Becoming a Key Wikipedia Contributor

Wikipedia was established in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Since then the open source encyclopedia has grown astronomically, bloating up to its current size of over 4 million pages of data with 120,000 active editors on the website. Wikipedia is a public source of knowledge that can be edited by anyone. The point of the Wikipedia page creation was to give users the ability to add to the compendium of information on Get Your Wiki while keeping it useful and able to represent the truth. Wikipedia has strict demands when it comes to their editors despite the fact that these are volunteer positions. Still, many people decide to contribute as a point of pride or a humanitarian effort to ‘give back’ to knowledge seekers. In any event, here are a few key tips to contributing on Wikipedia.

The Manual of Style
Wikipedia exists as it stands today because of the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The Manual of Style is a lengthy document that details the many different rules that are required of editors when documenting content. Users who are new to the Wikipedia are best served by bookmarking this document and referring to it when they are uploading content to the website. Seeing as the Manual of Style is quite thick, there is no real reason to try and read it straight through. Rather, reference it as needed in order to keep writing up to the high quality standards that Wikipedia enforces.

Adding Personal Pages
Many Wikipedia users want to add their own page to the encyclopedia as it is a small form of notoriety. However, editors cannot break the neutral point of view and bias rules. So instead users are opting to go through websites like Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a professional Wikipedia page adding service that follows all of Wikipedia’s guidelines.

Stay Neutral, Avoid Bias
The reason that Wikipedia is such an effective source of information is that all of the content on the website is written in such a manner as to focus on the scholarly aspect of the content first. In many other online collections you’ll see systemic bias and the urge for writers to add their own personal flavor or spin to the documents. This is not the case at Wikipedia. Users are not supposed to post anything with bias on the Wikipedia nor are they to ever break the neutral point of view. Keeping all content neutral allows the information to stand on its own accord.