Know How Adam Milstein Has Impacted Israel Community

The Zionist Ideas is a new anthology of Jewish thought that was recently published. Many people have applauded this publication since it’s the most comprehensive collection ever published. More than 170 Jewish visionaries have been included in this publication. Gil Troy is the man behind this book. Although Natan Sharansky has his piece in this book, he highly recognizes Adam Milstein for his commitment to cultural Zionism. Adam is regarded as the torchbearer. Some of the other Zionists featured together with Adam include Rachel Sharansky Danziger, Sharon Shalom, Saul Singer, and A.B. Yehoshua.

Adam is among the cultural Zionists because he strongly believes in ‘Israeliness.’ He is actively involved in revitalizing Jewish culture and heritage. He believes this is the best way to realize the Cultural Zionism they have desired for many years. Adam Milstein wrote an article called The Jerusalem Post in 2016 indicating many American Jews especially the millennials had given up on the Jewish faith. According to Adam, the State of Israel should have many people of the younger generation involved in its activities. He says that Israel would realize many benefits and claim its position if it brought its people to its heritage.

Adam is not just a real estate investor. He is also the Israel-American Council national chairman. He has been a competent manager of Hager Pacific Properties. This company is in charge of many developmental projects in the country. He has been a dependable philanthropist in the Jewish community. The family foundation he came up with is a notable philanthropic work many people remember him for. Through his family foundation, many Jewish students across the globe stay connected with their Jewish roots.

With many Jewish scholars across the world, Adam is doing everything possible to ensure they get quality educational experiences. He was born in Haifa Israel in 1952. He joined the Israel defense forces 19 years later. He diligently served in the Yom Kippur war while in the military forces. Adam believes in leaving a legacy using the money he gets. He believes that a strong American-Israel tie would help Israel achieve her dreams. Adam Milstein has supported many pro-Israel organizations through his foundation.

Stream Energy: Why Freedom Matters

Stream Energy is changing the way of company success. In a traditional company setting, managers hire workers to work a set schedule. As long as they perform adequately, the company will move forward with its ability to provide a service to its consumers. Some workers may see the job as just a job, a way to pay their bills and support their families. Others may even love their job and see it as a golden opportunity. Stream Energy is creating a business empire. Each person who gets hired by Stream is not an employee. They are a business owner. They own and run their business based on their preferences. That means that they choose their hours and manage as many clients as they want. It is a better opportunity for many reasons. Associates will more than likely take the opportunity more seriously because it belongs to them. As long as they love what they are doing, they will succeed. Being an entrepreneur gives them the capability to customize their approach to their liking. They also get to be a part of Stream Cares. Stream Cares is the organization that Stream Energy uses to give back to the community. Associates get to help monitor homelessness in the Dallas, Texas area. They also get to participate in sponsored events. Stream Energy is a company known for giving back. It is not surprising that they set each associate up for success long- term. Each year Stream co-sponsors the Annual Splash for Hope. The event helps homeless children by giving them a positive experience of fun and a better understanding of the power of generosity. Many leaders are created at the power of generosity. Even though the families of these children are dealing with unforeseen circumstances, they are still entitled to a quality life. Associates get to come out and participate in the event. Another event is the Once in a Lifetime diner for military veterans. The two-day event honors veterans and their families by giving them an all-expense paid experience of food and fun. Stream Energy associates play a major role in the event as they provide transportation to the less fortunate families.

Malcolm CasSelle at World Asset Exchange seeks to Democratize and Decentralize the World With Cryptocurrency Technology

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