Edwin Miranda Leveraged Passion And Strong Desire To Start And Grow A Marketing Agency

Edwin Miranda is an accomplished professional in the world of marketing. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of company KOI IXS, a leading full-service and performance-driven marketing agency. Mr. Miranda recognizes the power of performance marketing. He is dedicated to help leading brands create meaningful customer engagement, acquire new customers and gain a large market share. KOI/IXS helps brands move faster going into the future.

The successful entrepreneur’s team is made up of passionate and talented group of thinkers, designers, creators, as well as strategist who are dedicated to produce impressive results. He leverages the extensive experience he possesses and passion for marketing technology to give his clients the edge to succeed in the marketplace.

Edwin Miranda starts his day very early in the morning by checking curated news feeds and messages from clients as well as projects. He takes breakfast with family, goes for a short run or ride and off to work he goes. He came up with the idea for KOI when he was 21 years old. Edwin Miranda leverages passion and desire to bring ideas to life. He considers passion a very essential ingredient of every successful venture.

The accomplished entrepreneur has always been a fun of positive results and delivering bottom line results to his clients. It is a good time for him because Attribution and Predictive Marketing is helping in his verge to deliver the results to clients. According to Miranda, predictive analytics have the capability to make personalized marketing a reality.

He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to be passionate, bold and make mistakes. He believes that everyone must go through life-changing experiences for healthy growth to occur. You will get to the other side through wins and defeats. Edwin Miranda compiles a to-do list every morning, something that helps him to be very productive at work. At the end of the day, he checks his accomplishments against the list.

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Organo Gold: Spicing Up Your Coffee Is Easy

Coffee is a drink that is enjoyed by millions of people in the global market. People enjoy this beverage so much, and some say that they cannot work nor have a good day without enjoying a cup. Every year, these coffee lovers have an opportunity to celebrate and at the same time get more coffee during the international coffee day. ORGANO Gold, an institution that has been manufacturing the best brands of coffee has been on a mission to help people to enjoy their drinks more this year. Since the introduction of this special day, there have been many promotions, special events and gatherings so that the people can celebrate. ORGANO Gold wants its customers to have the best kinds of coffee even when at home, and this is why it has given you the following creative ideas.

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There are individuals who love to enjoy the greenery. When summer is coming up, these personalities are never happy about getting the summer flavors being taken away. The iced orange creamsicle will be the best creation for these individuals. Creating this flavor is easy. The customers will only have to grate the peels of an orange the put all of them in the bottom of the coffee.

The pumpkin spice coffee is very popular in the market at the moment. This flavor is very common among the people who love the spices associated with pumpkins. Customers do not have to spend more money just so that they can enjoy the pumpkin spice coffee that they love so much. According to a report from ORGANO Gold, clients can go to the shopping stores and purchase a jar of pumpkin spice that is sold at very reasonable rates. Just mix the instant coffee brand you are using and the pumpkin spice, and your beverage will be ready.

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Serge Belamant the Co-Founder of Zilch Technologies

Serge Belamant was born in the city of Tulle in France in the year 1953.His father who was a tiler by trade, moved the family to South Africa when he was only 14 years old. He attended Highlands North High School a boy’s school in Johannesburg, during which he participated in various activities including Rugby and Chess. Serge did very well in class and in the year 1971 he was awarded Victor Luodorum. Later on, in the year 1972 he was appointed as the Head Prefect and also in the same year he went to represent the South Transvaal in Chess where he finished in sixth place.

After graduating with an exemption pass for University, Serge went to the Witwatersrand University to study Engineering. He studied engineering in his first year and in his second year he decided to change his course to Computer Science and applied mathematics. He later transferred from Witwatersrand University to the University of South Africa (UNISA) to study on information systems.

Serge Belamant, thereafter decided to enter workforce at an early age of 22 years, where he was lucky to get employed at that young age. Serge got a job at Matrix which was a famous civil engineering company where he worked at the BKSH division. Serge Belamant worked with finite element analysis software on IBM computers and thereafter on Cyber computers where he developed various applications to analyze water levels in dams across the RSA.

Serge Belamant had various skills and he therefore got several promotions in different companies including the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning project. He received various awards during his work period. He also worked for SASWITCH where he developed the largest ATM switch in the world but left in 1989 to start the Net1 Technologies.

The Net1 Technologies thrived so much but unfortunately Serge Belamant was forced to resign as chairman in May 2017.After that incident, he founded Zilch Technology Limited. The company mainly deals with his various inventions as a developer in the banking sector.

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