Omar Yunes Helped People Have More Options in Mexico City

For years, there were not many options for chain sushi in Mexico City. In fact, there weren’t any options for people who wanted to eat somewhere like Sushi Itto. While this was an extremely popular chain restaurant in Japan, it was not something people had ever heard of anywhere else in the world. Others were especially intrigued if they were in Mexico because it made sense they would have to try different things. For Sushi Itto to become something that people would know about in Mexico City, it would take someone who was experienced to get the help they needed. It would also take someone who knew what they were doing and how to appropriately run a chain restaurant. A true entrepreneur would be the only person who would actually be able to run the chain restaurant in a way that would allow them to make all the right choices for their business.

Even when Omar Yunes was just getting started as an entrepreneur, he found a lot of value in franchising. He thought it was a great business opportunity so he could try different things and make the most out of the opportunities he had. He also knew there would be different options people could benefit from when they were in their own business. Depending on the things that he had to do with the business, Omar Yunes was confident he would be able to make the right changes to the franchise industry in different areas of business.

Now, Omar Yunes has a lot of experience with Sushi Itto. He is successfully running the business and helping people get all the chain sushi they want. He has also made a lot of decisions on what will be the best thing for the company so he doesn’t have to worry about what will happen to people once they have received all franchise information they need. Omar Yunes continues to push to help others get the help they can benefit from when they are in different positions within the area that Sushi Itto is located in within Mexico City and the surrounding areas.

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Talos Energy Strikes Black Gold in Mexican Waters

In the Sureste Basin, off the shores of Tobasco, Talos Energy and two other private oil drilling companies have struck oil in Mexican waters. Along with Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas, Talos Energy began drilling the Zama-1 well in May of 2017 in order to reach the estimated 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil that lie there beneath the Earth’s crust. This offshore basin is a unique geological location, and analysts predict a high likelihood of success throughout the operation.

What makes this endeavor so much more interesting, is the fact that this is the first time in 80 years that a private company, joint venture or otherwise, has been permitted to drill for oil in Mexican waters. Since 1938, when Mexico nationalized oil industry, exploration and acquisition of crude oil within the country was largely dominated by the government. This state run monopoly was made manifest in the form of the petroleum company Petroleos Mexicanos. Now that Mexico faces failing energy markets, they have decided to open their oil industry up to private investors.

Because this lucrative industry was never challenged by competition in Mexico, private investors, like Talos Energy, realized upon arrival that much of the infrastructure that one would expect to find already in place was, in fact, not present. This includes geologically promising locations that have yet to be tapped, as well as a lack of regulatory infrastructure one might see in countries with foreign investors. In a way, this is an ideal situation for Talos Energy and their partners, as they have found the shallow water opportunities in Mexico to be comparable to that of the U.S. waters in the Gulf of Mexico around the 1960’s and 70’s. Simply put, the oil executives have reason to believe there’s huge resource potential in these offshore Mexican basins with large quantities of oil to be found.

Coming in with a 35 percent stake in this venture, Talos Energy stands to represent the United States as one of the first private investors to gain a foothold in a sparsely exploited, energy rich environment. If successful, they stand to make countless millions of dollars and open the door for a new and thriving international market.

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Igor Cornelsen Take on Brazilian Economy

Brazil is experiencing a huge monetary development and mending process. When representing Brazil’s economy a ton of components become possibly the most important factor. Foundation, expectations for everyday comforts and typical cost for basic items are simply yet a couple of the elements one contemplates while getting to the financial advance of this lofty country.

A solid economy in Brazil, and in addition in a lion’s share of the nations, is relied upon to guarantee that the natives are agreeable and ready to meet their essential needs while in the meantime accessing better government foundation.

In the earlier years, Brazil has been a country of derision with regards to a matter of economy. Actually, some time ago the economy of Brazil wasn’t perfect. It has grasped the hands of genuine market analysts and partners, to repair the nation’s economy to the point it is at now.

Of indispensable concern are financial specialists; both outside and neighborhood speculators. In Brazil, financial specialists contribute towards the impetus of the economy, as with any free market. It is the want of practically every nation to draw in whatever number financial specialists as could be expected under the circumstances. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: and

A name that nobody can bear to overlook in this vital field of interests in Brazil is Igor Cornelsen; an astute, fruitful financial specialist, Cornelsen has given a few precious tips to numerous speculators, not just in Brazil that have demonstrated to yield plentiful outcomes.

PR Newswire believes that Igor Cornelson says that with the quick advancement of the current financial worldview, Brazil has relocated from a retreat and has begun to acknowledge noteworthy recuperation and a type of “new Brazil.” Cornelsen additionally included that If the 2018 decisions end well, at that point a more prominent monetary recovery and huge occupation creation will be figured it out. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

Every one of these variables will go far in guaranteeing that an extremely alluring business condition for Brazil. This tip off by Igor is a decent sign of better days ahead for Brazil’s economy on account of the normal increment of a swarm of financial specialists, both nearby and remote.

Mindful of the foundation organization, CCR, Igor gives a principal tip that, CCR an organization that focusses especially on transportation and streets. He calls attention to that CCR is in a decent position to influence great utilization of the advantages of a devaluing enthusiasm to rate in the business condition, better government measures for concessions and framework.

Additionally, an enhanced business condition universally, particularly with respect to how financial specialists see Brazil. CCR which has been an exceptionally fruitful financial specialist of capital and has had a record of tripling its incentive in the most recent decade is an organization that is yet to detonate into a trustworthy universal transport organization as per Igor Cornelsen.

Vijay Eswaran Explains What Graduate Students Should Do In Today’s Job World

For many people who finish college, their first thought is how they can show potential employers their skills and land a job. But one man believes it’s time to change that line of thinking from looking for a job to actually creating one.

That man is Vijay Eswaran who did so himself when he founded QI Group in Hong Kong. Eswaran says these job candidates should look at how they can immediately get their own business setup and move in that direction. He says more can be done if people are willing to take more risks instead of waiting. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia and was inspired to start his own business by his father Vijayratnam. He also was taught generosity and spiritual practices from him as well. Eswaran went to the London School of Economics to get his bachelor’s degree, and later went to Southern Illinois University to complete an MBA.

He had been a part time consultant when he began looking at multilevel marketing opportunities on the side, and then in 1998 he headed back to Malaysia when he had an opportunity to do it full-time. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

He and another entrepreneur, Joseph Bismarck began their own company in Hong Kong, QI Group and soon after had investments in Asian vacation homes and resorts through QI Asset Management. Their e-commerce and major sales come through QNet. All QNet products are marketed through representatives who can then recruit others to QI’s program.

Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropist who was named one of Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy for his work with RYTHM Foundation.

He talks not only about that, but also on how making personal sacrifices and having spiritual observances throughout the day can lead to an even happier work environment in his book “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

Eswaran also speaks frequently at the World Economic Forum annually, and travels to many universities around the world to talk on issues. Even right now, he’s helping rollout the plans for a completely green campus for QI University-Perak.

Talos Energy Aids Mexican Coastal Rig

In Mexico, the oil and gas industry has been nationalized for quite some time. They started this trend way back in 1938, almost 80 years ago. Since then no outside investor could touch the oil in the ground or off their waters. Pemex, a national company with a monopoly, was the only company allowed to do it. Mexico always planned to keep it that way, but unexpected events in the economy of late have made them reconsider. They have now opened up their industry to outside investment for the first time in a long time.

The move has prompted interest from a number of investors. They are willing to look hard into the numbers to predict that only 100 to 500 million barrels of oil between three companies is a lot to bargain with. And the companies won the 2015 round of bidding. The three firms are Premier Oil, Sierra, and Talos. Except for Sierra, the other two companies are foreign. If Tabasco and its coast offer up success to the drillers, it could spell a new age for Mexico.

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company out of Houston, Texas. They were founded in 2012 when two investors realized they could put their heads together. They offered innovative solutions for other clients, so they wanted to add something to portfolio in the energy business. Using millions of dollars of equity funding, and their holding company partner Phoenix Holdings, they had Talos up and running. But the company hasn’t always been this successful.

The company only had about 12 employees when it first started out, a number that would shock most people finding out that it had 100 employees today. Much of the rapid growth of the last few years has led to them having $500 million in yearly revenue. One of the most impressive parts of the company is that they share the proceeds from profits to each worker, no matter their position. This allows the company, which competes by investing in exploration and drilling for oil offshore, to remain at the top. They currently do about 16,000 barrels of oil a day in their regions of operation.

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Scott Rocklage: 5AM Venture Partner

Scott Rocklage has a PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS in Chemistry from the University of California Berkeley. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

He also has served as a board member for many organizations. Some of those are: Chairman for Novira Therapeutics Inc., Director for Rennovia Inc, and Chairman of the Board for Cidara Therapeutics Inc. He has over 25 years of experience with management in the healthcare field and has also gotten 3 different drug applications approved by the FDA. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

Those applications were for: Omniscan, Cubicin, and Teslascan. Additionally, he has been able to put 6 different possible drugs into clinical trials. He is also either to inventor or co-inventor of over 30 different United States patents and has more than 100 publications that are peer-reviewed. As of right now, he is based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2003, Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures. He started out as just a Venture Partner and in 2004 he moved up to Managing Partner. The way 5AM Ventures works is by working with other professionals, including pharmacists, doctors, and scientists, to come up with ideas on drugs that can help treat and cure conditions that don’t currently have good medications for these things.

One thing that Scott Rocklage has pointed out is that, in his business, there isn’t really a typical day. Some days are all about studying while other days are all about meeting with other company’s management team or going to board meetings all day.

The main things that he believes needs to be done in order to start a successful business are: don’t be afraid to take risks that are within reason and don’t be afraid to hire new people if you realize the original person you hired just isn’t working.

He believes that, if you set your mind to it, then you can accomplish it and you won’t know how it will turn out if you don’t try.

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Thumbs up for Nick Vertucci of The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA)

Nick Vertucci is a regular guy just like you and me. His family were loving and caring while growing up, but when Nick was just 10 years old, his father passed away leaving his mom to have to care and provide for him and his siblings, which she worked long hours to do.

At age 18, Nick found himself homeless and living out of his van but he didn’t give up and a few years later, started his own business selling computer parts. At the same time, Nick got married and had 3 lovely daughters.

Things were going pretty good for Nick & his family, he just loved the freedom he got from being his own boss, but like many of us, he didn’t invest his finances and plan for the future. Therefore, Nick wasn’t prepared for what happened next… You may recall in 2000 the great dot-com crash? Unfortunately, when it came, it left Nick in a pickle, as his finances came to an end.

Once again Nick struggled but this time he had a family to provide for so he earned what little money he could and was lucky to at least save his home from foreclosure, although he lost everything else.

This went on for almost 18 months until a friend invited Nick to a 3-day real-estate seminar that he had been attending and assured Nick that it would be worth his while. Although he was skeptical, Nick decided to accept his friends’ offer and went to the seminar. At the workshop, Nick listened to everything the speaker had to say but didn’t quite understand everything clearly, yet to his advantage, something popped in his head while there that made sense and would change his life.

Nick completed the seminar and spent the next 10 years learning everything he could about Real estate as well as researching and gathering all the information needed to develop an honest and easy system to make money in real estate. Now Nick is not only at the top of the game but he is also helping others to get up there as well. In 2013 Nick founded The, “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy” (NVREA) which teaches people all over the world how to use the very same system that Nick uses to make millions of dollars by investing in real estate. Since then many ordinary people, like you and me have become millionaires thanks to Nick Vertucci and his remarkable proven system.

So, thumbs up to Nick Vertucci for creating the NVREA that has already been a great benefit to so many and many more to come!

Beyond Nabors-Tony Petrello’s Good Deeds

Tony’s Rise in Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is a person to reckon with in the business sector. He serves as the CEO of Nabors industries. This is the leading and largest oil and gas drilling contractor in the world. Through hard work and resilience, Tony has risen through the leadership ranks, thus emerging among the most capable leaders in the business sector in America.

At Nabors, he has served in different capacities for over two decades, due to his meticulous business acumen. These positions include; Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chairman, the President, and the CEO. Under his leadership, the company has steered the right direction, as seen through its extensive growth. For instance, the Nabors Industries has become the largest fleet drilling company, in the United States, with top-notch services.

Tony’s Background

It is right to say that Tony has a Midas touch. This is seen through the tremendous achievements of the Nabors industries, in terms of profit gains. Consequently, he was placed among the top paid CEOs in the United States. Besides his success in Nabors industries, Tony Petrello boasts of an extensive knowledge and experience in corporate taxation, from Baker & McKenzie law firm. This firm was the starting point of his career. Through his instilled culture of hard work and work ethic, he rose through the leadership ladder handling various responsibilities and positions. Moreover, he boasts a strong educational background with a master’s degree from Yale University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard University. This has played a role in propelling him on the success path.

The Good Deeds

Besides his success in the business sector, Tony is a re-known philanthropist within Texas. Having grown in a humble background, and within a community that embraces honor, and strong work ethics, he feels it’s his duty to give back. One of his contributions is towards an annual prize of $150,000 million at the Alma Mater Yale University. This was in commemoration of his friend Serge Land. Moreover, he has donated over $7 million, to the Texas Children Hospital. This is with the hope that children undergoing neurological disorders, like his daughter, will have better lives. Furthermore, he hopes that the Neurological Research Institute, under Texas Children Hospital finds the cure for neurological disorders.

Tony’s success is an indication that overwhelming situations should not deter one’s focus from success. After this success, there is a need to grow together with the society by giving back, which is a sign of appreciation.

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Eric Pulier: Investing in Technology

Eric Pulier is an American businessman and entrepreneur who found out the potential of technology to become a basis for his business. He managed to open up a lot of opportunities for himself when he decided to establish his first tech company. Eric Pulier is presently living in Los Angeles, Calfornia, where his business headquarters is located. He also participates in several philanthropic works throughout the city, and enjoys a happy, Californian life while doing his best to promote his business.

Back when he was still a child, Eric Pulier knows that he has a love affair with technology. Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, the young Eric Pulier has already been working with computers when he was still in the fourth grade. He also taught himself how to do programming, and other basic computer skills. His expertise in programming expanded when he was in high school, and during this time, he learned more advanced programming tasks, and with every day practice, he is almost perfecting his skill. He created a database company when he was still in high school, but he decided to set aside the idea of making it thrive as he will be entering college. He passed the entrance examination at Harvard University, and he took up an English and American literature course. He would also become the school publication’s editor, writing pieces and having it published all throughout the university. Occasionally, Eric Pulier would go to MIT, Harvard’s neighboring school, to take up extra subjects. In 1988, Eric Pulier graduated at the university, being awarded as the class magna cum laude. Three years after graduating from the university, Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles, California. He established a company named People Doing Things, also known as PDT, with the main objective of addressing the problems revolving around education and health. He established another tech company in 1994, called the Digital Evolution, and it merged with US Interactive LLC – another tech company – in 1998.

Today, Eric Pulier keeps track of his businesses, making sure that it is operating according to his plans. When he is not that busy looking over his businesses, he would ocassionaly participate in different technological events, or do something that would benefit the community, just like what he did with the Starbright World. Eric Pulier never stops on doing businesses. Right after the success of his first two enterprises, he decided to open up three new tech firms, like Desktone, Media Platform and Akana among others.

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Jose Auriemo Neto and His Leadership for JHSF As Its Chief Executive Officer

Malls answer the problem of a country’s economic woes because they can churn out the economic growth of the nation. In Brazil, the malls are not only concerned with improving the economies of the country, but it also brings out the best in the country. There are many leaders in the economic progress in Brazil, but none seem to be able to compare to what the real estate sector has done for the country.

One of the leaders in the real estate dynamics of Brazil is JHSF, which is a network that handles several operations of various commercial markets and residential units all across the country. With JHSF’s acquisition of many of the country’s relevant stocks both in a commercial and residential division, it’s little wonder why it’s the leader in mall developments and upscale hotels management.

JHSF also handles an international executive airport in Brazil, and that contribution has given tangible economic change for the country.

JHSF’s Leadership Under José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is the man behind the dynamic economic growth of JHSF. He is right now the man who was able to undertake the full responsibilities of running the kind of commercial malls that propel growth in Brazil. Jose is also one of the founders who gave rise to the JHSF enterprise in the city of Sao Paulo around the year 1972 along with his brother Fabio.

The leadership of the two brothers has established the construction and incorporated networking needed for the company to grow in the delivery of their services.

Jose is also able to form the significant emerging decision that brought rise to the different improvements for the enterprise. The merger then got signed and contributed to raising the number of employees currently working in the industry. Right now the number of people who believe in the company as employees have now reached 500, and will continue to rise as Jose expands to various markets.

With the different decisions that Jose contributed to the enterprise, it’s little wonder why the JHSF will find itself growing to greater heights in real estate development for both residential and large-scale commercial buildings, as well as in shopping malls and restaurants.