Todd Lubar: Decision Making and Managing a Company

Todd Lubar is the current president of TDL Global Ventures LLC. As a child, he knew that he would be an entrepreneur someday. When he was still a kid, he remembered that he would be selling lemonades and hot chocolates to people who are out in the winter. He would also try to clean up his neighbor’s pathway as snow accumulated on the street. Todd Lubar has been a business minded person since day one, and because of his willpower to become a successful businessman someday, he decided to take up a degree in college which would let him study the basics about being an entrepreneur.

Fast forward to the present time; Todd Lubar has been managing his own business which provides funding to those who wanted to start their own business. However, he had to go through a lot of challenges before he was able to change his life. He had to work in the mortgage industry, and he shared how he felt afraid every time he closes a deal with a client because the industry has no assurance that there will be more customers knocking on your office tomorrow. After he closed multiple deals, he would find a way on how to get a new customer. Todd Lubar stated that it has always been that way for him, and he is happy with the way he manages to do his job. Check out Medium to see more.

According to Patch, when an opportunity to create his own business came, Todd Lubar started to read and do more research about how he can succeed in his chosen career path. It expanded his knowledge about how he can do business, and he suddenly felt the urge to become the head of the company that he established. He is one of the founders of TDL Global Ventures LLC, and upon seeing how the company has transformed through the years, it makes him think about the future and what he can do to keep his company going. He would also like to work with other business people in the industry to ask them about their insights on the current status of the market. He wanted to make sure that every investment counts.


The Life of Bruce Levenson


Over the years, Bruce Levenson has done a lot of good in the sports world. He is most known for taking over the Atlanta Hawks and turning them into a good NBA team. When he first took over the team, the fan support was low and many people had stopped coming to the games. In just a few years, the team was one of the best in the NBA and they were starting to make money again, reveals There are a lot of people who wish that UCG chairman Bruce Levenson was still with the team. After he left, he had to figure out a way to take his life to the next level. There are a lot of people who are excited about his work with the Do Good Institute. This is a company that is investing a lot of time and resources into the local community. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, this is the type of company that you should be working with.

Bruce Levenson

From the time he was young, Bruce Levenson has always wanted to do a lot of good things in the world of business. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had in various industries. Many people have been able to have success by concentrating on one industry and adding value. However, Bruce Levenson is one of the few people who has had a high level of success that spans across a variety of industries. Over time, the has proven that he has the knowledge and the experience needed to make a difference in the lives of others. With the recent work that he has accomplished with the non profit, he is ready to take on the world and make sure that other people are ready as well.


Don Ressler and the History of TechStyle Fashion Group


Don Ressler, a very well known entrepreneur, is the founder of JustFab Inc. The pair later went on to form Fabletics as a subsidiary of JustFab, partnering with actress Kate Hudson. Don serves as the co-CEO of JustFab, with Adam Goldenberg being the other co-CEO, and is the CEO of Fabletics. When Fabletics was first introduced in September and October of 2015 it only featured women’s wear, but thereafter quickly expanded into men’s wear as well.

JustFab was launched as a subscription service in March 2010. For $39.95 a month a female subscriber will receive a boutique that is picked out by her own personal stylist. Fabletics is a non-subscription based online retail provider.

Don and Adam were able to fund the startup of JustFab Inc. by obtaining $33 million from the venture capitalist firm Matrix Partners. Once they were up and running Matrix Partners funded an additional $76 million into the company along with Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty. This funding enabled JustFab to expand out from the United States and into Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

In August of 2016 JustFab rebranded itself as TechStyle Fashion Group. Don and Adam explained this change as being caused by the company being transformed into a brand-building platform that was driven by data and personalization. Over time it had become a fusion of technology and fashion so the pair felt that they should change the name of the company to reflect this change of attitude by adding the word tech into the name of the company. This change in name was also necessitated by the fact that they had an umbrella of different brands under the JustFab name and they wanted the name of the company to communicate this.

These companies are based in El Segundo, California. In the words of Don Ressler they want to be based in a city that is as fun as the styles they strut. Also as a center of the fashion scene the surrounding area provides them with the opportunity of staying on top of new trends and fashions.  With a resume full of top level industry accomplishments, Don Ressler’s new venture will definitely be one to watch.



Doe Deere at the Helm of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the figurehead and founder of a cosmetics company, Lime Crime. Deere is a media darling, her youthful pixie looks, and confection-colored hair present a person who is a living embodiment of a fantasy world. Deere, herself, has a strong connection with mythical figures; she is inspired by unicorns, and her product line is filled with fanciful fantasy names which promise make-up or lipstick that is out of this world. Deere is the sole embodiment of her make-up line. She is the brand, Lime Crime. It is hard to imagine a brand with a stronger figurehead. The Marlboro Man comes to mind as a representation of a cigarette brand and the famous 20th Century artist, Salvador Dali, who shamelessly promoted himself as an embodiment of his surreal fine art. Deere has very successfully merged herself with her product line and remains inseparable from her make-up and lipstick products.
In a YouTube video filmed at a cosmetics convention, she appears at ease before her “selfie” wall that served as a backdrop to her product line and as an imaginary background for a grand opening of a movie or Broadway play. She encouraged convention goers to use the wall as backdrops for photos with Deere. It is all part of her connection with fantasy worlds and with those young women, her market, who purchase her products and want to be a small part of a similar fantasy.
As consumers, we buy things for a myriad of reasons. Packaging plays a part, price, and reputation all align to offer themselves for our perusal and eventual purchase.

Deere has created the sizzle, which certainly is something that tantalizes and intrigues her customers, making them want to purchase her products, which are make-up items and lipsticks and certainly not steaks.
There is little doubt that this charming, diminutive transplant from Europe will continue her creative ways and will ably serve her product line as its figurehead. She is gifted with a revolutionary sense of fashion and style, and she appears ready and able to shepherd her company, Lime Crime, down the path of success.

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Makeup Executives Like Doe Deere Are Rare

It is nice to see someone like Doe Deere in the presidential role within a company. She’s young and she has remembered not to take herself too seriously. This can often be the danger that unravels a lot of business professions. Doe Deere has realized that you can run a company and still have fun while you are doing it.

It amazes me to see the fullness of this Lime Crime company come to light. It is like watching a beautiful flower bloom. I remember when I was seeing this brand for the first time. Someone on Facebook told me about it. I saw some products when I went to the website, and I searched for the person behind this brand. I discovered Doe Deere early on, and I wondered if she would come into the mainstream. Doe Deere didn’t waste a lot of time with (what appears to be worthless) print media advertising in physical magazines. To the contrary, she put her pocketbook aside and focused on making the time to connect with her audience through social media. The dividends for this investment have been tremendous. Her fan base is growing, and I believe that it is all based on her ability to really stay true to herself. Her makeup may not be for everyone, but she certainly knows how to pull her target crowd into her midst. She tweets on Twitters, posts on Facebook and continues to upload videos on YouTube.

There are teenage girls that are really embracing this makeup because Doe Deere is speaking to the new generation. She isn’t someone that is simply seating behind a desk with no knowledge of what her fan base is doing. There is not a long chain of ranking executives that are getting input from lower level workers. Doe Deere has her ear to the street, and she knows what is happening.

Bruce Levenson and His Businesses

Bruce Levenson is an American based businessman. He is the co-founder United Communication Group where he is also a partner. The United Communication Group was founded in 19977 by Bruce Levenson together with his partner Mr. Ed Peskowitz. He has continued to implement the business strategy at United Communication Group after twenty seven years. He has played a vital role in the company’s mergers and acquisitions. Before United Communication Group was founded, he was a writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He has also worked as the director at Tech He has also had a seat on the board of directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publisher Association.
He is also an owner of the Atlanta Spirit LLC, which is currently known as Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta Hawks is also owned by other business men but Mr. Levenson and Michael Gearon Jr. are the majority owners. Atlanta Hawks is popularly known for owning and operating Philips Arena as well as a basketball team also referred to Atlanta Hawks. The owners of the Atlanta Hawks however decided to sell their stakes in the company. The company was put in the auction market where bidders were welcome to make their offer. As one of the Major owner of the company, Mr. Levenson had a great interest in its sell. He even hired bankers to assist him in getting a good offer. He had previously hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Spots to sell Atlanta Hawks as well as the operating rights to Philips Arena. Goldman Sachs approximated that Mr. Levenson would get at least $1 billion for both.
Three experts also suggested that Mr. Levenson would get between $900 million and $1 billion from the sale of the franchise. Another valuation of the team and the arena’s operating rights placed it at a worth value of $825 million. Andrew Zimbalist, Smith College sports economist, estimated a price range of between $ 700 million and $750 million. A group led by Tony Ressler, Ares Management LP’s co-founder, won the auction with a bid of $730 million. The bankers that Mr. Levenson hired were off the price by a 27%.
Since 2004, Mr. Levenson has also been the Hawks governor on the NBA Board of Governors. He studied in Washington University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and later joined American University in Washington where he acquired a law degree. Mr. Levenson is an active philanthropist for various organizations. These organizations include the Hoop Dreams Organization, and Community Foundation of Washington. He has also served as the president of the I Have a Dream Foundation. He is a founding donor to the U.S Holocaust Museum and has also made significant donations.