Adam Goldenberg Births Fabletics

Adam Goldenberg can be defined as a serial entrepreneur. He has a way of starting business and making them the centre of admiration for successful investors. What is more, he has differential skills that make him successful any time he sets out to venture in s business idea. Adam is a role model to entrepreneurs. He has developed a strong business platform through different companies. His first venture was the famous This business was later purchased by Intermix Media. Adam was enthusiastic about having a partnership. So, he set out to form one with his colleague, Don Ressler. They worked at Intermix Media and has special skills that later enabled them to start a business. To Adam Goldenberg, that was a defining moment, in which he sought to excel.

Experience and skills in business

With Adam Goldenberg on board, AlenaMedia was born. This was an affiliate of Intermix Media. What better defines Adam yet again is his commitment to use technology for business. A lover of social media marketing, he developed an online platform of business to trade in. Adam Goldenberg thrived on his media skills as a trader, entrepreneur, leader and project manager. AlenaMedia registered outstanding performance with Don taking the lead position and Adam assisting him. After successfully launching AlenaMedia, News Corp, a company that bought InterMix, was born. The duo quit out of frustration. They knew that they were talented enough to establish their own business.

Branding by Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg birthed DERMASTORE, an online selling platform for cosmetics. The brand sought after incorporating client’s demands. It was through this brand that Adam grew his portfolio in business. He has since been successful as an entrepreneur. Perhaps this was the most defining moment for him. Being in charge, he sought to grow the business further. In 2013, Fabletics was born. Adam was still a lead executive in this business. The online subscription business seeks to reach out to people who need sports apparels.


With the need to look good, women have vastly delved into different ideas that would make them lose some kilos. That is what Fabletics is offering most women. The e-commerce platform sells sports apparels for women. What is more, this platform has all sizes of the same apparel. Fabletics has an innovative system of operation. The reverse showroom application has grown this business. It is the hope of the management that the company continues to expand over the next years.

Tony Petrello Journey Battle Against Leukomalacia

Tony Petrello is the administrator and CEO of Nabor Industries one of the largest drilling contractor oil company. Tony was born in Newark, New Jersey. Tony has two degrees in mathematics from Yale University and a law degree from Harvard University. After school he joined Baker and McKenzie law firm, focusing on corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. He became managing partner in 1986 and later moved to Nabors industry in 1991. After joining he was elected to be Nabor board of directors and executive committee board. In 2003 he became the deputy chairman. He has also been serving as the moderator of the executive committee of the board since 2012.

He is also an essential member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees as he is committed to the fundraising cause. When his daughter Carena was born, she was only 24 weeks and 20 pounds, she was diagnosed with Leukomalacia. The disease occurs when there isn’t sufficient blood flow to the brain which results in little oxygen in the brain .this condition causes the victim to develop cerebral palsy and experience developmental delays. With the state of their daughter, the Petrello had to put an effort to find a solution. They moved from the research facility to the other and finally came to the conclusion that kids suffering from the problem require research on at a high scale.

Texas children hospital provided the kind of attention Tony required for their daughter. Tony hopes that the research center will provide the necessary solutions over the years. In the efforts of a solution tony and his wife donated $50 million to the creation of the Jan Duncan neurological research facility in 2010. Inspired by daughters course and the development Tony has also contributed to other charities. He donates $15000 for his friend Professor Lang memorial service. Lang was a professor at the Yale University and an excellent one.

Tony’s course in Neurological Research Institute aims to find a cure for the disorder. The couple has been supportive to the doctors for giving their time to finding a cure; Tony is always optimistic about the treatment. Tony and his wife have been in a few conferences joined with other parents who have been touched by the disorders, talking about it and the challenges faced. Tony and his wife have volunteered at charity events and when they get a chance they also write about it. Tony shares his experience with humility. Tony has endured a lot of perseverance, and the only way to remain hopeful is by networking with more doctors. People should view this commitment as a source of inspiration to not give up but keep the faith.

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The Story Behind Doe Deere And The Success Of Limecrime

Limecrime has been considered an extremely controversial brand of makeup for a long time. The cosmetics the company produces are in incredibly bright, and in vivid shades. Some people believe this breaks all the rules, while many people adore the cosmetics, and have created a large fan base for the business. Doe Deere is responsible for founding the company, and is affectionately referred to as the queen of unicorns. Her followers have been dubbed as the unicorns.

Doe Deere began her life in Russia, and did not leave the country until she had turned 17. Her career was a direct result of her desire to be a musician, and this led her to New York. Although she ended up following a completely different path, the lessons she learned from the music business were valuable, and provided insight in her current business. She learned the skills of marketing, appreciation, and determination.

Doe Deere consented to an interview with Guest of a Guest, and discussed her personal, and business lives. She said ever since she was a child, she has loved business, and she was already involved in her own business of temporary tattoo sales by the time she reached thirteen. This was when she learned by making a product look cool by demonstrating it herself, she could be successful. Learn more:

She spoke of the time she was in a band in New York, and met the man who would become her husband. Their passions were similar, and today he serves his wife’s company as the President. Doe Deere believes the only way to achieve success is to be in touch with who you are, and what you desire. She sees something special, and unique in everyone, and advises people to discover themselves. She feels this will lead to the realization of a skill that will allow people to grow, and flourish.

Limecrime entered the scene in 2008, and was the result of Doe Deere not being able to find the type of cosmetics she wanted. Nothing matched the brightness, and style of her clothing. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and created a line of intensely pigmented products. When she added her new cosmetics to her existing products, her career was born. The way she marketed her company has led to her becoming one of the makeup industries most influential members. Her cosmetics are popular, in demand, and the epitome of success.


Clay Siegall makes huge contributions to field of targeted cancer therapy

In the middle part of the 20th century, huge strides were made in the treatment of cancer. Many types of cancer that had previously been virtual death sentences became diseases with which people could live for long periods or even become cured of entirely. Things like breast cancer, cervical cancer and melanoma became little more than chronic nuisances to millions of people who otherwise almost certainly would have died in an earlier era.

But despite all of these tremendous gains, over the next 30 years, cancer therapies failed to deliver on the promise of continual increases in survivability across all types of the disease. This was largely due to stagnation occurring as a result of the fact that almost all of the major gains had already been made. The true low-hanging fruit of cancer survivability was the ability of the medical community to create the triad of radiation, chemotherapy and surgical intervention as a means to effectively treat many different types of the disease.

But throughout the early 1990s, many cancer researchers began working on a new kind of cancer therapy. This promised to blow the lid off the glass ceiling that had been imposed on the survivability of many cancer types since the late 1950s. The new type of cancer therapy was known as targeted cancer therapies, a set of techniques, drugs and surgical interventions that promised to enable oncologists to directly go after the site of the tumor, sparing the body of all the collateral damage and horrific side effects that occurred through the use of traditional cancer treatment.

No one was more important in the development of this new field than a man by the name of Clay Siegall. As a senior researcher at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall led a team of researchers to develop a highly innovative form of targeted cancer therapy known as antibody drug conjugates. These are a class of drugs that use synthetic human antibodies as a delivery mechanism to bring highly lethal cytotoxins directly to the site of malignant issues, thereby dramatically reducing the amount of the lethal agent released into the bloodstream.


Clay Siegall

How Marc Sparks is Exploring Better Working Environments

Although local wineries and the business environment might not look like the traditional bedfellows, however, one of the most successful businessmen in Dallas, Marc Sparks has a special interest in these subjects. The businessman has been in the department for more than thirty years, and he has a lot of expertise in investments. Sparks has made his name as one of the most successful devotees of local wineries in the Dallas region. Because he has watched the wine industry in the last sixteen years, Marc understands how the business has been growing.

Several years ago, Sparks noticed that there were several start-up wineries and boutique wineries that were coming up in the Dallas area. These institutions were already manufacturing their wines and making the city the ideal destination for the people who were looking for fun and knowledge in a wine area. This motivated Sparks to grow his grapes on a ranch that is found in the East Texas ranch. Learn more:

Although the wealthy investor has a very busy schedule, he always sets some time to visit his wineries. Just recently, he decided to change his offices so that he can have more space for his clients. However, the redesigning did not hinder his progress at the wines. The new offices are open and even more comfortable, and they will allow more startups to engage in a collaboration that will yield more results. Learn more:

Marc Sparks is also a respected book author. One of his best books, “They Can’t Eat You“, has been in the market for a long time, and it has changed the lives of many people in the society. Many individuals who did not perform well in school have been motivated to pursue their dreams in life by the book. The book has helped the businessman to win several awards.

The investor believes that working in comfortable spaces that are bright is vital in increasing the productivity of company employees. According to him, these spaces help in increasing the creativity and focus of the workers. Sparks has been in the business world for a long time, and he says that he has noticed that many startups fail terribly simply because they end up choosing the wrong space for their businesses. The wrong space will only lead to failed businesses.

When growing up, Mark Sparks was an ordinary student who scored a C in his high school education. However, his average grades did not hinder his successful career. The businessman uses his career achievements to motivate other people in the society who believe that they must be A students if they want to make it in life. All his business ventures have done well in the past because of his hard work and determination over the years. Learn more here:

The career of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is a notable entrepreneur with many years of experience. After graduating from college in the 90s, Schneider worked for various firms in New York before starting his own private ventures.

He brings his own approach to management, as well as a diverse array of educational, marketing, operational and sales services. Through his career, Jeffry Schneider has managed to work with many companies. Schneider has been able to distribute his services to various clients across the globe.

Jeffry Schneider has experienced personal growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in the periods to come.

Those who’ve had the privilege of working with Schneider before say that they felt a sigh of comfort interacting with him, mainly because he has an honest personality. Jeffry also has a deep understanding of project technicality, with the ability to break a task down its core essentials. He takes charge to complete projects in a challenging environment.
Jeffry is fair, candid and always considers all parties when transacting business. He does all this with a smile and the necessary speed to ensure that clients enjoy the business relationship, as well as time spent working with Jeffry Schneider.

Apart from his corporate responsibilities, Jeffry is also a fitness enthusiast and has participated in various marathons, Ironman Triathlons and even Half Ironman triathlons. He participates in the annual New Zealand Ironman Event, which is a tough race known for its adverse conditions and grueling length. Schneider also loves traveling around the world and has been to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and South America.





Maggie Gill: Memorial Health’s Award-Winning CEO

Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree, earned an MBA from Saint Leo University in Florida, then attended the Wharton School where she completed course work in management and strategic thinking. She then went on to have a brilliant career in leadership in a number of medical facilities in Florida and Georgia and has developed a reputation as someone who cares about people and gets things done. She has displayed vision and a deep understanding of the issues that face people living in the Southeast.


Gill was hired in 2004 by Memorial University Medical Center as vice president of managed care and finance. In 2005 she was promoted to chief operating officer. Gill’s work within the organization was so impressive that in 2011, Memorial Health decided to name her president and CEO. The position put her in charge of all the medical facility’s vice presidents and physician leaders. She is also responsible for government relations, physician relations, cooperate communications, perioperative and trauma services, internal audits, financial assistance, the Heart & Vascular Institute, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, Memorial Health University Physicians and facilities management.


Prior to taking a leadership position at Memorial University Medical Center Maggie Gill was Tenet South Florida Health system’s chief financial officer for five years. During that time Gill was voted Tenet Outstanding CFO three times. While employed at Tenet she did work at Coral Gables Hospital located in Coral Gables, Florida, Palmetto General Hospital which is located in Hialeah, Florida as well as Miami’s North Shore Medical Center. The quality of the work Gill did at all these facilities is what led the leadership at Memorial University Medical Center to decide to hire her.


Maggie Gill’s body of work has been truly impressive. She’s not only helped the facilities she is in charge of to provide excellent quality service, she has also worked towards ensuring the communities in which she works has the services, facilities and staff they need. Gill has also shown a commitment to helping more students get the opportunity to get the medical training they need to be able to make a valuable contribution to their community. Her staff and facility also won 7 awards at the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes awards program in 2016.


Maggie Gill was listed among the 2016 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know.