As a health insurance company, it was losing ground amongst more efficient competitors, but because of Troy McQuagge, they turned around fast. He joined USHEALTH in 2010, rebuilding its captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. By 2014, he was asked to become CEO of the company, where he contributed to its comeback as an individual health insurance company that could compete amongst some of the best.

This wasn’t lost on the One Planet and Business Professional Awards, who saw his immense success as a great story for those looking to improve a business or company that was in the gutter. This is why they awarded Quagge the CEO of the year award this year. It is quite an honor, considering businesses all over the world submit their CEOs for consideration.USHEALTH Group, Inc, is based in Fort Worth, Texas and is an insurance holding company. They focus on providing innovative health care for those individuals seeking health insurance and small business owners. They seek to provide competitive products along with excellent customer service.

The One Planet Awards recognize companies who are doing excellent work in business and professionally. There are several categories in which businesses are awarded, including executives, teams, new products and services, PR, Marketing, and Corporate Communications.McQuagge is a 30 year veteran of the health insurance industry, building the two largest health insurance agencies in America, with over 5,000 dedicated agents. Since becoming CEO of USHEALTH Group, their sales have magnified by over 5 times. He increased sales at UICI, his job prior to USHEALTH Group, from $250 billion to over $1 billion within a 5 year span. He has always been dedicated to excellence as well as innovation, which are the keys to his success as an executive that can turn companies around. Innovation is extremely important, because it takes thinking out of the box and doing things differently for things to change.



Fashion and technology are two industries whose growth has been so promising over time. Changes in the two industries has been experienced, most of which co-relate the two industries. This makes it hard to separate the growth experienced in the two industries. Most of the changes and growth seen in the fashion industry, strongly rely on technological changes. Technology has as well had its better share grow as per the fashion demands in the market.

In the current era, fashion designers are more oriented in coming up with innovations that meet the market preferences and as well are accommodating to the technology in use and the one to be used in the future. The two considerations which the designers are basing their work on has greatly seen the fashion industry change its trends. Technology in this context, has been seen to present designers with unlimited possibilities and choices from which they can base their innovations upon. The result of such possibilities has seen creation of one of the world’s most creative inventions such as the Dare Droid a drink making dress.

The current technological changes are more concerned with the user safety, which has led fashion designers also to develop designs that offer protection to various users. Such inventions include a newly invented bike airbag which the rider wears around the neck, so that it pops out to protect one’s head during impact. This has come as a replacement of the unfashionable helmet which had major drawbacks such as blocking the riders view. Invention has gone to another level, where designers are now using recycled materials to come up with game-changing inventions. Emma Whiteside is such a designer, who created a large gown from recycled radiator copper.

One of the people who has been able to combine the potential of these two industries is Chris Burch. Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse business background in various industries, including fashion, technology, and real estate. Mr. Burch kicked off his career as an undergraduate at Ithaca College where Chris Burch was able to grow Eagles Eye apparel to a multi-millionaire company. He had started the company with the help of his brother Bob.

Currently, he is the head of Burch Creative Capital, a company which boasts of an exciting brand portfolio which includes ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Poppin. The company is a venture capital firm that creates huge names out of humble companies. He is a man who knows what the fashion and technology industry can offer even in the future.


Lori Senecal Earns a Top Spot in the Global Advertising Arena

Lori Senecal is a graduate of McGill University, a public university based in Montreal, Canada. At the university, she majored in marketing and finance. Lori Senecal is skilled in advertising, digital strategy, digital marketing, social media marketing, and creative strategy. Her skills are attributed to her 13 years of experience in the advertising industry. Over the years, Lori has held various executive positions in several advertising corporations on AdWeek. This experience has groomed her into the top female chief executive officer in the country. Lori is the current CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). She earned this prestigious appointment following the exit of Andrew Keller, the retired CEO.

Lori’s work experience

Lori began her career in 2003 at McCann Erickson. In 2009, she joined Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs+p) as the chief executive officer and president. Lori Senecal is remembered for facilitating the growth of kbs+p from a 250-person to 900-person domestic agency. She also enabled the recognition of the company as one of the best places to work in New York City. At kbs+p, she rose above ranks and became the global executive chairman. In 2015, she became the global chief executive of CP+B, an advertising agency and member of MDC Partners at Since appointment, she has influenced both the corporate and entrepreneurial culture of the company, making it internationally recognized market flair. Under her leadership, CP+B bagged the Creativity Innovators of the Year Award from Advertising Age.

Before becoming the CEO of CP+B, she was the president of MDC Partners Network, a position she holds until now. At MDC Partners, Lori is in charge of developing and implementing strategies, as well as facilitating the company’s growth on She is tasked with the duty of developing cross-collaboration throughout the business networks. Over the years, she has secured prominent clients such as Victoria Secrets, BMW, TE Connectivity, PINK, and American Express for MDC Partners. Lori is known to be innovative and is always encouraging employees to focus on developing their talents and careers. Lori Senecal encourages them to be inventive in everything they do. According to Lori, being inventive brings forth healthy competition in business.

Lori’s recognition and awards

In 2014, she featured on the list of “Agency Executives to Watch.” She earned this honor due to her prowess in running activities at MDC Partners and CP+B. Lori also scooped Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. Lori is a loyal member of the Ad Council Board of Directors.

Adam Goldenberg’s Thoughts on JustFab’s Dominance in E-commerce and Fashion

In 2014, BuiltInLA recognized Adam Goldenberg as one of the influential Los Angeles-based CEO. In an interview with the website, Goldenberg said that he has bigger plans for JustFab. He started his professional career by instituting Gamer’s Alliance, which was later acquired by Intermix Media. Goldenberg also founded Intelligent Beauty back in 2006 and co-founded JustFab in 2011. JustFab proceeded to amass $55 million and to acquire ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery start-up. Currently, the online subscription retailer is on the verge of launching several products under Fabletics, the athletic brand. It consists of a celebrity stylist membership with clients in five other countries apart from the U.S.

According to Goldenberg, adaptability to businesses, personal discipline, and commitment to customer services are virtues that have helped him succeed as a fashion entrepreneur. He argues that success in founding a business lies on whether a founder is good with numbers. He also mentioned that JustFab attributes its success to its professional team. The team values customer feedback because this factor helps them in improving the quality of services they deliver.

JustFab’s Hiring Practices

Goldenberg also told BuiltInLA that his company succeeds due to its hiring practices. He pointed out that his firm looks for skilled and passionate candidates when hiring. Adam Goldenberg said that he pays attention to top performers in his company because this factor keeps his firm’s professional team focused and engaged.

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JustFab’s Dominance in E-commerce and Fashion

According to Goldenberg, most brands usually stress on how to make sales and not the product they are selling. In addition to a beautifully designed e-commerce website, catchy commercials, and active social media presence, JustFab designs and manufactures its products. This factor helps the company to maintain its customers who prefer quality to fancy advertisements.

JustFab’s Funding and Name Change

In 2014, JustFab managed to secure a funding worth $85 million facilitated by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Other companies that participated in the funding include Technology Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Shining Capital.
JustFab also changed its name to Techstyle Fashion Group in 2016 as one of its initiatives of revolutionizing its customer service delivery. As an online-based athletic brand, Fabletics is Tecstyle’s most successful brand. Since Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler founded it in 2013, Fabletics has experienced tremendous growth. It plans to set up more than 75 new stores in the next five years to supplement its existing six brick and mortar stores.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa : The Pioneer In Panama’s Economy

In his article, “What To Do When Visiting Panama City,” Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa gives travelers suggestions about activities to do when visiting Panama City. According to Figueroa, Panama City is a place of wonder, and it has a charm that relaxes away tension. Figueroa describes various activities to do in the city’s major attractions, such as watching wildlife and hearing birds’ melodies at Camino de Cruce, seeing ships dock off at The Panama Canal, and exploring the art gallery at DiabloRosso. He wants travelers to feed into his insight on the city’s attractions and the variety of activities to choose from . In conclusion, Figueroa is trying to persuade travelers to book a trip to Panama City, and receive the best sensation that its attractions has to offer.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur from Venezuela. He serves as the Director, Treasurer, and President of five companies in the city of Panama. At a young age, Figueroa moved out of his home country, Venezuela to Panama, in hopes of becoming a member of its business community. Figueroa has been a prominent member in Panama’s business community. Figueroa is active in reforms on CrunchBase that aim to improve the economic conditions in Panama and salvage it from turmoil. He helps businesses to flourish, and owns organizations that mentor young leaders who plan to be entrepreneurs in the future generation. Figueroa dedicates much of his time into educating the young generation about the strategies and principles of managing a business.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is looked up among the younger generation as a mentor and someone who can provide guidance and direction for their future. His main goal is to apply his knowledge and expertise in business and improve economics within his community. Figueroa works diligently in his practices to ensure that Panama’s economy is successful on for himself and others around him, and to get the best results possible. He is one of the pioneers in entrepreneurship and economics, and has been instrumental in defining every aspect of entrepreneurial success. Figueroa’s passion for what he does and experience has enabled him to provide exemplary output and convey a sense of prosperity to the residents and the business community in Panama. He is defined by his prestigious commitment and dedication to helping Panama’s economy to sustain its health, in spite of the impediments that he counteracts. Figueroa is the heart of Panama’s growing economy.

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Getting and Giving: Investing in Everyone

British millionaire Sanjay Shah, founder of Solo Capital, is the epitome of the final transformation of Dickens’ famous Ebenezer Scrooge. While Mr. Shah may never have been referred to as miserly it is his giving nature that would have Dickens proclaiming him as a “blessing.” As a young lad growing up in London Sanjay had many opportunities and decided to study medicine at prestigious King’s College. After determining that the medical field was not his calling Mr. Shah planted himself in the financial world. It was during his time as an accountant for such successful companies as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley that Mr. Shah came to the realization that there had to be more to life than the simple work-week schedule. Not wanting to waste any of his personal time he decided to start his own brokerage firm. He invested his own money in a small rental property and hired a small workforce, thus starting Solo Capital. Today, Solo Capital retains thousands of employees and is arguably one of the premiere international boutique financial services companies in the world. Solo Capital is well known for their work in proprietary trading, professional sports investments, and financial consulting.
While he has enjoyed extreme success with Solo Capital, Mr. Sanjay Shah also owns more than three dozen other businesses across London, Dubai, and other parts of the world. His success has not hindered his desire to help others. Mr. Shah is noted for his philanthropic endeavors. He has supported Plan International for over ten years and is highly involved in helping those less fortunate than himself. Perhaps it is the fact that he has faced personal adversity that strengthened his desire to help others.
His youngest son was two years old when Mr. Shah and his wife received the news that he suffered from autism. This lead Mr. Shah to the decision that, based on his position, he needed to become more involved in the research and understanding of autism. He created the organization, Autism Rocks, which partners with musicians in order to bring public awareness to the disorder. In June of 2015 he invested $100,000 of his own money to purchase the domain Autism.Rocks. Both he and his wife continue to support this and other charitable organizations around the globe.


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A Man Deserving of Recognition: George Soros

It would seem as if, even as big as George Soros Ukraine is, few of the younger generation recognize this legend of a name. This needs to promptly change as we need to give credit where it is due. Not only is he the founder and current chairman of “Open Society”, he has made waves in the world of authors by writing numerous books, including but not limited to, “The Alchemy of Finance” and “The Tragedy of the European Union”. The title of this last book points to some of his recent article posts about the travesty that Ukraine is suffering after the revolutionary upheaval of regimes in that country following a Russian invasion into the Crimean Peninsula. Unmarked soldiers were found to be flooding into the area. It was not until some time after the initial invasion which started in March of 2014, that these soldiers were found to be Russian.

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George Soros – Forbes

Although, fast forwarding to 2015/2016, Mr.Soros is exposing the state of Ukraine before the upheaval began by pointing to the bureaucratic non-sense that worked with a tyrant business minded oligarchy which did not have its citizen’s best interests at heart. Mr. George Soros is a philanthropist and by the meaning of this word, he is a perfect match. I’m sure in some dictionaries you can find his picture next to the definition. If this is not true, it should be. This man is trying his best through actions and words to create an area that would allow for positive change in that of bettering the welfare of his fellow humans and exposing the delinquency of people who claim to have a monopoly on the truth. In his articles on Ukraine, Mr. Soros walks the line and gives both sides. He is a talented writer with a very direct style. When reading him and his thoughts on the Russia/Ukraine action that has been going on the past couple years, he points out the fact that Russia has been a threat to the world and to itself and this is no way for the world to work together in order to provide for its citizens. The progressiveness of Mr. Soros is something that i believe all humans should strive for. Not that progress for the sake of progress is necessarily a good thing, Mr.Soros is definitely a man that deserves a round of applause from the world. He recognizes that we are imperfect but he also recognizes that we can achieve great things and that together, it is possible to make for a better tomorrow.

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