Arthur Becker: A Versatile Businessman and Tech Industrialist

Arthur Becker is a renowned businessman and is the CEO and Chairman of Zinnio LLC. Arthur is a big name in real estate sector in the U.S. Before involving himself with real estate business, Arthur had been a successful broker and buyer of technology companies during the initial years of the 21st century. After his transition to the world of real estate, initially, he remained behind the scenes investing as a partner with a couple of known realtors. But recently, he has got three townhouses on Sullivan Street on account of his shares. Arthur, who is single after his divorce with his wife, is thought to live in one of these three townhouses and sell the remaining two. Arthur’s business scope includes various areas including finance, technology, arts, and above all the real estate. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Arthur’s business includes the collection of millennia-old coins from Africa which he reforms and reshapes into sculptures. In this connection, he has planned to construct two large commercial houses in Boston. Besides investing in arts, Arthur also invests in confectionary, especially the cookies with nuts. For this, he has invested more than $4 million in growing nuts by setting up over a dozen orchards. He got a lot of profits out of this when he sold nuts from these orchards for $10 million. Another area of Arthur’s business is the production of Magic 8 Balls. With his unique art, he has produced elegant shaped Magic 8 Balls. Moreover, other major products his investments produce are paperweights, Brick Samples, and NaviSite notepads. You can also visit Bloomberg to know more.

Arthur Becker is an accomplished businessman with a number of areas under the scope of his investments. Before his current position, Arthur has remained the Chairman and CEO of NaviSite, Inc., from 2003 to 2010. He is one of the co-founders of the Atlantic, Inc. Before starting his investment in the tech industry in the early 2000s, he had been a senior advisor for 7 years to the Vera Wang fashion company. During his long and impressive career, Arthur also served the ClearBlue Technologies, Inc., as its Director and Vice Chairman. Besides, he has served as one of the Managing members of the Madison Technologies LLC.

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