Malcolm CasSelle at World Asset Exchange seeks to Democratize and Decentralize the World With Cryptocurrency Technology

Malcolm CasSelle successful President of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is seeking to decentralize the world with the help of cryptocurrency technology by revolutionizing the blockchain. He is establishing himself as a true innovator in the cryptocurrency technology industry by further advancing the blockchain within the gaming system industry. Malcolm CasSelle‚Äôs education consists of a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Master’s degree from Stanford University in the field of computer science. Over a vast career within the digital industries, he has been promoted into successful executive leadership roles at various organizations. Malcolm CasSelle innovative leader and strategic overseer of some of the most successful pioneering companies in the digital industry is providing a blueprint for the expansion of the blockchain. Malcolm CasSelle has invested heavily in leading companies within the social media industry such as Facebook and Zynga. Through investment in research and development in the information technology industry and the newly established blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms, Malcolm CasSelle at World Asset Exchange has developed the resources in the platform to structure revolutionary change and the decentralization of financial instruments away from the banking system. Establishing platforms to actually move assets over geographical borders from one country to another, Malcolm CasSelle is providing the infrastructure to create democratic change within the world. The advancement in the way money and transfers of financial assets is actually performed currently with millions of transactions occurring over the blockchain through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are used to transfer assets over the blockchain within the gaming system at WAX and are integrated by utilizing the blockchain cryptocurrency technology. Wax has established themselves as a pioneering company within the crypto industry by allowing users to transfer assets and establish a safe platform for the exchange. The successful president and revolutionary leader Malcolm CasSelle at World Asset Exchange is strategically pioneering the fundamental technologies needed to lead to the democratic change in the world.