Upwork: How to Use a To-Do List Effectively

Upwork has recently posted an article that summarizes several key techniques and skills regarding the efficient use of to-do lists. Most people have used, or at least heard of, a to-do list. They are one of the most commonly recommended tools for individuals to make better use of their time.

Upwork describes a common scenario of individuals creating to-do lists and then very few of the items actually being completed. This is most commonly due to a lack of knowledge regarding techniques that will allow you to use this powerful tool better. They recommend that you should create a better system of organization for your task lists. There are several techniques that you can utilize in order to improve the organization of your lists.

First, you must begin by creating a list. Upwork believes that it is important for you to get every idea in your head on paper when you are creating a list of tasks you must complete. A common distraction that people encounter during the working day is wondering ideas that enter their head. If you get every single idea on paper, this can significantly reduce the occurrence of these distractions. It is important that all of these ideas go into one central location as well. This will eliminate the time that you spend going between one list of tasks and another.

Once you have all of your tasks listed, you can then go about organizing them. Upwork recommends that on each task you should set specific timelines to go with them. This will give you an idea of when to start each task as well as how long each task will take to complete. They also recommend giving your self a little bit of room to breathe with each task as occasionally we overestimate or underestimate the time required for a particular task. Afterward, you can then go about organizing them in order of importance. Since you have a general idea of how long each task will take you can then decide how to use your time most efficiently. In this way, you will get far better results than haphazardly working your way through a task list.


Securus Technologies Taking Drone Detection Technology to the Next Level

Today, drones are being used for varied applications. Developing in modern technologies has allowed the drone manufacturers to deliver drones that are smaller, functional, faster and even cheaper. Even though it has led to its increased usage in many industries, they are also posing as a threat to humans in many situations. Drones are widely being used to violate the privacy of others and to be used in non-flight zones by people to carry out illegal activities or to harm other people. The situations comprising of drones can quickly turn deadly if something is not done to block the use of drones for criminal activities.


Smuggling of goods inside a prison is not a new thing. It has been going on for years, but drones have made it easier to smuggle items inside the prison and still not be caught. The worst part is that the drones are not easily visible during the night making it difficult for the prison officials to keep an eye on them. To prevent such dangerous situations, Securus Technology has devised a drone detection technology that would allow the prison officials to keep a check on any upcoming drones. They can signal the officials if some drones in near the prison, but can help give the coordinates of the drone so that they can be caught and do not fall into the wrong hands.


Securus Technologies is a reputed inmate communication company that has been in the industry for many years. The company is known for its customer service and ensure that all of its clients are happy with it. The company has won numerous awards in the past years that show their dedication towards providing their clients with the best service possible. In 2018, Securus Technologies was given not one, but three Stevie awards for excellence in customer service.



Securus Technologies: Monitoring Contraband Cellphones

Securus Technologies is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, and they primarily serve prisons. They are manufacturing devices that can be used by the prisoners to call their loved ones outside, and at the same time, these devices are being monitored by the authorities who are guarding them. The devices are equipped with voice recording technology, and every conversation made with devices from Securus Technologies will be transmitted to a central office inside the correctional facility that can be recorded by the jail guards. These devices are being used to stop the crimes happening inside the jail, and most of the time, the authorities are successful in preventing crimes to occur inside the prison.


Despite the effort of Securus Technologies to provide communication inside the prison, some prisoners tend to use a cell phone that cannot be tracked down and recorded by the authorities. These cell phones are tagged as contraband, and they are being confiscated. One of the reasons why contraband cell phones are being taken away from the prisoners is because of its capability to initiate contact with the outside world without being detected. Several people have perished outside of the prison because someone inside has access to cell phones, and they have contacted a hired hitman to kill or to injure someone they don’t like. It has happened to a local jail guard in Florida, wherein two men shot him in his stomach six times. They were hired by an individual serving inside the prison, who had a contraband cell phone. Miraculously, the jail guard survived, and he did everything that he can to confiscate the remaining contraband cell phones in the state. The jail guard would soon join Securus Technologies to become one of their employees.


Securus Technologies has been working on a wireless containment system, a technology they revealed that will combat the use of contraband cell phones inside the correctional facilities. This technology will disable any phone calls coming from regular cell phones from reaching the number that they dialed, and even messaging would fail. Securus Technologies stated that they are hoping that the introduction of the wireless containment system would prevent the atrocities committed by inmates against people who are living peacefully outside. The jail guard who was victimized by hired killers stated his excitement for the technology developed by Securus Technologies. He said that because of their wireless containment system, his colleagues who are working in danger can now be protected. He is hoping that the technology will be released as soon as possible, and he sees that those who are working in the same industry would now be protected from any harm involving the use of contraband cell phones. Securus Technologies would continue working with the authorities to suppress any form of violence inside the prison.