Flavio Maluf’s Contributions While Working For Eucatex

Compared to all personalities that have been given the obligation of running Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has been one of the most hardworking and influential figures. Ever since he joined the Eucatex team in 1987, Flavio has ensured that his presence is recognized through the good work he does. He has played a significant role in placing Eucatex where it is now. It’s not easy to oversee a firm and lead it to success to a point if having offices in numerous states but Flavio has done it. Before becoming Eucatex Chief Executive Officer, his first job was majorly associated with the trade area. As years went by, he was able to progress and enter the technical department. This meant a lot as he knew his good work was being noticed and acknowledged. He continued managing the industrial sector before he joined the firm’s board member after being invited by the Company’s president.

Flavio was actively involved as a board member and shared his ideas and what he thought would help in pushing the company forward. This led to him being appointed as the acting CEO a position he currently holds. While working as the chief executive officer, Flavio is responsible for focusing on launching new products to the market while still investing in innovative firms. With the help of technology, Flavio has been able to manage and modernize the management structure of Eucatex. All these things he has achieved, his education background has played a significant role as he graduated from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado where he attained his degree in mechanical engineering. For him to continue being successful, Maluf decided to pursue other specialized courses such as foreign exchange, accounting, trade and even management.

Recently, the United Kingdom announced that it wants to isolate itself from the EU. Having received that new, Flavio Maluf has not been quiet on what he thinks might be some of the consequences expected to come up. He believes that through this, the economy of UK is bound to drop considering other states will not invest in the country like they did before. If other nations do not invest in the country, then the economy will collapse as investors are people who play a significant role in shaping up a country’s economy.