Specialized Patient Care at Dr. Imran Haque’s Horizon Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, following a history of a childhood passion for studying medicine and help address patients’ concerns. Later on, he pursued his M.D in Internal Medicine and graduated from the University of Virginia. The qualifications he had received prompted him to secure a license in medicine & care from North Carolina. Dr. Imran then enrolled in the Certification Program and grew in his internal medicine program.


Areas of attention at Horizon Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque has his Horizon Internal Medicine offices located in Asheboro and Ramseur. Dr. Imran Haque offers a variety of primary services such as diabetes management, physical exercises training, laser hair repair, Venus body contouring, weight management, and 360 resurfacing. Dr. Imran Haque has been able to cater for patients in the capacity of a physician and can provide the treatments through his experience in diagnosis and referrals when the need arises. The laboratory and ultrasound equipment in his practice assists to provide the specific treatment for all his patients.


Dr. Imran insists on proper diagnosis, which is a prerequisite for the right treatment and consequently prevention of the most common ailments. The quality has enabled him to establish long-lasting relationships with his patients, which explains why he has remained a family doctor and physician for a good number of his patients. Dr. Imran Haque’s options are varied and filled with expert diagnostic solutions, owing to Iran’s scientific and medical knowledge.


One other service that stands out at Dr. Imran’s Horizon Internal Medicine is the personalized care offered. The best-in-class care is provided through the provision of a patient-centric environment within the precincts of the clinic and the medical facilities. The core of Dr. Imran’s medical practice is the knowledge and understanding that a positive ambiance has a significant role to play in the proper recovery of patients, regardless of the patient’s disease. The qualities have seen Dr. Imran Haque grow his practice and maintain a chain of loyal and trusted patient clientele.