Securus Technologies: Monitoring Contraband Cellphones

Securus Technologies is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, and they primarily serve prisons. They are manufacturing devices that can be used by the prisoners to call their loved ones outside, and at the same time, these devices are being monitored by the authorities who are guarding them. The devices are equipped with voice recording technology, and every conversation made with devices from Securus Technologies will be transmitted to a central office inside the correctional facility that can be recorded by the jail guards. These devices are being used to stop the crimes happening inside the jail, and most of the time, the authorities are successful in preventing crimes to occur inside the prison.


Despite the effort of Securus Technologies to provide communication inside the prison, some prisoners tend to use a cell phone that cannot be tracked down and recorded by the authorities. These cell phones are tagged as contraband, and they are being confiscated. One of the reasons why contraband cell phones are being taken away from the prisoners is because of its capability to initiate contact with the outside world without being detected. Several people have perished outside of the prison because someone inside has access to cell phones, and they have contacted a hired hitman to kill or to injure someone they don’t like. It has happened to a local jail guard in Florida, wherein two men shot him in his stomach six times. They were hired by an individual serving inside the prison, who had a contraband cell phone. Miraculously, the jail guard survived, and he did everything that he can to confiscate the remaining contraband cell phones in the state. The jail guard would soon join Securus Technologies to become one of their employees.


Securus Technologies has been working on a wireless containment system, a technology they revealed that will combat the use of contraband cell phones inside the correctional facilities. This technology will disable any phone calls coming from regular cell phones from reaching the number that they dialed, and even messaging would fail. Securus Technologies stated that they are hoping that the introduction of the wireless containment system would prevent the atrocities committed by inmates against people who are living peacefully outside. The jail guard who was victimized by hired killers stated his excitement for the technology developed by Securus Technologies. He said that because of their wireless containment system, his colleagues who are working in danger can now be protected. He is hoping that the technology will be released as soon as possible, and he sees that those who are working in the same industry would now be protected from any harm involving the use of contraband cell phones. Securus Technologies would continue working with the authorities to suppress any form of violence inside the prison.


ClassDojo is the Education App You Wish You Had When You Were a Student

ClassDojo is a communication app for teachers, students and parents that is on a mission to transform the classroom and transform education. This app allows for teachers and students to share pictures and messages throughout the day to keep parents informed, and to keep everyone engaged and active in the student’s education. It goes beyond information sharing, and seeks to activate a give-and-take so that students and parents can participate and have a voice in the classroom. The app is easy to use and available across many computer and smartphone platforms so that no one loses out on staying in touch.

Although ClassDojo is already used in 80% of K-8 schools across the United States, and in more than 180 countries worldwide, it is still growing. If your child’s classroom doesn’t use this app, ClassDojo has presentations and videos to help introduce the app to your school and bring more people on board. The more people who are on board, the more interactive and successful the educational experience will be. For those who are wary, you can rest assured that your contact information is kept private through the app. Student and parent information on the app is kept secure, so you don’t need to worry about your child’s privacy or well-being. Teachers, students and parents have control over information posted and can delete anything they don’t want to stay on the app. For those who become inactive, information is automatically deleted after 12 months. Strict security measures, compliance standards, and audits ensure information is guarded and used responsibly.

Once ClassDojo is set up each student is equipped to engage with and feel a sense of ownership with their education. Teachers can reward students for positive behavior throughout the day, and videos and tutorials provided by ClassDojo can help students to grow in social skills and values. ClassDojo goes beyond communication and seeks to change education by ensuring each student gets the support they need to grow and flourish.


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