EOS Lip Balm is on the Road to Success

Evolution of Smooth is a brand you’re probably familiar with if you love beauty and caring for your lips. EOS began as a small startup, but now serves as the second-best lip balm brand in the U.S., surpassing Chapstick, the brand that once led the way. EOS is now the second-leading brand on the market today. That’s quite an achievement for a small startup like this brand.

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EOS didn’t need a lot of money to get ahead of Chapstick. What they did need was a great product and concept, and a bit of attention focused on their customers. They used these things together and now, they sell more than one-million orbs of lip balm each week. EOS plans to continue exceeding expectations and providing customers what they want. In fact, they hope to double profits by the year 2020. Read more interesting facts here.

What is it that makes EOS lip balm so great? Consumers wanted something different than what Chapstick had to offer. They wanted a product that was all-natural, flavorful, and that soothed their lips. EOS delivered, and produced a product that uses no parabens, comes in assorted great flavors, and has only natural ingredients. They also interacted with consumers, and listened to their needs. Purchase your lip balm here at walmart.ca.

Refer to This Web Page, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/