Connecticut’s Hottest Investment Bank Is Here – And It’s Dropping Knowledge; Come Pick It Up!

Succeeding in the finance business isn’t ever easy. With millions of dollars in possibly-daily payouts on the line each and every day, Wall Street, hedge funds, investment banks, financial advisers, banks, and other financial institutions boast some of the highest-paying jobs in all of commerce.


While most people are familiar with the likes of Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo, and other investment banks and financial institutions, the public at large is not likely to be aware of mid-sized and smaller investment management firms and other similar-sized financial services companies.


However, some of the best things on planet Earth are well-kept secrets – that’s something everyone can agree with. As such, one of the best investment management businesses and financial advisories to corporate interests is Southridge, founded in Ridgefield, Connecticut, in 1996 – the staunch competitor in New England’s financial services industry is still located in Ridgefield – by Mr. Stephen Hicks.


Everyone needs to know about Southridge Capital – they are a top dog in the realm of financial services


You’re probably familiar with statistics that suggest most new businesses fail within a few years of starting up. Most of these brand-new small businesses have relatively simple plans of action and typically fail because of poor planning, bad location, insufficient funding, poor customer service, low-quality products, and other problems every business can be plagued by if their respective managerial teams aren’t careful enough. For more details visit LinkedIn.


When Mr. Hicks started Southridge Capital, he was fortunate enough to have roughly 13 years’ worth of experience spread across five firms in the financial services sector. Working for a broad variety of particular types of financial firms – hedge funds, banks, financial advisers, for example – firmly cemented his place in New England’s competitive industry of financial services providers.


Southridge Capital has experienced true success – you won’t believe these statistics


While most investment management firms place clients’ money in tried-and-true bets on the stock market or other financial instrument exchanges, Southridge Capital searches for its own medium-sized businesses to invest in; over the years, Southridge has collectively put down $1.8 billion in investment dollars across some 275 companies.



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All About Southridge Capital the Financial Service Firm

Financial services firms exist to advise, audit and invest in other companies. This is where Southridge Capital comes in. Southridge Capital an equity firm was founded in 1996 and has put an effort to invest more than $1.8 billion in over two decades. The company was founded by Stephen Hicks who is also the executive office. He leads a five-member team with people that serve different responsibilities. There is a controller, director of research, operating officer and counsel and portfolio manager. All these roles are played by experts in marketplace situation and financial plan development. One would want massive returns, wouldn’t you? Southridge Capital focuses more on investment.

The vast capital investment has directly affected more than 250 companies. This is attributed to the competent team. The benefits from Southridge Capital`s services fall into 2- advisory and structured finance. In the advisory, there is financial analysis service where company financial statements are made inclusive of balance sheet optimization. There is also merger and acquisition where business models are aligned and restructured. Lastly, there is bankruptcy advice and Legal settlement services for companies to negotiations to address debt and litigation settlements. In structured finance, securitization, credit-enhancing, and financing solutions are offered. This is to achieve monetization of company assets, collaboration with creditors to increase creditworthiness and to raise capital through equity purchase agreement. For a firm, these services are indispensable. You can checkout for more details.


Southridge Capital has partnered with Elite Data Services, a company that implements software to market. It has also engaged Elayaway, a payment platform in an equity purchase agreement worth $10 million. Emerging trends are the big thing that Southridge seeks to invest in and expand to international markets.

Would you want to benefit from Southridge Capital indirectly? There is giving back to society. Southridge excises philanthropy by promoting volunteer work and community leadership in non-profit organizations and charities by committing monetary resources and time. This has a positive impact on society. In has engaged other institutions like Ridgefield Fountain landmark, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, and Walnut Community Hill Church just but to mention a few in its corporate social responsibility. Checkout their facebook page to see more.





The Beauty of Using Southridge Capital Financial Solutions

Living under a sea of debt is more than difficult for the average person or business. If you’re experiencing debt problems or are having issues with your credit score or investment strategies, you need a financial solutions company that you can trust and that isn’t going to charge a ton of money just to use their services. One company that is based out of Connecticut has been used by thousands of people since their inception over two decades ago. This company is Southridge Capital, and they help in a variety of ways to get your financial life back on track so that you can get ahead in life.

Southridge Capital offers a number of services to their clients at affordable rates. You can hire this company to help with credit score repair, allowing you to get better options available in terms of loans, mortgages and low-rate credit cards. You can also hire and use Southridge Capital if you need help settling debts and overcoming financial difficulties and budgeting problems. Even if you just need to create a budget that is going to work for you, Southridge Capital is there to take the guesswork out of this project for you without you having to do the work on your own without the know-how of what you’re doing. For more details visit

Southridge is based in Connecticut, but they help clients all over the country. Their affordable rates make it easy for you to choose Southridge Capital over many of the other financial solutions companies out there. You can visit the Southridge Capital site to learn more about the history of the company as well as the different services they are currently offering. Once hired, they will work directly with you to settle any debts and financial woes that you’re currently experiencing. They will also be totally upfront about their fees with you so that you know how much it is going to cost to hire them for these services before they even begin the work for you. Southridge Capital is a choice that many people have made for themselves without any type of regret. You can check out their website

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