ClassDojo Seeks to Expand Through New Products

Throughout the last five years, ClassDojo has worked to make its presence instrumental to the transformation of schools into institutions of learning that embraces technology. Their efforts have placed then in more than two-thirds of US schools and in classrooms around the world, and now ClassDojo has set its sights higher.


This tenacious push has made ClassDojo something of a hit with teachers and parents. The CalssDojo allows both parties to connect on a platform that mimics traditional social media, allowing parents to see what teachers have to say about their child’s conduct during the day and remain informed on what’s going on in school. That open channel of communication helps parents remain engaged in their child’s school life while helping teachers ensure their students receive support at home that’s conducive to the classroom environment. This also works for school districts, who don’t have to pay out of pocket since teachers and parents can access the app from their mobile device and connect to one another seamlessly.


Now that ClassDojo finds itself in a position of comfort and familiarity with teachers and parents, its looking for new ways to increase revenue and expand the company through educational materials.


Liam Dom, co-founder of ClassDojo and its Chief Technology Officer, the company is providing videos and software to schools that traditionally spend hundreds of thousands on physical products. By moving to digital platforms, ClassDojo intends to undersell traditional competition by a wide margin.


By partnering with Stanford University, ClassDojo produced its first series of videos. After being viewed by more than 15 million students, the venture was declared a success, prompting another partnership with Harvard University to develop more videos that promote growth mindset to young students that will be released on a weekly basis.


With continued popularity, ClassDojo seems to have a path to monetization that its sought since its initial launch. But the founders insist the company will primarily focus on servicing users through the app before devoting too much in terms of resources to their distribution of educational materials.


About ClassDojo:


Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo in 2011. The company has provided communications tools to teachers and parents that spans the school year, providing a tangible record of each students’ conduct and scholastic activity.


In five years of operation ClassDojo has increased its funding to $31 million, allowing the funding of new research to expand its service to schools with educational materials. ClassDojo’s increased notoriety has made it a recognized name in the US and around the world, providing schools the ability to communicate regardless of language barriers.