Cancer Treatment Centers of America Fights Prostate Cancer

With big name former NFL players and the reputation of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America combining for the Prostate Prep Talk campaign, expect big things to happen. These organizations along with the help of Labcorp are joining together to provide free prostate screening. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America predicts that one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and they predict that over 100,00’s men will be newly diagnosed in 2017. These collaboration with the NFLA and Labcorp, is to try and catch men with the cancer early and start treatment. Using former NFL players to draw men to the centers around the country and to raise awareness about the deadly cancer. Men can go to the events that will be in cities like Atlanta and Chicago or go to any of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to get their free prostate screenings. Screenings are free until each center or event reaches 2,000 men and after that the cost is $25.00 which is still a discounted price.

Richard J Stephenson was not pleased with the treatment that was provide for his mother who was diagnosed with cancer. So, this inspired him to create treatments centers that specialized in the treatment of cancer patients and also has been involved with the screening process. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was created by Stephenson in 1988 and now has grown to five regional locations throughout the United States. They have recently opened a office in Mexico City and frequently take in international patients from around the world including places like the Middle East. Cancer patients can receive treatment from their five treatment centers in Illinois , Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Arizona. The Cancer Treatment Centers use advanced treatments to assist and save their patients as well.

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Eric Lefkofsky Easing Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is an incredible entrepreneur who co-founded a genomic sequencing company known as Tempus. Tempus mainly helps doctors customize cancer treatments to simplify diagnosis. Recently, the Chicago based company announced it had raised $ 70 million from New Enterprise Associates and investors Revolution Growth in its series C funding round. This funding is part of the total &130 million since it was started in 2015 with his co-founding partner Brad Keywell.

Mr. Lefkofsky serves as the CEO of the company and together with Brad, and they have always invested in any fundraising that takes place. Eric spoke to Crain’s Chicago Business that he was willing to invest even up to $ 1000 million in Tempus. Most of the investors who also funded Tempus have also supported other companies. For example, New Investors NEA and Revolution Growth previously had funded stock trading app Robinhood and Sweetgreen respectively and many others. Last year Tempus announced it is partnering with the Mayo Clinic, Duke University and also with Cleveland Clinic and many others which was going to benefit their business of Tempus and also help many cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky was into the tech industry, and so it shocked people when he decided to venture into the healthcare industry. Three years ago, a loved one to Eric was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during treatment, Eric noticed how there was an extreme scarcity of infrastructure in how data was being collected. Therefore the idea of Tempus was born where it uses technology to compile clinical and genomic data from cancer patients so that physicians can customize treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky is a native of Southfield in Michigan and was born on September 2, 1969. He moved to Chicago at a tender age and attended the University of Michigan where he earned honors and then later joined the University of Michigan, School of Law where he obtained a Juris Doctor.

His entrepreneurial skills started in college where he used to sell carpets, and now he has improved to a legendary in entrepreneurship. Moreover, Eric is a philanthropist, and with his wife, they established the Lefkofsky Foundation that supports organizations. Eric is positive about helping cancer patients.

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Cancer Treatment Centres in America Offering the Best Medication

Cancer Treatment Centres of America have qualified personnel and quality technology that helps them carry their duties efficiently and more effectively. Apart from treating cancer, they help patients to manage cancer related diseases and most specifically pain, fatigue, neuropathy and nausea, which is related to cancer. By focusing on these side effects, they help cancer patients to maintain their stamina so as to proceed with treatment for their survival.

The firm has sophisticated technologies and tools that help them fight cancer after they diagnose it. They always give prompt answers to calls and explain patient’s treatment after diagnosing it fully. In short, CTCA offers a comprehensive service, evaluation, individual diagnosis and quality treatment across all patients that visit them. Once a cancer patient has arrived at their hospital, they perform a complete array for them in order to discover the stage of the disease. From the results they get, a customized treatment is registered.

After patient evaluation with the medical oncologist, cancer treatment options are given by the dietician, naturopathic oncology or clinicians. They may recommend therapies depending on how serious the disease is in order to control the side effects as you await treatment. The hospital has a maximum wait time of up to four hours for a patient to be scanned and results registered.

The hospital makes sure the patients are well taken care off in terms of nutrition, pain management, and mind body medicine. These are all known to be relaxation techniques for any cancer patient. All these help to reduce anxiety and other pain that the patient might be undergoing. The hospital has also developed platforms where patients can network and directly share their world thoughts and experience about the disease. The platforms are mainly via email or over the cell phone. This is one of the most known cancer hospitals in America that produces a world class treatment to its patients.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Uses Oncotarget to Address Medical Issues

As a leading cause of morbidity as well as mortality in the world, cancer has been a threat to the medical fraternity. The new cases of death caused by cancer have risen to approximately 70% over the past decades. In order to deal with the cases of death caused by cancer, scientists, researchers as well as donors from different walks of life have converged their ideas with the aim of generating therapies that have a curative nature. The main objective of coming together is coming up with solutions. One such scientist who has been instrumental in the battle against cancer and age-related diseases is Mikhail Blagosklonny.


As an expert in cancer biology as well as treatment therapies, Mikhail has been developing different therapies with the aim of reaching out to the affected patients. Coupled with a strong academic background, Mikhail has explored different treatment options thanks to his extensive experience in research. Through his experiences, he has been able to develop successful therapies. Blagosklonny has proven to the medical field that modern treatment methods can be implemented to cure diseases. Most of his therapies have brought forth revolutionary treatment options.


Blagosklonny is a research scientist and renowned oncologist who has made a name for himself in the medical field. He is prominent for having authored and co-authored many book chapters. He has also authored over 170 articles concerning cancer as well as age-related diseases. The topics of discussion include the generation of cancer cells and their progressive mutation in the host. This topic covers their cycle as well as apoptosis and autophagy. Blagosklonny’s works focus on the theory of aging called target of rapamycin.


Also abbreviated as TOR Signaling, Blagosklonny states that this theory plays an instrumental role in the treatment of cancer. It prolongs life by delaying autophagy as well as promoting cellular synthesis of proteins. This process is important because it slows down the aging process of human cells. This in turn curbs age-related diseases. In the same scenario, Blagosklonny proved that the over- expression of target of rapamycin would inhibit autophagy. This in turn leads to the growth of cancerous tumors. To Blagosklonny, it is vital to understand the entire process of autophagy. This is because with a clear understanding, it is easy to administer treatment.

Education and Career

Aside from being a research scientist, Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scholar. His experience extends beyond basic research. He presently serves as a professor at the Institute of Roswell Park, a cancer research institute. He has been serving in that institution since 2009. In 2002, Blagosklonny was appointed as a lead specialist in experimental as well as internal medicine. This saw his appointment as an associate professor at the New York College of Medical Studies. As an alumnus of the University of First Pavlov, he has a lot of achievement to show for his experience. Presently, he is the chief editor of Oncotarget. This is a peer-reviewed journal that addresses scientific issues related to various medical journals. Through Oncotarget, Blagosklonny has addressed various medical issues in regards to cancer and its treatment.

The Impressive Resume of Eric Lefkofsky

A respected business man and entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has made a major impact on the business world while also making a big name for himself during his career. He is responsible for founding Tempus, a technology company where he is also the CEO. Lefkofsy has had his hand in several businesses and has showcased his ability to start and build a businesses.

Lefkofsky is Michigan native. During his youth he watch both of his parents work extremely hard. His mom Sandy, was a school teacher and his dad Bill, worked as a structural engineer. They modeled for him the value of hard work and determination. Lefkofsky would follow their lead by attending the University of Michigan where he earned a degree with honors in 1991. Just two years later he would earn arhighlyespectedJuris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Soon after earning his degree Eric Lefkofsky entered into life as a businessman. He started this experiment by collaborating with a long time friend Brad Keywell. With little money to start, the duo borrowed money to start their first company Brandon Apparel, a Wisconsin based apparel company. These two entrepreneurs would have great success with their company. Soon they would start a variety of other move on to businesses including Echo Global, Mediabank and Starbelly. In 1999, it was the Internet companycalled Starbelly that started their experimenting. This tech based comapny specialized in promotional products. Soon after Starbelly, Lefkofsky, co-founded InnerWorkings, a company that provided print procurement services.

Just years later Lefkofsky would start his most successful business yet. He would provided more than one million dollars in funding for the website website This little known site would soon change he world. It is known today by the more familiar The site would have massive success even fielding offers of several billion dollars from the likes of google.

Eric Lefkofsky had produced an impressive resume over the years. He clearly understands what it takes to have success in business. With his experience and strong determination, he is sure to be around for many more years to come.

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