MB2 Dental Gains its Newest Member

MB2 Dental Solutions has just acquired a new member to the team-Jackson Hildebrand and he will be teh chief financial officer. His duties will include overseeing teh financial management of MB2 Dental as well as the 91 practices in the network.

CEO of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva, is very excited to have the new addition to the team and feels that he will make a great fit for teh company. Hildebrand brings a lot to teh team as he has experience in teh financial and equity filed. He is also a strong leader and will be able to offer sound advice when it comes to investing and various financial operations. He is well schooled in the areas of financial reporting, accounting, and analysis.

Hildebrand previously worked at a private equity form and has been wanting to change gears and work for a portfolio company. He is happy to be a part of something that supports his goals and that is local as well. He feels that MB2 Dental will be a good fit for him and was immediately drawn to teh company. He was the Finance Director at TPG Capital and he oversaw the financial operations and accounting there. He is a graduate of the Texas A&M University and he has worked at KPMG as well.

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization made of a community of dentists and owners. It is a completely new way for dentists to run their offices and to stay more focused on an inspiring environment while giving their attention to the patients rather than having to worry about all teh behind-the scenes workings of business. They are a reputable company that is helping dentists to run their offices in a way that they want while maintaining structure and organization in a professional setting.

For More info: thecdigroup.com/portfolio/mb2dental-solutions/

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an Embodiment of Success in the Sleep Medicine Arena

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a guru when it comes to development and delivery of cosmetic dentistry solutions and beautiful smiles to patients. He initiated his private practice 16 years ago in East Brunswick, NJ. His area of specialization ranges from dental sufferers, cosmetic & reconstructive dentistry, dental fears, to dental implants. Since Dr. Avi ventured into the dentistry arena, he has been committed to delivering treatment solutions to patients.


Dr. Avi belongs to many dentistry-marketing clubs and professional associations. When he ventured into the sleep world, his primary objective was to develop an efficient treatment for sleep disorders and train dentists and physicians on measures they could leverage to take care of people diagnosed with sleep complications. In 2010, he came up with a marketing system that attracted more than 300 oral appliance clients each month. Dr. Avi has been teaching this exceptional system to physicians and dentists around the world.


Sleep labs management


Dr. Avi Weisfogel spent the whole of 2010 working with physicians and guiding them on putting in place sleep labs and managing them. After several sleep physicians and dental professionals had established sleep labs, Dr. Avi started delivering lectures that centered on tactics for growing the number of sleep patients requiring treatment. He formed a company dubbed Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to aid him in raising awareness about sleep apnea and educating dentists.


Dr. Avi went a step ahead into helping dentists to infiltrate the sleep arena by forming Dental Sleep Masters. These dental experts utilized oral appliances to manage sleep complications. Dental Sleep Masters has marked its territory in the sleep medicine scene. The organization finances and oversees studies on sleep apnea and other complications associated with sleep.


Conceptualizing ideas


Dr. Avi believes that interacting with new people is an opportunity for learning new concepts. He records new ideas on his notebook or phone. After writing the down, he analyzes them and tries to develop ways of implementing them.


Marketing strategy


Dr. Avi has created an empire in both sleep medicine and dentistry areas by utilizing the regional marketing strategy. He has made his product and services easily accessible to his clients.