Dr. Jennifer Walden – American Plastic Surgeon, Media Commentator and Founder of Jennifer L. Walden

In the recent past, Dr. Jennifer Walden was named by Harper’s Bazaar magazine as among the best beauty surgeons within United States which termed her as the lady who seemingly “has it all.” A recognized pioneer in her field, Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews trained her skills around the best New York City cosmetic surgeons, setting up a fruitful practice in Manhattan before coming back to the place where she grew up of Austin to continue doing the same. She is the only woman to have been on the directors’ board of the American Society for Esthetic Plastic Surgery – ASAPS, the board in which she presently serves. Besides, she is an award-winning and surgeon and a published author. You will also find her frequently in media, consistently showing up on numerous national TV programs and in noticeable magazines. She has two lovely kids, who are very effective in their own fields, where she inspires them on daily basis. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is assertive, strong, warm and caring. She is also brilliant and successful in her career and the type of woman who would inspire other women to reach her level. Jennifer Walden is in certainty friendly, and despite being busy, she gets time to interact with people. In spite of the fact that she immovably controls each part of nature in her office or potentially, nobody would call her unforgiving. Also, however, she’s a capable lady with a holding up rundown of patients anxious to get her first class benefits, her eyes sparkle delicately with a mother’s adoration when she flaunts photos of her young twin children, Houston and Rex. She’s an extremely grounded individual with a simple grin who identifies with her patients’ longing to feel better about themselves and enhance their looks. Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin and spent her childhood in Northwest Hills neighborhood whereby her father and mother practiced dentist and surgical nursing respectively. Today, she is an esteemed member in the beauty surgeon sector within the United States.

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My Beautiful Breasts Are All Thanks To Dr. Jennifer Walden

I remember looking at women when I was younger and scrutinizing them, especially if they had smaller breasts. It wasn’t until I lost weight and my breast size went down tremendously that I had to stop being a hypocrite and no longer judged other women. I couldn’t believe how much my breast size shrunk, and I went from a size D all the way down to a size B. It looks as if most of the fat that I had in my body had stored up in my breasts, and losing weight made me lose my chest size, which made me a lot less popular with the guys.

I really wanted my breast size back or at least a C cup. I knew that my only other choice was to have surgery. I had a choice between doing a fat transfer into my breasts, or I could use silicone. I decided I wanted my breasts to be very natural, and I still had some pockets of fat around my body, so I chose to do a fat transfer. There’s no way that I was going to some backdoor place to get any surgery on my body, so I made sure to save all the money I possibly could, so I can get a top surgeon in Texas to perform my surgery. When I say the best surgeon, I got Dr. Jennifer Walden, who is absolutely the best in many fields of plastic surgery. I knew that my fat transfer would be done properly, and I was going to have bigger breasts that looked natural.

Knowing how beautiful my breasts would look beforehand made me want to get the surgery done even more. I did have the surgery performed, and to say the results were perfect is an understatement. Dr. Jennifer Walden helped me to examine my breasts when I looked in the mirror, and I kept touching them trying to find an imperfection, but I couldn’t find any. Dr. Jennifer Walden did an incredible job, and I don’t know if I’ve never seen better-looking breasts that look this natural, and I love them. Follow Dr. Walden on Twitter to keep up with news and other events.